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Dog meat armored forces annihilate! Tell Liu that he’s lucky to make trouble and attack the river without authorization. Let’s remember for the time being that he must wipe out the enemy’s army and not let any enemy escape. Even if he runs a motorcycle, we’ll never stop with him! "

The little lieutenant colonel startled the fierce expression of the two heads and rushed to work. He was so impressed with Liuweiping’s trouble that he could make the two shrewd and deep heads angry like this! You know, these two chiefs are very good at keeping their spirits, but they are usually angry and invisible. Now, cough up cows. The three evils of shenyang military area command are that cows are not all good!
Little Lieutenant Colonel didn’t know that there was another reason why the two leaders were so angry. The old soldiers struggled out of the bloody sea of the anti-Japanese war. They had a deep hatred for the island country in the east. Although the war was over, the hatred did not disappear. On the contrary, with the Japanese government’s refusal to recognize it, the face became more and more explicit and the hatred deepened! Now that the Japanese government has openly intervened in the Annan war in the Republic, it is deliberately touching the Republic’s lamella. What is there to say? Just clench your fist and beat them black and blue! "This bitch-raising nation can’t understand people’s words, and talking to them is still the most important thing." Liu Wei often talks about this sentence, but now it seems that he is right!
Chapter DiYiSanSan The last line of defense (9)
"I greet your ancestors!"
When the wheeled infantry fighting vehicle came to Shandong to curse our class, we all followed the greetings to the women in the assembly house. Don’t deduct our salary from the assembly. What made us soldiers so angry didn’t make us fly into a rage. It was this wheeled infantry fighting vehicle, which was a new thing, with fast speed and fierce fire protection. Although it was not so good, it could at least resist the direct hit of rifle bullets and the fragments produced by the explosion of grenades and rockets. With it, we were wearing several layers of bulletproof vests, but it was so low and short that it was a kind of torture for us northern men to stay inside! There is no way not to make it low and short, otherwise how can the helicopter be installed? In view of this, it becomes reasonable that we are tortured. It is also reasonable that the middle class in Shandong is full of resentment. The small Guangxi is still whistling with a freehand look, which makes our teeth itch. Alas, it was not until we were stuffed into the car that we suddenly found that it was so good to be shorter and smaller.
We are a company vanguard, searching and scouting for the trace of Annan’s army. If we were not caught by loyal opposition, we would have been advancing until we touched the real line of defense of Annan. It is a very efficient work, of course, we can’t go on foot as before, so we got into this adzuki chariot, and we cursed and made rapid progress. From time to time, a large number of bodies appeared in front of us, which were all done by the army. The line of defense of Luhang Hu Zhi killed the eyes and saw Annan, no matter whether it was always small, male or female, ugly or heavy. Machine guns, machine guns, guns, and face-to-face sweeps until there is no living thing in the ground. The Annan government mobilized tens of thousands of young people to build this line of defense. These young people have become our best target army. The soldiers were killed in six roads, and the blood was everywhere. We were numb. Small Guangxi rushed to a pile of beaten bodies and blew a wolf whistle and said to us with a smile, "I didn’t realize that Annan monkey was so handsome until today!"
I rolled my eyes at a pile of horrible bodies. His eyes were actually handsome. This little aesthetic was really special. The monitor looked out through the observation hole and said, "Annan monkey was really beaten badly this time. I am afraid that no family will be complete after the battle."
Class vice said, "They deserve it! So I feel cheap to them! To deal with this baiwenhang, we should learn from the locust army and kill them for hundreds of kilometers in Fiona Fang. Only in this way can they remember this lesson forever, even after a hundred years, we are still scared to pee our pants! "
Small Guangxi is called "Class Vice", which is absolutely right! We really don’t need to be polite to them, no matter what he does, if he can play with a dead monkey.
It’s all good tricks. Just make it! It is suggested that we follow the example of the locust army and play with the three light policies, and the effect must be very good! "
Monitor stared their one eye "just the two of you radical! Don’t you know, the teachers have driven the civilians in the occupied area to the south of Annan, but they are not allowed to take them to live. Many large cities in the south are about to be jammed and exploded. The Japanese government is extremely nervous, forcing those civilians to take risks to attack government agencies and rob supplies. The public security in cities has deteriorated sharply. Many towns have taken action to refuse refugees to enter the conflict, and the purpose is getting worse and worse, and they are about to fight! "
Small Guangxi eyes shine "teachers are teachers are really tall! When can I reach his level? "
Monitor how much feel incredible "even this you want to learn? You are so poisoned that you are completely hopeless! "
Shandong said "I really want to learn from my teachers".
