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To hide from the golden blue and purple light, ten palms came out and slammed into the corner of the temple.

Bursts of bursts rang, but when I saw the corner of the temple suddenly pouring out of the dark light, I saw a huge black spider appear and was firmly grasped by the big hand in ten directions.
A spider’s belly is as big as a bucket, and it’s as dark as a black horn. There, there are bursts of piercing cries.
Hidden treasure hands together recite the Buddha’s name chest * * debut Jin Mang directly into the screaming foot monster, the foot monster body flashes golden light and a huge Buddha word appears, and the huge Buddha word suppresses the foot body and gradually shrinks into the Buddha light.
The top ten hands grabbed the spider and yanked it outward, making a huge noise like crackling cotton. The spider turned into several segments and melted into the Buddha’s light.
The Buddha’s words in the mouth of the Tibetan cave disappeared, and the golden awn turned back and disappeared into the chest.
Ten palms also disappeared in the three lights behind them.
Three light gradually cage gradually into the underground body.
Dizang stood up and recited the Buddha’s name.
Chapter one hundred and forty Chang ‘e visit (thank you very much for promising yu oath monthly ticket)
"Who dares to sleep in kill array?"
The jade emperor frowned.
"Who else has been in the bedroom besides Buddhists and Taoists?"
Shikoku asked.
"The Queen Mother can’t be her, can she?"
The Jade Emperor jumped up when he was surprised.
"Don’t Daoyou remember what happened when Gu Xiaoyou suddenly fainted when she came to Xuanyue Temple?"
Dizang said
"The emperor also feels a little abnormal, but it makes the final clue."
The jade emperor wagged his head and said
"After the little friend was in a coma, I let him listen to me and go out. I took care of him and protected him from someone. Just now, I listened to the sound and said that the ancient friend had won the Shura family’s shadow cup."
Hidden treasure recited a Buddhist name and said
"Shadow cup?"
Hearing this, the Jade Emperor jumped up and his face turned livid.
"Seven thousand years ago, the dark sky led the Shura people to attack the Taoist friends in heaven, which led to the ineffective command and defeat."
Dicang road
"At that time, thanks to Guanyin Willow Dew, this danger was solved, otherwise I am afraid I have become a pile of bones."
The jade emperor’s face was tense, and he kept sweating. The great war in 7,000 years was like a nightmare.
"The Buddha will leave for the Tide Cave in the South China Sea to ask Guanyin Pu for some willow nectar to treat the ancient friends, so as to ensure that the Taoist friend An Daoyou can temporarily move around the Palace, and that the old gentleman is sitting in the Palace."
Hidden treasure thoughtfully a said
"It can also be like this. The Queen Mother is an impostor. Where did the real Queen Mother go?"
Thought here the jade emperor secretly worried.
Suddenly a golden ripple appeared in front of Dizang, and a tiny sound was handed out. After the sound disappeared, Dizang panicked.
"Bad old friends are in danger."
The body turned into a golden light and flew away.
The Jade Emperor turned around and picked up the hanging wall, and turned into a golden light in Gu Jian, flying in the direction of Qixingtai.
Beside the seven-star platform
At the entrance of the physician’s room
A few mountain soldiers lay prostrate and shriveled, as if they had been sucked dry and died there in black.
There was a roar from inside.
The golden awn dissipates, and the jade emperor is now born to look at the horror and feel bad, and quickly rushes in.
In the physician’s room, I listened attentively, and the whole body was covered with blood holes the size of fists, and the blood was like a column. I sat down and clung to my bed, and Gu Hui was panting.
Two fairy doctors were covered in blood holes and died on the spot.

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