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Cai Lao and Cai Yiming felt that the flowers at the moment suddenly jumped out of Ruxiao Nan’s side and a big black dog shook its tongue and rushed to the forest.

"Xuan Yu!" Qing mo Yan drank with it.
Xuanyuma rushed into the forest with five dead men.
Cai Lao Cai Yiming was surprised that when they came to their senses, Xuanyu had already carried the killed wild boar back.
RuXiaoNan excited to jump from the carriage.
Green ink Yan moved faster than her and directly fished her up.
RuXiaoNan two calves in half waving "what are you doing let me go!"
"Don’t move" Green Ink Yan whispered in her ear, "I’ll let Xuanyu send you what you want, and don’t let Cai Lao and them know about it."
RuXiaoNan this just quiet.
Xuanyu and others threw wild boar to the ground.
Cai Lao and others are coming to look at the huge wild boar and sigh.
"What about the four herbalists?" Cai Yiming asked
"Escaped" Xuanyu Daoqing Moyan told him to kill wild boar, but he didn’t let them save people, so he didn’t pay attention to the whereabouts of the four herb gatherers.
On that day, everyone had a delicious roast boar, and even stupid dogs were given a big piece to eat.
Green ink Yan later quietly brought the wild boar teeth to RuXiaoNan.
Two days later, the team finally came to Shifang Town.
However, as soon as they entered the town, they were surrounded by a group of people. Someone pointed at their carriage and shouted, "That’s them! That’s them!"
Chapter 132 Tigers don’t smell dogs barking. Good men forgive me.
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The carriage of Qing Mo Yan and others just entered Shifang Town and was surrounded by a group of people.
"That’s them!" A strange man pointed to their carriage. "They took our prey in the forest!"
Cai Lao Cai Yiming showed his head to explain a few words.
But green ink yan their carriage did not even stop directly from those people drove into the stone square town.
"Green male?" Cai Yiming anxiously called.
"Let’s go to find the inn first," said Qing Mo Yan lightly, and then put the car curtain and didn’t care about the residents who were pointing around and walked first.
Cai Lao nai explained to the man for a long time, and when they came to the inn, Qing Mo Yan and they had already settled down.
Ru Xiaonan changed his body and dressed as a man, just like a little man with ink hair tied behind his head and a hair band.
Blue ink yan also changed clothes easy to move led RuXiaoNan out of the inn.
"Green male, where are you going?" Cai Yiming puzzled way
"Out of town around" green ink yan light way "want to find a guide"
They were all talking, and the strange man who was clamoring that Qing Mo Yan had robbed their prey appeared again. "It’s that they robbed us in the forest and finally caught wild boar. They should be careful when they see them in the forest with their big family."
As the man shouted and watched, more and more people gathered.
Cai Lao would face with his son. "Didn’t I explain it to you? We were passing by to see you being chased by wild boars and running for your lives before we helped …"
The man grabbed his neck. "You’re talking nonsense. The four of us worked hard in the forest for two days and two nights before we caught you and robbed you!"
Cai Yiming looked at the green ink and smiled bitterly. "Did you see the green male? Didn’t let you help the result or … "
"Hey, what’s your name?" Green ink yan didn’t mouth he followed RuXiaoNan is CuiShengSheng pointed to the importune strange man.
"You … are you asking me?" The man was a little surprised, too. His side shouted and shouted for a long time, and there was not even any reaction here.
"My name is Shi Datian."
RuXiaoNan burst out laughing like a bell ringing in the audience’s heart.
"That’s an interesting name. Let’s take him as a guide." RuXiaoNan raised her face and said to QingMo Yan.
Sincere tone, even Cai’s father froze.
Is this kid out of his mind? This guy is spreading rumors that you robbed their prey, and you want to hire him as a guide.
Blue ink yan eyes flashing flash point nodded "good".
On the contrary, it is Shi Datian’s turn to be uneasy.
"Are you kidding me? I said you robbed us …"
"I know, I know, if you have something to say now, just come out of town with us. We want to look around. We’ll just pay how much commission you need to be a guide." Xuanyu interrupted impatiently
Looking at XuanYu purse in his hand, Shi Datian swallowed saliva.
But I can’t guess what these people really want to do.
It is normal for him to make such a noise like Cai Lao and his father to react.
But seeing this, the man is not annoyed or angry, and he is taking this child … it’s just a girl. How can he take the child out to such a dangerous forest?
"Are you going or not?" Xuanyu stared at Shi Datian’s immobility. "If you don’t go, we’ll find someone else."
"Go, go, I’ll go." Shi Datian even stuttered. He couldn’t believe it was true.
Residents of Shifang Town who are watching around are talking about it.
What the hell is going on here?
Just now, I was arguing that these people robbed Shi Datian, and their prey suddenly became a guide.
I don’t know who in the crowd hummed, "Do you believe what Shi Datian said?"
"… by the way, he also said that Qingshui Village people robbed their prey."
"It’s not another time that the new town drug dealer picked up his medicine basket …"
There is more and more talk around, and the forehead is sweating.
"Hey, don’t talk nonsense."
Just now, they glared at each other at the blue ink Yan, and the residents would ridicule Shi Datian.
"Can we believe a liar like you? Go and be a guide to others, even if you want to take them to the wild boar’s nest."
"This gentleman sees that you are new here and we are kind enough to wake up. Don’t trust this man. His mouth is smoother than oil, so be careful to be cheated by him." Someone kindly advised Qing Mo Yan.
Qing Mo Yan smiled faintly. "We might as well just walk around and not go too far."
Shi Datian became angry from embarrassment and shouted and scolded to catch up with the surrounding residents.
Cai Lao and Cai Yiming are there, and their hearts feel indescribably complicated.
A dispute was thus resolved.
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