Monitor "…"
"boom! ! !”
While chatting, the chariot suddenly shook heavily, and a heat wave with steel breath rushed over. The chariot almost overturned and stopped. I had a bad feeling and asked, "What’s the matter with the driver?"
The driver looked very depressed. "His grandmother, we ran over an anti-tank mine! Let’s hurry up and get on the bus. Maybe there are Annan people in the vicinity. One rocket is enough to send the whole vehicle to heaven. "The words haven’t been finished yet. A rocket dragged its tail flame and brushed the left side of the chariot. Our pores instantly contracted to the limit. Don’t hesitate to open the back door and rushed out. Just after jumping out, a Grenade hit the debris flying around us. It was 100 meters away. The bamboo forest was dressed in chaos and armed with five flowers. Annan militia screamed and rushed out. Mom, we were ambushed! We couldn’t lift our heads when the rockets were rowed around us one after another. The chariot that was paralyzed by the explosion suddenly roared. The double-mounted 3 mm machine gun spewed out more than one meter long chamber flame shells, which were as dense as heavy rain. Two salamanders crossed and rolled to the Annan people. The Annan soldiers screamed and licked by the hot flames, and they turned into a blood fog. After all, the 3 mm caliber anti-personnel Grenade was no joke and was not hit. The Annan people slammed into the chariot and the whole chariot was splashed with sparks. Taking advantage of this opportunity, we rolled into a depression, effectively avoided the cross fire of Annan people, and organized the fire to return the color. The fire snake crossed the bamboo into pieces, and the rhythm of Annan people’s attack was inevitable. The monitor of the class shot and swept the enemy driver with the machine gun in the chariot. Come on! You hurry to get out of there! "
The driver shouted at us, "My side is on fire."
As soon as the force stops, none of us will escape when Annan’s troops arrive! Get out of here and leave me alone! "
I struggled to swing two grenades and said, "You fucking fart! We came together. Of course we have to go back together. How can we leave you alone? Why don’t you come here quickly and don’t you believe me? "
The driver said, "I can’t walk with my leg broken!" " Three Annan soldiers jumped up and fired at him. He reacted very quickly. As soon as the machine gun turned, the three guys were smashed into a paste. A rocket hit the chariot accurately and mistakenly. It was as thin as a coffin plate. The car body got into the chariot department and exploded. The hot dark red flame rushed out of every tiny gap with a lot of debris. The whole chariot suddenly turned into a fireball. The driver disappeared completely in a flash. We were all red-eyed and rushed at every enemy who exposed our vision, shooting wildly with bayonets. After losing nearly one shift, Annan soldiers probably thought that we were tough and finally got serious. They took a walk to cover the terrain alternately and moved forward step by step. They must be Annan agents or veterans of Annan Capital Division. They are in big trouble this time! Soon, there were casualties in our class, and the signalman fell down behind his back. It was his body that hurt him. A sniper shot and ejected through his heart. I and Xiao Guangxi Ma also shot the heads of three Annan soldiers in a row with accurate colors. At this time, the Annan people were approaching less than 70 meters, and grenades flew in large pieces. There were large pieces of choking dust around us. Almost everyone of us was scratched by shrapnel, and we simply didn’t have the ability to repel them.
The monitor was also injured by a Grenade. Shrapnel exploded around him. A foot-long wound was drawn on his left leg, exposing Bai Sensen’s tibia. His face was twisted with pain. He propped up a machine gun and swept away a magazine and shouted at us, "They must be repelled! Let them pass ten meters before, and we will be finished! "
Class vice president said, "There are too many of them. We can’t stop them!"
The monitor said, "You have to fight!"
I saw a little monkey with a rocket launcher pointing at the squad leader and raising an automatic rifle at him. He fired three shots in a row, and two shots missed his left chest. Monkey Annan suddenly turned around and ran away like a ghost, which made me wonder-I don’t seem so brave. Can three shots scare off dozens of troops? It sounds incredible! Small Guangxi is called "Tank! We tanks! Our tanks are coming! " When we looked in the direction he pointed, it wasn’t a dozen Type-6 main battle tanks that roared and rushed over and tied for machine guns, sweeping the lethal large-caliber machine bullets at the back of Annan monkey like a wind, and Annan soldiers ran happily, as if they were cut in two by a huge saw and died miserably.
