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When I think of these things occasionally, Sun Hao has vaguely felt in his heart that this is probably an important thing that he must understand.

That means Sun Hao must go to the Wu clan and his party.
Of course, as Sun Hao said to Zuwu, Sun Hao needed the medicine family to be stable. Just after the advanced revision, he had to shock a virtual world and make people afraid to offend the medicine family easily.
Really hold the medicine family situation after Sun Hao is must go back to the Terran.
How to practice during Mahayana? This is a field that Sun Hao has never dabbled in. Sun Hao must go to Terran to consult a large number of classics, and at the same time listen to a Hao Anyi’s teaching, so Sun Hao can avoid taking many detours.
Compared with the medicine clan, it should not be too much for the Terran Medicine God to gain some classics from Mahayana without Mahayana.
Sitting cross-legged, Sun Haosi took an examination for a while and put these things aside for the time being. Who can make it clear in the future and don’t know whether Girlan is still alive?
With a slight sigh, Sun Hao reached out and a blue starlight appeared. This is the last immortal medicine spirit of Awu. It is a small medicine that he respects his body. He will defend it to the death. He would rather have a defect in Jiuhe’s great cause and defend a faint blue light. Actually, it is already weak, and it is possible to put it out all the time.
Really sensible to say this, it is difficult to guarantee the value of the starlight, and if you don’t say it, there will be no spiritual will of Awu, let alone any memory.
And it won’t be long before this medicine spirit is rooted without special and powerful means. Even Sun Hao needs to continuously invest resources if he wants to protect this medicine spirit.
This is the real reality.
Rattan acid also called Sun Hao a woman’s benevolence when he died. That’s why this medicine has been refined. It can make up for Sun Hao’s nine-in-one dzogchen’s body. It’s still a burden. This shows that Sun Hao actually chose to stay or not. What is a woman’s benevolence?
But from beginning to end, Sun Hao never hesitated about his choice, and he could not destroy the true spirit of Awu, even if this true spirit was confused and lost his will.
The blue light in the palm of your hand is mysterious and beautiful
Sun Hao’s eyes seemed to see Awu’s delicate face, and his eyes seemed to see that Awu used to rub his little face against the body of the medicine, and he also seemed to see the scene of Xiao Yao holding up the branches and nodding at Awu.
There is a faint warmth in my heart and a faint sadness.
Sun Hao sighed a long time. In a sense, Sun Hao always owes Awu.
Sun Hao’s goal of entering the medicine family is to be a nine-in-one body. Sun Hao himself has to admit that his every move is based on this goal. This is actually his own layout and premeditated plan. If there is any accident, Sun Hao never imagined that his body would be deeply impressed with a girl of the medicine family.
Deeply influenced Sun Haozun’s will and affection.
Now Sun Hao is holding the elixir of Awu, and there are mixed feelings in his heart, including warm memories and nai sadness.
After a long time, Corleone’s body disappeared into the room with Yao Ling in hand.
Once again, Corleone has not yet stabilized her body in the sumeru condensate tower. Pear blossoms are fluttering around Corleone with great attachment, as if a little girl saw a long-lost lover and enthusiastically threw herself into Corleone’s arms and kept coquetry.
Stretching out his hand and gently stroking pieces of white petals, Sun Hao’s body slowly landed in front of the fairy pear tree, and his mouth sighed leisurely. He stretched out his hand and flashed the elixir of Awu. Sun Haoqing said, "Fairy pear son, there is another remnant soul here that needs your help to take care of."
Pear flower flutters from Corleone’s hand and slowly lifts the blue elixir spirit and leans over to his trunk.
This little medicine spirit fairy pear flower felt the same will as Xiaoqing, and felt the deep friendship they hid from Corleone.
This is a little fairy pear tree. She is more familiar with the smell. She has already understood Sun Hao’s meaning. She is also going to put this immortal medicine spirit into her trunk according to Sun Hao’s idea to keep it. They should have divinity and let them wait for Sun Hao to come back.
Fairy pear flower fluttered gently, driving the surrounding wind, as if a girl was humming a song to appease this immortal medicine spirit and drifted away to her trunk.
The immortal spirit approached the immortal pear tree and was about to blend in when an accident happened.
Sun Hao felt a deep love in his heart. Fairy pear tree seemed to see Xiaoqing laughing, and some marks of Xiaoqing Liuxian pear tree were looming.
A drop of blood that has turned into a pear flower is white and immortal, and it rises from the immortal pear tree and floats, which actually corresponds to the immortal spirit surrounded by pear flowers.
The immortal blood turns slowly, and the immortal spirit turns gently, as if they were telling each other something.
Sun Hao suddenly shocked in his heart! A flash of light flashed through my mind. Is it possible that Awu will be Xiaoqing’s reincarnation?
Think of this possibility, Sun Hao’s legs can’t help but slightly bend down. The love between the two worlds is finally predestined. Is Awu really Xiaoqing?
