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Chapter 30 I can do more magic than dragons

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Do you mean that this strange wolf will grow into a lizard, Long Luna, and as soon as Long Tang Yi scattered in her mind, the appearance of the Western Dragon immediately appeared?
When I heard that the dragon turned into a big lizard in Tang Yi’s mouth, Luna curled her pie discontentedly. What are you talking about? It’s not a lizard dragon, but a real dragon. Fortunately, it can be cultivated into a ten-level Warcraft in the future. Ten-level Warcraft is a beast like you. Then it can become human. Ha ha ha.
Befeimos, is this strange wolf so powerful? Tang Yi took a look at this strange wolf in surprise. I didn’t expect this thing to be high-grade goods. If you listen to Luna’s tone, it should belong to the category of price treasure. Once again, Tang Yi took a look at this strange wolf and said how much it is worth.
What kind of money is it? It’s a valuable treasure. Do you think that in the future, its descendants will be at least World of Warcraft, although they are not pure blood? Do you think people will be stupid enough to sell it?
Is that so? But it’s a valuable treasure. Then Tang Yi finally sighed naively, but it’s valuable again and can’t be taken away. It’s just that it can be changed to another province and several castles, and it’s impossible to exchange it for something. What are you going to do with it?
Lolita, you don’t have a familiar, do you? Sign it quickly, quickly, quickly, hahaha, and Luna eagerly lifted Lolita, who was still in a daze, jumping with her feet and pointing to Bephemos, who was bound by Rikujoukourou.
What are you doing? Did Sister Luna sign the contract? But I’m not ready to summon the magic circle. I’m so sleepy. I yawned. Lolita got up and followed Luna blankly.
Tang Yi San hasn’t paid much attention to it yet, but now Lolita has actually taken off her magic robe. She seems to have been in the room all the time. When will she change clothes? But it’s pleasing to the eye. Lolita is wearing pajamas. Tang Yi San once saw one of them in a video magazine. It’s almost like a shirt with wide cuffs. Black silk cloth is slightly loosely draped around the cuffs, and the white chest is protruding along a pink striped neckline.
Pushed his glasses Tang Yi scattered turned to look at Bei Fei moss still tied to the ground Peng Ouch.
Tang Yi scattered Tan Tan looked at the head of Befeimos to avert suspicion, but suddenly I heard Luna exclaim. When he saw it, now the big lady squatted on the ground clutching her nose and forehead. Where did she moan and groan? But Luna walked in a hurry and hit the ghost wall. Where can I see Luna? She didn’t know that if she broke two layers of pipes, she would bump into Tang Yi, so she forgot to tell them this thing.
Tang, I hate you so much. My nose hurts. Holding my nose, Luna’s wand has already been thrown aside when she is holding her nose. Lolita saw this picture of Luna and immediately covered her mouth with a giggle. The two groups of disproportionate breasts on her chest also trembled endlessly. Just now, that little sleepiness had already gone to nowhere.
Smiling lightly, Tang Yisan stretched out his hand and touched the wall, and now he won’t lift the skill effect. He touched his chest in a hurry and inquired about it, and then the low meditation effect was lifted.
A dim light flashed across the ghost tunnel wall and disappeared. Looking at Beifeimos, he still released the five-pillar iron penetration again. Compared with Rikujoukourou, the enemy needed more strength when struggling, but because this skill was too big and too eye-catching, it was more frequently used by people in Rikujoukourou.
Lolita finally stopped laughing and squatted beside Luna. She touched her nose with one hand and said, "Does Sister Luna still hurt?"
Forget it. Wait a minute. Go and sign a contract with Befeimos. Stare at Tang Yi ruthlessly. Luna covers her forehead and pulls Tang Yi away. She looks at Lolita waving a small magic wand in front of Befeimos and singing magic spells.
On one side Tang Yi looked at Lolita wrapped in black silk pajamas and suddenly felt a little strange. She sang magic spells and couldn’t understand them.
After being summoned to this world, Tang Yi San has never heard of this world language, but now he can not only understand the meaning of their words, but also casually say that they have the same language. If he hadn’t deliberately spoken Chinese, he would have spoken this world language. He felt as if he had come to know this world language, but it was strange that he was himself, but the earth people, which foreign language was strange that he could not only understand it, but also speak it as if he had a translator in his head.
Now Lolita sings magic spells, but she can’t understand them, which makes him a little strange. Luna was able to understand them when she sang spells just now.
Luna, I have a question for you.
Tell me what the problem is, a kind master, and I will answer it. I took a grumpily look at Tang Yi, and Luna snorted and said that it was a familiar but it happened to become human.
Luna hem Tang Yi scattered but heard clearly, and he knew that no matter what he said, it was estimated that this little girl wouldn’t believe it after the opportunity, and then slowly explained what Tang Yi scattered and said, I can understand your language. You know, for you, I am a plane away.
Well, it’s very simple. I’m your master. You can’t understand me. How can I command my pet to fight? Luna blinked and suddenly seemed to think of something. By the way, what kind of magic can you do? I think you seem to have several kinds of magic. Does the beast have a lot of magic?
Again, I’m not a psychic. I want to emphasize again that I’m not Warcraft, or I gave up. Now I emphasize this problem, and I know a lot of magic, well, more than dragons
More than dragons? Luna’s eyes are full of surprises. I can’t believe that my familiar is so arrogant that there are more magic than dragons. You should know that the top race of the dragon continent can’t just refer to the phoenix as the word Warcraft. The dragon has become a separate ethnic group, which is different from the word Warcraft. After all, the real dragons are highly intelligent, and they are even more intelligent and powerful than some humans, which makes the dragon unable to simply belong to the category of Warcraft.
The dragon magic of a huge ethnic group is a world-famous powerful magic, dragon magic and ancient magic all belong to that kind of extraordinary magic, and the number category of dragon magic is no less than that of human magic. It is estimated that there are a thousand kinds of magic, and Tang Yi is so arrogant to say that there are more than dragons, even if he is bragging, that’s a lot.
Laugh so tough that Luna may swallow a mouthful of saliva and look at Tang Yi with flashing eyes. Are you sure there are more dragon magic than dragons, but there are thousands less? Maybe two thousand.
A thousand spells? No more, no more. Well, I often have very little magic now, but the magic adds up to more than two thousand. But those spells need to be prepared. Tang Yi is still singing unknown spells. Lolita touched the bar and said that it is true that all the skills are counted as Tang Yi. It is not impossible to know that the skills add up to ten thousand or even hundreds of thousands. After all, if you can record your brain skills, you may also record your game skills. You know, human imagination is very rich.
Wow, that’s so much. You can’t be lying to me, can you teach me two thousand kinds of magic and listen to Luna’s saliva? Although I think Tang Yi is bragging, he is a god beast. God knows if it’s really so much.
Chapter 31 God I don’t kneel
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Luna, you haven’t told me anything yet. Can I understand your language? Tang Yi saw Luna slow to speak. She gave her a surprised look, but now the big lady looks excited. Her bright brown eyes seem to be shining with bright stars. Her left hand is leaning on a magic wand, and her right index finger is wrapped in a wisp of purple silk. I don’t know what she is thinking.
Well, you can understand our language because of me. Wizards sign contracts. After signing contracts, wizards from other places can be familiar with the language, that is to say, you can understand as many languages as I know. Miss Li is very powerful. Oh, I am familiar with dozens of other languages except some remote languages. How powerful? Luna shook her little fist and emphasized her extraordinary language talent.

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Unusually harsh sound, I can see that the silver light of the broadsword blooms in a sharp shape, and even the sharpness can tear it.

