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"It seems that I am impatient, and it can’t be completed immediately overnight." Chen Bo sighed. After all, he was born in the Internet and lacked understanding of the concept of timeliness in the whole industry.

"Well, you still have to take your time." Li Shusen took off his glasses and rubbed his sour eye socket, and then said earnestly, "You just start too fast, so you can grind your sex. I witnessed the birth and development of Tongkou Port for more than two years, and I brought a group of talents in this field from Pengcheng. Don’t be too stingy."
"That’s natural. When have I been stingy? It’s up to you to manage it! I never two words "Chen Bo patting his chest to ensure that.
"Don’t flatter me. I don’t buy it. Sometimes you talk to Maktoum."
"hmm? What to talk to him about? "
"There are more and more Chinese in Dubai now, and it is a big problem for this child to go to school. I am the Counsellor of our embassy here. After all, officially speaking, setting up a Chinese school has a sense of cultural invasion and international influence, and I still have to go through the people’s channels as far as possible."
"You are so generous now. Some media call me a civilian diplomat. I think this title should be given to you." Although Chen Bo said so, he still started his father-in-law.
Chapter 14 Chinatown
"The temple meets again!" After a day’s rest in Dubai, Chen Bo asked Maktoum to meet him. In fact, the two of them just came back.
"It’s not the day before yesterday that we watched the ball together." Mark Tum squinted with a smile. "It’s a pity that I don’t have a’ qingluan’. The return speed is naturally much slower. I heard that you also went to Liuzhou for a round."
"Nothing can hide from your eyeliner." Chen Bo smiled deliberately.
Longcheng, Dubai is a small merchant wholesale market, which has only been in business for more than a year, but it has attracted a large number of small traders from China to seek gold.
On the ability to do business, Chinese people are no less than a so-called great nation, including Jews, who go wherever they have the opportunity. Zhejiang people, Minnan people and Lingnan people are the three main forces, Longcheng and the diplomatic product of the two countries. Chen Bo just deliberately turned around in a big way.
Don’t look at the edge of the desert, but you can see everything from dried noodles in the north to hot sauce in the south, from plastic bath flowers to bucket mops in your country.
These worthless things can’t be made in any Arab country. They are all industrial accessories. They are nomads and have no industrial base, so they can rely on imports.
Even North African countries will not travel far from Wan Li to purchase goods here.
In that area, there are less than 30,000 Chinese people who are familiar with the local accent and have no law children running around. Although Dubai is a public school, Chinese nationals and foreign children can go to private schools, but professors are American pedagogy, and they can learn English and Arabic. Even vendors who earn a lot of money can’t afford to sell hundreds of thousands a year.
However, Chen Bo didn’t intend to talk about this topic directly. He didn’t beat around the bush but said directly, "I intend to hand over the Pearl Harbor of Atlantis to Dubai Port Company."
"Zhuhai port? You renamed Gransier, but it’s a little similar to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii! " Maktoum’s note is a bit strange. Instead of getting down to business, he has the problem of renaming.
"There is a poem in our country called’ There are pearls in the big bay’. The fishermen in the Arabian Sea are rich in pearls, but they don’t have any money with that Pearl Harbor." Chen Bo patiently explained, "I also changed Hadib into Phoenix, and you must know that Phoenix means that I hope this town will be reborn in the Moore Plain in the future. I also changed it into Dolphin Bay!"
Phoenix has another meaning, that is, because Haya said that she was the master. This kind of bird is really not unique in Chinese literature, even in the Arab world and European and American cultures. It is better to say that both eastern and western cultures are connected than the previous name.
"It’s a beautiful name. It reminds me of my ancestors." Maktoum perfunctory a sentence and then added, "Why choose Dubai Port Authority? Aren’t you afraid that I won’t try my best?"
"First of all, Wang Dian is not so narrow-minded and you and I are not rivals but partners!"
"Are you sure?"
"Of course, Dubai Port is backed by the unique land resources in the Arab world, and Zhuhai Port is inaccessible to land. What it will do in the future is just transshipment business, mainly because seeking a node in the Suez Canal commercial road will not only affect Dubai, but also accelerate the circulation of goods in Dubai Port.
Besides, you know better than me what it was like in front of Jelaberry Port. If it weren’t for your decision, how could it have been? The annual growth rate has attracted worldwide attention. On the port operation and management ability, Dubai Port Authority is the top others, and I trust my friend more than I do! "
Chen Bo even boasted that he was afraid that he would list Zhuhai Port as his main competitor, but if this port was built, it would be able to control Suez Trade Road and East African ore resources, which is definitely a big fat meat.
"You know this very well. We are good friends who advance and retreat together!" Maktoum relaxed a little, picked up cakes in delicate silverware and put them in his mouth. Then he asked, "It’s not a problem to be entrusted with your management, but I don’t think it shows your sincerity."
Old fox, hemp egg! Chen boxin said, that’s what you’re good at. Don’t let me catch you in my circle after something happens, or I’ll cheat you!
Although I thought so in my heart, my mouth smiled and said, "Does the temple have a unique taste of this cake?"
"well! Yes, the dim sum chefs in the sailing hotel are all dug by me from his hotel group, which is naturally not bad! " Maktoum was still wanting more, and then he threw another piece into his mouth.
"Do you know this raw material?"
"Isn’t it made of flour and cream?"
"Of course, but it’s all grown on my farm, and wheat is also milk squeezed from my ranch."
"You? ?” Mark toom surprised way
"Yes, wheat comes from Kenya, milk comes from Tanzania, and I sent an agricultural project in Africa. It was only a 5-mu experimental field years ago, and the local people planted 1 ton of wheat per hectare, but I succeeded in increasing it by 6 times! In Mozambique, rice production has increased seven times, and the vast grassland can also graze cattle and sheep. "
"So high?"
