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The flames were everywhere, and the two men fought together again.
Not far away, sitting in a high bar, the proprietress vomited a smoke turn. "Young is good, rich is sex."
Two people sword touch together again.
Raleigh looked at Jose with a smile on his face. "It’s been an hour."
"Don’t be wordy" annoyed that Jose yelled at a figure and then retreated. Soon dozens of Jose attacked Raleigh again.
"bang, click"
The ghosting is the ghosting. No matter how many make the final attack, there is a Raleigh who says that the knife has been waved by him to turn into several knife shadows.
The battle continues, and the two figures are constantly intertwined in various places, such as the roots of the tree, and so on. Therefore, they didn’t use a powerful chop to fight. He did use all kinds of strange skills, but even this kind of two-handed weapon still dazzled the basic skills of cutting, cutting, chopping, stabbing and so on
Damn, the smelly old man is so old, and his reaction is still so fast. Jose’s face is blue. He didn’t expect the other side to attack by itself, so he can defend himself. You know, even Janks with red hair can attack all his attacks like this.
It can be said that Li Lei, the keeper of hades, deserves to be the top strong man of that era. Even in his old age, his reaction speed to combat experience is still so high and fast.
Raleigh compared with red-haired Janks combat experience, the reaction speed is very strong, and all of them are one level lower than Birelli. They have the advantage of winning, age and physical strength. When I thought of this, Jose’s eyes became even hotter.
Chapter one hundred End
Minutes by minute, the metal slips by, and the sun has gone west, and the bubbles in the islands are even more glorious.
In area 13, the keeper of hades, Lilejos, stared at each other with bubbles.
Two people figure almost at the same time a black and a white time bump together again.
"Woo!" The wind roared and blew all the bubbles around.
"Is the physical strength finally slowly decreasing?" Jose looked at him and gasped lightly. Raleigh breathed so evenly compared with the other Jose. This is his young advantage.
In the battle, knowing that the injury-for-injury method couldn’t hit the other side, Jose gave up this kind of play and insisted that the other side fight normally. However, even so, he was cut many times and he couldn’t play the other side once, which made Jose feel lost, but the thought that he hadn’t learned to understand him slowly leveled off.
"Well, let’s call it a day! I can’t stand it if I call again. "Raleigh put away his sword and his sharp eyes became confused again. At the same time, he sighed," This money is really hard to earn. "
"All right!" Jose also restored the weapon to its original state and put it back into the scabbard. Although he didn’t cut Raleigh, he felt that he benefited a lot. His double-knife swordsmanship and triple-knife swordsmanship were further optimized.
I don’t have that much money with me, so I’ll pay you 10 million Bailey first. Jose followed, "I’ll pay you the rest later."
Raleigh will note department closed way "ok! Although it is a little less, it is strong enough for a while. "
"Remember to pay me back in a week, or I will calculate interest." Raleigh said and went in the other direction.
Shakuyaku will jose salute handed him a way "little brother you are really amazing! He can play for so long at a young age. "
"What’s the difference between cutting and cutting?" Jose rolled his eyes.
Shakuyaku smiled. "But he can’t beat you. Besides, if you keep calling, you can cut him. I mean, isn’t it?"
"Okay, I’m leaving, sister Shakuyaku." Jos waved goodbye. She said it was true. If they call again, Jos can really cut him, but that’s also the case that the other side is physically weak, so even if he is cut, he won’t feel happy.
"Little brother, welcome to come again" came the voice of Shakuyaku’s boss-in-law.
Jose raised his hand and waved his hand, and the long figure drawn by the sunset slowly disappeared into Shakuyaku’s eyes.
At sunset, Malin Fando, the island of Xihai Military Department, looks particularly gorgeous and moving like a bride in a wedding dress.
Jose walked into the villa and missed looking at this luxurious hall. He walked to his room step by step, and his hands were all pink. The walls, desks, wardrobes, bed curtains and other departments were all pink. A trace of sadness flashed through his eyes. Jose bought his own clothes and put them away. When he opened the curtains, the red glow reflected his resolute face.
The setting sun adds a gorgeous color to the room. He just saw the spectacle of the setting sun sinking the coastline outside the window.
"Very beautiful! Domino "Jose consciousness looked to the side and then a shock when he woke up.
"Bang!" Waves of pulse from the waist to cut the spirit knife.
"I believe you can see it!" Jos stroked the handle with one hand and looked up at the coastline dyed red by the sunset.
"Bang Bang"

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