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You can see that there are still angry waves surging in the sea to form various humanoid beasts, bared their teeth and roared.

"Crazy, does he want to wash the battlefield!"
"Get back! Every Lei Guang here can kill the Buddha, which we can’t resist! "
At that time, the aliens near the Terran station screamed and fled quickly, and they dared not stay for a moment.
However, the root of the rapid spread of robbery is not that they can avoid it, and tens of millions of aliens will fall and be chopped into slag in just one breath.
"F * * king! What do you want to do! "
There are alien stars in the depths of the star who are furious and come here to stop this catastrophe.
"How can your people slaughter at will, but I can’t fight against the lower realm?"
Soon he was intercepted, and a strong Terran came to directly stop the great ridicule and make several creatures change color.
Li Yu overlooks the whole battlefield, and his eyes are full of peace. Just in this moment, he has slaughtered tens of thousands of family planning spirits. You know, the weakest of them are all kings! There are even many deities
This is bloody obliteration and cruel means, but it is just right for foreigners.
For a moment, the seven kills in the south sky reflected the bloody stars hanging in the battlefield like the dominant scarlet light flowing one after another, and the corpses were revived, and the eyes were filled with the desire to kill again.
Poof! The dusty ancient continent cracked and dried up, and the palm suddenly leaned out of the rickety body and shook again.
Where the Seven Killings shine, the fallen slaves reappear, but the terrible fighting spirit that is not afraid of life and death!
"Seven kills! It’s the Terran Seven Killers! "
"There’s another one who killed the main life star by the battlefield king!"
It is a double torture of body and spirit for the alien to watch his companion die and then wield a butcher knife at his former kin.
This is the torrent of ghosts, the army of the dead, and the seven killers who will burn the blood of war all over the world!
"They always want me to be fair, but we are not fighting a war, and they can hope in vain in the rubble."
Li Yu’s arms slowly raised and whispered as if to master the whole star. He stepped forward and led the scarlet stars to shine, announcing the coming of the expedition.
The first attack area of the spectre army is the ghost clan’s ancient creatures wailing, soldiers roaring and dying, drinking swords and soldiers into the flesh, and the sound of life is addictive.
Li Yu watched the vast star field call out the 99-year-old Longshan and took root in this ancient area. The Dragon and Han Banner, the Seven Killing Monuments and the Heavenly Knives are now put into the Dragon Shouhui to raise three devices for this star!
"Foreign battlefields are all food for me."
He laughed all over the stars, and it seemed that the end of the reincarnation of Iraq represented the journey from existence to development.
At the same time, the distant alien star fields have also received the noise of the front-line battle report.
Ideal city, an ancient area of light clan, stands tall, but the dilapidated wall has already collapsed. Most of the creatures in and out of red mist’s walled city are holding a token to avoid it.
At this time, the vision suddenly gave birth to the crack of Fang Cangyu in the city, and one meteorite after another crossed long and dazzling.
"It’s not a coincidence that there is one more person who killed the life star in this battlefield, but it’s destiny takes a hand to pull a life star to appear. This life star will naturally be close to Nandou and should echo from beginning to end."
There are creatures in the city who are conceited and arrogant, and they are born with dignity.
In that vision, there is the first big star in the southern sky.
Tianfu, the first star in Nandou!
"Is it destiny takes a hand that those who were dragged here actually killed our family’s life stars from afar?"
It’s shocking to have a strong whisper of light.
In ancient times, Tianfu Star called it "ordering the stars", which indicated Tianfu’s leading position. Ziweixing was called "Lord of the Big Dipper" in comparison with Ziwei, and Tianfu called "Lord of the Southern Dipper". Both of them were emperors, but their expressions were different.
Ziwei is the northern Wang Xi, creating a position like a monarch and a territorial emperor in charge; Tianfu is the king of the south, so he enjoys his position, such as the king of the frontier, which is also unique.
At the same time, the ancient domain of shura nationality
Secretly black flashes interweave the sky, clouds appear, and then the downpour falls, making the world red.
It’s blood rain. It’s a crying vision!
Ran Ran, the first star in the red sky, rises in the north sky!
Beidou is the first greedy wolf!
"Tianfu is now missing seven kills, which is Pojun."
A tall and strong man came to the ground and trembled to form ripples. He was wrapped in black fog, but there was also a faint lotus flower to form a halo.
It’s horrible. That’s the bloody ring. It’s evidence that he once killed creatures!
Beidou is a greedy wolf. Beidou says that Pojun also shines.
Just as Pojun’s "breaking" stands for destroying seven kills and "killing" stands for being aggressive and greedy for wolves, the word "greed" is very clear, that is, the desire of Samsung has its own special features
A raging gold fire in the battlefield in the ancient Eldar domain has long since subsided, and it has swept through the heavens and the earth, rolling up some meteorites floating outside the domain and burning them into magma.
There is a fiery collapse in the void, which burns the sky and can destroy everything, but there is laughter and vibration in the ancient land
"Interesting Tianfu, the wolf, and the seven kills are all here. Can Chinese be far behind? If the seven wolves gather together, even if Pojun Shangming clan, I’m afraid he will sit still.
