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Otherwise, he will probably personally deliver the nameplate to his family like Han Shu and bear the resentment and sadness from his family.

After finishing this work, Yang returned to the camp the day after tomorrow and closed his eyes to rest.
After six hours, he woke up and found that his state had been adjusted almost, so he chose to get up.
After eating, he was informed that Han Shu wanted a captain meeting.
Several people have arrived first in the command camp.
Tianyang saw at the first sight that Kun Lan was sitting in a chair like a monkey, yawning and biting his unfinished food bar.
Li Da, a bald lady, was sitting opposite Miki Sayaka. The lady had several wigs at hand and was trying them on at random. Later, she found that she was dissatisfied with everything. Suddenly, a fire appeared in her hand and burned them all.
In Cang Du, Mawei youth is sitting in danger and seeing Tianyang’s gently headed head, it seems that he is the most serious of the three.
Tianyang sat next to Kunlan, and the latter complained to the teenager. I can see that Miki Sayaka has no interest in being a captain. Among the ten sentences, there are two complaints that are looking for excuses to shirk his duties.
He even asked Tianyang to help the teenager keep silent.
People arrived one after another.
After Han Shu came, the captain’s meeting was official.
Han Trunk coughed his hands to hold the sand table. "We have killed the furious lizard, so we can say that we have finished most of it this time."
"Can the stele be found and recycled? To be honest, luck accounts for a large part."
"In the future, we will consider the supply. According to the supplies we get, we will be in the reversible world for two weeks."
"But considering the round trip, we will stay for another four to five days. If there is no result, we will return to the base and another team will take over the investigation."
"Anyway, the furious lizard has been removed, even if it is not a joint action, it should not be a big problem."
"Now let’s talk about the clue of astral medullary column"
Han Shu sand table console input instructions, and several light spots in the sand table lit up. "We found starwort in these places during our exploration."
Star crystal grass!
Tianyang suddenly white fortress is based on a reason to dream, and it is possible to judge the star marrow column.
The reason is that starwort, which looks like a plant, is a crystal, and something is a companion of starmarrow column.
Tianyang’s subway entrance at that time was only because of the discovery of starwort that he discovered the pith column, so that he could awaken into a sublimator.
Now there are many places in the dream city where starwort appears, and obviously there are steles.
The only thing to worry about is whether the astral column is in its infancy or in its mature stage. The worst thing that can happen is withering and even being destroyed by the black people.
Among the black people, the black fog broadcaster with danger level 3 can be said to be the natural enemy of the star column.
Once the star column is found, it must be destroyed.
Han Shu went on to say, "Because the distribution of Stellate Grass is not in the right way, judge which area the Stellate Pillar may appear."
That’s why I applied for joint action. It’s hard to find something in a short time by one or two exploration teams.
"So I will arrange teams to take turns and divide areas for exploration."
The meeting is over.
The exploration team decided to come by lottery.
Today, the teams responsible for exploration are Tianyang, Kunlan and Cang Du.
Its team stayed at the camp to recycle the materials.
Tianyang called his team and simply said the situation and led the team to set off.
Captain, he dutifully walked in front of the team and was alert to possible dangers.
On his left and right are two players, a kind of dragon and Sean, followed by several soldiers. Gu Ming controls the back of the Queen’s house to form a simple formation that is conducive to defense and easy to move.
The exploration process is not good enough. After two blocks of exploration, the players’ physical fitness has dropped. Noting this, Tianyang has reached the rest order even though he is still full of energy.
There is still a significant difference between summing up the captain’s actions in the minds of teenagers and individual actions. The former needs to take care of the players’ physical condition, but the latter only needs to grasp their own abilities.
When it is necessary to relax, other people communicate with each other one after another except the players who are responsible for vigilance.
A kind of dragon is sitting next to Sean. "Can you tell me something about your inverse boundary? I am very interested. "
Sean chuckled, "Of course, if the captain allows it."
Tianyang said indifferently, "I’m not so strict. Actually, I’m also interested."
A world where dragon live is really attractive.
Sean took out his bronze statue of the flying dragon and rubbed it with fire and said, "Compared with our inverse boundary, this 127 inverse boundary is already moderate."
"The inverse climate we explored flashed wildly all over the sky, and they kept chopping down for thousands of years, day after day."
"The earth has never been calm there, and the earth’s core flame has erupted for many years. There are many cracks and ravines on the ground, and the hot magma flows on the surface, giving off stench and toxic gases that test the physique of every explorer."
"But the most terrible thing is those dragons. They are demons. We can’t shake nightmares. They can fly in the flash. They can bathe in magma. They breathe poison gas. They can live worse than in the environment."
"Every once in a while, it may be a hundred years or decades, and they will multiply in large numbers. They will attack Kraft Gate every time to ensure that they will not cross the door. Yinlongbao will sacrifice several soldiers and heroic knights, and Ge Gao is not afraid of sacrificing heroes!"
"our history is an epic with blood and tears, but even so, we are still guarding the gate and trying to clean up the flying dragons in the opposite world. We will never let those winged demons cross the line!"
Sean shook his fist vigorously, his voice was inexplicably infectious, and his expression was full of pride in his native land.
"I will be one of those heroes one day."
"I will knock down those devil’s claws, but my body must lie on a mountain piled up by the dead bodies of dragons!"
A kind of dragon infected by him breathed a lot, as if he couldn’t wait to go to the world full of dragons with Sean for adventure.
"By the way, Sean"
A kind of dragon slapped his thigh. "Yesterday, you said that your super-large black people in the inverse world like ours were all crowned."

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