The broadsword purple dragon palm crossed, and then everyone was amazed to see that the huge dragon palm was directly divided into two smooth mirrors at the fracture.
That’s awesome, Zufu
Liu Qingwang looked at this scene with a dignified face. He was also practicing the dragon tactic, but he knew how tough it was to be condensed by the dragon pattern. Then Galindo moved and was pregnant with the dragon keel, which made him practice the dragon tactic, but he didn’t expect his eyes to be split by the big sword. This can not make him feel surprised.
This Zhou Tong is not simple, but don’t underestimate the little brother Lin. Now even the old man can’t see through Zhuli’s eyes and stare at the sky slowly
Liu Qing also nodded slightly. Although he is one step away from the reincarnation, he can still feel the dangerous smell from Lin.
The broadsword split the purple dragon palm, and Zhou Tonggang Y further unfolded the offensive. A light and shadow was fierce, but the purple dragon palm was suddenly plundered and a flash came. Now the fist with purple dragon scales flashing in front of it was infiltrated with filar silk reincarnation fluctuations and angered him.
This offensive is too abrupt, even Zhou Tong’s body is slightly delayed, but when Lin Dong’s Zijin fist is about to fall to the back body, his figure suddenly blurs away.
Fist into the ghosting is saved a however, Lin’s eyes didn’t change at all. Just as the figure was blurred, he turned his backhand and saw that a huge black hole was spreading and the devouring force suddenly broke out, but it was directly tearing the rear away.
And a figure torn by a black hole is exposed in the broken.
The sky Lei Yun instantly condensed a huge impact than Lei Long’s bared teeth, and when Lin moved his palm, Lei Long wrapped his arm in a piece of thunder slurry in his palm.
All this happened when the crackle thundered and the forest moved, and his figure was now, and he was swallowed up by the black hole and pulled Zhou Tong.
Without the slightest hesitation, Lin moved, and the arm with thunder slurry was still running through the heavens and the earth, and the thunder tore and exploded.
Lei Guang in Zhou Tong dark gray S eye pupil rapid amplification at this time even if he held ZuFu is no longer escape.
The thunder plasma arm finally landed on Zhou Tong’s body, and then a rumbling Lin moved his arm into Zhou Tong’s chest, and Lei Guang suddenly overflowed, and then his black robe instantly melted away.
And when he was dressed in a black robe, Lin’s pupil suddenly shrank, and the rear also broke out in horror at this time.
this is
Second watch
A third night will suggest that the day Chapter one thousand two hundred The magic emperor lock.
This is Lin’s eyes rested on that Zhou Tong’s body pupil, but he suddenly tightened his eyes with a thick surprise.
The black robe is not the imaginary flesh and blood, but there is no flesh and blood, but a black S bone moving in that bone. You can see the dense and strange black S lines. These magic lines are wrapped around Zhou Tong’s whole body bones and erased by the method of tarsal maggots.
On the other hand, in the black S skeleton, you can see that it is still beating and dirty, but these dirty things are all dark, and S is obviously eroded to the extreme by magic gas.
What shocked Lin most was a black S heart beating gently at a very slow speed in Zhou Tong’s chest, which was full of evil.
No one could have imagined that it would be such a thrilling scene in that finished head.
In that strange body, you can see the intricate meridians surging in the meridians with silver S light, which is the power of Zufu.
And looking at Zhou Tong’s body, only those meridians have not been eroded by magic gas, which is probably the main reason why he can still move Zufu’s strength.
Black s magic grain weaving in Zhou Tong body faintly seems to have formed a pair of evil magic locks to the extreme, but this magic lock will harm Zhou Tong into this appearance.
This is the magic emperor lock rock surprised at this time abrupt Lin heart rings.
The magic emperor lock what is this Lin move eyebrows a wrinkly quickly asked.
In ancient times, the master had a different fight. The cruel means created by the magic emperor meant that this thing should be added to the body. Then this person will gradually be eroded by his mind, and his god will be blocked in this body forever. Even reincarnation can be achieved. Those demons were afraid that some reincarnation would be strong, and reincarnation would be strong. This magic emperor locked them out of life.
Different magic emperor’s creative means can also give birth to a strong life. Lin’s pupil is miniature, and his heart is dark with horror.
This method is extremely cruel, and it will strip people of their flesh and blood, erode their insides for decades, and then the magic lock will cut off their vitality.
Rock dignified way eye This magic emperor lock is not finished in ancient times, but it is by no means an unusual demon king who can get it. It seems that this yuan gate colludes with that magic prison.

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I said you want to break her ribs, don’t you? I’ll combine your five fingers into one first

His body trembled for a long time before he calmed down.
I was about to get up, and he suddenly held my neck and put his hand into my mouth with grass all over his head.
Then I felt something hit me hard in the lower abdomen-maybe it was his knee-and I was beaten back. I knelt on the grass and sweated uncontrollably on my forehead.
Han Cheng gets up slowly at night. Mr. Jiang, you should bully me. This shouldn’t happen.
He bandaged his injured palm with a handkerchief, and his voice was calm. No one should be bullied by nature, and others will be punished. Here, others owe me a lot. I’ll pay first.
He walked slowly towards me.
It can be seen that he is weak, but he walks firmly.
I really want to get myself up. I put my hands on my stomach and supported the ground. I tried my best to get myself up and be hugged behind my back. Shengmei’s head came out of my armpit. She put my arm on her neck and stood me up trembling.
Her hair was messed up and hung freely around her neck and cheeks.
She looked at Han Cheng calmly and said, Han Cheng will be with him later, and we will be together. You can find strength from your pain, and Mr. Fish can let me protect him.
She is so weak and supports me, and she is almost unstable in the face of 1.9 meters tall and extremely strong. Han Chengyue actually said such a thing.
My abdomen is no longer painful. Push her slowly. You go and I’ll solve this king’s egg.
I was about to punch him in the temple when I came behind me. A large group of factory security guards surrounded us.
It looks like a leader rushed in. Why don’t you want to get mixed up? Is it old Yi? It’s Miss Li, Mr. Han. How did you become like this? This is the factory leader who has been waiting for you in the conference room. Why are you here?
Han Cheng smiled at night and accidentally fell. There was no place to help me with my wound.
A lot of local leaders said that Xiao Si would take Mr. Han to the clinic quickly. He saw that I had lost my way again. What are you doing here when you are not in the city?
I also know him. He was here when some friends of the former city procuratorate were drinking. We all had several teas and traveled together later, so we were friends.
Wang Gui, I forgot that you were working in a petrochemical plant, or I would have called you first. I greeted him warmly. He is a Shaoren. When addressing his brother, I usually add the word Gunniu. Because I can’t remember his name, I added this word directly after his surname.
Fish le mei, why didn’t you run to a place like this in the municipal party Committee? He asked me with a puzzled face.
I smiled. I’ve already left. Now I’m living with Miss Li. Wang Gui, come here this time. You can’t talk much. Let’s have tea together in a couple of days.
After greeting, he led us to the conference room.
They negotiated in the conference room that I knew nothing, and I could sit there and stare, but I saw Wang Gui with a certain weight.
I have known him for so long that I never thought that such a self-protective and angry person would become unrecognizable in a formal occasion.
Wang Gui’s glowing voice was sonorous for more than an hour, and he didn’t even say a dirty word. It was very formal and serious, and occasionally he spoke a few words of Korean, which added to the elegant, dignified and tall image. His performance in the casino formed a huge contrast.
The longer you talk about it, the more spiritual Wang Gui becomes. He looks like a young generation and a new rich man. This kind of sex is rare. No wonder he climbs so fast.
I thought to myself, it seems really necessary to drag him to play, maybe it can help Shengmei.
Thinking that the two sides burst into laughter and shook hands with each other seems to have reached a certain consensus. Wang Gui said with a smile that differences will always happen, but everyone is close together. If both sides are sincere enough, such a thing will be achieved. It is urgent to evaluate whether to release the negotiations when Miss Li and Mr. Han are in a hurry. It should be a chance to achieve a breakthrough.
Han Chengwan shook hands and said with a smile that he hoped that a negotiation would be the last time to expect the two sides to succeed together.
I’m too lazy to listen to their nonsense to watch Shengmei.
After Wang Gui quietly made an appointment to have fun together another day, I left the meeting with Shengmei.
After the negotiation, Shengmei didn’t go to the company and took me home directly. I faced the unknown.
She sat on the sofa knees and put her hands together on her legs. Two thumbs supported her. She tilted her head slightly and stared at me.
She looks smaller with her shoulders bent slightly towards the middle.
The room is so quiet that it makes me feel like two statues.
At this time, I need to feel that I am sorry and I am wrong. I shouldn’t hit people and talk to you.

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The four guardians of demons and shadows respect the heads of the people in the room.