"This is the approval of various governments, and of course I spent a lot of money. I have rented a total of 150,000 mu of land in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique.
The lease period is 99 years, and each mu of land needs to be leased for 1 US dollar. In addition, the church and local people are hired for planting. There are nearly 20,000 mu of wasteland to be leased and reclaimed, which is the same as 99 years. What does this mean? "
"It means that the Arab countries no longer need to look at the faces of Europeans and Americans, which means that more people will get rid of hunger every year. Behind such a high-quality port as Dubai is the food demand of 4.9 billion people!" Maktoum is now about to surprise Ba Yuan. This young man is just in the field of new technology, and there are some things that are more vivid in his mind.
Now he has not only bought the geographical fortress Atlantis, but also quietly set up a grain business, while others are greedy for African minerals. What a good move to hide it! The Middle East has a large population, but most of it is desert, except dates, which are camels.
The place where wheat can be planted is also near the Black Sea. Although Turkey has planted a lot, it still needs a lot of imports to occupy the two river basins. Iraq has the Mesopotamian plain, but who will farm after years of war? Food prices in the Middle East can also rise year by year.
Whoever has mastered food will have mastered mankind! What about after he mastered it? My heart can’t help but get hot!
"So much land must be invested in more kinds, fertilizers and machinery, and wells need to be dug to repair water to ensure a bumper harvest. I am willing to sell some shares to the temple in exchange for more development funds."
"How much can you give me for $300 million?" Maktoum looked at the displayed photo documents. This company registered in the Cayman Islands called "Tianliang" has indeed been approved by governments of various countries. Of course, there is no doubt that he can fake a monk and not run away from the temple!
"15% shares" Chen Bo said that it is a share, not a share, which means that he doesn’t have much to say about how to operate without voting.
"I need to participate in sales management in the Middle East"
"It’s no problem. The sales network is under the responsibility of Ali. It’s very difficult to communicate."
"Then it’s a deal. Happy!" Maktoum, afraid that he would go back on his word, immediately said that compared with Abu Dhabi, his funds are not an order of magnitude, but he is still far-sighted and willing to spend money. Although the money may not be him at all, it does not prevent him from borrowing chickens and laying eggs.
"There is one more thing I want to get the approval of the temple." Chen Bo did not respond directly, but added, "There are more and more Chinese living and doing business in Dubai, and they have made great contributions to the cultural and commercial exchanges between the two countries, but they have always been naturalized."
"It’s really a pity that there is nothing you can do to protect the residents of the country. I hope you can understand." Maktoum became bureaucratic, which is really not up to him. Dubai is in charge, but the whole United Arab Emirates depends on Abu Dhabi’s face
He’d like to, because there are no oil resources here, but you can’t give Dubai a passport alone, can you? This has touched the oil interests of Abu Dhabi, otherwise so many people from India and Pakistan will come in and demand national treatment. Where can we feed ourselves?
"It’s really a pity, but the local chamber of commerce came to me and asked the temple if they could build a Chinese school to teach Chinese, Arabic and English. Besides, we Chinese are all theists. It’s very sad to see so many dedicated businessmen in Longcheng who can either foster their children to their hometown because of educational problems or bring them around without studying law!"
Chen Bo, who is the president of the local chamber of commerce, doesn’t know him at all, and he can’t say that he is entrusted by the government, but he can borrow a hat from a non-governmental organization
"Well, how about this? The teaching materials for running schools in Chinatown, a Chinese-inhabited area 5 kilometers away from the market center of Longcheng, Fiona Fang, must be examined and approved by the education department, and only students with Chinese nationality will be banned immediately if they violate their educational qualifications."
"You are a sensible British wise chief! This is Dubai’s lucky Arabian light! " Chen Bo sent a bunch of disgusting compliments without stint. After all, he wore thousands of flatteries without wearing them!
If it were only Wang Maktoum at ordinary times, you would definitely correct your name, but now you are happy to accept that the old chief has long been in poor health and ignored political affairs, but now he has been in his sickbed for a long time, which is naturally his time
Chapter 15 Choking
Chen Bo has now turned into a big landlord in Dubai, Fiona Fang, 5 kilometers or 25 square kilometers of land. In addition to the original Longcheng market, the remaining desert Maktoum gave it to him with a wave of his hand. It is said that it is a barren land, but the traffic is good, and the transfer is almost outrageous.
Deserts and beaches are also made of sand, but the price is nearly a thousand times lower.
All these lands are put in the name of Atlantis development company, which is still managed by Li Shusen.
Of course, it is easy to solve such a trivial matter as how to repair and build it.
Atlantis is understandable. The name of the developer owns the Atlantis Islands and the undeveloped land in Dubai. The Pearl Harbor is the name of the project. It is designed by the developer himself, and the general contractor is responsible for it, and then subcontracted to the construction unit, which is much clearer.
It’s the same in Chinatown. I have land and give it to a company with ideas and strength to distribute houses and shops, but on the condition that I must build a teaching staff from kindergarten to high school, and the embassy will find ways to operate and repair it after the national adjustment, and the developer and the local chamber of commerce will be responsible for all Chinese school-age children.
The whole operation process is so simple, which is also the only drawback of the mature operation mode of real estate. Chen Bo, an Atlantis company, has land but no one, no money and no strength.
But it doesn’t matter. The history of the developers is the same. With the land, it’s hard to say anything. Someone has come to the pole for cooperation.
Just as Zhuhai Port is indeed a tax free port, it does not mean that ships are required to levy taxes on cross-border berthers and enjoy free trade benefits. For example, merchant ships from East Asia can put light processing in warehouses and have to make another trip to African trading companies, which can then be re-sent to other regions, the Middle East, Africa or Europe according to the order quantity.

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