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Nagato was bitten by several insects at this time, but his expression was very dull.

The pain he suffered during this period was weakened by the eye rotation, but it was only because of his perseverance that he could bear it.
Now that the eye circle has absorbed the spiritual energy of illusion, it has reached saturation, and the foundation of this illusion has correspondingly become weak. Nagato can break free at any time.
The insect clinging to the limbs was suddenly shattered into particles and disappeared into the blood.
An instant bite into a skeleton and shredded pork limbs suddenly returned to normal. Nagato split and Xing Jia landed safely.
Uchihiro Fuqiu’s face became ugly when he saw the drastic changes. It seems that there are no signs of significant changes in the whole Harle. Everything seems normal, but now Nagato’s actions are the most abnormal phenomenon.
Harle’s ability is effective, but Nagato broke free of Xing Jia’s illusion offensive.
"What did you … do?"
Uchihiro Fuchu embraced his hands and let go of his vertical body. The feeling that everything was still under his own control made him unaware that the energy that maintained Harle’s illusion had been absorbed to a shell.
Nagato did not answer Uchihiro Tomoko, but stretched out his right hand and stared quietly.
"It’s a wonderful feeling. I have never attached importance to illusion. I feel that illusion is very low in the battle, and it can be said that there is nothing at all."
Nagato slowly stretched out his right hand and pointed to Fuyue’s thin body, which made Nagato’s arm have little muscle and fat, but no one dared to underestimate such a thin arm.
Nagato looked at Uchihiro Fuchu and smiled coldly. The fact that almost saturated spiritual energy kept waking him in his right eye reincarnation.
The illusion is very strong, and his round eye is an eye that can resist all illusion.
"Vientiane days lead!"
Fuyue body involuntarily flew toward Nagato stretched out thin right hand to float past.
"Hungry ghost road, sealing and printing!"
"You must be able to help!"
Fuyue is afraid to find that his body is out of his control. No matter how much chakra can stabilize his body.
Nai Fu-yueh has made use of Uchihiro’s kaleidoscope, the strongest defense in sharingan. Can Ninjutsu be assisted?
However, Nagato grasped Susuke with his right hand like a cotton ball.
It is also the formation of chakra that needs to be assisted to be practical.
Defensive power in front of the hungry ghost’s ability
"This is impossible!"
Uchihiro Fuchu can’t believe this feeling is really strange. For a moment, Harle still maintained it, but it has managed to control Nagato.
"Nothing is impossible. Your pupillary technique is gone. Speaking of it, I have to thank you for thanking me and let you know what I just felt."
Nagato smiled coldly and the picture changed instantly.
Outside, it seems that Nagato and Fuyue looked at each other the same, and then Nagato turned pale and looked like a pig, but suddenly Fuyue used his assistant.
What surprised everyone even more was that Fuyue Susuke was absorbed by Nagato’s right hand as a demigod giant.
"What is this situation? !”
"How is it possible that Uchihiro gens kaleidoscope sharingan! Susuke can actually work! "
"You’re kidding!"
Endure the coalition YouMuYe ninja shocked at this scene murmured
Chapter four hundred and fifty-three Sakaguchi Gouyu
The darkness in Uchihiro Fuqiu’s eyes was swallowed up by light for a second, but it was still the bloody world where the bodies were all over the place and broken arrow was lying on the ground
"Huh?" He suddenly found himself imprisoned Xing Jia while Nagato stared at him with his arms around him one hundred meters ahead.
It’s weird and uncomfortable
Nagato naturally won’t go to specially explain.
The energy of Harle’s illusion was almost absorbed by him, leaving a shell.
It is foreseeable that after Harle’s defeat, Uchihiro Fuchu will directly consume one second when he loses in the real world.
When the strength is different, resistance at a different level will appear pale.
Nagato looked at Uchiha Itachi ahead with a cold face.
Many emotions mixed with unwilling anger make your face look very ugly.
"Do you think you can stop me?"
Nagato said coldly, saying that his word was a futile move to attack the nearest ferret.
It seems to him that the youngest ferret is the weakest, which has become his primary goal.

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