Cold man rings, your horses go back to the Ghost Gate, and everyone is stationed around the Ghost Valley. Either one goal is the Ghost Gate.
Four people look a little stiff.
Being stared at by Duan Fei is equivalent to stepping into Yin with one foot.
Why are you afraid of asking questions and switching to feminine women?
The four dharma protectors immediately knelt down and swore allegiance to the ghost gate.
People who have been in the house slowly turned around and suddenly became fragrant.
Glancing at them, she said lazily, where is Lin Moying? Did you find it?
We rushed back to the door when the door owner rushed to the door owner’s signal, but Duan Yishen robbed us. I don’t know where he got the news, but he found the secret passage, but he didn’t find anyone either.
What sweet son cold mi eyes generate a vicious look how is it possible that I threw her into the tunnel? She fled without a reason and then roared, damn it, it’s all because this pair of yin body doesn’t live up to expectations, or she wouldn’t be so lucky
See the door Lord angry charm, that is, calm down before the door Lord calms down. If he changes his posture, he will definitely notice that woman, which is obviously much more difficult to deal with than him.
Hearing his words, Xianger gradually smiled, twisted a wisp of hair, toyed with her face, and showed her daughter’s shyness. Yes, I’m lonely now and I don’t understand martial arts. Xianger haha, I’m not sure that you will be mine sooner or later, and I will get you.
Kuai asked who the key door owner was who might have saved Lin Moying. After all, he knew that there were very few people in the tunnel unless he slowly looked up and exposed that ferocious face, which really built this tunnel.
At the thought of this possibility, Xianger can’t help but cheer up her eyes. You three should immediately go back to the valley to protect the ghosts. You must find Lin Moying when you go to investigate this matter.
Yes, sir. Chapter 14
Xianger slowly walked back to the inn with a basket on her arm.
When Frost saw it, he rushed to meet the past and asked Xianger why it took so long. Besides, it’s dangerous for you to go alone when you’re physically injured.
Hehe, Sister Frost, I’m fine. I’m going to prepare dinner for the young master. Xianger looks pale and walks slowly. Looking at her and going to the kitchen, Frost Nai shakes her head. Ah, it’s all bitter.
It’s getting dark and fragrant. I made a few small dishes and put them in the tray. I smiled and walked to Duan Feifang.
Push the door, young master
Room for one person
She paused carefully, walked in the door and put the food on the table. When she saw it at noon, she still stood there without moving her eyebrows.
Suddenly, the air around her fluctuated strangely, and her eyes suddenly turned back. Duan Fei suddenly looked at her like a lake mirror behind her.
Master Hu, you scared the hell out of Xianger. Xianger patted his chest. Even if he had to punish Xianger, it wouldn’t be like this.
Duan Fei walked over to the table with half closed eyes, glanced at the table and sat down slowly.
Xianger’s eyes are bright and she puts chopsticks before she rushes. All these are made by Xianger’s own kitchen.
Duan Fei silently picked up chopsticks, picked up a bamboo shoot and sent it to his mouth to chew gracefully.
Xianger’s heart is wide and her mouth is wide. Try to ask the young master the taste.
Well, he did, but that was enough to make Xianger very excited. You know, he has never responded to other women except Xiaoxiao.
Then the young master will eat more.
Obsessed eyes are always locked in his elegance and extraordinary side. Yan Tianda can fix himself into an opponent. He can be worthy of Xianger’s man and him.
Duan Fei, this man, she wants to settle.
Soon, he put chopsticks and fragrant son back to his mind and poured a cup of tea and handed it to the young master to moisten his throat.
Look up at her and take a sip.
Xianger will be elated and wait on the side. When he gets up, he will follow him. Xianger massages his parents every day at home. Do you want to try it, young master?
Duan Fei has no words, but Xiang Er knows that this means that he acquiesces in her diligent walk over and puts her little hand on his shoulder with moderate strength.
Gradually, her hand slipped more and more until she came to his thin but strong chest, where she stroked her eyes back and forth vaguely and the luster became more and more ambiguous. A voice in her heart kept shouting that she wanted this man to levy him at all costs.
Suddenly Duan Fei grabbed her hand and pushed her viciously to avoid falling to the ground.
After biting her lip and seeing the indifference in his eyes, she didn’t know where a fire came from, which made her lose her mind and asked why she refused me.
Duan Fei’s red lips seem to lift. You can’t replace her.
A word pricked her heart, which made her always proud. She wanted a higher state of mind. She stared at her cheek and smiled unfathomably, where she began to undress.
In the end, she didn’t want to tear off her chest wrap, so she could not replace her in front of him, and I could do the same.
Duan Fei slowly raised his eyes and his eyes rested on her, but he was strangely calm without seeing the slightest desire for color
Xianger walked towards him with a charming smile, so I couldn’t compete with Miss.
He fixed his eyes on her, and Xianger became more assured of her heart. In the end, Duan Fei was a man. How could a man refuse to face this temptation?
She charmed her eyes and stretched out her white and soft arms at him. Just when she was about to touch him, she was slightly swaying. In the blink of an eye, the person buckled her pulse door in front of her, and her eyes were as clear as skates.
Xianger was frightened to death and struggled to withdraw her hand, young master. What are you doing? You’re hurting me.
Duan Fei has pushed her into the corner with a little effort, and her hand is still holding her gaze and sweeping her naked body. Where did you get the knife wound?

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The wind blows and the rain falls like a wounded child sobbing.

The purple eye pupil of the night passes through pity, but it is quickly captured, because he is absolutely cold and curved and does not need pity from others.
Be a prime minister
It was his cold curved lips that evoked a cruel smile, but he knew what would happen today. She shouldn’t have let him go. Today is the time for him to pay the price.
Back to the palace
Leng Ling threw words at several people and she said
Four teenagers at night followed the people who went to Lengfu, and they were sent back by Lengwan.
It’s raining harder and harder, and it’s dripping on the ground.
Rain drops from glazed cornices along the eaves.
Imperial room Long Xianxiang is filled with.
Xuanyuan looked up at the window at night and stared at the death of the wet nurse outside. But he also knew that he was afraid of bending. Now he must be very sad. He really wanted to rush to the palace and stay by her side. But during the day, his princess lived in the temple of the Queen Mother. The Queen Mother worried that his palace would be shocked when she returned to the palace. Although he could ignore the Queen Mother’s obstruction, he knew more about his identity. If the general office was afraid that it would make others take more measures to disturb the funeral of the wet nurse.
Empress Huang has returned to the palace.
Xu Mao came in holding the dust and reported that he was nearly fifty years old, but he was still hale and hearty in the first black eunuch robe.
Bend back Xuanyuan night suddenly raised his head to where?
I’ve reached the cold corner, stepped into the imperial room, and wore a filial piety towel, and she became more and more conspicuous.
Xu Mao retreated to one side and shook his head. He hesitated because the empress was so dressed up that it was too inappropriate. What’s more, it was bound to arouse public criticism that she should go to Dai Xiao, a domestic servant.
Bend Xuanyuan one leng at night, then stride across to her, stare at her with deep eyes and ask anxiously, are you okay?
Cold bend a sip lip looked up and looked at him straight.
Emperor, I want something from you.
What Xuanyuan night doesn’t understand the hatred at the bottom of the curved eyes, which is shocking, but she will agree to what she wants.
I want Lin to inherit my life.
Chapter seventy-seven Between people
I want Lin to inherit my life.
As soon as the cold and curved words fell, Xuanyuan suddenly froze at night. This forest inherited from the elders of the two dynasties. It is not easy to suddenly move him down. What is more important is how to kill him because of bending.
I want an answer, yes or no, with a wave of my robe sleeve, I said coldly, although Bai Lin inherited his position in the court, it is still easy to take his life. What will bring trouble to the court is not a problem. He wants to unify her, but he can do it now. What is the inheritance of a forest?
Empress, think twice. That prime minister’s adult is a veteran student of the two dynasties. You can’t touch him. Xu Mao can’t help but sweat when he listens to the cold words. This is not a small matter except the prime minister’s order of a country. How can an empress go her own way regardless of the country?
Bend can I ask the reason? Xuanyuan night looked up and looked at the whole body and smelled of cold crime, she asked
Answered the destitution’s cold bent lip
Xu Mao couldn’t help shivering when the cold words fell. Does he know the position of the nurse in the queen’s mind? Is it that the nurse died as Prime Minister Lin?
Some Xuanyuan night nodded, and finally she insisted on taking Lin’s life.
The good bend is the nurse’s revenge. Of course, he can’t stop Geng Nalin from inheriting it. He shouldn’t want to kill the nurse, right? The nurse is suffering for others.
Well, cold, curved, black eyes flashed a light, and Lin inherited you and waited.
The emperor must not wow Xu Mao knelt down and looked solemn. The prime minister is a veteran of the two dynasties. He must not move. He will shake the foundation of the imperial court like that. Will the emperor not be white
The presumptuous slave Xuanyuan glared angrily at Xu Maomo at night, and the pupil flashed with violent light. Do I need you to tell me what to do?
I don’t dare to kowtow to Xu Mao in fear. I hope the emperor can take into account that Jiangshan Ji doesn’t care about Jiangshan because he loves the queen, so that the queen will be called a femme fatale
I didn’t say I wanted the emperor to send someone to arrest Lin Inherit.
Looking at Xu Mao coldly, she slammed her head and said simply that she wanted to know for herself that she could vent her heart and hate ink, and her eyes narrowed slightly to reveal the dangerous and cruel light.
Bend, then you mean that Xuanyuan night confuses her to ask Lin to inherit her life. Don’t you hope that he will abolish Lin’s official position and take off his head nurse for revenge?
Xu Mao also raised his head and his forehead was faintly visible, and his eyes were full of confusion. What does it mean to make the emperor so queen?
The wind blows cold and curved, and the hair flies lightly. She sips her lips and looks at the rain outside the window, word for word.
I’ll take his life myself.
Curved Xuanyuan feels bad at night. He doesn’t want blood on his curved hands. She hates him. She wants her to get rid of Lin’s inheritance, so it’s not hard to carry a bad king’s name.
Empress Xu Mao was also dumb. I didn’t expect the queen to do it herself. Mammy, are you still here? Do you have the heart to see such a queen?
Don’t worry, cold bending interrupts two people’s conversation, and my eyes are cold, so I won’t let people find out it’s me.
All right, I’m leaving. I’ll go back to the palace after the nanny thing is solved
White drag long skirt flying words fell lithe and graceful figure disappeared outside the door.
Didn’t the emperor stop the queen? Xu Mao couldn’t help but ask, is it just for the queen to do that? Will it make trouble?