In my heart, it is speculated that the immortal blood and the immortal medicine spirit are changing again. They are flying like butterflies out of the petals of the fairy pear tree and flying outside the Sumeru coagulation tower.
Fairy pear tree was so surprised that it rained all over the sky and wanted to keep two butterflies.
Sun Hao’s eyes flashed a light and his mouth said softly, "Just let them go."
The petals of the fairy pear tree fluttered and let the two butterflies on the road cross a beautiful arc and float outside the Sumeru condensation tower.
Two tombs next to an ordinary wooden house outside the tower in the tower.
Butterflies came flying, and one of them floated and danced for a few minutes, and suddenly dropped the tombstone.
Corleone’s body was slightly shocked, and he looked at the tombstone with a big Joan word.
Two butterflies fall into the word Qiong, and the two most square dots of the word Qiong are lifelike as if they were still dancing slowly.
Sun Hao of Joan’s tomb saw Joan’s love, and his heart was not sad.
Sanshengshi Old Soul Appreciates the Moon and sings the wind. Don’t talk about ashamed lovers visiting each other far away. Although the opposite sex is long, the things behind her are boundless, and the cause is afraid of heartbroken. Sanshengshi wuyue has searched all over the mountains and rivers, but it has returned to the smoke.
Low call a "Joan son" Corleone squatted beside the tomb stretched out his hand and touched the tears.
Chapter 2545 Sansheng III
There is a predestined relationship between three lives.
Sun Hao squatted in front of Joan’s grave and stretched out his hand to touch Joan’s words. It’s hard to suppress his sadness for a long time.
A lifetime of love, Joan took care of herself for more than a year in the small fishing village of Wangcun when ordinary people were in the hardest time, and she regretted that she had come out of the crisis of broken meridians.
Later, when she was cruel enough to leave, relying on her to get married became the last thing she wanted to recall in her life. Later, when she was the first monk in the mainland all day and was guarding a family and almost forgot this ordinary sister, she was not far from Qian Shan, and she walked step by step from Wanshun Mountain to Guijia on her own feet, so that she could take care of herself nearby.
At last, I was able to watch her grow old and finally passed away in my arms with a smile.
It’s been a long time, and it’s almost impossible for Sun Hao to recall it. It’s almost time for Sun Hao to forget that it was once ordinary.
But now I still remember it so deeply that I didn’t forget it, but I didn’t want to remember it.
The second love is also the most dangerous time for me. At that time, I was forced to become an agarwood sword when I came to repair the emptiness and was forced to fall into the emptiness and wait for help.
It was Xiaoqing who carried herself back again. She was hard-spoken and soft-hearted, and her heart was pure. Xiaoqing, like an elf, propped up the weakest herself for a day. She helped herself to embark on the road of practice again.
I can’t forget that when I was practicing the general trend of killing, Xiaoqing suddenly became a sword of love because she helped herself. Her femininity and limited love made it very difficult for me to become a powerful sword of killing, which made her a double sword bone. What kind of deep affection did she have to keep her cold than killing?
Xiaoqing II is still not good at fighting. In the end, she tempered her double sword bones by herself, which caused great disaster to heaven and earth. She was soft outside and just killed herself with the snow. The Lingtian Sword Sect left a drop of immortal blood alone, and was later merged into the fairy pear tree by herself, silently accompanying herself and waiting for her return.
But until now, I just know that Xiaoqing is Joan’s reincarnation. She is still as ordinary and unpretentious as ever. If she didn’t appear in the third body, she might never know such a secret.
Maybe it’s God’s will. Every time Joan appears, every reincarnation is when she is most vulnerable and in need of help.
Ah Wu, the third generation, is still like this. He incarnates himself as a small medicine and falls asleep. It is Ah Wu who finds himself, takes himself out of the medicine valley and brings himself into the layout.
Over the years, he has deliberately promoted his own layout in his deep sleep. Awu always takes care of his own elixir carefully, and his actual mind has long been aware of his abnormality.
However, Awu’s theory is that no matter what the situation is, he resolutely left his side and accompanied himself with regret.
Sun Hao’s tears are rolling
I can’t help but think of Awu’s final will. Awu made himself promise to her and repeatedly told himself to help her shelter the medicine family.
But in fact, this is because she knows that she has the ability to know that her origin is extraordinary, and there is something strange, but she still chose her side.
In fact, if she chooses the position of medicine family and actively cooperates with medicine myth, it will be more logical, or it will really cause a lot of trouble for herself, and whether she can advance to Mahayana smoothly will add many variables.
Think about Awu’s choice, think about it again, Awu’s choice is painful, and Awu’s regret over Sun Hao’s choice is not dull.
Iii Awu, three souls, seven souls, and one soul alone. That soul may be that II Xiaoqing left the undead blood and took away a trace of residual soul.
In the end, Awu III’s body helped Sun Hao complete Mahayana training.
Three lives and three lives, the love of each life is so unforgettable.
Sun Hao mourned for a long time in front of Joan’s grave.

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