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Every day, when the voice falls, I hear a few screams, and everyone takes a look at those big men. One is not beaten black and blue, but the boy in white is calmly in the middle.

A few big fellow helped barely get up, and one of them was still handsome and tunnel "I’ll let you go once today, and if you dare to resist again, you’ll never be spared". Then I untied my waist purse and threw it to Ningji and went on "This is a mental loss"
Ning Ji threw the purse to the store conveniently, and then learned that at first, the big fellow squeezed his fist and squeezed his fist. Several big men cried a tingle and "whew" and disappeared.
"Thank you so much, little brother," the shopkeeper thanked him.
The proprietress of the decoration shop is also happy to say, "It’s really a great time. This time, we must let Kojiro, the wasabi clan, thank you well."
After such a thing, Ningji and Kazuo finally understand what Jiro said, and he will win this victory. It seems that the Kazuo clan is not generally hateful.
The sacrificial ceremony of the Lvmu Shrine in Fantu will be held at sunrise the next day, and it is already quite lively to leave Mustard Port in the early hours of the night before the ceremony, whether it is to support the capitalists of Hehe family or the poor and middle peasants of Wasabi family, almost all the villagers from Mustard Port have arrived. In addition, the two families have the honor to invite the name of Tea Country this year, which shows the importance of this sacrificial ceremony.
The highlight of the ceremony was that the race route of the two families was from the mustard port, and it was allowed to take a boat to the Lvmu Shrine in Fantu to get the Dragon and Tiger Jade, and then run to the Bombay Society to cut corners to stop others or play other tricks, including hiring ninjas.
At 5 o’clock in the morning, the loudspeaker of the shrine sounded, "All right, everyone, now the horse race in Fantu Lumu is about to start, and the Mori Nai from the Wasabi family and the Fukusuke from Hehe family are ready to go!"
The shrine gate slowly hits a red sun, as if carrying a heavy burden, rising slowly from the sea level and flowing in the opposite direction, bringing vitality to a new day.
With the loudspeaker, Mori Nai’s sore hand and Fu Fu from Hehe clan all ran out, and then three people, such as Ningji, followed them, but to their great shock, Mori Nai’s sore hand actually ran in the opposite direction. Just when Mori Nai’s sore hand was with Nini three people, and Hehe clan hired ninjas to act, Kwai told him that three genera were closely followed by Mori Nai’s sore hand, and he himself followed his employer and needed to protect the object.
"Hey little! The sea is over there. Where are you going? " Talking is everyday.
Sen is painful to move on and disdains to tunnel "I’m not going back."
Silence Bai also made a rare speech at this moment. "His decision is correct. Look at Tianyun."
They looked at Tianyun every day and didn’t see any clues. They were waiting to ask Ning Ji, "It’s true that the wind direction is opposite today. If you take a boat along the wind direction, you will get twice the result with half the effort."
After hearing Ning Ji say this, I suddenly realized it every day.
Watching Mori running in the opposite direction, the Wasabi people are full of disappointment.
"That guy really escaped …"
"If you think about it before, he should also be able to think of this today …"
"It was a mistake to let him take part in the competition …"
"Bastard!" Jiro listened to their gossip and scolded, "He’s not like that. I believe he must have his own personal thoughts."
"Jiro’s situation is like cleaning up!" At this time, the leader of Hehe clan and He Lang came over and said, "Today is such a formal day, but you are playing this trick. Now that the elders and Daming Temple are here, you have to make a reasonable explanation."
Jiro said, "The game is still just now, please see the end."
"Hum …" He Lang sneered. "Since you talk like this, I will win for you and if you lose, I will make your family disappear."
"but! I am also a man! " Jiro said, "If we lose, we’ll talk to you. On the contrary, if we win, you and the royal family must quit the mustard port."
"Ha, ha, ha, that’s funny. It’s impossible for you to win." The Hehe people laughed impudently after hearing Jiro say this.
"It’s simply boasting …"
Chapter 1 Excalibur 4
One night five years ago, Sen Nai’s painful hand was confused by Kwai in Konoha, stole the Thunder Excalibur and the scroll of phase tolerance, and prepared Kwai to flee to Yuren Village together. However, in the middle of the escape, the painful hand was caught by his brother Ibixi, who led the dark side. As a result, Ibixi did not succeed in bringing the painful hand back to Konoha, but both of them fell into the trap of Rain Tolerance.
After being caught by Yu Ren, Yi Bi-xi and Yu Ren pressed out the secret of Lei Shen Jian. Yu Ren brutally pressed them. When the painful hand showed cowardice in the face of death threats, Yi Bi-xi had to fight for the secret of Konoha to create a chaos and save the painful hand in the chaos.
After that battle, he was lucky enough to escape, and his brother was dead, so he attributed it all to his own nature. If he hadn’t given up the tenth question timidly, he wouldn’t have been confused. If he didn’t easily believe in Kwai Drum, he wouldn’t have stolen Excalibur. If he hadn’t stolen the village treasure of Muye Town, his brother wouldn’t have come after him. Then he won’t fall into the trap of rain tolerance, and he won’t die … There are a number of "if not" in his heart, but in the end, in addition to blaming himself for suffering from poverty, the shadow left in his heart has been erased by law. Since then, Sen Nai’s hand has stopped trusting people easily.
Elder Jiro of the tea country wasabi family gave him a tall and brilliant image when his hand was sore and he was cold and hungry, so Jiro was the only one who was worthy of being trusted by Mori. From the moment he was sore, he decided to win the game even if he was desperate to repay Elder Jiro’s kindness.