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May 30, 2024
Meng Fei laughed and didn’t dare the ancient witch country’s body-refining skills to be unique in all worlds. How can I live up to my capture of the flying die if I don’t go to see it well?

In the next two days, Meng Fei Bai Longma’s blood and ghost members have a good flight control method
On this day, the flying die started and came to a vast desert.
It’s hot, and the dust on the ground rolls, but at first glance, it makes people feel a lot wider.
In some oases, the blue waves are vast and the breezes are sparkling. Xu Lai has a moist taste, which is indeed a rare beauty for people sailing in the desert.
A special flying die of the ancient witch country knocked on the door and sailed in the dusty desert without any trouble.
Sailing all the way to noon, flying away, we have sailed into the vast desert. Looking around, there are undulating sand dunes. At a glance, thousands of miles are magnificent, and a few unknown huge birds are singing and flying, and we can no longer see the margin.
Xuanyuan quietly embarked on a voyage to the ancient witch country ten days ago.
For this voyage, Meng Fei also specially selected a dozen talented teenagers from the Blue Dream Astral World to let them control the flying die, and all the way was guided by Yi Qingwu as a guide to the ancient witch country.
At about noon, Feidie entered the Green Sea sandbar.
Green sea sandbar is one of the four major sand seas in the world of thousands of stars. If you want to return to Terran or turn to the ancient witch country, Meng Fei must pass through this green sea sandbar.
The edge of the desert is connected with hundreds of ethnic groups on the edge by several huge shahes.
However, because its area is too vast and densely covered with many oases, people used to call it the green sea sandbar, not to mention the Zhongsha nationality entrenched in it.
It takes about half a year to reach the territory of the ancient witch country by relying on this flying die to cross this desert. Of course, it takes about one or two months to start the acceleration device.
As soon as I entered the Green Sea Shazhou, Meng Fei and Bai Longma were particularly novel about sailing in the sand sea, and I have been enjoying the vastness and magnificence of the sand sea on the skylight deck.
But no matter how beautiful the scenery is, I’m always tired of watching it for a long time.
On the fourth day, Meng Fei went back to the cabin alone to meditate.
There are dangers in the world of thousands of stars, and we must seize every moment to try our best to improve our own strength.
After meditating for dozens of weeks, it was night arrival when we walked through the hatch.
It’s a nice day, and Feidie didn’t encounter any storms all the way.
At this time, a light breeze and a bright silver moon hung in the half, and the temperature dropped. Many unknown sand beasts suddenly jumped on the sand surface.
The birds in the sky are chirping and singing, and the white wings are like flashing across the dark night. The night wind is warm, moist and comfortable.
Seeing Meng Feilai practicing flying on the distant deck, a teenager immediately came over and reported what happened during the day.
Because the people who fly the plane are all captured, the guides of the ancient witch countries are also big prisoners, Yi Qingwu must guard against it or not. After Meng Fei closes, all the realms are bloody. This master is responsible for the assistance of ten blue dreams and astral teenagers.
This is the tenth day of sailing, and the prisoners in the ancient witch country are very obedient to Yi Qingwu, and it is like letting go of the former lady’s frame and honestly directing the flying die to advance. She leads the route smoothly.
In the evening, the teenagers of Meng Fei Blue Dream Star World enjoyed an open-air barbecue dinner on the deck.
It’s a day in a blink of an eye.
The next morning, the weather was still sunny, and the ups and downs of the sand sea in Wan Liyun were refreshing and there were no signs of wind.
The named Xuanyuan Feidie finally started the power transmission system to speed up sailing in the sand sea.
Meng Fei kept himself in the secret cabin at night except during the day when he instructed the Blue Dream and the Astral Youth to practice martial arts.
Another day has passed.
The Xuanyuan, which was propelled by the power transmission system, sailed a few million kilometers in the vast sand sea.
It’s still a quiet day. The prisoners of war in the ancient witch country are very obedient and have no intention of resisting. They also seem to be eager to return to their own territory and work very hard to control the flying die.
Xuanyuan hasn’t been in trouble since the beginning.
When night falls, silver moon shines on the heavens and the earth, and a piece of silver frost glistens like pieces of broken silver spread on the sand sea.
Meng Fei is looking at the distance from the flying deck, thinking about how to fight in the ancient witch country, and plans to get his hands on the one-step alchemy.
However, at this moment, a few thousand meters away, more than a dozen huge black shadows appeared in the sand sea, and the blue light beams scattered in the pupils watched and disappeared in the vast sand sea.
Sand beast
World of Warcraft
Demon Chapter nine hundred and forty-four Abnormal
Meng Fei felt a slight movement in his heart, and his sixth sense made him feel the strange atmosphere hidden in the calm sand. These days, the voyage has been very smooth, but it is too smooth, but it is difficult to detect the agitation. What will happen to this voyage?
Those strange sand creatures were never seen again last night.
At dawn, Meng Fei returned to the capsule from the deck and entered meditation, striving to further increase his strength and increase some certainty when entering the ancient witch country.
It is absolutely inappropriate for him to show up in the ancient witch country if he wants to get the most magical body-building skills in the ancient witch country and can dance lightly from Iraq, because all the ethnic groups believe in non-Chinese heresy.
Meng Fei’s strength wants to be hard in the ancient witch country, but it can’t be hard. Since it doesn’t work, it can be soft
Six hours later,
In the state of retreat, Meng Fei is going to the deck to get some air. Who knows that the front foot just walked into the cabin and heard an alarm outside. The prisoners in the ancient witch country screamed and screamed, and then a flying die suddenly shook violently as if it had hit a monster.
Meng Fei facial expression, a shape, a flash, and everyone is on the deck now.
The sand beast is an abyss sand beast. Damn it, we met a terrible abyss sand beast deck. A naked and lean prisoner of the ancient witch country screamed in panic, and his face was pale and he tried to escape into the hatch.
Just after a few steps, a huge soft scarlet tentacle with a diameter of more than one meter rolled him up and rolled him towards the sand sea.

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May 29, 2024
When Jin Nuanyu said goodbye and prepared for Dr. Li to get up and leave, Li Yueling suddenly said that Miss Jin would stay.

