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"Sister, get something to eat. I’m hungry!"

Lights Ye Lingfeng smiled at non-success son who pouted and stretched out his hand and threw two frozen steamed buns.
Is Su Mei intimate early to prepare delicious see Ye Lingfeng in non-success son side touched the wall and walked over to send food.
Before Ling Ye Fengkou Su Mei said, "The old sword god sent it!"
Ling Ye maple nodded and praised the moment when Su Mei turned. Ling Ye maple slammed on Su Meibo’s neck. Su Mei’s charming body trembled and collapsed in Ye Lingfeng’s arms.
There non-success son one leng but suddenly Shen Yao appeared from behind and also ended up like Su Mei.
However, the monk Muyu walked over consciously and said, "Don’t bother to take the initiative to go by myself." He said that he was lying on the ground! It’s really like that!
"Let’s go!"
Shen Yao looked up and glanced at the sky full of stars, and the nine-day swan went behind him with a white suit, which was really something extraordinary.
"Si Miao!"
Ling Ye maple called out a beautiful snake from nowhere. On weekdays, this beautiful snake is a monster beast, and she doesn’t like being with people. Even Ye Lingfeng told her to stay with Su Mei. This beautiful snake still doesn’t know where to go, but something happens sometimes.
"lead the way!"
Silk Miao nodded his head and turned his body around. This Ye Lingfeng Shen Yao disappeared into the barracks.
"I really went!"
Camp Li Wuqiu is unbelievable. Looking at the old sword god, if Ye Lingfeng and Shen Yao can hide from others, this one can hide from others!
The old sword god nodded and tightened his tight fox fur. That’s what it means!
Lan Chenxi struggled to get out of bed but was held down by Ye Lingyu!
"Let them go! Men can’t stop doing things! "
Chenxi wanted to say something, but the words were still unsaid. He also knew that Ye Lingfeng and Shen Yao wanted to do something, and no one could stop them.
"Don’t worry?"
Meng Cen looked up at Ye Lingyu and asked a puzzling question. Ye Lingyu smiled like a flower with a clear face. The cold light in the beautiful eyes was condensed. "If I were you, I might do more. I won’t stop it!"
A word makes several people in the tent look at the same side, which is really unreasonable for the siblings.
"Do seniors want to go and see me?"
Li Wuqiu thought twice or considered the tone to discuss with the fox fur and the old sword god. Who knows that he hasn’t finished yet? The old sword god waved his hand. "Let him solve the old man’s problems by himself. I can’t care who wants to go to the old man’s house by himself anyway!"
Li Wuqiu was speechless. It doesn’t matter how many people go to his side if the old sword god doesn’t make moves. Although there are not many people in the celestial world, if Qin is involved, it won’t happen again more than ten years ago. Li Wuqiu dare not gamble!
Suddenly, sitting in a chair, Cen Huan said, "The general’s reputation has been cracked in many battles, and he turned back to Heliang, and Wan Li’s old friend has long been lost."
Li Wuqiu one leng immediately heard Ye Lingyu interface way "Xiao drizzly west wind cold full dress like snow"
With a slight sigh, Li Wuqiu remembered and said, "A bird knows how much it hates to cry before a strong man laments."
"Ha ha!" With a hearty laugh, the old sword god got up and said, "I still like that sentence, who is drunk with me?"
At that time, the tent was filled with the same atmosphere!
Is it easy to find some superior white tigers and elephants in the vast northern Liangshan Mountain? Fortunately, it is clear that there is a beautiful snake named Si Miao, a descendant of the ancient dragon, threatening the mountain. It is easy for Ye Lingfeng to find a place to flow frost and a superior of the moon city.
"It’s here!"
Asked Shen Yao with some doubts. After all, there is a vast forest ahead, and there is no life breath or interpersonal activities.
"It should be true that there is an unusual smell here in a hundred miles around here. You know, sometimes animals feel more sensitive than people!" Silk Simon didn’t answer this kind of thing for sure or give it to Ye Lingfeng for judgment!
Bloody purple eyes emerge. Ye Lingfeng sees a completely different scene through purple eyes. There is a thick layer of fog in the Woods. In the fog, a huge and luxurious carriage is located in the middle, and the cart is actually a khaki sea dumpling. Around it, you can vaguely see three local-level experts nearby. All of them are unique to the moon city, with white clothes printed on the moon.
"It’s here!" Ye Lingfeng motioned for two people to step back with themselves.
"What should I do?" Shen Yao is carrying his left hand behind him and stroking the nine-day swan. This handle is very appetizing to himself.
"Look at the flow frost is waiting for me to find her trouble? Let’s wait until dawn and act! "
Ye Lingfeng said three people whoosh disappeared in the Woods.
Narrowing your eyes and carefully looking at the situation in the dense, you must fight yourself first, or there will be this layer of fog to stop Shen Yao and Si Miao, but there are no more pictures flashing in your mind.
Ye Lingfeng took the lead in breaking through the fog, and then the oncoming three local masters besieged themselves to make Ivylinna Lee avoid a blow, and then the inside law was launched to trap himself, and then Shen Yao and Si Miao were arrested together with themselves. It should be like this! A few breaths Ye Lingfeng’s mind flashed dozens of situations. Attacking the frost from different angles will be like a reaction, such as defense. It seems that the frost has taken up all the time and place. This is not good!
When it came out, it was already dark, and there was not much time left. Ye Lingfeng could hide things in Lianghe City for a while. Once those things were exposed, it would be extremely difficult for Ye Lingfeng to take Lianghe.
The time is urgent!
You can’t rush Ye Lingfeng to take a deep breath and try to calm yourself down! Killers can’t be impatient and have a long wait to get a chance to kill!
This is a long time ago, a woman told Ye Lingfeng that she was a beautiful woman and also a killer, including Ye Lingfeng, who believed that there was no difference between a killer and a thief. You stole something and I stole my life.
That girl’s name should be Qingqing! After all, a killer says that there are few real women in his name, especially beautiful women.
At that time, it was in the state of Chu. Qingqing’s goal was to assassinate a general in the state of Chu. Because the general raped her in a certain war, she waited for seven years to get revenge.
Ye Lingfeng met her only because Ye Lingfeng bumped into Qingqing when she was stealing from the general’s house. Ye Lingfeng chose the best escape location, which happened to be Qingqing’s choice of the best sniper location.
In the first sentence, Qingqing said that Ye Lingfeng had great talent as a killer.
In the end, Qingqing killed the general and killed Ye Lingfeng in one fell swoop after failing for three times. She tried to help her, but Qingqing said that it was her own business and would never leave it to others. If Ye Lingfeng dared to do it, he would face a killer forever.
From the second time, the general has taken strict precautions, whether he dumped his retinue or went on an appointment alone, and he deliberately sold several flaws all the way from Yancheng to the border of Chu, but he didn’t let Qingqing be fooled.
Ye Lingfeng advised Qingqing to give up and come back later, but what Qingqing needs most is patience. I can always find opportunities to kill him, but he can’t always buy flaws to seduce me.
Qing Qing’s words made Ling Ye Feng feel deeply. Isn’t it the same for him to steal? Taking the unexpected by surprise is patience.
In the end, Qingqing seized the opportunity. The general was in a hurry to pick up the imperial edict. Qingqing seized the opportunity, not the way, but came back from the gate and was about to return to the barracks. At the moment when the general just stepped out of the gate, the sun set and the sun shone harsh on the general’s eyes. It was unexpected, like for example, lurked in the dark wall dome, and a striking blow gently fell, which succeeded in crushing the general’s back. He retreated with the general’s body-guard bending his bow and taking an arrow and Qingqing smiling like a swallow!
"Maybe this is just a fall short!"
Ye Lingfeng saw from a distance that the knife was heavy, but the general was not dead. He was in a coma. Maybe it was fate?
However, something strange happened. Ye Lingfeng didn’t find Qingqing outside the city. Isn’t she still unwilling to give up and want to assassinate again?
Ling Ye Feng, who stayed in the previous place, suddenly found a note left by Qingqing.
This is the first time Ye Lingfeng has seen Qingqing’s notes. They are very delicate and gentle, which is very different from the oppressive female assassin in the impression.

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You can see that there are still angry waves surging in the sea to form various humanoid beasts, bared their teeth and roared.

