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"Deputy head of adult, you really have no brain. Since I dare to let you go back to the mighty number, why don’t you do some hands and feet? To be on the safe side, you have at least five kinds of toxins and a dozen kinds of complicated insect poisons. It’s hard for me to kill you, but you must know that your brother will not let you go. If we want to escape from him, we must do what I tell you to do. Remember, if you dare to move again, it will not be as simple as two legs festering, but you will be paralyzed forever, just like a vegetative person. "Lin momo has no good face and heart." It’s just as expected! If I had known that this fool would have tried to eradicate the silicon-based heart when he returned to the Great Mighty, I didn’t expect him to touch the program so quickly that he didn’t even have patience to wait and see. This kind of stuff is really extremely. "

"Is to ensure that you will do as you ordered, and let the villain be willing to hand over the mighty number?" Yagues rushed to answer that he had broken all luck for fear that Lin momo would kill him if he was a little dissatisfied.
"Ha ha, if someone at my hand had already gone to receive the Great Mighty," Lin momo said, opening a conventional star map and pointing to a point in the dark, "According to the current route, the fleet will arrive here in about three hours. Please find a name and invite all the captains to the Great Mighty. Of course, some captains will be more alert and will deliberately shirk or explain to the adjutant in detail. Then you will not listen to the order, and ask your fleet to get rid of those disobedient people and control the captain of the Great Mighty and wait for me."
"This? What excuse should I find? " Yagues felt that the other side was trying to embezzle his fleet, and as a result, he tried his best to help. He was so timid that he didn’t have the courage to die.
"Don’t bargain with me on the excuse that you want to do it yourself and spare your life. If you don’t do it well, you will die!"
Lin momo won’t grind his mouth with such a person when he is in waves, and he will immediately give up the light screen. He has to count a lot of war profits on this trip!
Yagues stared at the glistening screen for a long time, and his mind was a mess. Weifu was used to losing his mind when he was in danger. I didn’t know if there was anyone who could save himself, and that was Grandpa.
"Adjutant fucking adjutant ran to where go to? Get out of here and help me find a way to call the captains to the mighty. "Yagues shouted. At this moment, he needs to vent. He needs courage.
Three hours, to be exact, three and a half hours, the fleet arrived at the designated position. After all, the Obsidian dragged down the fleet’s sailing speed and could not run fast.
Lin momo had a big stretch and got up for three and a half hours. He searched for those fighting peacocks while resting. The rationalization arrangement finally cleared out one fifth and prepared a set of equipment by the way.
The blood-soaked fleet stopped in Yagues, and finally it was not stupid to call on all the captains to hold an emergency meeting under the banner of on-site renovation, which will seriously explain the whole adventure of going deep into the crypt.
There are 400 adventurers in the crypt. They come from different ships. Since Yagues wants to explain, most of the captains have no doubts. Everyone wants to hear what happened. Except for the three captains, they all rushed to the flagship.
"Gan Luo is in charge of Captain Pudos. Captain Ampere, why don’t you three come to the meeting?" In Yagues, three star cruise ships appeared in the main control room.
"Deputy Chief Pavilion, I’m really sorry. There are many things to deal with on board. We have sent adjutants to attend the meeting. They will report the situation truthfully." The older commander replied disdainfully. He is an old fox.
The usual meeting is to set up a virtual conference hall. Even though things are special today, there is still something wrong with letting all the captains board the mighty ship. Gan Luo stayed and left two confidants at the same time
The fleet led by Yagues is not a commander, but a combination of several fleets. Gan Luo is the commander with more experience, and he will think twice about everything, even if there is a little danger, he will avoid it.
"Hum, it’s really bold not to listen to orders. Don’t blame the head for his malicious hands." Yagues’s face turned cold. At the same time, Venus has released a mobile turret, and there are five ships near it that quickly launched an attack on the three ships in Gan Luo.
"Bastard Yagues, are you crazy? Will the commander kill me if he doesn’t attend the meeting? " Gan Luo never thought that this male brother would do it when he said he would do it, but he didn’t show any respect and was well prepared for the sample.
"Kill you again? If you don’t extinguish the old, someone will extinguish the old. "Yagues’s heart andao is good to leave five confidant captains on standby in advance, otherwise it’s not easy to kill Gan Luo’s old man three ships.
The battle began, and Yagues ordered all the ships to inform them of the ship’s attack, and whoever dared to disobey immediately showed him good looks.
To him, several leaders boarded the mighty ship and wanted to join hands in singling out the blame. I never thought that Yagues, who always liked to be vain, would come true this time.
