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"Hehe, I’m not going to swim there."

Liu Yu smiled lightly and then jumped directly.
Then … this group of foreigners saw a scene that they will never forget.
"Hua ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~"
Jumping from the deck, Liu Yu didn’t sink into the sea, but ran directly to the sea. The soles of his feet were flat, and waves of water bloomed to both sides, like a yacht that was soaring rapidly. It was incredible.
"Chinese fighters … really terrible"
The leader remembered that he had just had an abacus in his heart, and now he still had a palpitation. Mr. Liu’s strength is so strong that he can walk on the sea. He is simply a master.
"My god, what kind of monster is this?"
At the same time, at a hidden outpost on the island
"What the hell is that?"
A latent detective found the sea. Is that a swordfish swimming on the water? It’s spectacular
He put out the cigarette in his hand. "Something’s wrong. Is it coming in our direction?"
As he spoke, he took the sniper rifle next to him and then looked at the remote scene through the scope and immediately appeared in his sight.
"Shetland that … that’s a person?"
He saw a man coming across the sea? His face became frightened as soon as he looked.
Chapter 121 The body carries the thunder’ jade bone’!
It is no longer a first-class human being to be able to sprint in the sea.
"Is it that guy Gakki who attracted you?"
The sentry’s face turned cold, and then he remembered that today Gaji went out and fled back in a mess.
Most people who step on the sea come back with their tails.
"Shette definitely wants him to go back and forth," the sentry said maliciously, and then hurried away from the latent point. "We must go back and report that if this stronghold is leaked, the Chinese government will take a devastating blow to this place."
Liu Yu landed and looked around lazily. "Ah, it’s an island? Very hidden. "
The dormant killers in these places are even higher than ordinary killers, so it can be seen how good this organization is to establish base areas in such places.
This island is not very big. Liu Yu wandered around the island for a period of spiritual perception and found a lot of AnShao … muzzle.
"All right, I know all about you after the turn."
Liu Yu stopped and put a sneer at the corner of his mouth.
The international killer went dormant in China and received Chinese money to kill them. Hehe, these guys are so calculating.
But it’s a pity that Liu Yu will uproot this stronghold today.
At this time-
Not far away, a 30-year-old man with blue eyes and yellow hair appeared, and his nose was like an eagle hook. He was dressed like a mage robe, and it was mysterious to appear on this island.
"Hehe Pavilion is a Chinese warrior Liu Yu Liu?"
Liu Yu otherwise, but he was surprised to find that this human body is quite abundant in energy and is equivalent to the level of Jin Dao fighters!
Jin Dao fighters are the strongest he has ever seen.
"It’s me"
The blue-eyed blond man took a quick bite of Chinese, "Mr. Liu, I advise you to turn around and go back. You don’t know what kind of huge organization you are facing. You can’t afford to be taunted."
He threatened Liu Yu.
Apparently, when Liu Yu first set foot on the island, they had seen his face clearly through the camera and then found out that he was the target of failed assassination.
Looking for the door at the moment.
"Then let’s see if you have the qualification."
Liu Yu was calm and cold, and then a golden light emerged.
This is the unique temperament of the Taoist. The palm of your hand is part of the law of heaven and earth. The aura has been used to spread all over the world. If you don’t get in and out of the Taoist, you can be enemies.
Do you dare to pretend to be forced in front of me?
"Ah … you, you are an extraordinary person!"
The blue-eyed blond man screamed in horror and his face brush changed.
It was he who miscalculated that Liu Yu was more horrible than they thought. In the past, he alone killed many Chinese fighters, but this one is obviously worse than those ordinary fighters in the past.
"Guess right, but no reward."
Liu Yu sneered and then suddenly disappeared. His words fell and were prompted by seconds.
When the man saw the enemy disappear inexplicably, he directly scared the six gods. Then he was in the line of sight, and there was a air billow that was constantly being rushed towards him.
The earthquake shook the man, and a snowballing made him narrowly avoid the sharp and shocking blow, but his ear was torn apart by some terrible force.
If he doesn’t flash, then it’s not his ears that are torn apart, but his head that is blown off.
"Wait! Chinese fighters, you are strong … I don’t want you, but please follow the rules and let me show you the best way to fight the first world war! "
The blue-eyed blond man screamed in horror once, but the second time he would definitely die.
"As you wish"
Three meters behind the man, Liu Yu’s figure was revealed, and his face was hung with a cold smile.
Blue-eyed blond man saw Liu Yu’s current pupil and immediately shrank with a ferocious and cunning look to hide his body, and even a touch of purple brilliance emerged.
He waved and shouted "Raytheon’s wrath!"
"Scratching ~ ~ ~ ~ ~"
Purple thunder arc like dumpling python rises from the blue-eyed blond man’s body and then sweeps towards Liu Yu.
Strike first!
This is his only chance of live.
However, Liu Yu shook his head. "It seems that there are also talented people outside the martial arts practice, but … Ray is to me."
In the face of this lightning python culling lightning arc jump, he did not dodge.
Recently, he has been wondering about the second turn of "Nine Turn Fates"-jade bone!
"jade bone" can strengthen the body’s defense ability after the study session, and the body can even withstand a huge blow without being bad.
However, when he needed to find a first-line knitting machine to refine this jade bone to the highest level, he thought about it and finally chose the physical attack when the enemy was at war, which was bound to promote jade bone to a higher level.
With a huge explosion, the thunder python severely split Liu Yushen, causing a burst of smoke and dust, and the earth trembled several times.
"Ha ha ha transcendental? Me, too … You Chinese fighters are always so conceited, what nonsense masters? You are too weak in front of us high-quality transcendental people after all. "The male crazy smile shows an unruly look."
In the past, many Chinese fighters were defeated by his "Raytheon wrath" because they were too conceited and superior!
"Is this your best trick?"
At this time, Liu Yu came step by step from hell like a statue of death.
The blue-eyed blond man was frightened and then proved that it was Liu Yu who came out of the smoke. He was completely unintelligent.
Even the lightning can’t be killed?
"You … you are a person or a ghost!" He was completely confused, but he always looked down on the enlightened ones.

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