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"Ke Xuejie, don’t tease her. She’s not stupid, she’s just simple-minded, and if you let her find out that these things are hopeless, you’ll have to taste that move again. By the way, she’s the trump card of Judo Department."

Ke Ge stared wide-eyed and couldn’t believe that he had received such a disciple and asked, "What about you? You must be very good, too. I don’t often attend classes and don’t know much about students. What’s your status? "
"This KeXueJie your shoes? Those glues. "
"Just cut it off. Anyway, my hair is long and beautiful. People don’t care about these details, do they?"
"Er, yes, yes, that makes sense!"
Ke Xuejie also temporarily gave up those topics and turned around to see that Korea was playing with the fallen head. This scene is really scary enough.
"Big disciple, just put that thing on the table. Don’t break it. It’s full of sulfuric acid-"
Ye Yan doesn’t know if it’s true or not. She said in a low voice, "Ke Xuejie, her name is Han Huili, a student in Class 9, Grade 2. I’m Ye Yan, a student in Class 3, Grade 2. You can just call us after that!"
"Ye Yi?"
Hearing this name, Kege suddenly turned his head and stared at Ye Yu’s big eyes.
"I heard that a student named Ye Yu is very famous these two days. It seems that Mr. Wang has been miserable?"
Ye Yan was about to admit awkwardly that it suddenly occurred to him. Isn’t Mr. Wang teaching mathematics? I seem to have taught Ke Xuejie that this is terrible. Why do you feel that there seems to be a murderous look in your breath?
Sister Ke Xuejie must be Mr. Wang’s proud brother, but the teacher made fun of him and felt that the situation was not good!
"Ke Xuejie broke her head in that painting-"
"Without it, there would be no sulfuric acid basketball. The so-called evil drama is produced. Are you Ye Yan or not?"
Seeing that you can’t get through it, Ye Yan nodded with determination to die. "It’s Ke Xuejie-I’m sorry!"
"Well done, what a small-"
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Chapter 53 Li tou
"Well done, young man!"
Unexpectedly, Ke Xuejie did not slap Ye Yu’s shoulder with both hands, but leaned over to show appreciation and joy. Her eyes sparkled with aura.
Ye Yan didn’t react for a long time, stunned and muttered, "Er, what is this?"
"Because you did the right thing, I hate that teacher who often bothered me when he taught me. I have mastered the knowledge of high school. The principal has given me special permission to take free classes, and he is still bothering me to death!"
Ke Xuejie gritted her teeth and said that Xiumei provoked a wrinkled face, which seems quite dissatisfied!
"It’s all his fault that I didn’t have time to equip this place this semester. But you did a good thing. It’s a pity that I didn’t see his ugly face that day!"
Ke Xuejie held Ye Yu’s shoulder and laughed. The cuttlefish trembled, slim and symmetrical, and the loose bat shirt swayed back and forth. It had to slide down from her shoulder to reveal the snow-white skin inside.
Ye Yan’s head and face are slightly red. I didn’t expect Ke Xuejie to be such a person!
I’ve always heard that this is an excellent girl with excellent talent. If you put it in martial arts novels, she is the kind of martial arts wizard who has never met in a hundred years and belongs to the kind of person who can be cultivated into the palm of Buddha’s hand.
In modern times, that is to be able to cultivate a "problem-solving hand". The difficult problems of talented girls are full of flaws in her eyes!
This kind of talent is really cool, and I didn’t expect Ke Xuejie’s personality to be so long. This is a good word, and it can be ranked as one of the "least but most real words" among human hair words.
When General Ye You met Ke Xuejie at the first meeting, he looked at her serious speech and serious and rigid eyes. He thought Ke Xuejie must be a cold girl, but today he refreshed his three views.
It turns out that the world has become like this, and you can’t go out to make friends without disguise. It’s too dangerous!
Ke Xuejie turned to look at the carefully cleaned room and whispered, "How did you two come here? Science students and liberal arts students have never met, and it doesn’t look like you two will have contacts, does it? "
I don’t know why Ke Xuejie kept looking at Ye You when she said this. It was that kind of feeling that her eyes were very critical as if she were pretending to shop.
Ye Yan thinks he should be despised. Well, if he really doesn’t have much friendship with people like this in Korean paintings from an excellent level, it’s also good for fools to be stupid.
"You two are not lovers, are you?" Ke Xuejie suddenly squeezed over to reveal a * * smile
"It’s raining outside. You two didn’t stay in the classroom, but you ran to nobody’s laboratory building to make people doubt your motivation. Oh, it’s not some bad idea, is it? Hmm-male high school students? "
Looking at Ke Xuejie’s expression, Ye Yan almost vomited blood and fell to the ground. What about learning to bully with high cold? You lied to your youth? Give me back my boyish heart!