The pain hand ran all the way in the opposite direction, followed by Ning Ji, Tian Tian and Bai. However, unconsciously, they had fallen into the illusion of the rain-tolerant trio. After returning to the original place for the second time, even Sen Nai, the worst hand, realized this problem
"white eyes!" Ningji light drink a supercilious look 36 degrees azimuth insight immediately Zhang Ma found hidden in the dark rain endure trio then Ningji said, "45 degrees at 1 o’clock …"
I have been cooperating with Ning Ji for a long time and immediately react every day to see her take out a scroll and suddenly open it to drink a "dragon stroke!" As soon as the voice fell, dozens of attacking ninjas flew out of the scroll, pointing at the 45-degree position at 1 o’clock.
Hear "ah!" A few screams enveloped the dreamland and immediately dissipated. I was surprised at the strength of several people. Yu Sen was a sore hand and didn’t say anything. But at this moment, the sore hand actually found that his feet could not move. Look again, it turned out that his feet were frozen by a layer of ice.
1 [6] k novel network exclusive text starting without permission shall not be transferred to extract more latest and fastest chapters, please visit w w w! Bai faint tunnel "you can’t go any further. This is a double illusion." He said that he would quickly finish printing and drink a "solution!" Great changes have taken place in the surrounding scene. To put it bluntly, a few feet in front of Sen Nai’s painful hand is a towering cliff. If he moves a few more steps, he will be smashed to pieces.
After the crisis was lifted, the four men ran all the way, and soon they finally came to the seaside, where fishermen had already prepared boats for them.
When they were about to arrive at the other shore, the four men suddenly felt the hull shake and Ningji frowned and drank a "supercilious look!" Then he said, "It’s a ghost. Those guys are in the water."
Ning Ji’s voice fell into the water and suddenly flew out of three rainbows.
"So that’s it!" The first Yu Ren said, "No wonder Yu Shi and the three of them failed. It turns out that Konoha Ri is here …" After a meal, Yu Ren continued, "But we are close to the enemy in this sea. What are you going to do?"
"Every day, you protect these guys and give them to me and White to deal with" Ning Ji decisive tunnel.
Every day, without being melodramatic, I immediately took out shuriken and jumped to the painful hand to be the escort posture. Ning Ji and Bai Yingyu endured the rain, and the three people did not directly contact Ning Ji, but jumped to the boat they had already prepared.
See a rain bear quickly print and drink "bear the oil rain!" Immediately, there was an oil rain on their heads in Ningji, and at this time, the archers who had already ambushed the ship were also dispatched to see several rockets coming towards Ningji’s ship.
"Not good!" Ningji andao Ningji, although there is a protective body to save the world, can’t protect the whole hull from being poured by oil and rain, and the hull will burn as soon as it meets the rocket.
Bai decisively tunnel "jump into the water!"
After four people jumped into the water, they attacked Yu Ren, who also jumped into the water. In the water, the strength of Yu Ren’s body was strengthened, and Ning Ji and Bai still had the resistance. Bai then made a decisive decision to let Ning Ji bring the painful hand to the surface every day. Ning Ji came to understand and took shelter from the rain and endured the attack to bring the painful hand to the surface every day.
Just as the three men rushed out of the water, the white voice came from the bottom of the water, "Ice Dun Ice Age!" The three of them immediately felt a chill, and in their surprised eyes, the sea water quickly froze and expanded outward, and suddenly the whole sea surface turned into a big ice mirror.
"This is … and so on …" Rao is rather boastful and extraordinary. When he saw Bai’s operation, he was still very surprised. His hands hurt and he was surprised every day, not to mention that he almost fell off the bar.
Don’t say that it’s impossible to survive the rain on the surface of the water. I hope to see Bai Cai slowly rising from the ice. When I saw the surprise, Sanbai explained, "This is my blood following the limit. Don’t be too surprised. Ning Cijun and Sasuke are both right?"
"hmm!" Ningji mused and then whispered, "Although it’s the same blood boundary, we are not as deified as you. I’m afraid my eyes and sharingan are all in such a powerful way …"
After another wave of unrest, Kwai and his escort Fu Fu also arrived at Kwai and greeted several people without saying anything.
"It’s also worthy of being a konoha," Kwai said arrogantly. "But I have the sword and rain of Raytheon. So what will you do?" Said to see kwai threw the umbrella back into the sky, but it’s strange that the umbrella didn’t fall off in the air. It was this guy who took it and saw him slowly take out a handle from the glove bag and gently press the handle button. A port of the handle suddenly sprayed a golden yellow Lei Guang and maintained it as a sword.
"Thunder Excalibur!" Bai, Ning Ji and Tian Tian exclaimed, "My hand hurts." For this man who holds the thunder Excalibur, he hates and fears that his heart is extremely complicated at this time.
Chapter 11 Thunder Excalibur 5
"The Lord finally appeared!" Bai didn’t have a fear of the thunder Excalibur, but he still said faintly, "Every day in Ningji, you go first with a painful hand to recapture the thunder Excalibur. This is what five generations of adults specially told me. You just need to help the painful hand finish the game." After a meal, Bai continued, "This game seems to have no rules. If necessary, you can also take extreme measure or kill the other players."
"understand!" Ning times and every day should way
Rebellious Kwai sees Ningji and the three of them are ready to run away. Naturally, he won’t let them succeed. Seeing Kwai quickly print and pick up, he will drink a "forbearance, like rain and dew!" Instantly, I saw that the umbrella he had left in the forest spun quickly and shot thousands at Ningji and them.
"Return to heaven!" After listening to Ning Ji’s drinking and spinning for a while, all the thousands were bounced around, and every day it was not a piece of cake for her to attack the concealed weapon master. However, in order to protect her sore hand, her shoulder was still shot twice every day, which made the thousand masters naturally unscathed.
"Your opponent is me!" See the white quick print "Ice Dun Yan Blows Snow!"

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