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After throwing Shi Zhongyu, the righteous brother, to his adoptive father and mother, Zhang Pingshuang drew his sword and turned to the Snow Mountain Sect and said, "If you want to catch my righteous brother, ask my sword first."

Listening to Zhang Ping’s arrogant words, many younger brothers were so excited that they couldn’t help but want to rush over and cut Zhang Ping to the sword, but they were stopped by Bai Wanjian.
At this time, I just stopped in Bai Wanjian to observe my opponent carefully. When I saw that it was a young boy with a dark blue robe and a black belt, the young man held a dagger about three feet in his left hand and a sword in his right hand that was more than four feet. He was still a little unstable, but the young man was extremely stable. Obviously, his strength was far away.
Moreover, my father once told himself that the Jianghu emissary’s special weapon is either a low-handed weapon or a high-handed one. It is obviously not a low-handed one to meet this young man today. Therefore, the younger brothers’ skill will be rushed over and maybe they will lose their lives in vain, and the Shi Qing couple will fight hard for the chance of winning here.
Therefore, Bai Wanjian said, "I’ve heard for a long time that Shi Qing and his wife have a meaning that the Taoist priest Gao Tu is really extraordinary at first sight today. I don’t know what to call him today, but what do you want me to say about Taoist priest Tianxu?"
Well, you Bai Wanjian want sects to run on me, so Zhang Ping replied, "Master Bai has been admiring the Jianghu for a long time, and when he was growing up in Xuansuzhuang, he sneaked out of the temple to travel around the Jianghu, and he didn’t know anything about Guanli, which disappointed Bai Daxia."
When Bai Wanjian saw Zhang Pingsan’s two sentences, he left himself clean today and showed that he was deeply indebted to Shi Qing and his wife. Today, he had to be in charge and had a headache.
So Bai Wanjian turned to Shi Qing and said, "It’s said that the husband and wife of Shizhuang are admired by all in Wulin. There is a plaque hanging in the hall of Xuansuzhuang, which is written in four big characters:’ black and white points’. It is said that the couple of Shizhuang distinguish right from wrong and uphold justice and chivalry, but it’s not just that the two black and white double swords are imposing in the Jianghu."
Shi Qingdao: "It’s true that the word’ chivalrous mind’ is a shame, but I think we martial arts scholars should always be unambiguous in this right and wrong, but I wonder where the word’ black and white’ is now?" Bai Wan Jianyi immediately said calmly, "It’s burning!"
Shi Qingdao "very good! If a child worships in the Xueshan Sect and violates the rules of your Sect, it should be dealt with by your Sect’s teachers or beaten or killed. Parents should not ask. It turned out that the foolish couple in Wulin handed over the black and white double swords to your Sect in Hou Jian that day, but did it happen that the child was escorted to Lingxiao City in exchange for the double swords? "
"It’s a good honour that the sword isn’t here." Bai Wanjian Nai replied that Bai Wanjian had learned about it after meeting Geng Wanzhong and Ke Wanjun, etc. When Geng Wanzhong and other double swords were taken away, it was assumed that Shi Qing and his wife had made their hands and feet, but then they met a group of embarrassed bearers who fled to your honour and asked for details. It was obvious that the people in the sedan chair were dressed up with the little beggar, the skyscraper Xie Yanke Bai Wanjian, who knew Xie Yanke’s martial arts was extremely high. It was a big task to recapture this black and white double sword.
It turns out that when Zhang Ping recaptured the black and white double sword six years ago, Shi Qing and his wife decided to bury the double sword in the clear view, so that the Snow Mountain School could occupy three points when dealing with their child Shi Zhongyu in the future. They expected that Xie Yanke would rather die than tell people that he was taken away by a 12-year-old child, so it will always be a mystery for them not to say that the black and white double sword fell.
Shi Qing’s upright couple regarded the black-and-white double swords as a pity for their parents.
Chapter 16 Sword Breaking Snow Mountain
Shi Qing laughed and said, "Brother Bai’s remarks can make Shimou te look down on the word’ black and white’, and it’s not only Shimou and his wife who pay attention to the fact that you have detained the children and detained Shimou and his wife’s weapon, but you don’t know which rule is in Wulin?" Bai Wan kendo: "What should I do according to the Lord of Shizhuang?" Shi Qingdao said, "A man’s word is a promise, but it’s hard to get a child. If you want a sword, you can’t get someone."
Bai Wanjian was originally a famous character, and it was a shame for Shi Qing to lose his black and white double swords in the hands of the Sect.
Arguably, you can’t argue any more, but he once discussed with Geng Wanzhong and speculated that maybe Shi Qing and Xie Yanke were dark.