"Crazy, does he want to wash the battlefield!"
"Get back! Every Lei Guang here can kill the Buddha, which we can’t resist! "
At that time, the aliens near the Terran station screamed and fled quickly, and they dared not stay for a moment.
However, the root of the rapid spread of robbery is not that they can avoid it, and tens of millions of aliens will fall and be chopped into slag in just one breath.
"F * * king! What do you want to do! "
There are alien stars in the depths of the star who are furious and come here to stop this catastrophe.
"How can your people slaughter at will, but I can’t fight against the lower realm?"
Soon he was intercepted, and a strong Terran came to directly stop the great ridicule and make several creatures change color.
Li Yu overlooks the whole battlefield, and his eyes are full of peace. Just in this moment, he has slaughtered tens of thousands of family planning spirits. You know, the weakest of them are all kings! There are even many deities
This is bloody obliteration and cruel means, but it is just right for foreigners.
For a moment, the seven kills in the south sky reflected the bloody stars hanging in the battlefield like the dominant scarlet light flowing one after another, and the corpses were revived, and the eyes were filled with the desire to kill again.
Poof! The dusty ancient continent cracked and dried up, and the palm suddenly leaned out of the rickety body and shook again.
Where the Seven Killings shine, the fallen slaves reappear, but the terrible fighting spirit that is not afraid of life and death!
"Seven kills! It’s the Terran Seven Killers! "
"There’s another one who killed the main life star by the battlefield king!"
It is a double torture of body and spirit for the alien to watch his companion die and then wield a butcher knife at his former kin.
This is the torrent of ghosts, the army of the dead, and the seven killers who will burn the blood of war all over the world!
"They always want me to be fair, but we are not fighting a war, and they can hope in vain in the rubble."
Li Yu’s arms slowly raised and whispered as if to master the whole star. He stepped forward and led the scarlet stars to shine, announcing the coming of the expedition.
The first attack area of the spectre army is the ghost clan’s ancient creatures wailing, soldiers roaring and dying, drinking swords and soldiers into the flesh, and the sound of life is addictive.
Li Yu watched the vast star field call out the 99-year-old Longshan and took root in this ancient area. The Dragon and Han Banner, the Seven Killing Monuments and the Heavenly Knives are now put into the Dragon Shouhui to raise three devices for this star!
"Foreign battlefields are all food for me."
He laughed all over the stars, and it seemed that the end of the reincarnation of Iraq represented the journey from existence to development.
At the same time, the distant alien star fields have also received the noise of the front-line battle report.
Ideal city, an ancient area of light clan, stands tall, but the dilapidated wall has already collapsed. Most of the creatures in and out of red mist’s walled city are holding a token to avoid it.
At this time, the vision suddenly gave birth to the crack of Fang Cangyu in the city, and one meteorite after another crossed long and dazzling.
"It’s not a coincidence that there is one more person who killed the life star in this battlefield, but it’s destiny takes a hand to pull a life star to appear. This life star will naturally be close to Nandou and should echo from beginning to end."
There are creatures in the city who are conceited and arrogant, and they are born with dignity.
In that vision, there is the first big star in the southern sky.
Tianfu, the first star in Nandou!
"Is it destiny takes a hand that those who were dragged here actually killed our family’s life stars from afar?"
It’s shocking to have a strong whisper of light.
In ancient times, Tianfu Star called it "ordering the stars", which indicated Tianfu’s leading position. Ziweixing was called "Lord of the Big Dipper" in comparison with Ziwei, and Tianfu called "Lord of the Southern Dipper". Both of them were emperors, but their expressions were different.
Ziwei is the northern Wang Xi, creating a position like a monarch and a territorial emperor in charge; Tianfu is the king of the south, so he enjoys his position, such as the king of the frontier, which is also unique.
At the same time, the ancient domain of shura nationality
Secretly black flashes interweave the sky, clouds appear, and then the downpour falls, making the world red.
It’s blood rain. It’s a crying vision!
Ran Ran, the first star in the red sky, rises in the north sky!
Beidou is the first greedy wolf!
"Tianfu is now missing seven kills, which is Pojun."
A tall and strong man came to the ground and trembled to form ripples. He was wrapped in black fog, but there was also a faint lotus flower to form a halo.
It’s horrible. That’s the bloody ring. It’s evidence that he once killed creatures!
Beidou is a greedy wolf. Beidou says that Pojun also shines.
Just as Pojun’s "breaking" stands for destroying seven kills and "killing" stands for being aggressive and greedy for wolves, the word "greed" is very clear, that is, the desire of Samsung has its own special features
A raging gold fire in the battlefield in the ancient Eldar domain has long since subsided, and it has swept through the heavens and the earth, rolling up some meteorites floating outside the domain and burning them into magma.
There is a fiery collapse in the void, which burns the sky and can destroy everything, but there is laughter and vibration in the ancient land
"Interesting Tianfu, the wolf, and the seven kills are all here. Can Chinese be far behind? If the seven wolves gather together, even if Pojun Shangming clan, I’m afraid he will sit still.
This generation of the sun is more mysterious than not appearing for a long time. Is it because you don’t want to take part in the dispute too early, and you have to practice with the help of limited advantages until the star Lord is immortal? "
With laughter, the northern sky shines brightly before the sixth star.
Although Wu Qu, the sixth Yang of Beidou, is slightly purple and full of imperial spirit, it is a bit more calm.
At that time, the star fields of all ethnic groups were all moving, and the undercurrent was surging. How many seven kills were there? Or did the binary stars gather in Lian Zhen to kill seven!
"At the end of the era, before the fate was strong, but before the war, people in Xiandao might have to recover and come back to intervene!"
"The Lord of the Southern Fighting and the Lord of the Big Dipper, in which the Lord fights for the number of kings, the crown is an accident and a robbery. I don’t know who can laugh at the end."
"In my opinion, I’m afraid the advantage of the seven kills is not small. He is upstream and is in a binary star, which may break the situation."
The era will come to an end, and the stars will come down to the world one after another, and the strong ones will be like clouds. The arrival of a vast era full of the breath of conquering wars has made all living things of all nationalities and nationalities feel this atmosphere.
Whether it’s the star warrior or the heavenly kings walking in the universe, they are all nervous. I don’t know if they will be caught in the war.
The battlefield outside king’s landing is going to be lively!
I don’t know what it will be like for Nan Dou, the leader of Nan Dou, to make a special confrontation. Who will be the king of Nan Tian Hua Nan Dou?
If we can gather the six stars in Nandou, it will be enough to compare with the sun’s lunar unity and kill the wolf’s gathering in the high Chinese and western main contest.
Chapter three hundred and seventy-six The great secret of the ancestral world of the abyss of the universe
"Seven kills befall Lian Zhen, which is unusual. It’s hard to compare with the dominant star in the north and the dominant star in the south. I say Tianfu will definitely look for him."
"It is inevitable that Tianfu Nantian dominates the star, and it is sure to be eager for Nandou to kill seven times. Lian Zhen is also a Tianfu match, and the Wuqu Guangzu people came to the foreign battlefield many years ago and will not let them go."
The star fields of all ethnic groups talk endlessly, and the so-called collision between the so-called life stars caused by a stone is naturally a topic that people talk about, especially the matching of life stars, which has already been verified.
For example, Ziwei Tianfu is magnificent, and the commander-in-chief is fighting for the emperor in the north and south; Wu Qu Tianfu is brave and good at fighting; Lian Zhen Tianfu Road is transported to Fuze Square.
"Shura greedy wolf star can’t be underestimated, but in the past years, it was fortunate to have a small plough to sweep the sea, and it was peaceful to put in a good word, and Pojun stood out."
The fact that the wolf has been killed for a long time will naturally not be forgotten. His appearance times are far more than Tianfu’s. Because of the ethnic achievement method, his hands are stained with blood, and ten thousand units have formed a layer of bloody light around.
And this star has a lot of ideas for Lian Zhen and Wu Qu, so it can be said that the five life stars are coming now, and they all have great needs to devour each other!
Just as Lian Zhen is greedy for wolves to drive away disasters and solve urban problems, the town is transported to protect itself; I don’t know but I am bound to be extraordinary when I am greedy for wolves; Wu Qu’s greedy wolf has a thousand twists and turns, forming its own vein.
The most important thing is that when the Seven Killings, the Greedy Wolf and the Pojun Life Palace meet, it will be the so-called "kill the wolf" pattern. Once this Samsung gathers, it will change hands and be reversible!
At that time, the swaying of the micro-lattice was the opportunity to enter the bucket king.
"But the most noteworthy thing is that the Terran Seven Killers can cut off the youngest king in the history of Lian Zhen’s achievements, and Tianjun is now only sixteen years old. He is definitely a strong terrorist."
"In recent days, he has heard a lot of news. After breaking through LeiJie and chopping off the ghost family sight statue, he went deep into the ghost family’s ancient star field and took out a strange Longshan, which sucked up the ancient star field and wiped out several ancient stars of the blood family, all of which were used to raise the strange multiplier. I don’t know what to do."
Soon, the creatures of all ethnic groups stopped and turned to Li Yushen, the seven killers. As soon as they came to the battlefield outside the country, they repeatedly did great things to disturb all parties.
Seven kills are magnificent, indifferent, affectionate and righteous, but they also go their own way. The ups and downs of life do not seek stability. The so-called brave people must be brave and brave. On the negative side, be brave and aggressive, and be ruthless.
According to his experience, these descriptions really fit in, which is also the terrible part of life. In the end, the influence will be combined unless it reaches the level of breaking the shackles, but it has never been seen in the past.
At the same time, the ancient ruins of Terran Star Domain have come back from Li Yu in the city to intercept the ghost star statue and Terran Guangfa star statue to coexist and talk.
"In recent days, I’m afraid you will be the focus of attention. Now it’s nothing. Once the star statue is hit, there will inevitably be a statue of all ethnic groups to intercept and strike you by all means.
If you want to break through, please let me know. We’ll find a special area and you’ll cover it for a while. "

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The word "wisdom" flashed in Pang Xia’s eyes, and the golden ball bloomed.