After a strange look at Li Yueling, Jin Nuanyu said, this man didn’t act like a pervert like other men after meeting Miss Li, but it’s not that he wants to date himself, is it? So he’s waiting to touch a rebuff.
Well, I want to ask Miss Yijin if she bought this ginseng for hiding or medicine.
I didn’t expect Li Yueling to ask such a question. Jin Nuanyu was slightly disappointed. Did he have no attraction for this man who seemed to shine in his eyes? But the idea was a flash. Jin Nuanyu immediately calmly replied, I’m sorry, Mr. Li. But you can teach Xiao Bobo that he will give you the answer. Goodbye.
After seeing Jin Nuanyu leave, Li Yueling returned to the excitement of millions of petty bourgeoisie. Xiao Houyuan couldn’t help but ask Yue Ling, did you ask people to go to Wang Gan?
In fact, Li Yueling couldn’t tell why he would ask such a question, but he was embarrassed to scratch his head. Xiao Bobo, you also saw such a beautiful big beauty. Can you say a few more words? Hey hey, then Li Yueling deliberately cut in and said, Xiao Bobo, how can you find such a big buyer as Jinyutuan? Listen to what that big beauty called you just now, as if you are quite familiar with it.
Xiao Houyuan laughed. A few years ago, I treated Grandpa Nuanyu, that is, Jin Tiequn, the chairman of Jinyutuan. Besides, not long ago, the Kim family wanted to buy my wild ginseng. On that day, you said that they reported a high price of 380,000 yuan.
Here Li Yueling nods that Xiao Bobo, you should know that it is a good place for Kim to buy ginseng, right?
It seems that it’s really not enough to satisfy your curiosity. Xiao Houyuan sighed and said, it’s also a good man like Master Kim who has a rare and strange disease. I don’t know more about the details of what you bought for Master Kim.
Dad, what are you talking about? Xiao ran with a face of excitement in the wind.
Nothing is worth your happiness. Li Yueling smiled at Xiao with a bad face.
After pulling up an armchair, Xiao proudly told you with the wind. Just now, that beautiful woman looked back at me and smiled at me. Maybe it meant something to me.
Li Yueling suddenly fainted when he heard the news. It seems that the former beauty also smiled at me like this. Also, your father and the gray-haired doctor Li talked with such a smile. Is this called fraternity?
What can you do if you make me vain? Xiao followed the wind and left the pie mouth. Then he said that the richest man is going to be happy today. It’s time to add up. After saying that, he pulled up Li Yueling and told Xiao Houyuan that I wouldn’t come back for dinner tonight and ripped him off.
Chapter VI happy ever after I
When Li Yueling successfully withdrew 200,000 cash from China Bank, Xiao immediately dragged Li Yueling into a private club on South China Road with the wind.
From the appearance, it is dark red, the exterior wall is ugly, and the old-fashioned design can enter the room, but Li Yueling can’t help but be surprised. Just now, I saw it outside. It’s a world of difference. Because Li Yueling is always engaged in real estate sales, he also has a good eye for the advantages and disadvantages of decoration design. When I saw the super-luxury decoration design in this private club, Li Yueling pulled Xiao Fengfeng and asked if you often come to this place.
Which ah, today is the first time Xiao Fengfeng replied while looking at the decoration of the meeting hall.
Then where did you get the membership card? Although Li Yueling has never held such a high-end private meeting in the future, he can still know something from the exposure of the media and newspapers. A place like this is definitely a place where money is sold and money is sold. Xiao Feng’s economic strength is absolutely impossible.
This card was given to my dad by the boss of a group company, but as you know, my dad couldn’t have come to a place like this even if he was killed, so it’s cheaper for you and me. But I had a hard time secretly turning it over last night. Xiao Fengfeng shook the gold-plated and silver-plated membership card in his hand.
Li Yueling nai shook his head and said, When did you become so bad when you were young?
At this time, a beautiful girl approached the two men, bowed and said in a sweet voice, gentlemen, please ask if it is your first time to come to happy ever after.
How do you know Xiao blurted out with the wind
The girl smiled and said, sir, your membership card is an A-level VIP card that has not been cleared yet, and the two handsome guys look very unfamiliar, so I boldly speculated that one
Not the kui is a high-end student who is not only good-looking but also very home. Since this is the trouble for you to come to our guide, Li Yueling winked at Xiao with the wind and smiled at the girl. This is also the principle of Li Yueling’s always being a person. Can you miss the opportunity to enjoy a money?
This should be my two workers. Come with me to complete the card formalities, and then I will slowly introduce them to the two girls. The girl smiled and led Li Yueling Xiao to the northwest corner of the hall with the wind.
This private club in happy ever after has four types of membership from high to low, namely, S-class, A-class, B-class, C-class and C-class members, who need to join the club for 500,000 yuan. B-class members on the first floor and the second floor need to join the club for 1 million yuan. A-class members on the first floor and the third floor don’t need money alone, but they need a rich man with a net worth of 50 million yuan to join the club for 2 million yuan. The requirement for the top S-class members on the first floor and the fourth floor is simple.
When Miss Taiwan told Xiao that the A-level membership card in his hand had been cleared, Li Yueling directly reported a bank account and transferred 2 million to the card. Because all the money was in Li Yueling’s card, Xiao Fengfeng insisted on hanging the card in Li Yueling’s name. Of course, Li Yueling had to fill in a detailed personal information. After listening to the explanation given by the young lady just now, Li Yueling didn’t want to be ugly here, but it was even worse when Li Yueling spent all his money on it. After all, it didn’t hurt at home.
After completing the transfer formalities, the girl next to Li Yueling was introduced to set up bars, Chinese and Western restaurants, KV private rooms and other entertainment facilities on the first floor, while the second floor was modeled after the mirage of Las Vegas’s most famous casino hotel. There was no limit on the size of the bets, and there were 66 VIP private rooms on the third floor. Of course, the private rooms were full of various features, including the meaning. The fourth floor was an auction house, and various auctions were held from time to time. There were many precious arts and rare cultural relics, and even national treasures animals had to be auctioned. The girl was not poor at the fifth floor.
Five old heads were drawn from the briefcase and given to the girl as a teenager. After she sent them away, Li Yueling Xiao walked into the Chinese restaurant in the southeast corner of the lobby on the first floor with the wind.
After sitting down, Xiao Feng said with a face of apology, Yueling, I didn’t know that this place would kill you so much.
Li Yueling interrupted him and said, "What is this? Money is a king’s egg. It’s worth spending even if you spend 5 million today. Let’s order something to eat. Let’s have a good time after eating."
Xiao Fangfeng is also a person who sees Li Yueling’s indifference and doesn’t say anything more disappointing. He ordered a dozen dishes and a bottle of Maotai, and two people swept away the delicacies before the table until the taste was not enough. It is estimated that the two will continue.
Li Yueling called the restaurant student and gave him the membership card to check out. When the student sent the card back, Li Yueling gave him another two hundred dollars, and then Xiao went to the restaurant with the wind.
Next, how do you say that Xiao takes Li Yueling’s shoulder with the wind in alcohol? Xiao’s cheek with the wind is now a little flushed. On the other hand, Li Yueling has no symptoms of discomfort after drinking, as if he had just drunk half a bottle of cold white. Even Li Yueling wondered that although his capacity for liquor was really good, he didn’t reach the point where half a bottle of white wine was fart. Is it because he practiced the foundation of heaven?
That also asked Li Yueling pointed to the nearby sightseeing elevator, satiated with food and then it was gambling. We are all men, so we can’t ask the men to go without gambling.
Take the ladder to the second floor. Li Yueling Xiao was startled by the scale of the casino in front of him. More than 100 square meters were strewn at random, resulting in 30 gambling tables. All kinds of gambling tools have only been seen in the movie plot, and there are hundreds of panda machines around. Bunny dresses up and shuttles among people from time to time to meet the needs of some guests. Of course, small is indispensable.
Chapter VII happy ever after II
It’s an incredible thing to set up such a large-scale casino in the international metropolis, which is the key care of the country. At present, that’s what Li Yueling Xiao thinks with the wind
Gambling seems to be a bad habit of human beings. Men, women and children are seldom, just like a child under the age of ten, they often say a word. I bet that although this gambling is not the other, it is also a manifestation of human gambling nature subconsciously.
At this time, Li Yueling has swiped the card for five hundred thousand chips and distributed them to Xiao Fengfeng. After half, the two men went to find the direction.
Li Yueling chose a craps table, because it is the easiest way to gamble directly, and Li Yueling can decide whether to win or lose with one hand.
There are more people around this table than other tables. Li Yueling managed to find a son and squeezed in. That’s why there are so many gamblers at this table. I didn’t expect Lotus Officer to be a woman and the kind of person who makes men unconsciously shine with beautiful women and add beautiful women to Lotus Officer’s eyes. Of course, Li Yueling also followed the general’s eyes to the beautiful lotus officer’s nearly bare chest and stared at it hard.
The beauty lotus official seems to have been very used to the men’s eyes with alternative meanings, and they have no intention of buying and leaving.
Li Yueling made a few bets, but it didn’t seem to be very lucky. Before long, half of his chips were left in his hand. He hesitated. When he was a child, he was pushed behind him. Looking back, he was a fat guy who hit himself. Li Yueling didn’t care much, but when he saw Li Yueling looking at himself, he turned out to be arrogant. If he didn’t have money to gamble, he would flash away. Don’t occupy the toilet.

