Jul 8, 2024
Speaking of which, Wu Yanqing deliberately paused and carefully observed the expression of a strong man.

As a result, not surprisingly, Wu Yanqing failed to see a panic look from the strong man’s face.
"If Ge doesn’t feel like making a trip in vain, I personally suggest that you come back when you find an inn in Ningxiang County nearby."
Wu Yanqing felt that her suggestion was white enough.
If this strong man doesn’t have ulterior motives, it’s best to leave this place for a while.
"I know why I came here."
I don’t know whether I know that Miyin Temple has closed the mountain or I know the news of the death of Master Ling You …
The strong man looked unusually calm when he said this, as if he were discussing with Wu Yanqing what to eat in the day.
"But one thing I didn’t expect …"
"How dare a lowly monster surround a restaurant at the foot of the mountain?"
Yet a wuyanqing face suddenly gloomy.
Although she has always been very weak in front of Qing Niang, Wu Yanqing is a real monster, and she still inherits the fighting monster.
"Are you challenging me?"
Somehow, it is also the experience of human society for many years. Wu Yanqing finally did not have the impulse to declare war directly, but asked in a low voice
"No, I’m strange."
Gently lift an eyelid strong man looked the same and said
"I’ve always heard that Fahai domesticated a green snake, but I didn’t expect him to keep a loyal lone wolf."
Pupils are instantly dilated, and Wu Yanqing is angry and brazen. Take an arm and turn it into a huge wolf’s paw and pat it hard.
The flint strong man, an ordinary creature, can never have a twisted posture. The backhand caught the wolf’s paw suddenly.
Then before Wu Yanqing reacted, the strong man showed her the eyebrows in their ears.
At the moment Wu Yanqing felt that Dan and Xue Qiao were sealed by a force, and the whole body lost all its functions.
"I …"
I can’t understand what happened to me. Wu Yanqing just wanted to cry for help, only to find that the young men nearby didn’t notice the short battle here.
This kind of incredible performance is enough to say that the strong man in front of his eyes is definitely a demon whose strength far exceeds his own.
Especially just that incredible seal ability can refresh the Wu Yanqing three views.
"if you don’t want to hurt koo, I advise you not to go out."
Without looking at Wu Yanqing again, Cheng maintained a sitting posture and the strong man pushed the other side back to his seat.
"You really came to make trouble!"
I didn’t dare to Zhang Wu Yanqing again, and I didn’t resist, but my face still hung a little angry.
Wu Yanqing is confident that it is absolutely impossible to lose so fast if he is not careless and treats the strong man as an ordinary monster.
"make trouble?"
Seems to be suddenly and seems to be a mockery …
It seems that the strong man didn’t know Bai Wuyanqing until now. Why would he be so hostile to himself?
"I think you really think too much. I’m not here to make trouble."
I don’t know why when I saw the strong man’s expression at the moment, Wu Yanqing suddenly gave birth to an intuition that the other party did not lie.
"I heard that Ling You died, so I came to see him off for the last trip."
Tone slightly paused a strong man is not hide continued
"Of course, Lingyou and I are enemies in your cognition, and he has indeed sealed me for decades."
"But from my personal point of view, I really don’t hold a grudge against Ling You for sealing me for so long …"
"I’m a little sorry. Before I knew it, I seemed to have sent away another admirable old enemy."
Slowly hit a strong man on the desktop, sighing a gesture that he is now like and his identity is completely inconsistent.
"Alas, no matter how powerful human beings are, they can’t escape. Sanctions are better than spiritual protection. Isn’t it a handful of loess in the end?"

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