At that time, the golden light was full!
Chapter 946 Interrogation
The golden light from the golden ball of the word "wisdom" dispelled the charm of all people again.
PangXia cold hum a player shot a smaller than hair some red flame into the nine-tailed fox body.
This flame penetrated into the body of the nine-tailed fox, which made the nine-tailed fox immediately feel five burning feelings.
She wants to motivate the power of the data level to get rid of that red flame.
However, the red flame is derived from the red data power of the blood sea emperor.
And the nine-tailed fox was locked by the white chain in Pang Xia’s hand, and Bogen moved his own strength.
Therefore, despite the efforts of the nine-tailed fox, it is the root method to make an effective resistance.
"Damn it, damn it, please leave me alone. I want you to do something and leave me alone!"
The nine-tailed fox’s pale face has obviously reached its limit.
And she is beautiful and charming, even if she doesn’t have the ability to charm, it is enough to make people feel pity.
However, for Pang Xia, the nine-tailed fox is meaningless even if it is beautiful.
However, when Pang Xia heard the words of the nine-tailed fox and thought about it, he stretched out his hand and took back the red flame of the nine-tailed fox.
That a little red flame flows in Pang Xia’s hand, sending out a faint light.
The nine-tailed fox turned pale when he looked at the flame in Pang Xia’s hand.
Squatting down, Pang Xia looked at the nine-tailed fox and said, "Tell me when you will join the doves!"
Took a deep breath, and the nine-tailed fox took one look at the flame in Pangxia’s hand again.
Then he said slowly, "I haven’t been here long, maybe less than a month."
Recently, someone has been chasing us, and our level has instructed us to hide.
In the future, I planned to hide in this world NPC, but I stumbled across several doves looking for new members.
So I was fascinated by them and let them bring me in, so that I could hide myself and spy on the news. "
"So have you received any orders recently or have you reported anything to them?"
Hearing this, the nine-tailed fox’s eyes flashed slightly and then shook his head and said, "No,no."
After all, I came here too short to do anything else. "
The nine-tailed fox’s voice just fell and the word "wisdom" suddenly shook the head of Pang Xia.
The vibration amplitude of this "wisdom" golden ball is very small, which can’t be felt by outsiders except the owner Pang Xia.
And feel the word "wisdom" after the golden ball vibration PangXia face immediately condensed.
He looked at the nine-tailed fox and sneered, "Nine-tailed fox, I think you should tell the truth if you want to live."
But you seem to have some other ideas. I think you should answer that question again. "
Hearing Pang Xia’s words, the nine-tailed fox was in a panic and immediately denied that he had lied.
However, when she saw Pang Xia’s cold eyes, Pang Xia’s palm expanded the red flame.
The body trembled slightly and then she pursed her lips and said, "I-I didn’t think of it just now."
I was instructed by Lord Qiong Qi to report a false news to Zhang Sanfeng and Su Rongrong.
Want to want to want to now the two of them have been tricked into being surrounded by Qiong Qi’s adult. "
When I heard this, Pang Xia’s eyes were wide open, and he grabbed the white chain with a jerk.
Suddenly the white chain suddenly contracted and almost broke the neck of the nine-tailed fox.
Face suppress latosolic red nine-tailed fox body movement directly into a size and white Kyubi no Youko fox.
Restored to its original shape, the nine-tailed fox kept moaning on the ground as if begging for mercy.
And she even said, "this adult, I know where they are."
Lord Qiong Qi has laid a boundary. Without my Lord, you would have found them. "
This sentence saved Pang Xia, a nine-tailed fox, and the white chain was loosened slightly.
The nine-tailed fox took a grateful look at Pang Xia and then said again, "They went to Changbai Mountain."
If you want to go there, you can find the differences. It didn’t take long for Zhang Sanfeng and Su Rongrong to go.
Want adults when you arrive, want to come with adult great power must be able to save them both. "
Pang Xia listened to the words of the nine-tailed fox. He knew very well that the nine-tailed fox was playing with his mind again.
This mind’s eye is not to say that what the nine-tailed fox said to Pang Xia was wrong.
Every word said by the nine-tailed fox has the word "wisdom", and the golden ball surveillance can distinguish between true and false.
Pang Xia knows very well that everything the nine-tailed fox said to him is true.
However, the nine-tailed fox intends to let Pang Xia find Qiong Qi and them.
And then directly killed by Qiong Qi and them. This is an open plan and Pang Xia has to go to the appointment.
If you face others, the plan will succeed.
But she didn’t know that the person she was facing was a strong man who had defeated Qiong Qi and them.
And the recent strength increase is not afraid of Qiong Qi.
Therefore, although Pang Xia saw the plan of the nine-tailed fox at a glance, he would not be significant.
Of course, this does not mean that Pang Xia will let the nine-tailed fox go.
A low drink behind PangXia suddenly broken.
Then a middle-aged man came out of the void, and naturally it was nine phoenixes in human form.
Nine-tailed fox looked at the virtual walk out from behind PangXia nine chicken a face of respect behind PangXia without saying a word.
She was shocked. It was like seeing the sun rising in the west.
The hand of Jiufeng Eternal Emperor is second only to that of Four Fierce Beasts.
But the nine-tailed fox, which has a very high status, can only look up in the front.
However, it is this level that is behind Pang Xia like a servant.
It is suspected that this is a great shock to the nine-tailed fox.
This is more unbelievable to the nine-tailed fox than the wolf telling the news that Jiufeng was killed by Pang Xia.

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"Ke Xuejie, don’t tease her. She’s not stupid, she’s just simple-minded, and if you let her find out that these things are hopeless, you’ll have to taste that move again. By the way, she’s the trump card of Judo Department."