Lie down quickly, but when they saw what monster it was, they all showed a trace of despair. What about lying down? With the weapons in their hands, they can’t stand the 6-type main battle tank. There are crushed mud there! We can be regarded as the evil spirit and shouted at those lovely tanks, "Run them over! Run them to death! " Whether armored soldiers can hear us or not.
Of course, armored soldiers can’t hear us, and even we can’t hear ourselves. Because a helicopter flew over our heads and the propeller stirred up the vortex noise, it was called a big helicopter and landed 20 meters away. A handsome female soldier leaned out from the inside and shouted at us, "What are you doing there?" Get on the plane! Do you want to taste the taste of being crushed by tanks? "
I have a blast in my head. It’s her! It’s her!
Xiao Guangxi hit me with his left elbow. "Your dream girl played the role of beauty to save the hero again, but don’t you go over and say hello to her?"
I stupidly followed everyone to the plane, waiting for everyone, including the signalman’s body, to get off the plane. After the helicopter took off, a long string of tracer bullets came at it. It made a beautiful maneuver to throw off the deadly fire resistance and launched a simple navigation rocket. It was quite old and was raining bullets at us. The self-propelled anti-aircraft machine gun was immediately dismantled. Until now, I found out that there were so many tank enemies coming out of nowhere, and dozens of tanks fought in the Great Plains! I don’t know if the Annan people trapped us or if we were ambushed by the Annan monkey. Anyway, there are tanks rushing out from behind the horizon and rolling up smoke all over the sky like a flag cloud on the top of a snowy mountain! A powerful tank gun quickly turned the car, and the radar command quickly locked the other side, spewing thunderous fireballs. Tanks and armored vehicles exploded and caught fire, burning violently …
We were dumbfounded. The monitor didn’t react for a long time and called, "This is impossible! Don’t say that even before the war, Annan didn’t have armored troops of this size! Where did these son of a bitch tanks come from? "
Small Guangxi said, "monitor, boss, you know what to ask!" "
Monitor puzzling "me? Know the past and ask? "
Small Guangxi said, "Didn’t you say that these tanks are sons of bitches? Do you know that they are sons of bitches?"
The monitor is completely speechless.
I’m not in the mood to pay attention to the monitor. They are so straight. wait for a while looked at Lilac until her face turned red. She reacted stupidly and asked, "Why are you here?"
Lilac didn’t answer, and the sharp bar rushed to kill into a ball of armored forces. "You are lucky if we are thirty seconds late."
When the clock arrives, you will be rolled into a paste. "
I smirked and was about to speak. The helicopter pilot said "Fuck you!" Then the helicopter spun in an emergency, and Lilac and I couldn’t help rolling. I covered my forehead with blood and swore, "What the hell are you doing!"
The pilot said, "There’s a helicopter coming at us!" The distant light flashed, and all the early warning equipment in the engine room screamed. Through the porthole, we could see that at least two helicopters were outflanking us and launched a fight.
The missile pilot roared, "Want to die? Then you have to bet your life first! " In swearing, we steered the helicopter out of a non-standard but extremely rapid barrel-type rotation. Two missiles were lost, one was crooked and hit the ground, and a pillar of fire was blown up. Where did the other one hit? I can’t find this crazy pilot. I have to wait for no man to fire two dagger-type fighting missiles one after another. Those two rushed to shoot down a helicopter horse from a hunter and turned it into a prey. One of the missiles hid a little slower and plunged into the fuselage like chopsticks poking tofu. One of them exploded it into an expensive and single-style fireball, and the other one was lucky enough to avoid the dagger’s death kiss, but it flew too low. A 6-type main battle tank raised its gun tube and sounded a gun. The salamander flashed by much faster than the dagger. The poor helicopter didn’t even get a chance to dodge. Burning debris flew all over the sky. The pilot gave a bad breath and said, "Fight me?" Looking for death! " Turning to the monitor, they grinned and asked, "What do you think of my flying skills? Why are there three people missing? Where are the lilacs? "
Lilac, of course, there is no way to answer him. In the past few days, Xiao Guangxi was so angry that he roared, "You dare to throw the old man out of the plane! ! !”
Until now, our lovely pilot found that the door of the plane was not strict because there were too many people. Just now, he made a jet fighter to play evasive action. When the door opened, I, Lilac and Xiao Guangxi were unfortunately dumped and fell into the river impartially …
DiYiSanSi Chapter 7 divisions (a)
Have you ever tasted flying trapeze?