After colluding with the sword, he asked Xie Yanke to take away the jade in Kuang Shi and kill his only daughter 2.
How can he let this person go easily with his words? When saying, "This matter can’t be self-designed, please forgive Yu Xian and his wife for their double swords landing in Bai Wan and return them. If Bai can’t deliver the black and white double swords to your villa, he will be beheaded to apologize." This sentence is even more decisive.
Shi Qing knew that his identity was as good as his word, and he said that he could not pay for his life without a double sword.
Open your eyes to see your only son, who is full of dirt and is held in his arms by his wife. Nothing can be said to hand him back. Min Rou has never left her eyes after receiving Shi Zhongyu. She and love have met in a strange place for a long time. Tears have been rolling around in his arms, and she almost wants to fill her eyes. She listens to everything Bai Wanjian says.
I heard that she always listened to her husband’s advice, but she hugged Shi Zhongyu and didn’t say a word.
Shi Qing said, "Brother Bai is serious! What is a pair of weapons for a foolish couple? How can you be a white brother?
On the same page? It’s that we can’t lift a word "reason" when we walk in the Jianghu. Although the Xueshan school’s swordsmanship is strong, its manpower is numerous.
You can’t bully others, you want a sword and you want someone! Brother Bai, this child is going to be taken away by the foolish couple today. "He said the word" le "and his left shoulder moved slightly, which was a signal to greet his wife and draw her sword.
Seeing the verbal method forcing Shi Qing and his wife to take them away, Shi Zhongyu remembered that Shi Zhongyu made his wife crazy, his mother ran away, his daughter was humiliated, and his younger brother was buried in the bone. Bai Wanjian couldn’t help but make up his mind from the heart. Today, even if he is dead, he will let Shi Zhongyu, a little beast, pay for his life, and the other three are masters. Unless his father is close, it is difficult for him to have a chance of winning, so he only has one-on-one chance. "In that case, I’d like to learn from the master’s brilliant plan." Bai Wanjian thought for
Without waiting for Shi Qingkou’s Zhang Ping, he quickly jumped out and said, "Is it reasonable for Bai Daxia to pay attention to coming first and then coming to your hidden weapons to greet me all the way?" Although I am not good at learning, I have some backbone and I am willing to learn from Bai Daxia’s brilliant idea. "
Shi Qing and his wife knew that their righteous talent was amazing, and they had a mysterious skill and adventure. Bai Wanjian named himself to challenge himself. If his husband and wife joined hands, it would be difficult to tell the truth. Therefore, Bai Wanjian was furious when he heard Zhang Ping’s invitation to fight. Although he estimated Zhang Ping’s martial arts, Bai Wanjian really didn’t believe that he could beat a teenager who was less than twenty years old.
So he said, "I don’t know if Shi Zhuang’s husband and wife have any opinions on this." In fact, he asked Zhang Ping if he lost. They were full of confidence in Zhang Ping. Shi Qing decisively replied, "My husband and wife have already looked at their own children. If he walks in the rivers and lakes, if there is anything, my husband and wife are willing to bear it alone."
Bai Wanjian’s sword, which was promised by Shi Qing, said "please" to Zhang Ping. Zhang Ping stared at the tip of Bai Wanjian’s sword with both hands holding the sword. Bai Wanjian stepped forward half a step. When Zhang Ping’s double sword followed, he heard that Ding Ding Ding San San Long Sword had been intertwined and became three swords. Zhang Ping made the bronze long sword with his right hand and the fine iron short sword, while Bai Wanjian made it a snowy school standard long sword. Three swords were handed in, and the cold light was overflowing.
Snow Mountain Sect Brothers Bai Shifu’s swordsmanship has always been awed. I thought that his moves must be a sure chance. Everyone held a sword in his hand and watched the fight intently. At the beginning, it was really wonderful to see Zhang Ping’s two strange swords converging into one stroke and one style. After the peak was broken down to thirty or forty strokes, Zhang Ping’s swordsmanship became faster and faster, and he could not see clearly the swordsmanship. Bai Wanjian still practiced swordsmanship in seventy-two snowy mountains. It seems that he felt mediocre, but it is not surprising that he attacked punctually when confronting Zhang Ping’s exquisite swordsmanship. However,
At this time, the sky is no longer near dusk. Two figures are holding three swords, but they are dazzling and blooming. In the fierce, they are also holding people’s hearts trembling. Often, if a sword comes out, it will spill blood. The sword light reflects the sunset on the spot. Bai Wanjian’s face is cold and proud, but a sense of tension is getting heavier and heavier. In contrast, Zhang Ping looks calm and anxious, and his sword moves are orderly, fast and stable, which obviously leaves room for strength.