Ke Ge stared wide-eyed and couldn’t believe that he had received such a disciple and asked, "What about you? You must be very good, too. I don’t often attend classes and don’t know much about students. What’s your status? "
"This KeXueJie your shoes? Those glues. "
"Just cut it off. Anyway, my hair is long and beautiful. People don’t care about these details, do they?"
"Er, yes, yes, that makes sense!"
Ke Xuejie also temporarily gave up those topics and turned around to see that Korea was playing with the fallen head. This scene is really scary enough.
"Big disciple, just put that thing on the table. Don’t break it. It’s full of sulfuric acid-"
Ye Yan doesn’t know if it’s true or not. She said in a low voice, "Ke Xuejie, her name is Han Huili, a student in Class 9, Grade 2. I’m Ye Yan, a student in Class 3, Grade 2. You can just call us after that!"
"Ye Yi?"
Hearing this name, Kege suddenly turned his head and stared at Ye Yu’s big eyes.
"I heard that a student named Ye Yu is very famous these two days. It seems that Mr. Wang has been miserable?"
Ye Yan was about to admit awkwardly that it suddenly occurred to him. Isn’t Mr. Wang teaching mathematics? I seem to have taught Ke Xuejie that this is terrible. Why do you feel that there seems to be a murderous look in your breath?
Sister Ke Xuejie must be Mr. Wang’s proud brother, but the teacher made fun of him and felt that the situation was not good!
"Ke Xuejie broke her head in that painting-"
"Without it, there would be no sulfuric acid basketball. The so-called evil drama is produced. Are you Ye Yan or not?"
Seeing that you can’t get through it, Ye Yan nodded with determination to die. "It’s Ke Xuejie-I’m sorry!"
"Well done, what a small-"
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Chapter 53 Li tou
"Well done, young man!"
Unexpectedly, Ke Xuejie did not slap Ye Yu’s shoulder with both hands, but leaned over to show appreciation and joy. Her eyes sparkled with aura.
Ye Yan didn’t react for a long time, stunned and muttered, "Er, what is this?"
"Because you did the right thing, I hate that teacher who often bothered me when he taught me. I have mastered the knowledge of high school. The principal has given me special permission to take free classes, and he is still bothering me to death!"
Ke Xuejie gritted her teeth and said that Xiumei provoked a wrinkled face, which seems quite dissatisfied!
"It’s all his fault that I didn’t have time to equip this place this semester. But you did a good thing. It’s a pity that I didn’t see his ugly face that day!"
Ke Xuejie held Ye Yu’s shoulder and laughed. The cuttlefish trembled, slim and symmetrical, and the loose bat shirt swayed back and forth. It had to slide down from her shoulder to reveal the snow-white skin inside.
Ye Yan’s head and face are slightly red. I didn’t expect Ke Xuejie to be such a person!
I’ve always heard that this is an excellent girl with excellent talent. If you put it in martial arts novels, she is the kind of martial arts wizard who has never met in a hundred years and belongs to the kind of person who can be cultivated into the palm of Buddha’s hand.
In modern times, that is to be able to cultivate a "problem-solving hand". The difficult problems of talented girls are full of flaws in her eyes!
This kind of talent is really cool, and I didn’t expect Ke Xuejie’s personality to be so long. This is a good word, and it can be ranked as one of the "least but most real words" among human hair words.
When General Ye You met Ke Xuejie at the first meeting, he looked at her serious speech and serious and rigid eyes. He thought Ke Xuejie must be a cold girl, but today he refreshed his three views.
It turns out that the world has become like this, and you can’t go out to make friends without disguise. It’s too dangerous!
Ke Xuejie turned to look at the carefully cleaned room and whispered, "How did you two come here? Science students and liberal arts students have never met, and it doesn’t look like you two will have contacts, does it? "
I don’t know why Ke Xuejie kept looking at Ye You when she said this. It was that kind of feeling that her eyes were very critical as if she were pretending to shop.
Ye Yan thinks he should be despised. Well, if he really doesn’t have much friendship with people like this in Korean paintings from an excellent level, it’s also good for fools to be stupid.
"You two are not lovers, are you?" Ke Xuejie suddenly squeezed over to reveal a * * smile
"It’s raining outside. You two didn’t stay in the classroom, but you ran to nobody’s laboratory building to make people doubt your motivation. Oh, it’s not some bad idea, is it? Hmm-male high school students? "
Looking at Ke Xuejie’s expression, Ye Yan almost vomited blood and fell to the ground. What about learning to bully with high cold? You lied to your youth? Give me back my boyish heart!
"The experimental building is the most suitable place for couples in the school. By the way, the remaining places are the sports equipment room and the medical room. You haven’t been there already, have you? It’s amazing! "
With this, Ke Xuejie showed incredible eyes and white hands covering her mouth.
Ye Yan vomited blood and fell to the ground, wandering around all kinds of healthy and unhealthy otaku all the year round. He can clearly understand the profound meaning of Ke Xuejie and his three views have also been refreshed. It turns out that Xueba can be evil!
"Ke Xuejie, you misunderstood that we are both pure, not what you think, and do you think I have a chance?"
What’s this guy like? I’m just being polite and saying social words. Isn’t modesty popular now? What, she denied herself so seriously? Isn’t that too much for her apprentice?
Ke Xuejie shook her head in disappointment and sighed, "It’s true that I can still see the scenes of weak attack and strong attack. It turned out that it wasn’t. Then why did you two come to the experimental building?"
"To find the undead!"
The girl next to Han Huili’s senior sister Ke finished resetting the lab, and now everything is shiny, as if expensive special effects were applied, which is completely different from the previous haunted house.
Even the horrible head was put away in the Korean painting and put into the glass cabinet, which was a bit scary.
Ke Xuejie looked at the laboratory and nodded. "It’s very good, but I still prefer the original one. That’s the real scientist who should have a creative room. Now it makes me feel embarrassed!"
Ye Yan looked at her and asked, "Ke Xuejie, then you should have planned all the horror stories here, right?" Why are you doing this? "
"What? Those students hate it because they are chatting. They often come here to disturb my laboratory. I can scare them. Now it’s much better. By the way, you two can’t tell anyone about things here. No, then they won’t be afraid! "
Ye Yan looked at Han Hui’s painting, and she was somewhat naive about this weird senior. Maybe this is a genius, and she understands this mortal way!
"KeXuejie that this skeleton is how to return a responsibility? What moved just now except the light bulb in his eyes? "
Ye Yu remembered that he had suffered a bone combo and asked if he was unwilling.
Who knows Ke Xuejie looked at him blankly and said, "Ah? Movable? Are you kidding me? That thing is not a real skeleton. It’s a model made of materials. It’s for me to study the human body structure. You’ve seen too many science fiction novels! "
Hearing this explanation, Ye Yan and Han Hui’s face changed. Before two people, it was clear that this skeleton frame could really act!
It stretched out its middle finger and turned itself into a bone. When hidden weapons Yeyou was under the control of Ke Xuejie, but now she actually denied it. Doesn’t that mean that this skeleton was generated by herself?
It’s not calm in Han’s paintings. She was brave just now because she knew that all these things were fake and there were no ghosts, but now it seems bad!
Sister Ke Xuejie looked at them and murmured, "Hey, hey, don’t suddenly become so scary. This will easily upset me. Are you kidding? Is that thing really moving?"
The laboratory fell silent. Three people stared at each other with small eyes. Ye You’s eyes were the smallest, and now they were almost crying. I couldn’t help but get close to the Korean painting. There was still a knight Wang at the moment.
Fist is the last word!
"Ha ha!"
Suddenly, Ke Xuejie gave a crisp laugh, holding the table and laughing. "I didn’t expect that you really fell for that guy. How could you move by yourself? Of course, I controlled it. It’s so interesting. Haha"
Ye Yan and Han Huili are in the same place. Would this senior be so stubborn that it is easy to scare off a heart attack?
Ke Xuejie wiped away the tears in the corner of her eyes and then took out something similar to a remote control from her pocket to control the skeleton on the ground. Soon, the skeleton slowly got up in their surprised eyes.
But the movement became stiff, and the bones were not finished. Some of them were torn off by himself, while others were killed and attacked by fire extinguishers!
Ke Xuejie said with some regret, "It’s a pity that the hand in the painting is so cruel that I didn’t dare to let it go out again. Now the bones are gone. It seems that the weather is busy and I need to rearrange my base!"
Ke Xuejie manipulated the skeleton frame to walk simply. When she turned around, she could see a lot of iron wires and metal sheets stuck behind her.
"It took me a lot of effort to figure out the method, which is almost similar to the principle of robot, but much simpler. If you come back later, I can dub it, and then it will be complete!"
Ye Yan is white, which is almost like a marionette. This woman is really horrible!
"It’s amazing that magic control is the highest wisdom of teachers!" See in the Korean painting that God’s big eyes keep flashing!
This is an incredible event on campus, and the smell of the experimental building is shattered. It is hard to imagine that the controller is actually a talented girl on campus. Sure enough, there is no ghost in the world!
Just when the atmosphere of the three people was good, the door of the laboratory suddenly let people knock.

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Jul 5, 2024
The man in front of him is going to do it with himself because of a pot of wine.

Can you believe this?
The answer is yes.
An Xiaoya took one look at Xiao Wan and had a good talk. Hu Dwarves found that the two men were quite predestined friends.
So she decided to give this to Xiaowan.
"Well, since you’re going to follow my words, it’s good to wait until level 2 enters my mercenary group. I don’t have any mandatory requirements here. You can do whatever you want."
"Besides, now do you want to go back to the city or upgrade with us?"
Gong Liang immediately said that he would return to the city.
"If there is no wine, I guess the horse will die. Now I need to hurry back to the city to collect a batch of wine!"
This is a big event for yourself, and you can’t take it lightly.
"Well, that’s it. If there’s anything, just ask dad directly."
"Hello, my name is Daddy. If you have anything to ask me after I’m not at home."
Dad said that he had lost a friend’s application to Gong Liang.
Gong Liang agreed and looked at An Xiaoya. "How can I get out of this maze of goddess?"
Hear GongLiang call AnXiaoYa which still can’t know this guy decided to join them is because in the BBS know yourself.
I knew how this guy who can’t afford to get up early could sell himself casually!
"You go to the plug-in store and make a map auxiliary plug-in in my plug-in, and then I will dock a map here for you and you can go out by yourself."
An xiaoya’s command
Gong Liang snorted and snapped, and then received the map of An Xiaoya docking.
"Well, then we’ll contact again later!"
An Xiaoya waved goodbye to Dahu Dwarves.
"Goodbye, dear little friend!" Xiaowan also bid farewell to his new friends.
"Good-bye, everyone. Come and experience when I buy wine and supplies!"
An Xiaoya has a new understanding of this guy’s thick skin.
"Come on, people are gone, let’s continue to brush the blame," said An Xiaoya. "When he comes, let him join the group on his own."
It’s not that they reject him, but that there is just one more person!
This can blame them!
It’s generally dark for an afternoon, and the level of An Xiaoya has reached 14 and 10%
"I can upgrade this evening! It’s incredible! "
An Xiaoya came to expect that he wanted to upgrade for at least 20 days.
As a result, the monster here is double the experience and divine skill, and she feels that she can shorten this time to seven days.
That’s awesome!
"All right, all right, everyone is dismissed. I will rush to the fifteenth level tonight and then try to see if I can get the second floor!"
AnXiaoYa smiling feel a little heart.
Everyone is very happy to nod.
At 10: 30 in the evening, An Xiaoya leaps a light beam. She has been upgraded!
"Come on, I’ll try."
An Xiaoya takes everyone to explore the entrance of the auxiliary light door.
"Er … this is a single vice"
Anxiaoya turned to look at everyone.
Yin Ming first reacted, "Has the grade been reached?"
AnXiaoYa nodded "yes! Fifteen is enough. This is a single deputy. You should blame me first and try it! "
After the captain was transferred to the dad, An Xiaoya entered the vice.
We found a place not too far away and waited for news from An Xiaoya.
In this map memory, there is nothing to explore by yourself.
But this is not a problem for a man who used to be a French god.
As soon as I entered the deputy An Xiaoya, I felt that I was shining at the moment and then-I was almost blinded!
Close your eyes quickly and then open them slowly so that you can’t stand being stimulated.
Looking at a glistening white light in front of you, An Xiaoya feels worse than a ghost tower!
This is two extremes.
The ghost tower is barely visible in the dark, but here it is harsh, and the light is not flashing blind people all the time.
An Xiaoya toured around and found that even the nature and ghost tower here are just the opposite.
Looks like a temple structure
Looking at this without a trace of human habitation, the Temple Anxiaoya walked to the gate.
Not far from pushing the door is a mass of black fog.
Anxiaoya frowning, she probably knew what was going on here.
These so-called "limited vice" should actually suppress the monsters in the tower.
But these "vice" are more or less invaded by darkness, and the ghost tower can’t be completely suppressed, so the ghost tower will be alive.
What the player needs to do in these pairs is precisely to eliminate the darkness invaded by these lights.
What did Bai want to do? AnXiaoya looked at a few dark clouds not far away, and the holy punishment was directly eliminated.