When the captains were tricked into turning around in the main control room of the Great Weiwu, they saw a group of armed fighters hanging down from a height, one after another, and they were detained in a cage of light bands in an instant.
The captain who refused to give in easily tried to fight his way out of the main control room with a suit. However, irregular energy surged around him to suppress it. In addition to the great mighty ship’s own strength, there was also an elusive matrix guardian force.
"Thin sheet can’t believe that you really achieved near-peak matrix division worthy of the name near-peak, but what will you support Yagues, the bastard, to tell us? Haven’t you always remained neutral? " Those who launched the impact, the captain, retreated back and couldn’t break through even if the peak was repaired. What’s worse, they weren’t.
Bo Dan’s blood-soaking is a number one figure. Several generations in his family have served in the blood-soaking adventure group, and it is notoriously neutral. Your captains are very puzzled about what Bo Dan will help Yagues.
"Yes! Why should I help the deputy head? After all, according to the league rules, it’s idle to return to the ship once ordered in the process of repairing and taking risks like mine. I am trying to find out one thing: how did my brothers die? I have wronged you for a while before I found out the truth. "Thin sheet turned to face Yagues coldly and said," I have done what the deputy head promised you. "
"Don’t worry, naturally someone will explain that it is urgent to kill the old man in Gan Luo."
Yagues deliberately avoided the question. When he came into contact with Bo Shan’s determined eyes, he felt shocked. I didn’t expect the usual kind matrix teacher to lose his temper. It’s terrible for such a powerful child. Bo Shan is also terrible!
The mighty ship bombarded his five confidants, controlling the star cruise ship, and the battle of ship’s lighter and lighter became more and more fierce. The captains in the main control room who didn’t want to suffer ordered the ship to attack too hard and the fire became dense.
"Boom boom boom …"
Gan Luo has some regrets. I really didn’t expect Yagues to destroy him. His determination is so strong that he simply won’t give him any chance to escape. Mifune can’t live against the six ships and the auxiliary attack on the periphery of his star cruise ship
"Stop and stop fighting and surrender." Gan Luo saw that the war situation was unfavorable and quickly sent a signal that he was willing to surrender. Yagues had mental arithmetic and ate their three ships to death.
Yagues breathed a sigh of relief and finally finished it. Now that man has a chance to live, he has no bargaining qualification. This feeling is really uncomfortable.
At the end of the battle, Gan Luo’s three adjutants tied themselves and came to the mighty for mercy.
Usually, Riggs impressed the captains, but it was not dignified. Everyone thought that Yagues wanted to take charge of the real meaning and behave in such a simple way, but he did not think about it elsewhere.
Yagues was very conscious that even the five captains who helped him fight his confidant called the Great Mighty and took them into custody. Then the captains bent down in confusion and waited respectfully like pugs.
Volume 19 Star Screen! Obsidian crazy Chapter 193
Lin Sisuo boarded the Great Mighty with the Obsidian and then swaggered towards the main control room. gruss was very surprised. Yagues stood on both sides with dozens of crew members, and the main control room imprisoned many people.
"Well, well done, very well done. I’m very satisfied." Lin momo smiled and nodded as if Yagues were his hand. This situation was astounding, especially for the captain who was imprisoned.
"Hello, captains and commanders. You should be familiar with people. I’m sorry that this way forced everyone together. I regret the exploration in the depths of the crypt. More than 400 people died in the blood-soaked adventure group. I should further express my sympathy, but your blood-soaked adventure group makes people feel more angry or angry."
Lin momo scanned the voice for more than half a circle and said coldly, "But you didn’t hear wrong. It’s the moment of resentment. Nine lords actually threatened to enter the bloody Goethe mausoleum first and take possession of the treasure. Spend a lot of money to hire a blood bath. Is it just to let your blood bath master come out and spoil it?" Besides, your bloody head is simply not a human being. After repeated investigation, he even used me as a gun to try to kill his brother with the help of this expedition. The cruelty is outrageous. I’m afraid even the star thieves didn’t know that there was so much blood and I would hire you to explore again. Fortunately, there were many crises in the depths of the crypt, and I ran away in the previous step. This didn’t happen to the Nine Masters. I discussed it privately in Riggs Pavilion. I have to say that you, the deputy head of the delegation, are really caring for others, so that I can keep quiet and keep the scandal secret. He is willing to hand over the fleet to me to take charge. I will reorganize the whole fleet. You must hand over the captain. "

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