Jun 14, 2024
"It’s a great game to summon two attack powers and two fusion monsters from your hands in just one round!" Tian Hecheng next to him cheered. "Now there is no monster in his field, which means that if you attack directly, you can kill him in one round! Ah, you’re welcome to clean him up! "

"… seems too simple …" The game was a little confused and muttered, and then pointed to the field. "Griffin, the winged magic beast, directly attacked the Griffin and killed the player! !” Griffin can’t tell whether it’s birdsong or a lion’s roar, but Tianyuan didn’t show alarm but calmly laughed. "It seems that you are still too young to play! I’ll fold a game and launch a trap card’ Wheel of Destiny’! !”
In Tianyuan field, the card was folded suddenly, and at the same time, Griffin suddenly stopped in the middle of the two-person field, and a huge three-color roulette wheel appeared at its foot, spinning rapidly.
"Once the wheel of fortune is started, it will depend on what will turn out, but since I started the trap, those fates will naturally be more beneficial to me than the game, and you can probably pray that God will take care of you a little!" Then Tianyuan suddenly reached out and pointed to the wheel of destiny. "Stop the wheel of destiny and let the game see his destiny!" The tricolor turntable stopped with a harsh sound, just in the yellow position.
"Oh, good, good, you are lucky." Tianyuan pointed to Griffin, who stopped at the wheel of fate. "When it turns to yellow, the battle phase will be forced to end. Your attack will naturally work. Hurry up and let your monster go back. It’s always scary to float there."
"Ah, I came back …" Seeing Griffin hanging his head and returning to his own game, he was stunned and sealed the last card in his hand. "I sealed a card and the round is over."
"It’s my turn to draw a card again." Tianyuan drew a card from the deck and put the newly drawn card together with another hand card in the exclusion area. "It’s really young people who just don’t know how to win and watch the game well. This is the real integration! I’m going to use the’ fusion gate’ effect of your venue magic to summon the fusion monster VII from the fusion deck with the exception of II upside-down man (attack 12, defense 12) and V demon (attack 15, defense 15) to show the upside-down demon (attack 27, defense 27) attack! !” In Tianyuan’s head, a white bandage hung upside down in the blood-red fog. A bat-like demon giggled while staring at the game with blood-red eyes. The bright red tongue stuck out of its mouth for more than half a foot.
"Attack power has 27 points? !” Malik and Gou Liang exclaimed at the same time. I didn’t expect the other party to be a senior monster stronger than the game monster at first hand. It seems that the two winged monsters in the game field will lose one this round.
"I’m upside down demon to attack winged magic beast Chimera upside down killing! !” Tianyuan made the demon hanging upside down laugh and shake the bandage and hang it to the playground. Then he grabbed the bandage with his toes and made a "gung" cry. His paws went straight to the playground. Chimera caught Chimera and was hit by the demon’s paw. The game was torn apart, and his heart was cramped and his body twitched. His health dropped rapidly from 6 to 34.
"Ah, the duel king also lost. It seems that he is not familiar with each other. It’s really difficult to deal with the deck that is almost composed of limited cards." Gothenai sighed. "Puta is really cunning. I didn’t expect him to find such a deck in Wu Teng Tianyuan …"
"Do you understand the game? This is the real integration. I’ll cover two cards and the round is over."
At the same time Tianyuan announced the end of the round, the game almost reached out and drew a card from his deck. "It’s my turn to draw a card. I will change the garrison representation of Griffin, a winged magic beast, and then summon the demon swordsmen (attack 14, defense 12) to indicate the end of the round."
"Want to carry the past defense? You can’t be so negative. Game! It’s my turn to draw a card! " Tianyuan severely reprimanded the game and reached out and pulled out a card from the deck. "I launched a magic’ trial’ and there was an attack in the other place, indicating that the monster department became a garrison, indicating that all the garrison means that the monster department was destroyed!"
Gui Ping exclaimed, "Too bad the monsters in the playground are all on the defensive …!" After saying his word, Griffin, the winged magic beast, and the swordsman turned into pieces and were sent to the cemetery. The frontcourt of the game once again became a state of one thing, and Tianyuan did not care about his uncle’s feelings, but stopped and quickly launched an attack.
