Jun 13, 2024
However, while eating at Aunt Maria’s home, he was very warm when chatting with the old Grand and the young Grand.

He knew why Aunt Maria came to invite him to dinner at this time, because he was worried that the neighbors here would look at him strangely because he thought he had lost the game.
She wants to let Changsheng know that no matter whether the team’s performance is good or bad, it will not affect their friendship.
But she didn’t say it directly. During the whole dinner, she didn’t mention a word about it, and even Grant and his son didn’t say a word about the game.
This is not easy for a father who is a fanatical fan.
In the end, Changsheng couldn’t stand it anymore, so he took the initiative to talk about the game.
"Don’t be like this, Uncle Grande and Little Grande. In fact, the game was just lost." He had to explain to two nervous and worried fans.
Hearing that Changsheng took the initiative to explore the pizza, the two men suddenly came to the spirit, and Changsheng could even see that their eyes obviously lit up.
"That is that is! We never doubted you, Chang! " Old Grande smiled and agreed.
Little Grand frowned and said, "Our opponents are direct competitors in the next two games … those are two games worth six points! Often, you are sure, right? "
Changsheng nodded: "Of course, I’m sure."
Without the slightest hesitation, his tone was firm and he looked indifferent.
In fact, he has a ghost’s grasp. He didn’t play in the game, and no one knows the result. However, adhering to his always confident performance, even if he is no longer sure, he will say he is sure.
If one day he says he’s not sure … then it’s really the end of the world.
But the two Grands don’t know. They are so confident when they see Chang Sheng as the head coach of the team, so maybe it’s really no problem this time!
Losing a game is nothing …
The next day, outside the first-team training ground in Las Margarita Sports City, many media swarmed in.
These media all want to see the winning jokes.
They think that the reason why Chang Sheng can get the support of fans and clubs is related to his winning.
Once he loses, great pressure will appear, the club will doubt him, and the fans will definitely not support him.
By that time, the media will bombard and bombard again, and winning this bastard will be a betrayal!
They came here today just to see how the fans will treat Chang Sheng.
These reporters can even imagine that many fans gathered at the edge of the training ground and then booed Chang Sheng.
That’s a really … touching scene!
They looked at more and more fans, as if they saw the tragic situation of winning over dying.
When Chang Sheng appeared at the edge of the training ground, all the reporters’ eyes fell on him.
These eyes are obviously gloating.
Journalists have decided to report everything that happened here today in their respective media.
Be sure to let Changsheng lose face and be cornered!
But the next second, all the smug smiles on their faces froze!
Because just after the appearance of Changsheng, a group of fans on the sidelines took the lead in shouting: "Chang! We still support you! "
"Losing only one goal to las palmas is good enough!"
"Ignore what those damn journalists said, they are all a group of bitches! !”
"Yes, I read the words in the media! It’ s simply nonsense! "
"The quality of journalists is worrying! We still trust you more, China Chang! "
Hearing the cries of these fans, the reporters’ faces suddenly became very ugly. They suddenly regretted that they should not have come here!
Mama of, how can you forget, this group of people are all fucking confused by the ever-victorious bastard?
Chang Sheng listened to the sudden voice. Although it was a mess, he couldn’t hear most of it clearly, but he still heard the key words.
These fans are all here to support him.
He suddenly saw the young fan who had asked him for his autograph in the crowd.

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