Anyway, I tasted what it was like to fall from more than 30 meters with 25 kilograms of heavy equipment on my back. Even if I fell into a river two meters deep, I didn’t feel good. I felt like I fell into a big iron plate. I didn’t feel like I was slapped hard by a huge iron plate. My body was black before my eyes and I could hardly move a little finger. Didn’t Mom say that I would be fine if I fell into the water? Look at those lonely heroes who fell into the sea from a civil airliner. The height is two or three thousand meters. People have to spit out a few mouthfuls of blood and then they can stagger ashore, and then they are a lively hero again. I was almost stunned and drowned when I was only thirty meters old. cheat people! I sank like a stone, my feet sank into the mud, and I couldn’t pull them out. I was dizzy because of the lack of water and the huge impact. The military skills I had learned were not dizzy at all. I felt as if someone had grabbed my back collar and dragged me to my eyes. Suddenly, I came across with smoke. I was greedy and breathing with mercy. Guanyin Bodhisattva I remembered your gift.
It was Lilac who dragged me ashore. She was fine and saved us by the way. I saw that she took a few breaths and plunged into the water like a flying fish. She quickly dragged a monkey-that’s right, it was small Guangxi, which was worse than me. Lilac went to press his chest hard and took a deep breath when she saw that small Guangxi didn’t respond. Is it not good to give him artificial respiration? When you drink "Wait!" without thinking.
Lilac turned to look at me and seemed a little puzzled.
I staggered over and said, "I’ll do it!" " Stepping on that small belly, a small arrow spouted from that small mouth rolled out a few meters away, and a wild spray sprayed all the water in the stomach everywhere. The momentum was worse than any spray. He was rude to stare at me, the savior, and roared, "Tangshan, you want to die of old age, right?"
I cold hum a "who told you like to dress up as a pig to eat tiger? Play tricks again and I’ll step on you! "
Small Guangxi neck a terrier want to argue lilac mercilessly stared at him, obviously she came for nothing, small Guangxi by her stare hair stood on end dressed up as a strange coherent smile "this place should not stay long, we’d better go."
This place really shouldn’t stay long, because dozens of tanks on both sides of the river are killing and stray bullets are running around. In case we are involved in this torrent, we will be shattered. A tank can easily crush three infantry! A dozen helicopters were killed into a ball of fighting missiles like a group of aggressive vultures, and heavy machine guns were woven again and again.
Death net tried to cover the other side of the helicopter that threw us here. God knows where it went, and we can’t find a ghost. In other words, the three of us are now calling for not screaming every day. Let’s run. Lilac tried several times with the army and had to give up and said, "My walkie-talkie is broken."
I smiled bitterly. All the equipment of the digital infantry is the best. If even she is broken, we will definitely not be much better. If we don’t check, we will find that our walkie-talkie is scrapped. Let’s run. If we don’t run, we will be finished! Fortunately, our rifles didn’t go on strike, or we should cry. We covered each other and drilled into the depths of Maozhulin. There were so many bamboos in this hellhole. There were so many bamboos around the lake, fields, rivers and mountains. We would be safe with them. I hope we don’t touch the Annan people, or we would be miserable. They also like to hide in the bamboo forest and escape. I secretly looked at the battlefield for a few times. Damn it, the shells were like thunderous fireballs. You came and I roared at the tanks like crazy beasts. Going from a few kilometers to dozens of meters, the car body will directly turn over the other side. There are more than a dozen tanks that have been shot and ignited a fire. The shells and machine guns have exploded in the magazine, making the whole tank expand. Deformation …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
Xiao Ye is a soldier in the seventh division. It’s only six months since he joined the army. According to the Japanese people’s consistent bullying and glorious reunification, it’s hard to be in the army, such as scrubbing the car body, reloading, He did all the hard work of refueling, and he often suffered from veterans’ ears. Wow, but it is also a glorious thing to serve in such a long-established army. You know, the Seventh Division participated in the glorious Sino-Japanese War-although it was a trench army at that time. Later, Taiwan Province was in full swing, and the Seventh Division was reorganized into the first-class battlefield in Taiwan Province to suppress the Taiwan Province people’s resistance. From then on, good luck continued to rise to a strong force in Japan. After the end of World War II, Japan laid off the vast number of marine divisions, while the Seventh Division was quite good.