"Now I’m hanging the devil to directly attack the player and kill him upside down! !”
"Fold the card and launch the fast attack magic’ retreat command’ to turn the upside-down demon into a defensive representation!" With the quick turn of the game cover, the demon has been saved and retracted. The bandage on Tianyuan’s head curled up with a cold smile, which made everyone who saw this scene shudder.
"Alas, I almost got it in the end." Tianyuan Nai spread his hand. "Then I will cover a card and end the round."
"I draw cards in turn!" At the moment, the game has just drawn a card, which can be said to be one. All health points are 6 points lower than Tianyuan’s. The whole person is in an extremely unfavorable situation, and now there are hopes for drawing a card.
"I started the magic’ strong desire pot’ and then drew two cards from the deck." The game started the "strong desire pot" and drew two cards from the deck and sent them to the exclusion area. "Uncle, now let you see if I can successfully win by fusion! I will call the super-care swordsman and dark paladin (attack 29 and defense 24) from the fusion card group except the dark care master (attack 25 and defense 21) and the dragon slayer (attack 26 and defense 23) to attack! !”
"Oh, finally there is a monster that can hold the table …" Tianyuan smiled strangely. "Then you can just kill it."
"Damn him, I don’t know what the card is in the backcourt …" The game stared at Tianyuan backcourt, and the sweat slowly flowed from his forehead. After a long silence, he finally slowly spit out "… My round is over."
"Ha ha is over? In this way, you lose that only chance to win the game! It’s my turn to draw a card! " Tianyuan laughed hysterically and then reached out and pulled out a card. The horse casually played a folding card. "Playing the folding card to launch magic’ strong desire to light’ and then draw a card from the deck. Haha game, you are really indecisive!"
"Well, it was a mistake …" Looking at Tianyuan with a sarcastic smile, he pulled out another card game from the card set, closed his eyes tightly, and the opportunity to attack was wasted. At this moment, he was really heartbroken to death.
"So now it’s my turn to counterattack! Launch the inverted demon special effect. This card can change the meaning of the field once per turn. A monster’s offensive and defensive means that I want to turn the dark paladin into a defensive means and then the inverted demon attacks it! " The devil’s animal call hangs slowly on the bandage and shakes up. The dark paladin convulses and crouches slowly in the playground. At the same time, the devil jumps from the bandage and swings his claws to smash the dark paladin into pieces on the spot. The game is also convulsed, clutching his chest and kneeling on the ground.
"Oh, this time it’s not good!" City surprised stare big eyes "how did this happen? Isn’t the game supposed to be strong? "
"Wu Teng Tianyuan is really a troublesome opponent." Goth stretched out his hand from the neckline and pulled Amon jade towards duel field. "If you go like this again, I’m afraid the game won’t last long. If it doesn’t work, I’ll fall behind and not personally intervene in this duel …"
"Wait a guy over there!" Just now, I have been squatting on one side to take care of Jisha Haima, and suddenly I stopped in front of Gert. "If you do this, the game will make him hate you, because … the real fighter doesn’t need to violate his dignity except his friends!"
"Well said, hippocampus!" Malik should also come out. "We will try our best to make him confident to survive this crisis!"! But we will never intervene in this duel because it belongs to the game itself! "
"That’s right!" "That’s it!" Later, people in the city and Guiping also agreed that Dalian Puta was extremely powerful, and he turned his eyes from duel field to the crowd. Although he didn’t look back, his face also showed a confident smile.
"Thank you for supporting me so much. I will not lose!"
"You guys are really …" Goth put away the jade ball with a wry smile and retreated to one side, but secretly these people cheered for friendship.
You should be proud of having such a group of good friends.
A list of DIY card tables
Wu Teng Tianyuan [holds the Millennium Heart] (Tarouca Group)
Emperor IV (Warrior, Four-Star, Light Attribute, Attack 14, Defense 14) Effect Monster When the side of this card is in the field and the player successfully summons "Queen III", he can specially summon a "VI Lover" from the deck to attack and place it in the field.
Queen III (warrior, four-star, light attribute, attack 13, defense 13) is usually a monster with love and majesty to govern the heavenly king.

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