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Jul 5, 2024
When I think of these things occasionally, Sun Hao has vaguely felt in his heart that this is probably an important thing that he must understand.

That means Sun Hao must go to the Wu clan and his party.
Of course, as Sun Hao said to Zuwu, Sun Hao needed the medicine family to be stable. Just after the advanced revision, he had to shock a virtual world and make people afraid to offend the medicine family easily.
Really hold the medicine family situation after Sun Hao is must go back to the Terran.
How to practice during Mahayana? This is a field that Sun Hao has never dabbled in. Sun Hao must go to Terran to consult a large number of classics, and at the same time listen to a Hao Anyi’s teaching, so Sun Hao can avoid taking many detours.
Compared with the medicine clan, it should not be too much for the Terran Medicine God to gain some classics from Mahayana without Mahayana.
Sitting cross-legged, Sun Haosi took an examination for a while and put these things aside for the time being. Who can make it clear in the future and don’t know whether Girlan is still alive?
With a slight sigh, Sun Hao reached out and a blue starlight appeared. This is the last immortal medicine spirit of Awu. It is a small medicine that he respects his body. He will defend it to the death. He would rather have a defect in Jiuhe’s great cause and defend a faint blue light. Actually, it is already weak, and it is possible to put it out all the time.
Really sensible to say this, it is difficult to guarantee the value of the starlight, and if you don’t say it, there will be no spiritual will of Awu, let alone any memory.
And it won’t be long before this medicine spirit is rooted without special and powerful means. Even Sun Hao needs to continuously invest resources if he wants to protect this medicine spirit.
This is the real reality.
Rattan acid also called Sun Hao a woman’s benevolence when he died. That’s why this medicine has been refined. It can make up for Sun Hao’s nine-in-one dzogchen’s body. It’s still a burden. This shows that Sun Hao actually chose to stay or not. What is a woman’s benevolence?
But from beginning to end, Sun Hao never hesitated about his choice, and he could not destroy the true spirit of Awu, even if this true spirit was confused and lost his will.
The blue light in the palm of your hand is mysterious and beautiful
Sun Hao’s eyes seemed to see Awu’s delicate face, and his eyes seemed to see that Awu used to rub his little face against the body of the medicine, and he also seemed to see the scene of Xiao Yao holding up the branches and nodding at Awu.
There is a faint warmth in my heart and a faint sadness.
Sun Hao sighed a long time. In a sense, Sun Hao always owes Awu.
Sun Hao’s goal of entering the medicine family is to be a nine-in-one body. Sun Hao himself has to admit that his every move is based on this goal. This is actually his own layout and premeditated plan. If there is any accident, Sun Hao never imagined that his body would be deeply impressed with a girl of the medicine family.
Deeply influenced Sun Haozun’s will and affection.
Now Sun Hao is holding the elixir of Awu, and there are mixed feelings in his heart, including warm memories and nai sadness.
After a long time, Corleone’s body disappeared into the room with Yao Ling in hand.
Once again, Corleone has not yet stabilized her body in the sumeru condensate tower. Pear blossoms are fluttering around Corleone with great attachment, as if a little girl saw a long-lost lover and enthusiastically threw herself into Corleone’s arms and kept coquetry.
Stretching out his hand and gently stroking pieces of white petals, Sun Hao’s body slowly landed in front of the fairy pear tree, and his mouth sighed leisurely. He stretched out his hand and flashed the elixir of Awu. Sun Haoqing said, "Fairy pear son, there is another remnant soul here that needs your help to take care of."
Pear flower flutters from Corleone’s hand and slowly lifts the blue elixir spirit and leans over to his trunk.
This little medicine spirit fairy pear flower felt the same will as Xiaoqing, and felt the deep friendship they hid from Corleone.
This is a little fairy pear tree. She is more familiar with the smell. She has already understood Sun Hao’s meaning. She is also going to put this immortal medicine spirit into her trunk according to Sun Hao’s idea to keep it. They should have divinity and let them wait for Sun Hao to come back.
Fairy pear flower fluttered gently, driving the surrounding wind, as if a girl was humming a song to appease this immortal medicine spirit and drifted away to her trunk.
The immortal spirit approached the immortal pear tree and was about to blend in when an accident happened.
Sun Hao felt a deep love in his heart. Fairy pear tree seemed to see Xiaoqing laughing, and some marks of Xiaoqing Liuxian pear tree were looming.
A drop of blood that has turned into a pear flower is white and immortal, and it rises from the immortal pear tree and floats, which actually corresponds to the immortal spirit surrounded by pear flowers.
The immortal blood turns slowly, and the immortal spirit turns gently, as if they were telling each other something.
Sun Hao suddenly shocked in his heart! A flash of light flashed through my mind. Is it possible that Awu will be Xiaoqing’s reincarnation?
Think of this possibility, Sun Hao’s legs can’t help but slightly bend down. The love between the two worlds is finally predestined. Is Awu really Xiaoqing?
In my heart, it is speculated that the immortal blood and the immortal medicine spirit are changing again. They are flying like butterflies out of the petals of the fairy pear tree and flying outside the Sumeru coagulation tower.
Fairy pear tree was so surprised that it rained all over the sky and wanted to keep two butterflies.
Sun Hao’s eyes flashed a light and his mouth said softly, "Just let them go."
The petals of the fairy pear tree fluttered and let the two butterflies on the road cross a beautiful arc and float outside the Sumeru condensation tower.
Two tombs next to an ordinary wooden house outside the tower in the tower.
Butterflies came flying, and one of them floated and danced for a few minutes, and suddenly dropped the tombstone.
Corleone’s body was slightly shocked, and he looked at the tombstone with a big Joan word.
Two butterflies fall into the word Qiong, and the two most square dots of the word Qiong are lifelike as if they were still dancing slowly.
Sun Hao of Joan’s tomb saw Joan’s love, and his heart was not sad.
Sanshengshi Old Soul Appreciates the Moon and sings the wind. Don’t talk about ashamed lovers visiting each other far away. Although the opposite sex is long, the things behind her are boundless, and the cause is afraid of heartbroken. Sanshengshi wuyue has searched all over the mountains and rivers, but it has returned to the smoke.
Low call a "Joan son" Corleone squatted beside the tomb stretched out his hand and touched the tears.
Chapter 2545 Sansheng III
There is a predestined relationship between three lives.
Sun Hao squatted in front of Joan’s grave and stretched out his hand to touch Joan’s words. It’s hard to suppress his sadness for a long time.
A lifetime of love, Joan took care of herself for more than a year in the small fishing village of Wangcun when ordinary people were in the hardest time, and she regretted that she had come out of the crisis of broken meridians.
Later, when she was cruel enough to leave, relying on her to get married became the last thing she wanted to recall in her life. Later, when she was the first monk in the mainland all day and was guarding a family and almost forgot this ordinary sister, she was not far from Qian Shan, and she walked step by step from Wanshun Mountain to Guijia on her own feet, so that she could take care of herself nearby.
At last, I was able to watch her grow old and finally passed away in my arms with a smile.
It’s been a long time, and it’s almost impossible for Sun Hao to recall it. It’s almost time for Sun Hao to forget that it was once ordinary.
But now I still remember it so deeply that I didn’t forget it, but I didn’t want to remember it.
The second love is also the most dangerous time for me. At that time, I was forced to become an agarwood sword when I came to repair the emptiness and was forced to fall into the emptiness and wait for help.
It was Xiaoqing who carried herself back again. She was hard-spoken and soft-hearted, and her heart was pure. Xiaoqing, like an elf, propped up the weakest herself for a day. She helped herself to embark on the road of practice again.
I can’t forget that when I was practicing the general trend of killing, Xiaoqing suddenly became a sword of love because she helped herself. Her femininity and limited love made it very difficult for me to become a powerful sword of killing, which made her a double sword bone. What kind of deep affection did she have to keep her cold than killing?
Xiaoqing II is still not good at fighting. In the end, she tempered her double sword bones by herself, which caused great disaster to heaven and earth. She was soft outside and just killed herself with the snow. The Lingtian Sword Sect left a drop of immortal blood alone, and was later merged into the fairy pear tree by herself, silently accompanying herself and waiting for her return.
But until now, I just know that Xiaoqing is Joan’s reincarnation. She is still as ordinary and unpretentious as ever. If she didn’t appear in the third body, she might never know such a secret.
Maybe it’s God’s will. Every time Joan appears, every reincarnation is when she is most vulnerable and in need of help.
Ah Wu, the third generation, is still like this. He incarnates himself as a small medicine and falls asleep. It is Ah Wu who finds himself, takes himself out of the medicine valley and brings himself into the layout.
Over the years, he has deliberately promoted his own layout in his deep sleep. Awu always takes care of his own elixir carefully, and his actual mind has long been aware of his abnormality.
However, Awu’s theory is that no matter what the situation is, he resolutely left his side and accompanied himself with regret.
Sun Hao’s tears are rolling
I can’t help but think of Awu’s final will. Awu made himself promise to her and repeatedly told himself to help her shelter the medicine family.
But in fact, this is because she knows that she has the ability to know that her origin is extraordinary, and there is something strange, but she still chose her side.
In fact, if she chooses the position of medicine family and actively cooperates with medicine myth, it will be more logical, or it will really cause a lot of trouble for herself, and whether she can advance to Mahayana smoothly will add many variables.
Think about Awu’s choice, think about it again, Awu’s choice is painful, and Awu’s regret over Sun Hao’s choice is not dull.
Iii Awu, three souls, seven souls, and one soul alone. That soul may be that II Xiaoqing left the undead blood and took away a trace of residual soul.
In the end, Awu III’s body helped Sun Hao complete Mahayana training.
Three lives and three lives, the love of each life is so unforgettable.
Sun Hao mourned for a long time in front of Joan’s grave.

