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"No … no!" Xie Hengyan replied quickly, "I didn’t run!"

Little green shouted, "Tell a lie!"
"During the day, the kitchen suddenly lost two ribs," Pingke also said. "Did you steal them?"
"No … I didn’t steal" Xie Hengyan said guiltily. "I was too hungry, so I threw it in the pot and cooked it."
"What about the pot?" Pingke said coldly, "What, even the pot is gone?"
Where’s the pot? Xie Hengyan took pots and bowls directly from the kitchen and didn’t think about it at that time. She was looking forward to making some delicious food for India-I didn’t expect to face such a crop when I turned around.
"I said the wife of shop-owner this little his hands and feet are not clean …" Flat to keep his face back to the little green especially indignant tunnel "monster is a monster, after all, if you expect him to have even a moment of gratitude for you like ordinary people? He has no feelings at all and will ask you for it! Wife of shop-owner we might as well put him … "
"That’s enough!" Small green Yang interrupted Ping Kee and then pulled up Xie Hengyan’s arm and said, "Ping Kee went out to see the store. Xiao Xie, you … you come with me. I have something to say to you."
Xie Hengyan haven’t react by little green so pull pull two people together turned into the bedroom when WuNian is sleeping beside the head of a bed into a mountain of clothes and toys are little green hand for her Xie Hengyan all looked up at the little greenway "little green elder sister I …"
"Xiao Xie," Little Green said earnestly, staring at him every word. "Can you tell me the truth for once?"
Xie Hengyan said, "What truth?"
"What have you been doing outside these days?" Little green looks serious and doesn’t look like he is joking. "You are often not at home, and sometimes you sneak out in the middle of the night to get some bandages, including kitchen utensils and food."
Xie Hengyan don’t carve one’s face is difficult to tunnel "I …"
"I’m not saying that I won’t let you do this-whoever you send something to is your freedom." Little Green paused and then continued. "But I’ve been trying to let go of Xiao Xie since we burned the falcon in yiguang. Sometimes even when it’s dark and I’m asleep, it’s quiet and quiet. I always feel those strange birds hovering overhead … This is not a good sign, Xiao Xie. I’m sure you know it."
"Little green elder sister, you worry too much. There is no strange bird. After the falcon died, no one came to trace it." Xie Hengyan saw that she was so busy and comforted. "You are not afraid of anything with me. No one can hurt you."
Little Green said, "Why don’t you understand after all this talk-Xiao Xie, I’m worried that something will happen to you!"
Xie Hengyan’s throat was choked by what she said, but she seemed speechless. She froze for a long time, but she was right after all.
"Xiao Xie is really … so stupid!" Xiaolv repeated two "stupid" words in a row. Although she scolded her eyes, she was covered with tears. She trembled and said, "What? I said and did everything, but you didn’t seem to understand … Did I say it white enough or did you deliberately play the fool for me?"
"What’s playing dumb?" Xie Hengyan saw that she was about to cry, and she was a little anxious. "I didn’t play dumb!"
"… forget it"
Little green said with a wave and a short sigh, "You …"
Xie Hengyan "…?"
"Why don’t you go to work and leave me alone?" Little Green waved away his eyelids and said with some frustration and loss. "It’s too uncomfortable, Xiao Xie. What could be like this?"
Xie Hengyan quickly approached some novels pulling her arm and said, "Are you angry?"
Little green shook her head and said, "Go on with your business without you. I want to be alone."
What did Xie Heng Yanyuan want to say? Look at Little Green’s resolute attitude. He was also inconvenient to disturb before, so he stood in the same place for a while and then turned around and slipped out the door with a hand full of bottles, cans and clean bandages. After a while, he immediately disappeared.
Now it will leave little green sitting in the bedroom and feeling miserable for a long time, only to return to absolute being and strike the table with great anger and say, "He just walked away … won’t this big fool stay to coax me?" !”
Xie Heng Yan Gang rushed all the way from the town to the foot of the mountain. At that time, it was completely dark, and the gravel path of Fuzheshan was particularly rugged. A pair of newly-built iron legs stepped on those stones and crunched along the way. You could hear it clearly in the Woods.
India poured early in the morning to find the movement and immediately emerged from behind the hidden tree. At that time, a lantern in his hand slowly walked to the end of the path and took over the arms for Xie Hengyan. At the end of the day, those sundries came out and took the hand to hold the walking silly puppet and exert a little force on him. His fingers were clasped.
Chapter 4 Li Hai Frost Death
In the middle of the night, there was nothing but a half-extinguished lantern, which lit up Li Haishuang’s pale but lotus-stained face with a faint light, and it was torn and thin.
