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"So exaggerated! ?” Maple shouted.

How powerful it is to join Ranger Li? Maple Toes knows that if they help, they should be able to solve the world-class problems if they don’t destroy them.
"Yes, I’ve heard of this. I didn’t expect that it was you who gave it to me for the first time, but I woke you up. Don’t mess with you … leave a bad impression on the ranger who came to help, but you’d better not bother yourself. Do you know what I mean?" Keith said after returning Li Ling to Feng
"Understand the meaning is to try to save the country and the people, right? I’ll try my best," said Feng after putting Li Ling back into his backpack.
See maple pack up after Li Ling Keith sat back to his seat with a sigh and his face grew dark.
"What’s the matter, Reverend Case?" Feng asked.
"I can’t figure out why a Chinese character wants Qing to do such a thing himself. What is his purpose?" Keith said with a frown
"It’s really God knows that he showed strength. I think it’s no problem for him to directly push the city of Mitte. Maybe it’s a psychopath looking for a place to vent? But we can’t understand these things for the time being. Let’s talk about compensating me first? " Fengcha topic way
"I knew you must have asked for it. It was really well done this time," Keith nodded.
"Then let me get this straight. I want pastor Keith to help me find some officers who can command. It would be better if I could bring a regiment of soldiers," said Feng, rubbing his hands.
"You really dare to give you a full legion? Why do you want to rebel? " Keith drink a way
"How dare I? I’m going to the civilians to do good deeds. Do you remember the businessman who will say I’m sick? The chamber of commerce where he works and the chambers of commerce in several other cities are going to unite to wipe out those aliens in the famine plain. This is definitely a good thing for the people?" Feng replied.
"oh? Destroy those aliens? That’s a good thing, but it’s also a private army anyway, but it’s a felony to be found, "Case said."
"So I’m not just looking for pastor Keith. You must have a way, right? And I don’t lend money for nothing, "said Feng, picking his eyebrows.
"Ho ho, I remember … you still owe me 2 gold coins? If you don’t pay me back first when you have money, will you still show off in front of me? " Keith squinting said
After hearing Keith’s words, Feng was busy motioning with his hand and said, "How can it be? It must be the businessman who paid for it, but when this matter is completed, I will definitely pay back 2 gold coins immediately."
"Ok, I’ll help you do something. Come to me at noon." Keith nodded.
"ha! I knew you couldn’t do it without pastor Keith. Thank you. "Maple clapped her hands and shouted.
"That’s nothing. You go first. I have to check some information." Keith said when he got up.
"Well, I’ll go first." Maple waved and ran out of the room. He estimated that Keith wanted to check those human heroes again.
After leaving the case room, Feng found that the friend bar lit up and looked at it and found that it was sad but not hurt.
"You want hematite. We’ve dug it. How much do you need?"
After seeing the news, Feng’s eyebrows are happy and he is short of money, which solves the problem.
"Give as much as possible." This kind of high-grade ore will definitely be given to the blacksmith in the guild, but I can’t say it.
"OK, then I’ll send it to you later. Besides, I have a discovery to share with you recently." I said without hurting.
"oh? Say "maple curious way
"One time before, I was always concerned about whether the punishment for players died was paid to dispel weakness, so I investigated it. Now, after feedback from many members, I have determined that there is still a punishment for players after death, that is, being close to you, NPC’s goodwill towards you … it should not be said that it will become strange to you. Can you understand what I mean? It just fades away." Sorrow is not hurt.
"Are you sure! ?” Maple exclaimed, this is the most horrible punishment for him.
"Base can be sure that this game always reveals a feeling of cherishing one’s own life and not fooling around. There is no game consciousness at all. The idea of taking one’s life to pile up anyway, the game just dies and dies, and whoever is unlucky" said sadly but not hurt.
"Let players cherish their own lives, which I also vaguely feel. I think this is to let players play this game with more heart and brain. After all, the human brain will run at a high speed when they are afraid of death," Feng replied
"Well, that’s right, I think so, too. Another thing is that NPC will not treat us as undead players but as human beings, but this is actually the same as the previous online games. If you die a hundred times and knock off a BOSSNPC, you will also say that you are a hero with strong strength and saved the world instead of being resurrected so many times before hitting real waste."
"Poof … this metaphor is almost clear. Thank you for this information is very important to me." Maple said sincerely.
"Information exchange, then I’ll send you the ore now." After that, I hung up my private chat to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and sixty Drunkard
After hanging up the private chat, Feng patted Griffin at the door and said, "You go home first and I’ll take care of the things myself."
"I promise I will listen to the order next time. Please don’t let me go back," Griffin said eagerly.
When Feng heard this, he laughed, "I didn’t mean to dump you, but what happened was true. You didn’t help me, but you can remember that you said this sentence. You must listen to my orders every time."
"I promise! Then I’ll go back first, "Griffin said.
"Well, I’ll see you again in a couple of days." Feng waved to him and said.
After Griffin left, Feng took out a note for him yesterday, and Yvette found a place to go to Keith’s side. The rest is to bring a sharp knife.
After walking along the note route for five minutes, Feng found the place, a cabin by the moat of Mitte City.
After making sure that I didn’t find the wrong place, Feng went and knocked on the door.
Even after knocking four or five times, Feng found that there was no answer to the door. She was wondering if the door suddenly "slammed" when people were not at home.
"Who?" Rushed out of the room an ordinary-looking man shouted
Maple couldn’t help thinking of what Yvette Ritter said when she gave him the note.
"Okay, I’ll find you a nice guy."
Let’s take a look at this man who is full of alcohol and has a violent face. Feng wants to spray a sentence, which is not easy!
However, even though it looked awkward, Feng crustily skin of head and handed the note given by Yvette to the drunkard and said, "Hello, I am introduced by Yvette."
"Well, Yves Ritter! ?” After the drunkard said that he had a hiccup, he took the note in Feng’s hand and squinted at it. After laughing a few times, he shouted, "Don’t you want me to help this sparerib because it owes me money? Look down on me! ?”
Poof ….. After hearing the drunkard’s words, Feng simply looked stupid and forced to owe money. ? It’s absolutely a pit when Lenovo Yvette Ritter gives herself four! Give me back what moved me yesterday!
After a crazy roar in maple heart, the drunk suddenly put his face in front of maple and said, "Well! ? Are you the kid who needs my help? "
Look at that posture, it’s obvious that maple has to answer "yes" and it’s torn to pieces in minutes!
"It’s not that teacher Yvette Ritter didn’t write clearly. I’m going to pay a high price to hire you to help." Feng sorted out the wording in an instant
"Oh ~ I told you the high price, didn’t I? That sparerib is also a rare good thing to do. Come on, come on, come on, let’s talk about it." The drunk grabbed Feng and dragged him to his hut.
After being dragged into the hut, Feng first observed for a while and found that this room was full of wine and drank a bottle, which was very consistent with the drunkard’s temperament.

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