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May 28, 2024
The originator of the shushan sword school, Changmei Road, is red and loose.

Speak your mind
Listen, Li Yueling’s heart is in the human world, and the sword Sect of Shushan has a great feud. Today, it’s a coincidence that it has soared into the sky, and the fairy star was also the originator of the sword Sect of Shushan. Doesn’t that mean that the long eyebrow should be in this celestial fairy star? That’s really some trouble
Reading this, Li Yueling has turned from curiosity to probing, trying to ask at will that Taoist with long eyebrows should also be here today.
Akamatsu shook his head and said, "Long eyebrows have been built into a pick-gold wonderland to go to the third fairy star as early as a hundred years ago."
This person is really great. He not only won a big position in the Jade Emperor, but also created the Shushan Sword School again. His disciples in the world are also numerous. Most of today’s long eyebrows are cultivated in the third fairy star, and his disciples are ordered by him to create the Shushan Sword School again here.
Now it has become the second largest faction of our Cang Di Xian Xing.
There are many benefits for his disciples. Daniel lee Ling lamented that if he immediately thought of himself, he would not be able to fight with the Sword Sect of Shushan if he pulled many of his disciples from Yuan Zong to Cangdi Xianxing.
But before that, it is necessary to achieve the prerequisite of creating a clan in the purple mansion, that is, to cultivate a pick wonderland. However, it won’t take too long for you to have a limited amount of soul beads to help. Before that, you should be cautious and never be known by the disciples of Cangdi Xianxing and Shushan that you have a feud with the sword.
It is time to inquire about Li Yueling and already know that it was immediately touted as a red pine building.
Akamatsu’s impression of Li Yueling is almost perfect. Before he left, he was kind. Look, you haven’t cultivated Xianjia yet. Now you can go to Xiandu to buy some refined materials first. You have to cultivate your own Xianjia first. This Xianjia is the face of a fairy in the world. Of course, this also includes the three immortals that Li Yueling got when he first entered the purple mansion. Therefore, it is inferred that Li Yueling will make great achievements in the world in time. Even if it is just around the corner, Akamatsu can be regarded as his guide. Anyway, it can also be beneficial by the way.
Li Yueling once again thanked him for floating, and walked towards the gate of Xiandu. But when he reached the door, he remembered that he had forgotten to ask whether red pine was a purchase method. Is it possible that this purple mansion can also pass money? Oh, my God, it has already achieved Jin Xian’s achievements, and how can it not get rid of such a vulgar thing?
But if you think about it, you will find out if you go to the city.
What’s more, I’m not in a hurry. The most important thing today is to ask after going to town before I can return to the world. That red pine is also a fairy after all. I have just risen to the purple mansion. If I ask him directly before I can return to the world, it’s always wrong. It’s safer to find an ordinary fairy to ask after entering the city. Li Yueling was stopped by two shining guards just now.
Fairy order number plate is not allowed to enter the city, isn’t it that you are asked to go to Chongxian Building to get the fairy order? The tone of the Golden Guards is obviously disdainful.
Li Yueling, who was blocked, realized that his own side had given the three ID cards of that place into the cold-winning ring and immediately took them in front of two golden guards. This is not Siebel goods that can let me go to town. Speaking, Li Yueling also conveniently hung the fairy number plate on his right chest.
Seeing that Li Yueling turned out to be the third fairy made the two golden guards who would be kicked by Akamatsu before joking have a great sales.
They are all the lowest guards of the Emperor’s hand, and their strength is the same as that of those individuals, Jin Xian, and their status is even worse than that of Jin Xian, who is not yet in the daily life, so they can play tricks on those newly-born immortals who are newly promoted and have very poor strength. This time, both of them are gone.
That’s really a tribute to you. You must be able to achieve the goal of three immortals when you first enter the purple mansion. Fortunately, you are lucky to welcome Daxian into the city.
Darling, it seems that this fairy number plate is really better than anything else in this purple mansion. So quickly, the attitude came to a 100-degree turn. Li Yueling didn’t have time to be blind and time-consuming with these two golden guards. He should quickly enter the pale emperor Xiandu.
It’s a big city, but the fairy’s handwriting is different
Entering the city, Li Yueling looks left and right. There are many towers and towers in the city, which are more resplendent than each other. I don’t know if they are made of stone and iron, but the faint light reveals a fairy family atmosphere.
There are also many male fairies in the city, all of whom are handsome and handsome, and each fairy is more beautiful and moving than the last one.
Li Yueling also received a lot of strange eyes along the way. All the immortals in the city are dressed in fairy armour, but he is such an exception that is remarkable.
However, it is not very polite for others to look back after seeing Li Yueling’s skirt, which symbolizes the three-strength fairy order.
Li Yueling is also aware that it seems that it is not wrong for her to be told before Akamatsu. The weight of this fairy armor in the purple mansion is just like the expensive clothes in the human world, which represents a person’s status. In fact, the more outstanding the fairy armor is, the more she walks with her eyes facing the sky.
No matter how much, let’s find a pleasing fairy to inquire about returning to the human world first
With this in mind, Li Yueling looked around and found a suitable candidate. Soon, his eyes were fixed on a person wearing a blue fairy armor, Jin Xianshen, not far away.
That’s him. Look, that’s a divination advocate, and the fairy rank is one order lower than himself. Li Yueling hangs a lazy smile at the corner of his mouth and goes away.
Chapter two hundred and forty-nine Cangdi Xiandu II
The guy who was selected by Li Yueling as the consulting object was a fairy with a three-inch beard in the middle of the year, and suddenly Li Yueling was stopped by a brisk walk. It was always a little uncomfortable, but when his eyes swept Li Yueling’s skirt and made the number plate of the three immortals, he dared not send it.
The immortal stopped the little fairy in a cold way and didn’t know the way.

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May 27, 2024
Middle-aged women don’t believe in this magic weapon. It’s not an ordinary magic weapon. Even a low-order magic weapon needs hundreds of medium-order spiritual stones to cultivate immortality. They can’t afford to accumulate so many spiritual stones all their lives. Guo Xiaosi doesn’t look like a rich man when he is young, so he wants to buy a magic weapon at a draught, but it makes people feel that this person seems to be making trouble or simply doesn’t come in to buy and sell things.