-in fact, it’s hard to imagine how close to inhuman treatment she had suffered in the dungeon of the government before.
Xie Heng Yan Fu carefully examined it for a while and found that most of Li Haishuang’s wounds were caused by sharp objects such as sticks and chains, and the traces of long-term beatings were abnormal. That is to say, she was tortured by the government for nearly a year in the dungeon.
"How can you be out of breath?" Xie Hengyan squatted next to the stone steps and touched Li Hai’s frost. "It looked fine yesterday … I can’t speak much."
"Good what? Very good hemostatic dressing is appropriate, her physical condition, sooner or later will give up the ghost … It is difficult to save back. "
He knows best what environment he stayed in the dungeon before Yinzhu. I’m afraid ordinary people can’t survive for ten and a half days, let alone a whole year.
"No, it’s life-threatening." Xie Hengyan stepped in the previous step, holding Li Haishuang’s arm, and then poured it on India. "Come and help, I’ll try dressing for her …"
Words don’t say that finish suddenly from the stone steps to a pair of cold hands suddenly buckle Xie Hengyan wrist pa a ringing sound-India thank two people back at the same time only to see that the original lying on the ground eyes closed Li Haishuang now open a pair of serious bloodshot eyes, eyes steep and fierce hideous motionless staring at a certain direction lips slightly wriggling show is trying to speak something.
"Wow …"
Xie Hengyan gave her such a fright that she almost fell back and sat down to the ground. At this moment, Li Haishuang clung to his wrist and throat and trembled weakly, making a sound like sand in his mouth, and everything seemed vague.
Xie Hengyan leaned close to listen for a long time before she could barely hear the fragmented words she squeezed out, almost calling for "compensation", "compensation for me" and "where is compensation for me" …
She compensated her for her compensation, which was to rescue her from the romantic scene of forced laughter. Her whole life was pinned on her generation, and she met such a person who was displaced for the rest of her life. Almost all of her compensation was inseparable.
"Ah … compensation …"
Li Haishuang clung to Xie Hengyan’s hand. Xie Hengyan felt that her strength was suddenly terrible, and her five fingers seemed to be embedded in sharp thorns, which once made people’s arms burn and hurt.
"He … he promised me that he promised me" Li Haishuang’s sharp and thin voice trembled violently with self-control. Suddenly, she propped up the stone steps next to her and sat up, but she still twisted Xie Hengyan’s wrist. "He said that Ah Fu will never die. Ah Fu will never die. It is necessary to achieve the ultimate goal of all of us … and we don’t have to hide and suffer like this again."
"’he’? ….. Which one do you mean? " Xie hengyan frowned way
-the original Li Haishuang mouth chanting to remove the seal compensation should be other don’t want to in this dying when she was obsessed with not dissipate unexpectedly can someone else.
"He said, he said … he was a child of his own, and everything was a necessity." Li Haishuang murmured, "He did all those things to make … his child be able to live alone, but what about me? I’m not so eager to look forward to … O compensation he can live in this world. "
"You … you make it clear who he is?" Xie Hengyan wrung his eyebrows and asked, "Who has to have a child?"
Li Haishuang took a sip of her lips, and her pale face was no longer full of blood. Xie Hengyan tried to ask something, but Li Haishuang shook his head at Xie Hengyan and closed his eyes from side to side.
"hey!" Xie Hengyan said anxiously, "Don’t say half the words. Are you tired?"
He tried to shout many times again, but Li Haishuang never opened his eyes again to wait for India to pour out his hand to explore her, and he could not feel any signs of life.
"I’m out of breath," Yin said, "… is dead."
Xie Hengyan "?"
"Dead" Yin Zhu saw that he didn’t believe it and repeated that "it can’t be wrong to be really dead"
Xie Hengyan froze in place and suddenly felt as if his heart had collapsed in a corner, sinking bit by bit.
Human life is far more fragile than he imagined, and it will be destroyed at the slightest touch, and it will disappear forever.
After Li Haishuang closed his eyes for a long time, Xie Hengyan was all wait for a while until he finally came to his senses. He buried his side face in his warm chest and heard the exceptionally strong heartbeat pounding on each other’s eardrums …
I didn’t see Li Haishuang for the last time when I stumbled to get the medicine pot. When he stumbled across the threshold and returned to his and Li Haishuang’s house, I saw that it was still the half lamp that was going to be put out. The light of the cage was shining, and Xie Hengyan was leaning against each other. Li Haishuang was lying quietly on the stone steps.

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