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Jul 4, 2024
If the eternal emperor occupies the position of Pangu the Great and becomes the new ten statues.

Then I can have a chance to become a great emperor by taking advantage of the former position of the eternal emperor! "
Thought of here monty campus heart suddenly hot up.
Although the great emperor also fell from the throne when he fell.
But be careful not to fall from the throne.
Then if you want to be in the great position for one day, you can live forever with the rules!
This is very important for the birth of a world where the eternal emperor created everyone to pursue eternal goals.
The temptation of eternal life is absolutely right.
After a physical activity, the body gradually shrinks and reshapes.
He turned his head and looked at the surrounding environment, reaching out and preparing to make his own arrangement.
However, at this time, Monty’s face suddenly changed.
He suddenly transported the magic gas to respond, but as soon as it was transported, it immediately lost control.
Thick and huge belong to the mythical realm, and the magic gas of the strong is raging in its body.
Then a series of magic lines extend from the skin of monty.
These magic lines look like a sword, and they sting your eyes.
Obviously, these magic lines and the changes now are naturally related to the evil emperor who was absorbed into the body by Monty.
And monty clearly understood this, and he immediately urged the eternal emperor to respond!
As eternal as yellow crystal, the source of the great emperor emerged from the top of monty’s head.
Suddenly, thick majesty emanated from the yellow crystal and put it into monty’s body.
Exquisite to the extreme, gravity control drives away the evil spirit of monty’s rebellion and hides the evil emperor of Yuan Dynasty.
However, to monty’s surprise, the source of the eternal emperor is strong.
However, the root method is used to drive away the evil emperor of the heavenly demons.
That’s because the evil emperor of the Yuan Dynasty immediately decomposed his body and strength when he was swallowed up by the monty pestle.
So that those forces are quickly absorbed by monty and integrated into its original force.
And the evil emperor of Yuan Magic was secretly coming to the monty’s court or the monty’s body to know the sea.
On that day, the magic coffin will be in human form again, when the strength of the main body of the magic coffin drops to the lowest point.
Yuan demon evil emperor immediately responded to monty’s fight for all the body!
Because of the brand of Yuan demon and evil emperor, the power is integrated into it, and the body of Monty is also poor in power control
Plus this monty body is also the body of the Yuan Demon Evil Emperor in his previous life.
For all kinds of reasons, monty was actually fighting for the body and was gradually suppressed by the evil emperor Yuan.
"Damn it, you put it together. In that case, I’ll throw caution to the wind. This body won’t let you get what you want!"
The voice fell on the top of monty’s head, and the yellow crystal floated instantly and fell towards monty’s head.
Although it has a short height, the law of gravity contained in the yellow crystal is very powerful when it is started slightly.
Like a meteorite falling from the sky, the yellow crystal went straight to Monty’s head.
If monty looks crazy at the yellow crystal that is about to fall on his head.
But at this moment, Monty’s expression suddenly became calm, and the whole person seemed to be half changed.
Then monty’s body instantly falls back, but the yellow crystal has been flying with monty’s foot.
Seeing this monty’s palm rubbing into a knife, the palm of a knife was cut out horizontally and directly cut in the yellow crystal.
I heard a roar, and the yellow crystal was smashed by a knife and flew away in the distance.
At the same time, Monty suddenly turned the knife palm upside down and inserted it directly into his chest.
As if there was no pain, Monty slowly pulled out his palm and dragged out a large stream of black data from his body.
Then monty suddenly waved his hand and threw the black data out and fell to the ground.
See that black data falling on the ground constantly surging.
At the same time, it was hacked out by Monty’s backhand, and the yellow crystal flew back automatically and put into black data.
In the flashing yellow light, the black data quickly formed a strong man.
Look at that man. He’s about 60% to 70% similar to Monty.
At this time, Monty’s body changed rapidly from about three meters in height to less than two meters in normal height.
And its appearance also perfected the appearance of the evil emperor of Yuan Dynasty.
However, in the long black hair floating behind the head, there are two curved corners growing from the left and right frontal angles.
Obviously, at this time, Monty’s body has been reoccupied by the evil emperor Yuan.
Soul and body are one, and once again, they have become the monty who dominated heaven and earth!
It’s better than adding the power of the Yuan demon evil emperor. At this time, he is definitely stronger than that!
After a physical activity, the former Yuan Demon Evil Emperor now has a smile on his face.
Although reincarnated and cultivated to the mythical realm again.
But in monty’s view, this monty who has been polished for ten thousand years is the most suitable body.
It is not because of strength that he will do this, but because of this body, he is the best match.
Matching the body can all hope that the soul of the heavenly fiend will become one again.
This is also one of the reasons why the former demon emperor can occupy the body so quickly when he throws himself into the body!
The black data group dragged by monty from the body is naturally the source data.
And the most unique thing that Monty does is to force the power to stay almost successful.
Now, the remaining 20% of the forces have no chance to win in the face of today’s new monty roots.
At this time, in addition to the unwilling expression, there is still a strong desire to die!
See him reach out and make the yellow crystal emerge.
Then he suddenly waved and slapped the yellow crystal on his forehead!
Chapter 199 Eternal Emperor arrival!
It’s moving fast, at least monty will have to stop it in the future.

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Jul 4, 2024
"It seems that I am impatient, and it can’t be completed immediately overnight." Chen Bo sighed. After all, he was born in the Internet and lacked understanding of the concept of timeliness in the whole industry.