It’s in the magic weapon shop, but before I take you there, you must show me if you are enough. Otherwise, middle-aged women will doubt you for nothing, but they don’t want to lose a customer. Therefore, if you don’t have the purchasing power, you can’t bring a leisure spectator into it. When there are many waves, it’s terrible luck not to buy one at the end.
What’s this way of doing business? When Guo Xiaosi was in Chunyangmen, he used to run some business in Laifu Inn. He knew that if he wanted to do business well, he had to treat customers like immortals. He would never see if customers could afford the room before staying. It’s no wonder that the business of this Xiao refining shop is so bad that he didn’t see a customer outside himself. Maybe the place name of this shop is not good because he didn’t know it.
Hum, if you don’t talk about it, I really like the magic weapon, but I will buy it from you. Where is the real desire to sell the magic weapon? Guo Xiaosi hummed that he felt more and more like Bai Tianya, which is probably not good news, but he couldn’t help it.
However, this statement sounds like a complete lie to the middle-aged woman. She will look at Guo Xiaosi’s shabby dress, Guo Xiaosi. This is because she doesn’t want to show off, so she wears an ordinary dress and puts it in the crowd. However, it is an ordinary extremely middle-aged woman who sees Guo Xiaosi’s dress and insists that he is making trouble. He is a poor man who has feasted his eyes and wandered into his own shop. For such people, middle-aged women can see a lot every year, so in turn, she glared at Guo Xiaosi. If you can really afford it, you should come to my small shop. I’m afraid that the magic weapon is
Where is the Treasure Tower? Guo Xiaosi wondered, Do people still push customers to other shops? Besides, after visiting for so long, I haven’t found any shop called Treasure Tower, so the name is not too exaggerated.
Walk along this road not far and you will see the Treasure Tower, but I can tell you that when you get to the Treasure Tower, don’t be too poor to be embarrassed to roll here. That would be a shame. The middle-aged woman’s mouth is really vicious and she looks down on Guo Xiaosi.
Guo Xiaosi’s anger is rising, but I think she cares about the situation. It’s even better to cultivate immortality in the border of Qidan. It’s better to endure it for a while. Just go to Baibao Building according to her words. Maybe the place really needs something, but it can’t see anything decent in this Xiao family refining shop.
Guo Xiaosi is going to lift her legs and leave, but the middle-aged woman snorted with disdain and wanted to buy a magic weapon. Don’t even think about it here.
What? Guo Xiaosi stopped. You sell magic weapons here
Of course, I sell magic weapons here, but you can’t easily show them to people. You have to show me that you don’t have the ability to buy them first, otherwise you won’t even think about it. Besides, I advise you not to go to Baibao Building. The middle-aged woman leaning against a counter seems to be showing off all kinds of amorous feelings.
I still don’t want to lose a customer. Guo Xiaosi laughed in his heart, but I still want to see this Xiao family. There is no decent magic weapon. There is really no need to make another trip. I couldn’t help laughing at the thought of this and advised me not to go to Baibao Building. Is it better for you here?
No, I’m better here. The middle-aged woman laughed. Where dare we go with the treasure house in our shop? I advised you not to go because you were afraid of being bombarded. The man in the treasure house won’t let you in if you dress up like this.
What is this? Can’t you go into the treasure house in this ordinary dress? Guo Xiaosi is indignant
The Treasure Tower is called the Treasure Tower. There is nothing in it, so ordinary instruments can’t get into their door. They don’t sell it there at a high price, so don’t say that they know that you are a poor man. You don’t want to have fun with them when you go to the Treasure Tower. Do you say they can let you in? You still honestly show me how much money you really have. If you have money, you can probably buy some magic weapons from me. The middle-aged woman also earnestly persuaded me.
Guo Xiaosi sneer at a way that you mean that things in your shop are compared with Baibao Building.
I can’t say that the polar things treasure tower is, but I have two good magic weapons here. Hehe, although there are many magic weapons in the treasure tower, there are also many buyers who compete with you. Where are your rivals? If you can show me a hundred pieces of middle-class lingshi, I will take you to the back store to see the treasure magic weapon. The middle-aged woman straightened up and said that her hands were spread out and her face was Gherardini.
Since you can also see the magic weapon here, if you don’t look at it first and then you don’t like it, then if you don’t buy it, you will think that this middle-aged woman will not be as arrogant as the girl you just saw. It seems that she belongs to a young girl of that age and doesn’t belong to a stout woman in her 40 s and 50 s
Ok, Guo Xiaosi, take a look at the leather bag. Although I don’t have a hundred-order lingshi here, there are several things whose value should be in the hundred-order lingshi.
What is the value of a hundred-order lingshi? When a middle-aged woman suddenly becomes interested, some things are more cost-effective than lingshi, because the price of these things can be speculated. Like an auction in Baibao Building, whoever has the highest price will sell it. When the time comes, a few bidders will be able to trap those who are eager to cultivate this thing. It is no problem to sell a thousand lingshi. Six months ago, Baibao Building sold a thousand-order lingshi array instruments worth 3,400 at an auction, and it is no wonder that Baibao Building earned nearly twice as much money.
Guo Xiaosi also didn’t answer her. She poured a gas-gathering Dan from the leather bag and put it aside at the counter.
The middle-aged woman quickly leaned in and just wanted to pick up Qi-gathering Dan. Guo Xiaosi raised her hand and stopped her. Don’t you still don’t take it. Otherwise, you hide this hand and bite me. You can’t ask me to search you. I’ll take it according to your words, and you have to touch it according to my words.
When the middle-aged woman heard this, Jiaochen said, Oh, you want to take advantage of me at a young age. Just don’t take it. Why are you so nervous? When did my Xiao shop bully guests here for so many years? When it comes to this, the boss can’t finish talking. This is gathering qi Dan.
Guo Xiaosi has no idea about the market price of Ju Qi Dan, but as soon as he saw this middle-aged woman’s expression, he knew that Ju Qi Dan must be expensive, and maybe it would be worth a thousand Lingshi and a Ju Qi Dan for a low-order magic weapon.
How about this is the real value of the goods? You should also know that you can let me go in and have a look. Guo Xiaosi and Ju Qi Dan laughed quite a bit.
Wait, that middle-aged woman is waving her hand, so she can’t let you in
Chapter one hundred and sixteen Buying and selling game
What, Guo Xiaosi is surprised? Isn’t the value of a poly-qi Dan enough? In a sense, this poly-qi Dan is even higher than that of finding an elixir. Once in the Qing Dynasty, an elixir was sold to 70 pieces of high-order lingshi or 700 pieces of medium-order lingshi. At this moment, middle-aged women only need a hundred-order lingshi, and a poly-qi Dan should be worth the price.
Juqi Dan is not an ordinary thing. I have to find someone to verify it. I don’t know much about Dan medicine. I have to find someone to look at it. Otherwise, I was cheated by you. The middle-aged woman said with wide eyes
This is also true in Guo Xiaosi. Nod, then come quickly and someone who can tell the truth from the false.

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May 25, 2024
Chapter four hundred and nine Inexplicable attack

