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When it was fast, it was slow. Wang Shichong knelt down and was strong. Some of his body could not bear the great pressure, which made him consume a lot of physical strength. His forehead was full of sweat and kept dripping the ground wet.

When Wang Shichong couldn’t bear it, Yang You stopped. "Wang Shichong, get up first!"
Moment Wang Shichong has been tensing the heartstrings and suddenly relaxed. He almost threw himself down. Thanks to his strong will, he struggled to stabilize his body and slowly sat down with a glimmer of life in his eyes.
"I thought about it. You are also a victim." Yang You began slowly.
Wang Shichong’s heart was filled with joy. "Yes, I am also a victim."
Yang You waved his hand to stop talking and continued, "But you are the victim, and I am the victim. You see, the Spring Festival is coming soon, but I have to stay here and I can’t be reunited with my family. Do you think it’s miserable?"
Wang Shichong one leng rushed to nod a way in the heart "pursuit Li Tangshi is extremely hateful. When I return to Luoyang, I will definitely revive the military forces and Li Shimin children’s decisive battle."
Yang You went to the chair and sat down, sipping his tea. "It’s true that Li Tang is hateful. I want them to pay the price."
Wang Shichong a happy heart is Yang You also intends to send troops to support?
"Li Tang is hateful, but it’s not urgent. Wang Shichong, it’s not impossible for you to ask me to let you retreat. But I have several conditions. If you can’t do one of them, the matter will stop here. You can go back to the camp to fight!" Yang You added
Wang Shichong heard Yang You let go and said, "whatever conditions are available." Wang Shichong knew that Yang You’s conditions must be very harsh. For him, it was exhausting and fishing for the flesh to mend the sore. Although he could not do it, Wang Shichong had to do it.
Yang You coughed and motioned for the military to return to its place, but Kan Kan talked about it.
"First, Wang Xuanshu is coming to Da Sui as a hostage." Yang You said and put up a finger. He knew that Wang Xuanshu was not too much, but Wang Shichong liked him better.
Wang Shichong nodded, and this request was nothing. He had a bottom line in his heart. It was a prerequisite. Although he was very angry with Yang You, he had to admit that Yang Sui had less moral integrity than Li Tang, and Yang You did not attack the Allies boldly.
"I’ll send it later," Wang Shichong replied.
Yang You squinted his eyes and raised his second finger. "Second, it’s very hard for the soldiers to fight in the cold this time. Do you have any opinion that the soldiers want you to treat them?"
Yang You said that it seems polite, but there is no room for manoeuvre. Wang Shichong is very white. He wanted to think, "This time I brought food and money, so I left Nanyang as much as possible to reward the three armed forces." In fact, Wang Shichong wanted to quickly support Luoyang. It is the most important thing for him to travel lightly. Most of these foods should be left at this time, so he did accommodate them.
Yang You took another sip of tea and looked much more serious. When Wang Shichong saw it, he was stunned. Suddenly he realized that the third condition was the most important one. He couldn’t help but get nervous. What was the third condition?
"Third, I want you to get rid of the emperor’s name, the big Sui!" Yang You said it was simple, but his tone was very firm.
Wang Shichong shook uncontrollably and asked him to get rid of the Emperor’s name, the big Sui. Isn’t that hitting his face? If he does this, what dignity does he have in the eyes of the soldiers and civilians in Luoyang, Wang Shichong? Will Dazheng court be placed in the ground again?
"I can allow you to temporarily administer Luoyang for me, and I can give you a fief until the day is over." Yang You still slowly throws a blockbuster and he is ready to give Wang Shichong a treat.
The sweetness is that he hopes that Wang Shichong will be very interested in this.
Wang Shichong is short of breath. If few people know what happened today that Wang Shichong can still maintain the style of emperor, it is a stain on him or Zheng Empire to be obedient to Sui Emperor.
Yang You’s intention is very important. He feels a little difficult to accept this requirement that he become a big Sui captaincy.
Wang Shichong wiped the sweat and tried, "Are you going to move the capital to Luoyang?"
Yang You ha ha a smile "I said let you guard Luoyang for me, you can rest assured that I will make its capital ten or Chang ‘an".
Hearing this, Wang Shichong was relieved to concede, but Yang You temporarily ignored Luoyang, he, Wang Shichong or Luoyang bully Sui Jun. Ultimately, it depends on the strength. Of course, at that time, it was unfavorable for the big Sui captaincy Wang Shichong to want to fight against the big Sui name.
However, in any case, even the vassal king still retains the hope of hegemony, and if Luoyang is captured by Li Shimin, the hope of hegemony will be completely cut off. It is in Wang Shichong’s interest to make a relative comparison between the two.
Wang Shichong briefly mused, "Wang Shichong is willing to submit to Da Sui, but I have a small request."
Yang You put the teacup and said, "Tell me about it."
