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See GuHui go far Bai Gujing spring thirty niang whispered for a moment and then suddenly turned to drink a way.

As soon as the voice fell and swayed, there was a sudden gust of evil wind. In the evil wind, people looked forward to several skeleton soldiers.
Four people in Oracle bones will stride out of the Voldemort.
"Come with me in the evil wind, and the giant ghost will follow the 30-year-old mother into action."
Bai Gujing said the body twisted into a gray gas floating forward.
Two of the four bones in Voldemort will get up, wave the bone sword and follow Bai Gujing with more than half of the Yin soldiers in the evil wind.
"You come with me"
Spring 30 Niang waved to the ground and twisted her body into a pink light to float forward.
"ho ho"
The two corpses will then stand up and lead the remaining skeletons to follow the evil wind.
The "rumble" kept ringing, and the place had just turned into a sea of fire.
Gu Hui walked through the fire, and there were faint gold and silver. The silver flame beads in the abdomen kept rotating and absorbed the essence of fire.
Silver flame beads are produced by the fusion of ginseng spirit after drinking dragon blood by Guhui, and then cultured and melted in a furnace pot. Wanhuozu absorbed and nourished the skyfire summoned by Zhu Rong.
At every step, the fire around Guhui was absorbed by the silver flame beads and disappeared.
"Are you a person who is not afraid of me burning the sky?"
Looking at ourtenant coming step by step GuHui small Zhu Rong this just show some panic.
Calling for the burning of heaven by oneself belongs to samadhi. In the true fire, heaven and fire do not burn, and things do not burn.
The young people across the street went into the fire without damage and could absorb the fire, which surprised little Zhu Rong.
Does this young man still have the treasure of spirit beads to avoid fire after being smelted by industrial fire?
"You must be Master Wugutu, right? If you don’t teach him how to practice, but indulge him to help others abuse evil, then I will teach you master and apprentice how to be human."
GuHui stopped, his eyes swept away, and the gate was suspended. Little Zhu Rong smiled coldly and took out the black iron axe from the ring. He took out the dragon tendon and tied the axe and threw it out with a drink.
He saw a black mans flash across the axe and beheaded Zhu Rong. In the past, Gu Hui’s right hand dragged Long Jin’s left hand and pinched out a tactic. When he said a few words, he saw a golden mans rushing out and disappearing.
"Hum, don’t be afraid of fire, I can’t stand you."
See the axe fly to chop, little Zhu Rong sneer at a jade refers to a finger, she heard a shock to a fire, the bird spread its wings and flew out into the wind and went straight to the axe.
At the moment when the firebird was about to meet the axe, Fang Guhui sneered at the right hand and pulled the dragon tendon to pull the axe, and suddenly turned to avoid the firebird and cut it obliquely to Little Zhu Rong.
Firebirds jumped at GuHui from all directions.
Gu Hui smiled and spit out a silver bead, then turned into a silver lotus, going round and round to meet the firebird.
Several crunchy firebirds were bloomed by silver lotus, and the lotus leaves were stirred into powder and disappeared after being inhaled.
Gao Yinmang flashed a silver lotus and turned it into a silver bead and flew into Guhui’s mouth.
The firebird was instantly destroyed, and Zhu Rong couldn’t help but see Zheng that the axe was cut into his hand again, and once again he pinched out a dharma tactic to cast spells again.
After some time, there was a wave of gas behind him, followed by a flash of gold awn and a three-foot long gold sticker. Once again, a flash of sad interest was posted on Zhu Rong’s back.
"Ah, how did that happen?"
Little Zhu Rong’s tactic was urged, but the firebird didn’t fly out of the body. The essence of fire was like being imprisoned, and it was no longer illegal to mobilize, so it couldn’t help but be frightened to disgrace.
Chapter 11 Shura clan conspiracy
At the same time, the black iron axe chopped down with a roar.
Zhu Rong, Jr. can hide his eyes and burst into flames. When his hands suddenly closed on one side, he abruptly clamped the axe in his palm.
Body flame skyrocketing palm green flame suddenly saved the axe wrapped in a fierce burning up.
Although it is sealed by the six-character true paste, the mana method casts spells, but the body contains fine fire, which can still urge a small part to be urgently urged to wrap the axe and burn.
The axe was gripped by the palm of your hand, and the axe handle burned into ashes, and the flame rolled along the dragon ribs, except that the black iron body was safe and damaged.
Gu Hui’s hand suddenly shook the dragon tendon back, and the left hand in the loading ring turned out to be a method. The golden awn flashed and three runes flew out, and a burst of jitter condensed into a golden hand and flew straight to Xiao Zhu Rong.
Look at the hands changed shape darksteel axe small Zhu Rong was so proud that he was about to say something when he saw the golden awn flashing like a water tank.

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