"The experimental building is the most suitable place for couples in the school. By the way, the remaining places are the sports equipment room and the medical room. You haven’t been there already, have you? It’s amazing! "
With this, Ke Xuejie showed incredible eyes and white hands covering her mouth.
Ye Yan vomited blood and fell to the ground, wandering around all kinds of healthy and unhealthy otaku all the year round. He can clearly understand the profound meaning of Ke Xuejie and his three views have also been refreshed. It turns out that Xueba can be evil!
"Ke Xuejie, you misunderstood that we are both pure, not what you think, and do you think I have a chance?"
What’s this guy like? I’m just being polite and saying social words. Isn’t modesty popular now? What, she denied herself so seriously? Isn’t that too much for her apprentice?
Ke Xuejie shook her head in disappointment and sighed, "It’s true that I can still see the scenes of weak attack and strong attack. It turned out that it wasn’t. Then why did you two come to the experimental building?"
"To find the undead!"
The girl next to Han Huili’s senior sister Ke finished resetting the lab, and now everything is shiny, as if expensive special effects were applied, which is completely different from the previous haunted house.
Even the horrible head was put away in the Korean painting and put into the glass cabinet, which was a bit scary.
Ke Xuejie looked at the laboratory and nodded. "It’s very good, but I still prefer the original one. That’s the real scientist who should have a creative room. Now it makes me feel embarrassed!"
Ye Yan looked at her and asked, "Ke Xuejie, then you should have planned all the horror stories here, right?" Why are you doing this? "
"What? Those students hate it because they are chatting. They often come here to disturb my laboratory. I can scare them. Now it’s much better. By the way, you two can’t tell anyone about things here. No, then they won’t be afraid! "
Ye Yan looked at Han Hui’s painting, and she was somewhat naive about this weird senior. Maybe this is a genius, and she understands this mortal way!
"KeXuejie that this skeleton is how to return a responsibility? What moved just now except the light bulb in his eyes? "
Ye Yu remembered that he had suffered a bone combo and asked if he was unwilling.
Who knows Ke Xuejie looked at him blankly and said, "Ah? Movable? Are you kidding me? That thing is not a real skeleton. It’s a model made of materials. It’s for me to study the human body structure. You’ve seen too many science fiction novels! "
Hearing this explanation, Ye Yan and Han Hui’s face changed. Before two people, it was clear that this skeleton frame could really act!
It stretched out its middle finger and turned itself into a bone. When hidden weapons Yeyou was under the control of Ke Xuejie, but now she actually denied it. Doesn’t that mean that this skeleton was generated by herself?
It’s not calm in Han’s paintings. She was brave just now because she knew that all these things were fake and there were no ghosts, but now it seems bad!
Sister Ke Xuejie looked at them and murmured, "Hey, hey, don’t suddenly become so scary. This will easily upset me. Are you kidding? Is that thing really moving?"
The laboratory fell silent. Three people stared at each other with small eyes. Ye You’s eyes were the smallest, and now they were almost crying. I couldn’t help but get close to the Korean painting. There was still a knight Wang at the moment.
Fist is the last word!
"Ha ha!"
Suddenly, Ke Xuejie gave a crisp laugh, holding the table and laughing. "I didn’t expect that you really fell for that guy. How could you move by yourself? Of course, I controlled it. It’s so interesting. Haha"
Ye Yan and Han Huili are in the same place. Would this senior be so stubborn that it is easy to scare off a heart attack?
Ke Xuejie wiped away the tears in the corner of her eyes and then took out something similar to a remote control from her pocket to control the skeleton on the ground. Soon, the skeleton slowly got up in their surprised eyes.
But the movement became stiff, and the bones were not finished. Some of them were torn off by himself, while others were killed and attacked by fire extinguishers!
Ke Xuejie said with some regret, "It’s a pity that the hand in the painting is so cruel that I didn’t dare to let it go out again. Now the bones are gone. It seems that the weather is busy and I need to rearrange my base!"
Ke Xuejie manipulated the skeleton frame to walk simply. When she turned around, she could see a lot of iron wires and metal sheets stuck behind her.
"It took me a lot of effort to figure out the method, which is almost similar to the principle of robot, but much simpler. If you come back later, I can dub it, and then it will be complete!"
Ye Yan is white, which is almost like a marionette. This woman is really horrible!
"It’s amazing that magic control is the highest wisdom of teachers!" See in the Korean painting that God’s big eyes keep flashing!
This is an incredible event on campus, and the smell of the experimental building is shattered. It is hard to imagine that the controller is actually a talented girl on campus. Sure enough, there is no ghost in the world!
Just when the atmosphere of the three people was good, the door of the laboratory suddenly let people knock.

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