"I think it is urgent for Li Shimin to attack Luoyang now, and I want to send troops to Zhu Yang to cut off Li Shimin’s return," Wang Shichong said.
Yang You narrowed his eyes, which is equivalent to an exchange, but Yang You has little to lose. This game Yang You can be said to be a complete victory in Luoyang, and Yang You will definitely win it sooner or later. But for now, it is absolutely impossible to fall into the Li Tang power Wang Shichong after Li Tang. If it takes a lot of effort to attack Wang Shichong Luoyang, it takes less than 15 points to attack Li Tang Luoyang, which is difficult and easy to see at a glance.
Yang You also knows that Wang Shichong can’t be persecuted too much. Just now, Wang Shichong was kneeling and prostrating. This is the limit of Wang Shichong. If it is persecuted too much, the situation will be greatly bad. Yang You can still grasp this degree.
"Since the prince of Zheng surrendered to the Great Sui Dynasty, it is not difficult for the prince of Zheng to handle these three things, and I immediately made Nanyang manager send troops to Zhu Yang to threaten Li Shimin’s rear wing," Yang You said.
Wang Shichong’s heart suddenly relaxed, and this arduous negotiation was about to come to an end. At this moment, the door was opened again. I don’t know when it was untied. Yang Dong rushed in. He waved his fist and said, "Wang Shichong, what you mean and careful said is as untrustworthy as shit."
"Wang Shichong is a repeated villain. Don’t believe him. Otherwise, I’m afraid I’ll regret it!" Yang Dong said that he was about to rush to Wang Shichong’s eyes
Wang Shichong was startled. At the beginning, he knelt before Yang Dong and swore that he was in tears, but he forgot all about it in a few months. Yang Dong is the Yang You brother. Naturally, the relationship between the two brothers is very deep. If we go back on our word, wouldn’t we do everything? Wang Shichong quickly got up and said, "Every word I say is a real request."
Yang You nodded slightly and said, "Go out first, King Yue."
Speaking, Yang Dong has rushed to Wang Shichong. He punched Wang Shichong and didn’t dare to fight back. He fell from his fist to Yang Dong to practice martial arts. His strength has increased greatly for many days, and it still hurts to fight.
Wang Shichong was beaten several times in the face, but he had to smile and said, "Yue Wang Dian forgave me!"
Yang Dong adamant4 chased Wang Shichong to continue a beating. Yang You didn’t rush to talk and waited for a moment. Seeing that Wang Shichong was quite embarrassed, he pretended to be angry and afraid of the case. "King Yue, aren’t you ashamed to fight like a street child? !”
Chapter 559 Brothers talk
Yang Dong smell speech still adamant Wang Shichong dare not strike back while running around the house a few times while shouting "help!"
Yang You frowned slightly and shouted, "King Yue, can’t you hear me? !”
Wang Shichong jumped forward and straightened his waist. "I have taken refuge in the King’s Palace. I am a loyal person and I still hope that the King’s Palace will be merciful."
Yang Dong snorted and looked at Wang Shichong angrily. "Wang Shichong, you can fool me, but you can’t fool me."
"I have sworn that if I betray Da Sui, I will die a natural death. Don’t you believe that my grandchildren, daughters, prostitutes and slaves have taken such a heavy oath?" Wang Shichong hurriedly way
Yang You suddenly snorted and held out his hand to strike a few angry words: "Don’t return the king of Yue."
Yang Dong didn’t expect that Yang You would be so angry with Wang Shichong. He suddenly said angrily, "Third brother, you will regret it!" Said angrily and went out.
Wang Shichong wiped his sweat, and the little man finally left. He secretly took his eyes to see Yang You and saw Yang You’s face. He was very unhappy. After a cold hum, he sat down with his face full of anger and drank tea.
Wang Shichong said "pursuit" carefully.
Yang You slightly raised an eyebrow and said, "I will invite Du Ruhui to let him draft an agreement. You should go back early and make arrangements. You can return to Luoyang early in the morning with Wang Xuanshu to sign the agreement."
"Thank you!" Wang Shichong corners of the mouth float a smile soon disappeared.
"I let people escort you back carefully" Yang You added.
Wang Shichong exultation Hou Jun protected Nanyang City. He hurried back to the camp across the horses and then asked the soldiers to pack their bags and prepare to go. At the same time, he called Wang Xuanshu to tell him that he had been a minister.
Wang Xuanshu was taken aback. He strongly opposed it, but Wang Shichong persuaded Wang Xuanshu to agree naively.
Yang You in Nanyang paced towards Yang Dong’s room. Du Ruhui asked Yang You behind him, "What’s the mood of the King of Yue?"
"It should be stable," Du Ruhui said
Two people at this time is not far from Yang Dong house heard hem and haw sound walked over and saw Yang Dong is sandbags sandbags with a piece of paper with three words Wang Shichong written on it.
Yang You couldn’t help laughing. The king of Yue is still a child’s mind

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