"Well, you still have to take your time." Li Shusen took off his glasses and rubbed his sour eye socket, and then said earnestly, "You just start too fast, so you can grind your sex. I witnessed the birth and development of Tongkou Port for more than two years, and I brought a group of talents in this field from Pengcheng. Don’t be too stingy."
"That’s natural. When have I been stingy? It’s up to you to manage it! I never two words "Chen Bo patting his chest to ensure that.
"Don’t flatter me. I don’t buy it. Sometimes you talk to Maktoum."
"hmm? What to talk to him about? "
"There are more and more Chinese in Dubai now, and it is a big problem for this child to go to school. I am the Counsellor of our embassy here. After all, officially speaking, setting up a Chinese school has a sense of cultural invasion and international influence, and I still have to go through the people’s channels as far as possible."
"You are so generous now. Some media call me a civilian diplomat. I think this title should be given to you." Although Chen Bo said so, he still started his father-in-law.
Chapter 14 Chinatown
"The temple meets again!" After a day’s rest in Dubai, Chen Bo asked Maktoum to meet him. In fact, the two of them just came back.
"It’s not the day before yesterday that we watched the ball together." Mark Tum squinted with a smile. "It’s a pity that I don’t have a’ qingluan’. The return speed is naturally much slower. I heard that you also went to Liuzhou for a round."
"Nothing can hide from your eyeliner." Chen Bo smiled deliberately.
Longcheng, Dubai is a small merchant wholesale market, which has only been in business for more than a year, but it has attracted a large number of small traders from China to seek gold.
On the ability to do business, Chinese people are no less than a so-called great nation, including Jews, who go wherever they have the opportunity. Zhejiang people, Minnan people and Lingnan people are the three main forces, Longcheng and the diplomatic product of the two countries. Chen Bo just deliberately turned around in a big way.
Don’t look at the edge of the desert, but you can see everything from dried noodles in the north to hot sauce in the south, from plastic bath flowers to bucket mops in your country.
These worthless things can’t be made in any Arab country. They are all industrial accessories. They are nomads and have no industrial base, so they can rely on imports.
Even North African countries will not travel far from Wan Li to purchase goods here.
In that area, there are less than 30,000 Chinese people who are familiar with the local accent and have no law children running around. Although Dubai is a public school, Chinese nationals and foreign children can go to private schools, but professors are American pedagogy, and they can learn English and Arabic. Even vendors who earn a lot of money can’t afford to sell hundreds of thousands a year.
However, Chen Bo didn’t intend to talk about this topic directly. He didn’t beat around the bush but said directly, "I intend to hand over the Pearl Harbor of Atlantis to Dubai Port Company."
"Zhuhai port? You renamed Gransier, but it’s a little similar to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii! " Maktoum’s note is a bit strange. Instead of getting down to business, he has the problem of renaming.
"There is a poem in our country called’ There are pearls in the big bay’. The fishermen in the Arabian Sea are rich in pearls, but they don’t have any money with that Pearl Harbor." Chen Bo patiently explained, "I also changed Hadib into Phoenix, and you must know that Phoenix means that I hope this town will be reborn in the Moore Plain in the future. I also changed it into Dolphin Bay!"
Phoenix has another meaning, that is, because Haya said that she was the master. This kind of bird is really not unique in Chinese literature, even in the Arab world and European and American cultures. It is better to say that both eastern and western cultures are connected than the previous name.
"It’s a beautiful name. It reminds me of my ancestors." Maktoum perfunctory a sentence and then added, "Why choose Dubai Port Authority? Aren’t you afraid that I won’t try my best?"
"First of all, Wang Dian is not so narrow-minded and you and I are not rivals but partners!"
"Are you sure?"
"Of course, Dubai Port is backed by the unique land resources in the Arab world, and Zhuhai Port is inaccessible to land. What it will do in the future is just transshipment business, mainly because seeking a node in the Suez Canal commercial road will not only affect Dubai, but also accelerate the circulation of goods in Dubai Port.
Besides, you know better than me what it was like in front of Jelaberry Port. If it weren’t for your decision, how could it have been? The annual growth rate has attracted worldwide attention. On the port operation and management ability, Dubai Port Authority is the top others, and I trust my friend more than I do! "
Chen Bo even boasted that he was afraid that he would list Zhuhai Port as his main competitor, but if this port was built, it would be able to control Suez Trade Road and East African ore resources, which is definitely a big fat meat.
"You know this very well. We are good friends who advance and retreat together!" Maktoum relaxed a little, picked up cakes in delicate silverware and put them in his mouth. Then he asked, "It’s not a problem to be entrusted with your management, but I don’t think it shows your sincerity."
Old fox, hemp egg! Chen boxin said, that’s what you’re good at. Don’t let me catch you in my circle after something happens, or I’ll cheat you!
Although I thought so in my heart, my mouth smiled and said, "Does the temple have a unique taste of this cake?"
"well! Yes, the dim sum chefs in the sailing hotel are all dug by me from his hotel group, which is naturally not bad! " Maktoum was still wanting more, and then he threw another piece into his mouth.
"Do you know this raw material?"
"Isn’t it made of flour and cream?"
"Of course, but it’s all grown on my farm, and wheat is also milk squeezed from my ranch."
"You? ?” Mark toom surprised way
"Yes, wheat comes from Kenya, milk comes from Tanzania, and I sent an agricultural project in Africa. It was only a 5-mu experimental field years ago, and the local people planted 1 ton of wheat per hectare, but I succeeded in increasing it by 6 times! In Mozambique, rice production has increased seven times, and the vast grassland can also graze cattle and sheep. "
"So high?"
"This is the approval of various governments, and of course I spent a lot of money. I have rented a total of 150,000 mu of land in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique.
The lease period is 99 years, and each mu of land needs to be leased for 1 US dollar. In addition, the church and local people are hired for planting. There are nearly 20,000 mu of wasteland to be leased and reclaimed, which is the same as 99 years. What does this mean? "
"It means that the Arab countries no longer need to look at the faces of Europeans and Americans, which means that more people will get rid of hunger every year. Behind such a high-quality port as Dubai is the food demand of 4.9 billion people!" Maktoum is now about to surprise Ba Yuan. This young man is just in the field of new technology, and there are some things that are more vivid in his mind.
Now he has not only bought the geographical fortress Atlantis, but also quietly set up a grain business, while others are greedy for African minerals. What a good move to hide it! The Middle East has a large population, but most of it is desert, except dates, which are camels.
The place where wheat can be planted is also near the Black Sea. Although Turkey has planted a lot, it still needs a lot of imports to occupy the two river basins. Iraq has the Mesopotamian plain, but who will farm after years of war? Food prices in the Middle East can also rise year by year.
Whoever has mastered food will have mastered mankind! What about after he mastered it? My heart can’t help but get hot!
"So much land must be invested in more kinds, fertilizers and machinery, and wells need to be dug to repair water to ensure a bumper harvest. I am willing to sell some shares to the temple in exchange for more development funds."
"How much can you give me for $300 million?" Maktoum looked at the displayed photo documents. This company registered in the Cayman Islands called "Tianliang" has indeed been approved by governments of various countries. Of course, there is no doubt that he can fake a monk and not run away from the temple!
"15% shares" Chen Bo said that it is a share, not a share, which means that he doesn’t have much to say about how to operate without voting.
"I need to participate in sales management in the Middle East"
"It’s no problem. The sales network is under the responsibility of Ali. It’s very difficult to communicate."
"Then it’s a deal. Happy!" Maktoum, afraid that he would go back on his word, immediately said that compared with Abu Dhabi, his funds are not an order of magnitude, but he is still far-sighted and willing to spend money. Although the money may not be him at all, it does not prevent him from borrowing chickens and laying eggs.
"There is one more thing I want to get the approval of the temple." Chen Bo did not respond directly, but added, "There are more and more Chinese living and doing business in Dubai, and they have made great contributions to the cultural and commercial exchanges between the two countries, but they have always been naturalized."
"It’s really a pity that there is nothing you can do to protect the residents of the country. I hope you can understand." Maktoum became bureaucratic, which is really not up to him. Dubai is in charge, but the whole United Arab Emirates depends on Abu Dhabi’s face
He’d like to, because there are no oil resources here, but you can’t give Dubai a passport alone, can you? This has touched the oil interests of Abu Dhabi, otherwise so many people from India and Pakistan will come in and demand national treatment. Where can we feed ourselves?
"It’s really a pity, but the local chamber of commerce came to me and asked the temple if they could build a Chinese school to teach Chinese, Arabic and English. Besides, we Chinese are all theists. It’s very sad to see so many dedicated businessmen in Longcheng who can either foster their children to their hometown because of educational problems or bring them around without studying law!"
Chen Bo, who is the president of the local chamber of commerce, doesn’t know him at all, and he can’t say that he is entrusted by the government, but he can borrow a hat from a non-governmental organization
"Well, how about this? The teaching materials for running schools in Chinatown, a Chinese-inhabited area 5 kilometers away from the market center of Longcheng, Fiona Fang, must be examined and approved by the education department, and only students with Chinese nationality will be banned immediately if they violate their educational qualifications."
"You are a sensible British wise chief! This is Dubai’s lucky Arabian light! " Chen Bo sent a bunch of disgusting compliments without stint. After all, he wore thousands of flatteries without wearing them!
If it were only Wang Maktoum at ordinary times, you would definitely correct your name, but now you are happy to accept that the old chief has long been in poor health and ignored political affairs, but now he has been in his sickbed for a long time, which is naturally his time
Chapter 15 Choking
Chen Bo has now turned into a big landlord in Dubai, Fiona Fang, 5 kilometers or 25 square kilometers of land. In addition to the original Longcheng market, the remaining desert Maktoum gave it to him with a wave of his hand. It is said that it is a barren land, but the traffic is good, and the transfer is almost outrageous.
Deserts and beaches are also made of sand, but the price is nearly a thousand times lower.
All these lands are put in the name of Atlantis development company, which is still managed by Li Shusen.
Of course, it is easy to solve such a trivial matter as how to repair and build it.
Atlantis is understandable. The name of the developer owns the Atlantis Islands and the undeveloped land in Dubai. The Pearl Harbor is the name of the project. It is designed by the developer himself, and the general contractor is responsible for it, and then subcontracted to the construction unit, which is much clearer.
It’s the same in Chinatown. I have land and give it to a company with ideas and strength to distribute houses and shops, but on the condition that I must build a teaching staff from kindergarten to high school, and the embassy will find ways to operate and repair it after the national adjustment, and the developer and the local chamber of commerce will be responsible for all Chinese school-age children.
The whole operation process is so simple, which is also the only drawback of the mature operation mode of real estate. Chen Bo, an Atlantis company, has land but no one, no money and no strength.
But it doesn’t matter. The history of the developers is the same. With the land, it’s hard to say anything. Someone has come to the pole for cooperation.
Just as Zhuhai Port is indeed a tax free port, it does not mean that ships are required to levy taxes on cross-border berthers and enjoy free trade benefits. For example, merchant ships from East Asia can put light processing in warehouses and have to make another trip to African trading companies, which can then be re-sent to other regions, the Middle East, Africa or Europe according to the order quantity.

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Jul 3, 2024
But the gluttonous body has developed a huge gravity field around it.