This generation of the sun is more mysterious than not appearing for a long time. Is it because you don’t want to take part in the dispute too early, and you have to practice with the help of limited advantages until the star Lord is immortal? "
With laughter, the northern sky shines brightly before the sixth star.
Although Wu Qu, the sixth Yang of Beidou, is slightly purple and full of imperial spirit, it is a bit more calm.
At that time, the star fields of all ethnic groups were all moving, and the undercurrent was surging. How many seven kills were there? Or did the binary stars gather in Lian Zhen to kill seven!
"At the end of the era, before the fate was strong, but before the war, people in Xiandao might have to recover and come back to intervene!"
"The Lord of the Southern Fighting and the Lord of the Big Dipper, in which the Lord fights for the number of kings, the crown is an accident and a robbery. I don’t know who can laugh at the end."
"In my opinion, I’m afraid the advantage of the seven kills is not small. He is upstream and is in a binary star, which may break the situation."
The era will come to an end, and the stars will come down to the world one after another, and the strong ones will be like clouds. The arrival of a vast era full of the breath of conquering wars has made all living things of all nationalities and nationalities feel this atmosphere.
Whether it’s the star warrior or the heavenly kings walking in the universe, they are all nervous. I don’t know if they will be caught in the war.
The battlefield outside king’s landing is going to be lively!
I don’t know what it will be like for Nan Dou, the leader of Nan Dou, to make a special confrontation. Who will be the king of Nan Tian Hua Nan Dou?
If we can gather the six stars in Nandou, it will be enough to compare with the sun’s lunar unity and kill the wolf’s gathering in the high Chinese and western main contest.
Chapter three hundred and seventy-six The great secret of the ancestral world of the abyss of the universe
"Seven kills befall Lian Zhen, which is unusual. It’s hard to compare with the dominant star in the north and the dominant star in the south. I say Tianfu will definitely look for him."
"It is inevitable that Tianfu Nantian dominates the star, and it is sure to be eager for Nandou to kill seven times. Lian Zhen is also a Tianfu match, and the Wuqu Guangzu people came to the foreign battlefield many years ago and will not let them go."
The star fields of all ethnic groups talk endlessly, and the so-called collision between the so-called life stars caused by a stone is naturally a topic that people talk about, especially the matching of life stars, which has already been verified.
For example, Ziwei Tianfu is magnificent, and the commander-in-chief is fighting for the emperor in the north and south; Wu Qu Tianfu is brave and good at fighting; Lian Zhen Tianfu Road is transported to Fuze Square.
"Shura greedy wolf star can’t be underestimated, but in the past years, it was fortunate to have a small plough to sweep the sea, and it was peaceful to put in a good word, and Pojun stood out."
The fact that the wolf has been killed for a long time will naturally not be forgotten. His appearance times are far more than Tianfu’s. Because of the ethnic achievement method, his hands are stained with blood, and ten thousand units have formed a layer of bloody light around.
And this star has a lot of ideas for Lian Zhen and Wu Qu, so it can be said that the five life stars are coming now, and they all have great needs to devour each other!
Just as Lian Zhen is greedy for wolves to drive away disasters and solve urban problems, the town is transported to protect itself; I don’t know but I am bound to be extraordinary when I am greedy for wolves; Wu Qu’s greedy wolf has a thousand twists and turns, forming its own vein.
The most important thing is that when the Seven Killings, the Greedy Wolf and the Pojun Life Palace meet, it will be the so-called "kill the wolf" pattern. Once this Samsung gathers, it will change hands and be reversible!
At that time, the swaying of the micro-lattice was the opportunity to enter the bucket king.
"But the most noteworthy thing is that the Terran Seven Killers can cut off the youngest king in the history of Lian Zhen’s achievements, and Tianjun is now only sixteen years old. He is definitely a strong terrorist."
"In recent days, he has heard a lot of news. After breaking through LeiJie and chopping off the ghost family sight statue, he went deep into the ghost family’s ancient star field and took out a strange Longshan, which sucked up the ancient star field and wiped out several ancient stars of the blood family, all of which were used to raise the strange multiplier. I don’t know what to do."
Soon, the creatures of all ethnic groups stopped and turned to Li Yushen, the seven killers. As soon as they came to the battlefield outside the country, they repeatedly did great things to disturb all parties.
Seven kills are magnificent, indifferent, affectionate and righteous, but they also go their own way. The ups and downs of life do not seek stability. The so-called brave people must be brave and brave. On the negative side, be brave and aggressive, and be ruthless.
According to his experience, these descriptions really fit in, which is also the terrible part of life. In the end, the influence will be combined unless it reaches the level of breaking the shackles, but it has never been seen in the past.
At the same time, the ancient ruins of Terran Star Domain have come back from Li Yu in the city to intercept the ghost star statue and Terran Guangfa star statue to coexist and talk.
"In recent days, I’m afraid you will be the focus of attention. Now it’s nothing. Once the star statue is hit, there will inevitably be a statue of all ethnic groups to intercept and strike you by all means.
If you want to break through, please let me know. We’ll find a special area and you’ll cover it for a while. "

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