Hokkaido resisted fierce Soviet attacks at any time. During that darkest day, the Seventh Division became the guardian of the whole Japan. Although the entire Seventh Division had dozens of tanks, it was not as good as a Soviet regiment. As the Japanese economy took off, the Seventh Division ushered in a golden age. The best equipped and best officers were given priority to be assigned to them, making the Seventh Division the strongest army in Japan. It was a lucky thing for people like Xiao Ye who had not received higher education to enter such a unit. However, it was glorious for the Seventh Division to come to this muddy country.
Xiao Ye didn’t get up the courage to ask grown-up Cao for advice. Cao Chang didn’t slap him a few times before teaching, but hesitated for a moment and said, "We can’t let Annan fall." A simple sentence can’t make Annan fall to Japan. It is a narrow island country with the least sense of security, the current situation of lack of resources, Frequent earthquakes and tsunamis have made this country full of sense of hardship from beginning to end, and it is also possible to expand desperately to seek a sense of security and expand in a real way, and it has been like this for thousands of years. Now the fate of Japan has reached a crossroads, and the Japanese navy was wiped out in the East China Sea and the South China Sea. Even michel platini’s Citigroup was sunk and two aircraft carriers were kicked out of Southeast Asia, losing its powerful Citigroup navy to protect the dragon, and the polar bear surrounded Japan. There is a feeling of being stripped naked, and the polar bear will not shudder for a moment. I’m afraid that the dragon will take advantage of their illness to kill them and come to settle accounts with them. I was gang-raped by three rogue missiles. I couldn’t stand the dragon’s blow. There was no way to do it. When volunteers crustily supported Annan to fight with China, they hoped to get China into this rotten quagmire. They could also breathe a sigh of relief. The Soviet Union was not disgusted with Japan’s petty actions. On the contrary, it begged not to take the initiative to send transport ships to help transport soldiers and materials. It was this political background that the two countries had a rare tacit understanding.
The busy messenger brought bad news: "The Mashiqiao Bridge of Ikeda Brigade hit the Huajun Rapid Response Brigade!" The squadron leader was so angry that he almost dumped the telescope. Well, before the ambush circle was completed, he exchanged fire with the Chinese army and ambushed my ass. Just hide here and feed the mosquitoes! As soon as the whole squadron’s mood became extremely bad, no one expected that a scientific armored ambush would turn into an encounter. The rapid reaction brigade advanced at a speed that was beyond everyone’s expectation. Even if the battle was not smooth, the mid-team leader took a few breaths to build fortifications. After all, the situation is not good. They may have lost the initiative in the battlefield and may face the overwhelming attack of the Chinese army at any time. It is better to prepare with one hand.
Xiao Ye put a camouflage net on the tank and complained to the conductor that "Ikeda Brigade was exposed so quickly! This can really hurt us! "
The conductor patted the barrel of the Type 61 tank with some worries. "I heard that the caliber of the main gun of the Huajun Type 6 main battle tank is 122 mm and the shell is very fast. I am afraid it is difficult for us to get benefits if we really want to touch them head-on!"
The gunner smiled bitterly, knowing that the caliber of the main gun of the Type 61 tank was only 9 mm, which was obviously behind. Even the caliber of the main guns of the main battle tanks of Citigroup and the Soviet Union was not more than 12 mm. It was "crazy" to install the 122 mm main gun in one breath. He looked at the bamboo forest two kilometers away, where two squadrons of Type 74 tanks and an anti-tank squadron were arranged, with a large number of anti-tank missiles flanked by them.
Should be at ease? Those Type 74 tanks are the latest and improved ones, which will not be worse than Type 6 Red Star main battle tanks. Should they give the Chinese army some color to see?
The conductor said, "Type 6 is a very fierce tank, and we may not be able to cope with it with our current equipment ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
From time to time in the distance, one or two gunshots came. It seems that Ikeda Brigade played extremely fiercely with the Rapid Response Brigade. I just don’t know if they have suffered. With this concern, this squadron continues to lurk to Ikeda Brigade to pray that they don’t know that even Ikeda Brigade can’t go back to their hometown in Japan.
Chapter DiYiSanWu Seventh divisions (2)
When the sky flashed, a sharp and long shell was nearly six times the speed of sound, and a medium-sized tank with its head poked around two kilometers away easily penetrated the seemingly thick armor into the narrow body of a hot and sticky metal jet, and swept most of the crew members like an iron broom, giving a half scream and being torn to pieces. "Boom!" The whole tank seemed to be cut off by a knife, and the whole turret broke free from the body, flying up and pulling out a black and red pillar of fire, turning over and rolling for a long time before crashing to the ground and hitting a big hole.

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