"Bai Xia be careful" In the fight, Zhang Ping suddenly woke up and saw that Zhang Ping’s moves changed in vain. Two sets of different swordsmanship changed from the original Qing Guan swordsmanship to Zhang Ping’s right-hand bronze sword. The speed and strength of the sword slowed down but became amazing. Every sword was swept away. Bai Wanjian’s cheek was sore. After hiding for two moves, Bai Wanjian avoided parrying the sword. I didn’t know that he had misjudged the strength of the bronze sword. When he touched himself, he felt that Zhang Ping’s left-hand dagger was numb and wanted to sell it. Just as Bai Wanjian mustered up his strength to hold the sword
Bai Wanjian suddenly wailed and took Shi Zhongyu’s sword straight again. Behind him, many snow-capped mountain brothers also embraced and surrounded three people. Bai Wanjian was the cover. Zhang Ping didn’t expect Bai Wanjian to make a hasty move and let him rush over. He just wanted to turn around and intercept six snow-capped mountain brothers. Plum blossom battle surrounded Zhang Ping, who was furious at once. She left her hand and her right hand. In an army array, it is common to sweep away thousands of troops. One type of martial arts cheats are collected in large and medium-sized ones. The sword of the six Snow Mountain disciples was cut off and stabbed in both legs. She turned around to see Bai Wanjian, who was covered by the remaining Snow Mountain disciples and had been killed by Shi Zhongyu. Shi Qing and his wife were entangled in the remaining Snow Mountain disciples. Seeing that Zhang Ping had been rescued, they drank a "good courage" and shot their left-hand iron sword at the back of Bai Wanjian. It seems that Wan Jian is iron.
Just as Shi Zhongyu wanted Bai Wanjian to perish together, Shi Zhongyu suddenly hit the palm with both hands. It is obvious that his strength is strong. Zhang Ping is not equal. This skill should be captured by Bai Wanjian and saved by himself. Just as Zhang Pingbai, Wan Jian, and Shi Zhongyu were bound to die, they suddenly turned around.
See Shi Zhongyu’s amazing palm didn’t attack Bai Wanjian, but Zhang Ping shot at Bai Wanjian’s iron sword and Bai Wanjian’s sword missed. However, it may be that Min Rou’s compassion moved the day and Shi Zhongyu missed the iron sword. The hilt of the sword made a 100-degree rotation in the middle, but the tie hit the jade pillow hole on Bai Wanjian’s right shoulder, which prevented the sword from continuing to pierce his right arm and hit Bai Wanjian’s chest. I didn’t know that the jade in the stone rebounded on its own. Both of them were shocked and Bai Wanjian was caught by the snow-capped mountain brother behind him, while Shi Zhongyu flew into the next forest.
At this time, Zhang Ping and Shi Qing’s husband and wife did not consider continuing to entangle with the Snow Mountain School, but they rushed to see that Shi Zhongyu had disappeared. Looking at the last sunset, Zhang Ping refused to go to the mountain. Even though he was in a hurry, he did not dare to go out of his body. So the three men met in one direction and searched for half an hour, but no one came back.
It’s a pity that all three people came back after half an hour. Min Rou, the adoptive mother, was the saddest. She just saw him for many years, and then she cried in a blink of an eye. She couldn’t bear to continue to be sad. Zhang Ping comforted her, "My adoptive mother can rest assured that if something really happens to him, someone will rob his body. What will you do?" I guess the righteous brother must still be alive and most of them have been rescued. However, the child has something important to do recently and can’t continue to accompany the adoptive father and mother to find the righteous brother. I really feel guilty. I will definitely come to the adoptive father and mother to apologize after the matter is completed. "
"Where’s the word? Silly child has something to do. Your adoptive father and I have to look around for a few days before we can feel at ease and ignore us. I also believe that Yuer will be a lucky man." Min Rou comforted, "The boy left his adoptive father and mother." "You should take care of yourself, too." It was not that Zhang Ping bowed to his adoptive father and mother and left. Zhang Ping was unwilling to continue looking with Shi Qing and his wife. It was that he suddenly thought of one thing, rewarding good and punishing evil. I’m afraid it was coming.
Chapter 17 Brother Righteousness and Qiaogui
Zhang Ping, a worried sect, rode a little black donkey to Qingguan without telling Shi Qing that the couple were rewarding the good and punishing the evil. Second, Zhang Ping came here with the idea that the sect would die together. Master suddenly sent himself to help the adoptive father and mother find the adoptive brother, and he also wanted to escape this robbery.
Back in this blue brick and red tile Taoist temple, Zhang Ping suddenly felt unprecedented quiet in his heart. He came to Master Tianxu’s wing and didn’t wait for Zhang Ping to enter it. He looked at his master Zhang Ping with consternation and saluted, saying, "Master Brother will not leave easily when he comes back this time."