Because of this difference in fame, Guo Xiaosi went to crowded places to try to find the demon gate. In a blink of an eye, Guo Xiaosi found the demon gate. It made Guo Xiaosi wonder that the number of people in front of the demon gate seemed to be more than that of other sects, including Zhang Gate and Sanqingmen Gate. The number of these sects was not as large as the number of applicants in front of the demon gate.
For this reason, Zhang didn’t say anything, and Guo Xiaosi didn’t ask when Guo Xiaosi grabbed a cultivate immortality in a hurry and threw a few stones before this cultivate immortality dew’s impatient expression. The eldest brother and younger brother wanted to ask why this demon gate signed up so much.
This man, who was dragged by Guo Xiaosi to cultivate immortality, wanted to get angry, but when he saw Guo Xiaosi waiting for Lingshi’s attitude to change instantly, he said, Hehe, this brother wants to come either to cultivate a madman in three steps or to just come to the spiritual world to cultivate immortality without waiting for Guo Xiaosi to reply. Although we say that there are many famous sects in the spiritual world, the biggest name of this demon gate is that there are many masters in this demon gate, and secondly, this demon gate will be generous to give some cultivation techniques to those who just entered the door to cultivate immortality. You should know these cultivation techniques, but there are some. Can let cultivate immortality master the transformation ability achievement method, of course, you can transform and prepare for the cultivation achievement method. Guo Xiaosi continued, Hehe, it’s this sign-up to cultivate immortality, which is also a powerful demon door. Well, little brother, you wait in line slowly, so I’ll sign up first. After that, this cultivate immortality rushed into the crowd and wandered around for a few minutes and disappeared.
When Guo Xiaosi listened to the immortal’s words, his heart was full of excitement and shock. He didn’t expect such a thing. He didn’t expect to be hated by himself in the human world, and he was so sought after in the spiritual world. At the same time, Guo Xiaosi didn’t expect that transformation could be practiced, but he didn’t know that Guo Xiaosi wanted to enter the demon gate and get the cultivation method after transformation.
The test method of entering the demon gate is very simple, or there is no threshold for you to repair. You can enter the demon gate if you are not too low. Of course, after entering the demon gate, you have to meet the standard at a specific time, otherwise you will be repelled. Guo Xiaosi will easily enter the demon gate. If you want to get the transformation, you have to return to the demon gate, and the introductory meeting will be held for a total of three days. It will take two days to return to the demon gate. Guo Xiaosi will patiently live in Lushan Yaomen.
Waiting for the night to fall with excitement, Guo Xiaosi stepped in front of the hut, and Guo Xiaosi could not hide his excitement. He never expected that he could encounter such incredible things in the spiritual world, and Guo Xiaosi was also wondering when he changed.
Whether it’s time to practice drunken rainbow sword or to suck the breath of Shuanglong inkstone or other times, Guo Xiaosi silently guesses what it is, but no matter when or what method Guo Xiaosi wants now, it’s the cultivation method after transformation. Guo Xiaosi feels that this cultivation method after transformation may be his own cultivation way.
Hehe, is this the turning of the tide? Guo Xiaosi mumbles, and his eyes are full of blurred vision
Master pitfalls suddenly Kyubi no Youko fox awake immersed in a vision fantasy, Guo Xiaosi has not waited for Guo Xiaosi to react before he saw that he had grabbed his neck and said to Guo Xiaosi hazily, hey hey, tell you to stay away from the spirit beast, otherwise I can’t guarantee that I will always hold your neck like this.
From Guo Xiaosi’s hearing of Kyubi no Youko Fox’s warning until he was caught, it was a second, and sometimes the other party came to him when he relied on it for a second. This strength made Guo Xiaosi’s heart even more horrified. Who is he? What does he want to do? Is it hunting paranoia? At the same time, Guo Xiaosi also said to his own spirits and beasts, don’t come here. Guo Xiaosi had to give orders mainly to let him catch himself and not misunderstand himself. At the same time, Guo Xiaosi secretly regretted how he always encountered countless masters when he came to the spiritual world, but he was always caught by others inadvertently and then his life was controlled by others.
Who are you? What do you want to do? It’s a magical place here. You can’t escape if I call you. Guo Xiaosi doesn’t want to give his life to others. He can intimidate and tempt others to catch him. He wants to know what the other person’s purpose is.
Hey, hey, grab Guo Xiaosi people, hey, smile and say to Guo Xiaosi, I’m gambling. Why don’t we take a gamble? Hey, hey, let’s see if you die first or if I get caught talking first. At the same time, it took a little effort to grab Guo Xiaosi people’s hands. Guo Xiaosi immediately felt a chill in his neck and back.
Guo Xiaosi didn’t expect this person to be so difficult. The other party couldn’t help asking who you really are. Even if you want me to die, you want me to die willingly.
Hey, hey, it doesn’t matter who I am. I’m not interested in killing you. I’ll catch Guo Xiaosi people with a sneer, but I’ll let Guo Xiaosi know that the other party is catching their own eyes. You have to tell me where Yaomendi lives and I’ll let you go.
Is this man looking for a demon door? The thought flashed through his mind. Guo Xiaosi pointed to a direction and said, OK, I’ll tell you what you want to say. That’s where they live. In fact, Guo Xiaosi doesn’t know where the demon door brother lives, but Guo Xiaosi clearly knows that he is unclear or doesn’t know what to say. If he wants to come here, he won’t give himself an explanation and directly kill himself. Therefore, he will improvise when the time comes.
Hey, hey, your answer is very simple. It’s a pity that I have doubts about what you said. Holding Guo Xiaosi’s neck, people didn’t show up at last, which made Guo Xiaosi very depressed and secretly vowed that he would speed up his practice. At the same time, he should be alert and careful not to be caught like a chicken again. While the enemy was talking, his hand gradually forced Guo Xiaosi’s heart to scream that the other side was going to kill himself.
Xiaobai kills Kyubi no Youko fox Wupeng, and you attack together without waiting for the other side to strengthen again. Guo Xiaosi suddenly gives orders to Xiaobai, who is entrenched in his arm, and at the same time gives orders to attack Wupeng, a small Kyubi no Youko fox. Because all this is communicated in his mind, the unknown enemy doesn’t know Guo Xiaosi’s plan.
Because Xiaobai has been entrenched in Guo Xiaosi’s arm, the enemy didn’t notice that Xiaobai was relatively tall. When Guo Xiaosi gave the order, Xiaobai moved rapidly in Guo Xiaosi’s sleeve and rushed to the enemy holding Guo Xiaosi’s neck. Kyubi no Youko Fox Wupeng also attacked at the same time.
Ah, I’ve been controlling the enemy in Guo Xiaosi for a while, screaming and controlling Guo Xiaosi’s hand, and immediately let go. Guo Xiaosi looked for the opportunity to escape from the enemy immediately. Xiaobai bit the enemy’s arm directly, which led to the enemy’s letting go, or Guo Xiaosi Genfa escaped.
Before the enemy could react, Kyubi no Youko Fox Wupeng attacked, but the fierce attack also made the enemy not evade.
When Guo Xiaosi was out of the enemy’s control, he didn’t see the other person’s face until he saw that the man was glaring, his face was full of anger, and his age was only about thirty. Unfortunately, this young age is the most unreliable for cultivating immortality.
Good treacherous smelly little see this man cold hum a hand fierce now a sword to resist Kyubi no Youko fox WuPeng attack is constantly close to Guo Xiaosi to see its appearance also want to Guo Xiaosi beheaded.
Guo Xiaosi root can’t see through the strength of the other side, and the other side’s joint attack in Kyubi no Youko, Fox Wupeng, has kept a tie, so it is the best choice for Guo Xiaosi root to turn around and escape.
Kill! Help! In the hurry-scurry escape, Guo Xiaosi drew a sapphire sword and launched a firm but gentle attack towards the pursuit. At the same time, he kept shouting. Guo Xiaosi denied that he could resist this person’s attack and had to shout. Although it was embarrassing to shout like this, his life was more important than his life.
Hum after I didn’t expect Guo Xiaosi to be so graceful and shout, but he was even more angry. The sword in his hand also prompted a series of firm but gentle waves, and at the same time he took up a series of thunder and attacked Guo Xiaosi.
When Guo Xiaosi shouted, he was practicing immortality in the gathering place, and many people ran to Guo Xiaosi in the direction. Unfortunately, they ran halfway and met the enemy and had to get into battle. This demon gate suddenly fell into chaos in the gathering place, shouting and killing fights rang out, which made Guo Xiaosi wonder how many people attacked the gathering place tonight. What the hell is going on?
Guo Xiaosi counterattacked while avoiding the pursuit attack. Unfortunately, the strength gap determines the fighting gap between the two men. If it weren’t for Kyubi no Youko Fox Wupeng’s war, I’m afraid Guo Xiaosi would have been pursued for hundreds of pieces.
See after always greatly attack oneself Guo Xiaosi heart move to think of once got purple silkworm gloves, hurriedly take purple silkworm gloves from the ring quietly put in your hand to prepare for the other attack.
Just as the other side was waving a long sword and chopping at Guo Xiaosi, Guo Xiaosi suddenly did not retreat but advanced, and grabbed the long sword in the shocking eyes.
Chapter four hundred and ten The demon gate was attacked
Chapter four hundred and ten The demon gate was attacked
I didn’t know that Guo Xiaosi put on purple silkworm gloves and found that his sword was caught by Guo Xiaosi, who was in the state of repairing his heart. My heart was full of horror
Masters are most afraid of being distracted in wartime.
During the period of hunting horror, Kyubi no Youko Fox Root didn’t give a chance to hunt down, and suddenly launched an attack at the right time. Wu Peng even swallowed Yuan Shen when he was about to run from his body.
For an instant, I felt that the foreground of my eyes was like a black one, and then I lost consciousness, and when I first arrived at the scene outside, I fell into darkness again.
And Guo Xiaosi was still holding the sword tightly in the middle of the chase, panting and staring at the body after the chase, wiping his forehead with cold sweat. Guo Xiaosi put the other sword in the ring and immediately took out the fire spell to burn the body after the chase.
Guo Xiaosi doesn’t want others to know that he has killed a master, otherwise he can go to all the trouble, not to mention killing his companions. Just asking yourself about the demon door can’t hide it. After all, there is very little cultivation here and there is no cultivation around him. It is suspected that the target can be set in himself and become the object of surveillance by others. Guo Xiaosi doesn’t want to get such treatment. Eliminating the body is the best way.

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