When the crystal-short ice cone enters the gravity field, it is accelerated and pulled to the ground by the huge gravity.
This directly made the ice cone fall faster and faster, and finally turned into a glittering and translucent afterimage.
From the back spine of the glutton, he passed through his body and shot into the ground, leaving a small round hole.
I can’t believe it. Looking at the small round hole in my body, it seems that I can’t believe that I will lose so easily.
The body is constantly changing from disintegration and condensation. The blow just now has completely destroyed the source of gluttony.
That is to say, gluttony has no way to wait for death at this time.
"Hey, hey, hey, hey, I didn’t expect that I would be defeated so thoroughly."
At this point, the gravitational field around the gluttonous body has disappeared.
He raised his head and looked at the monty handsome floating in the half. "You don’t know the monty handsome …
You’ll never know what you’ve done. The Eternal Emperor will make you regret killing me! "
His voice fell, his face was ferocious, and then he smashed it together with his yellow data.
Scattered bits and pieces of data soon vanished into thin air.
See this whole monty handsome eyes flashing black streamer really determine the gluttonous has been killed just relieved.
Slowly falling to the ground, the monty handsome recovered from the water vapor humanoid.
But just as he was recovering himself, Monty Shuai suddenly spit out a big mouthful of blood and burst into pieces in many places.
The original black data symbols are scattered in the virtual space.
The source power of the deep blue emperor can really give the commander-in-chief the ultimate ability to control the water.
But that doesn’t mean that you can really master this ability by killing monty handsome.
The commander-in-chief has the ability to control liquid water from the end to the end.
The manipulation of solid water and gaseous water only involves the ability to display and cannot be completely mastered.
Just now, in the face of gluttony, I tried my best to manipulate solid water and gaseous water at the same time.
So that his body has also been greatly injured, especially from the blue data, which is particularly serious.
Plus, the gluttonous battle was somewhat affected by the yellow data wave.
This makes the whole monty handsome force to suppress the injury after killing the gluttonous and completely broke out.
With a wry smile shook his head over monty handsome some nai muttered to himself, "it really is.
If I didn’t force things, I would forget it. Once I wanted to master them at a deeper level, I was immediately attacked by myself.
It seems that it is necessary to let the blue data return to its real owner, otherwise it will be eaten by itself even if it is not killed. "
After the speech, Monty Shuai took a deep breath and slightly recovered his injury and walked towards the center of the battlefield.
He could feel that Pang Xia was still in the center of the battlefield.
However, that Pang Xia data keeps colliding with each other, and the power of strange data is too amazing.
The handsome Monty thinks it is more important to go to Pang Xia than the other three fierce beasts.
Dragging a heavy body to punish Monty Shuai, walking in the forest, recovering his combat power and rushing to the center of the battlefield.
And at this time is located in the south of the fighting is increasingly fierce.
Two strong men, both more than two meters tall, waved their fists and punched each other.
Every punch and every foot can stir up a ripple, which makes the weeds and fallen leaves spread around.
The two men are naturally the XuanJin Dragon and the Four Fierce Beasts, ranking second in Qiong Qi!
Chapter 16 Long Hudou!
The ripples spread to make the weeds and fallen leaves on the ground opposite the two fists spread around.
XuanJin dragon Qiong Qi two people back to look at each other’s eyes are dignified.
At this time, Qiong Qi looked at Xuanjin Longkou and said, "Xuanjin Shenlong, you are the youngest heir of Zulong Emperor.
The Zulong Emperor has always been a world war, and even during the Great War, he never left himself to create the world.
In that case, you have to get involved in the eternal emperor’s affairs again. Isn’t that trouble for the Zulong emperor? "
Listen to Qiong Qi XuanJin Shenlong hey hey smiled and said, "I don’t think the eternal emperor is pleasing to the eye for this reason?
I just want to help people here against you eternal emperors.
If possible, I’d rather punch the eternal emperor and show him what I can do! "
Qiong Qi’s face was full of anger when he heard this, and there was a virtual image behind him that kept condensing and made a roaring gesture.
Xuanjin Shenlong immediately showed excitement when he saw angry Qiong Qi’s face.
He looked at Qiong Qi hey hey say with smile "angry? Anger is good, otherwise it’s boring to fight.
Just let me have a good look at how powerful you really are in Qiong Qi, and don’t let me down! "
After saying this, Xuanjin Dragon stepped forward and landed on the ground with one foot, stepping out a very deep footprint.
At the same time, one-handed fist, a fine frontal straight fist, went to Qiong Qi alongside of.seem.
But at this moment, a pair of black wings stretched out from behind Qiong Qi and protected him inside.
Xuanjin Shenlong fist fell on the black wings and stirred up ripples, but there was no nai Qiong Qi.
Eyes narrowed slightly XuanJin dragon fist again ready to give Qiong Qi a stronger.
But just as XuanJin Shenlong’s fist waved, it was about to blow on Qiong Qi’s wings.
A tiger roared through its wings, and then its wings expanded rapidly and waved directly to both sides.
Directly make XuanJin dragon was the two wings fan flew out.

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Jul 3, 2024
Otherwise, he will probably personally deliver the nameplate to his family like Han Shu and bear the resentment and sadness from his family.

After finishing this work, Yang returned to the camp the day after tomorrow and closed his eyes to rest.
After six hours, he woke up and found that his state had been adjusted almost, so he chose to get up.
After eating, he was informed that Han Shu wanted a captain meeting.
Several people have arrived first in the command camp.
Tianyang saw at the first sight that Kun Lan was sitting in a chair like a monkey, yawning and biting his unfinished food bar.
Li Da, a bald lady, was sitting opposite Miki Sayaka. The lady had several wigs at hand and was trying them on at random. Later, she found that she was dissatisfied with everything. Suddenly, a fire appeared in her hand and burned them all.
In Cang Du, Mawei youth is sitting in danger and seeing Tianyang’s gently headed head, it seems that he is the most serious of the three.
Tianyang sat next to Kunlan, and the latter complained to the teenager. I can see that Miki Sayaka has no interest in being a captain. Among the ten sentences, there are two complaints that are looking for excuses to shirk his duties.
He even asked Tianyang to help the teenager keep silent.
People arrived one after another.
After Han Shu came, the captain’s meeting was official.
Han Trunk coughed his hands to hold the sand table. "We have killed the furious lizard, so we can say that we have finished most of it this time."
"Can the stele be found and recycled? To be honest, luck accounts for a large part."
"In the future, we will consider the supply. According to the supplies we get, we will be in the reversible world for two weeks."
"But considering the round trip, we will stay for another four to five days. If there is no result, we will return to the base and another team will take over the investigation."
"Anyway, the furious lizard has been removed, even if it is not a joint action, it should not be a big problem."
"Now let’s talk about the clue of astral medullary column"
Han Shu sand table console input instructions, and several light spots in the sand table lit up. "We found starwort in these places during our exploration."
Star crystal grass!
Tianyang suddenly white fortress is based on a reason to dream, and it is possible to judge the star marrow column.
The reason is that starwort, which looks like a plant, is a crystal, and something is a companion of starmarrow column.
Tianyang’s subway entrance at that time was only because of the discovery of starwort that he discovered the pith column, so that he could awaken into a sublimator.
Now there are many places in the dream city where starwort appears, and obviously there are steles.
The only thing to worry about is whether the astral column is in its infancy or in its mature stage. The worst thing that can happen is withering and even being destroyed by the black people.
Among the black people, the black fog broadcaster with danger level 3 can be said to be the natural enemy of the star column.
Once the star column is found, it must be destroyed.
Han Shu went on to say, "Because the distribution of Stellate Grass is not in the right way, judge which area the Stellate Pillar may appear."
That’s why I applied for joint action. It’s hard to find something in a short time by one or two exploration teams.
"So I will arrange teams to take turns and divide areas for exploration."
The meeting is over.
The exploration team decided to come by lottery.
Today, the teams responsible for exploration are Tianyang, Kunlan and Cang Du.
Its team stayed at the camp to recycle the materials.
Tianyang called his team and simply said the situation and led the team to set off.
Captain, he dutifully walked in front of the team and was alert to possible dangers.
On his left and right are two players, a kind of dragon and Sean, followed by several soldiers. Gu Ming controls the back of the Queen’s house to form a simple formation that is conducive to defense and easy to move.
The exploration process is not good enough. After two blocks of exploration, the players’ physical fitness has dropped. Noting this, Tianyang has reached the rest order even though he is still full of energy.
There is still a significant difference between summing up the captain’s actions in the minds of teenagers and individual actions. The former needs to take care of the players’ physical condition, but the latter only needs to grasp their own abilities.
When it is necessary to relax, other people communicate with each other one after another except the players who are responsible for vigilance.
A kind of dragon is sitting next to Sean. "Can you tell me something about your inverse boundary? I am very interested. "
Sean chuckled, "Of course, if the captain allows it."
Tianyang said indifferently, "I’m not so strict. Actually, I’m also interested."
A world where dragon live is really attractive.
Sean took out his bronze statue of the flying dragon and rubbed it with fire and said, "Compared with our inverse boundary, this 127 inverse boundary is already moderate."
"The inverse climate we explored flashed wildly all over the sky, and they kept chopping down for thousands of years, day after day."
"The earth has never been calm there, and the earth’s core flame has erupted for many years. There are many cracks and ravines on the ground, and the hot magma flows on the surface, giving off stench and toxic gases that test the physique of every explorer."
"But the most terrible thing is those dragons. They are demons. We can’t shake nightmares. They can fly in the flash. They can bathe in magma. They breathe poison gas. They can live worse than in the environment."
"Every once in a while, it may be a hundred years or decades, and they will multiply in large numbers. They will attack Kraft Gate every time to ensure that they will not cross the door. Yinlongbao will sacrifice several soldiers and heroic knights, and Ge Gao is not afraid of sacrificing heroes!"
"our history is an epic with blood and tears, but even so, we are still guarding the gate and trying to clean up the flying dragons in the opposite world. We will never let those winged demons cross the line!"
Sean shook his fist vigorously, his voice was inexplicably infectious, and his expression was full of pride in his native land.
"I will be one of those heroes one day."
"I will knock down those devil’s claws, but my body must lie on a mountain piled up by the dead bodies of dragons!"
A kind of dragon infected by him breathed a lot, as if he couldn’t wait to go to the world full of dragons with Sean for adventure.
"By the way, Sean"
A kind of dragon slapped his thigh. "Yesterday, you said that your super-large black people in the inverse world like ours were all crowned."

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