Looking at Zhang Ping’s firm eyes, he was relieved and sighed, "Go back and have a good rest."
Half a month later, the bell rang three times and four times, just as the door of Biqingguan Hall suddenly appeared. Two people, one fat and one thin, listened to the fat man dressed in bronze and sang loudly, "Xiake Island rewards the good and punishes the evil. The two ambassadors invited the head of Qingguan to go to Nanhai Xiake Island to drink a bowl of wax porridge in early December." The sound continued throughout the whole Qingguan.
Then the fat man asked, "I wonder who is the head of Qingguan?"
Seeing that his master was in a hurry, he replied, "It’s impossible to add a clear view to the sky. The contemporary leader asks the second envoy to rest assured that the old man will definitely go to dinner on time in early December."
As soon as the voice fell, the two ambassadors who rewarded the good and punished the evil threw the bronze medal into the hands of Tianxu.
"Master can’t," Zhang Ping roared out and flew to stop Nai from being too far away until Zhang Ping came to Tianxu’s side and the bronze medal had been picked up.
"Teacher, you this is bitter? We fought with them. "Say that finish, I want to draw my sword to reward good and punish evil. I desperately don’t want him to just turn around. The reward for good and punish evil has long since disappeared, which makes Zhang Ping feel that everything is all right.
"Well, the success or failure of the ceremony depends on life and death. You don’t have to tangle with the teacher for so many years. Go back and play chess with him early."
"It’s Master." Zhang Ping held back her tears and helped Master walk to his wing as if she were holding the whole world.
Three days later.
When my adoptive father and mother came to Qingguan, Master Tianxu told the kitchen to prepare a table of dining tables, so I went to see if the dining tables were prepared when I was free.
Suddenly, Zhang Ping found that a figure flashed like a kitchen in the night, so Zhang Ping immediately saw a figure sneaking into the kitchen from the corridor, and his body shape seemed familiar. You saw that it was his righteous brother Shi Zhongyu.
Immediately, Zhang Ping’s soul returned and quickly came to Shi Zhongyu and said, "Brother Yuer, why did you come to Qingguan and didn’t inform me? Today, my adoptive father and mother didn’t come to see you. How did you escape?"
"The elder brother of her? You mistook me for someone else. I’m not a Wang or a stone breaker. I really can’t find food, and the two big brothers at the door refuse to sell some food to me. I can’t help but come in and find some food. I don’t eat for free. I have silver. "
Zhang Pington was puzzled when he heard Brother Yi’s strange answer, but he immediately said, "Come in with me and eat with everyone. My adoptive father and mother will be very happy to see you."
Zhang Ping took his righteous brother into the dining room and said to the Shi Qing couple, "Adoptive father and mother, look who this is."
"On her" Min Rou descended first and lost to "My bad karma child, let mom see how your injury is"
"Goddess Guanyin, I am not the person you are looking for. Although many people say that I am that person, I am actually not that person. You say that you are my mother, but I have a mother. My mother is missing and I am looking for her now." Shi Zhongyu’s strange answer made everyone feel strange.
Min Rou heard that Shi Zhongyu had denied that she was very sad in her heart and almost wanted to cry again. She said, "Poor child, it’s no wonder that you didn’t even know your parents after so many years. You have been away for so many years, and now you are taller than your dad. If you hadn’t learned that you were captured by Bai Wanjian and that a polite son would not know you at first sight."
However, Shi Zhongyu still refused to admit that he said, "Mrs. Shi, you, you mistook me for someone else. I’m not your son."
Everyone was also surprised to see that he refused to recognize his parents anyway.
At this moment, Zhang Ping said, "I have already asked Brother Yuer when his adoptive father and mother came over. It seems that he has lost the impression of many things in the past. I infer that he may be suffering from necrophilia. At this moment, please ask his adoptive father and mother to think about it. I don’t know that Brother Yuer has no birthmark to let him determine his identity first."
"Yes, on her, when you were a child, your left hip was injured by a money dart. Presumably, the dart mark should still be there. Let’s take a look at your underpants." Min Rou said hastily.
"I, I …" Seeing that my righteous brother stretched out his hand to touch his left hip, he seemed to be unable to touch anything, and his face was changeable.
"I’m your mother. Here are all your schoolmates, Lill, and what are you shy about growing up together? Forget it. You and your dad go to the next wing to check it." Min said softly and then Shi Qing led Shi Zhongyu to the next door.
In a short time, "School sister is really on her" heard Shi Qing’s words, and Min Rou immediately rushed over and Zhang Ping followed.

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