Jun 21, 2024
"How is that possible? Reverse the sun and moon and reverse the change of stars … Even our elders can’t easily do such a thing "easily exclaimed.

Ghost smiled bitterly. "My Lord, I can say that we underestimated the creativity and wisdom of human beings. There are indeed some people with great ability among these crossovers. Their creativity has been fully exerted in this world where things can happen. Do you remember the countercurrent bottle in Bill Seth’s hand?"
"Silver hair bill Seth countercurrent bottle? Reversible time? " Yi wanted to think, "but it takes great vitality to make that countercurrent bottle, doesn’t it?" Even Bill Seth’s strength is probably more than twenty minutes when he reversed? "
Ghost nodded. "That’s right, but if the poison magic lotus has mastered the weapon to control the change of stars, how long can you hold the sun and the moon?"
Yi was completely silent, even though he could watch the personal attributes of Poison Magic Lotus, he had enough eyesight.
Although the poison magic lotus dress is very ordinary, it can be found that this man has always been in a state of transcendence.
That’s right. Transcendental materialization
The strength of domain materialization is the publisher Lai Zhangen, a mysterious businessman who was also a publisher. Everything he buys and sells is naturally all kinds of treasures in the divine world. This is even more true. It is not impossible for Poison Magic Lotus to master the domain materialization. The former protoss resisters suffered heavy casualties in battle, and several bodies were not robbed. So it is not impossible for the resisters to study the secrets of domain materialization.
However, everyone doesn’t know that it is different between transcendental materialization and pseudo-realm materialization, because transcendental materialization is extremely exhausting to the body. It is more difficult for a person who has just arrived in the transcendental realm to maintain transcendental materialization for more than five minutes than to ascend to heaven. The root is that the ability to control * * is so strong that even the gods must have the strongest attribute of about 4,000 points to achieve transcendental materialization and maintain it for a long time. This poisonous magic lotus has been maintaining transcendental materialization since its appearance, and it has been at least six or seven hours according to the standards of the gods.
Therefore, if this man controls and reverses the props of the stars, it may really extend the existence of the blood moon for two or three days.
Ghost and easy to glance at each other have revealed a wry smile.
So it’s up to that man to turn things around.
But … Where the hell is that man?
Poison magic lotus yawned greatly and watched the tree become stiff again. The atmosphere wiped the sleepy tears in the corner of her eyes. She went to the middle six people and sat and scratched her head. "Hey, did you think of anything?"
"Thought of a fart old didn’t find who has doubts love zha zha" war ghost a pie mouth fell to the ground "old who want to sleep, he * * don’t disturb the old"
Poison magic lotus hey hey smiled. "Hey, hey, man, did I allow you to sleep?"
War ghost A carp jumped up and stared at the poisonous magic lotus. "I just want to sleep. What can you do to me?" Will I be afraid to fight you if I am unhappy? "
As his words beauty * female squad several other people also got up and looked at poison magic lotus.
Poison magic lotus hey hey smile eyes fell upon Yuan Yifan.
And Yuan Yifan at the moment is dribbling at poison magic lotus two people eyes at that time in the gas to stimulate filar silk flow.
Poison magic lotus smile slowly convergence expression slowly become serious, al ni and xiao feng hurriedly seven hands and feet want to pull the beauty * female team several people sitting on the ground, but they are earned by force.
For the US * female squad, every player is a relative of each other. Although I don’t know why the war ghost suddenly made two mistakes, I must never back down when it is time to stand up for my brother.
"Good team spirit" Poison Magic Lotus suddenly put away her sharp eyes and revealed a big laugh. "Don’t be so nervous. You can sleep if you want. If I kill you, my game will be meaningless."
Yuan Yifan challenged the ghost horse with an eyebrow and said, "Old … I’m going to leave here to see you. It’s really uncomfortable."
And he tentatively turned to leave, but he just took a step. The ground suddenly exploded in a circle of more than 20 meters in Fiona Fang. As octopus tentacles and vines rushed out of the ground, the tree was surrounded by a fence more than 20 meters high.
Poison magic lotus slowly pacing to the front of war ghost corners of the mouth smile slowly fade "you really I dare not kill you? Sit back or die. You can choose one. "
War ghost in fact now in the mind also weak, he looked back at Yuan Yifan consciousness.
Yuan Yifan shrugged his eyes and said, "Don’t be so excited. Just don’t let me go."
Said to return to the original position to sit down.
"That’s more like it." Poison magic lotus nut laughed. "I want you to arrange my game and I promise you will live well until the end of this time."
Lazy lying on the vine sofa, cold thorn suddenly sat up and said, "Why are you so kind?" You are so kind to them that they may not necessarily appreciate you. "
"Oh?" Poison magic lotus smiled with great interest. "What are your plans for that wife?"
Ice cold thorn corners of the mouth with a smile eyes still so biting sen cold she slowly walked beside war ghost set jiao laughs "play games also have a rule, who want to go is not too no rules? Now this guy dares to rebel against you. Maybe it’s someone else once. If you want me to say, just let me send him to hell. "
"To hell?" Poison magic lotus shine at the moment, but then shook his head and said, "We will just play a game, so it’s boring to kill people."
Ice cold thorn showed surprise. "Don’t you agree with my idea?"
Poison magic lotus picked up the cold thorn in the middle and said kindly, "Wife, don’t bother me with the game. My favorite game is to find out the potential enemy by luck, not bloody killing …"
He sucked at the heart of the cold thorn lips, and the cold thorn refused to wrap a pair of jade arms around the poison lotus neck and kissed it back affectionately.
It wasn’t until the wet kiss that the poisonous magic lotus was a little breathless that she stabbed the ice cold gently and said, "Wife, will you help me go to our house to see how the immature puppy is?"
Bing Hanthorn’s face was flushed and his eyes were full of gentle look. "What if the puppy suddenly gets better?"
"No, my little dog still takes a fancy to his bones. It will definitely kill the other two neighbors first. Will you go and see if it is finished? If it’s too useless, give him a hand by the way and let the idiot hidden in the dark see some hope. "Poison magic lotus smiled proudly."
Ice cold thorn obsessed with watching poison magic lotus as dark and shining as a black stone, silently nodded and retired into the middle.
Poison magic lotus smiled and looked back at several people who sat back to the ground. "So … you go ahead."
Time flies, and three days have passed in the blink of an eye. In these three days, the whole Luolan Island seems to be clean, without killing, destroying or patrolling the demonized dinosaurs everywhere.
The beauty * female team and other travelers are still trapped here by the poison magic lotus. I don’t know if the poison magic lotus seems to have no meaning at all, but has been sitting quietly next to everyone.
For those who have been trapped here for three days, there is not much to complain about the facts, and they can also complain about anything.
I can’t beat this man, but he can’t run away from his palm, especially since there is still a thorn in this team. Even if I can escape, how can I deal with the SS who is about to fight hell? Unless it’s a solo operation, no one can guarantee that one moment it’s a teammate who suddenly stabbed you in the back the next.
Moreover, Poison Magic Lotus is not harsh on everyone for a few days. On the contrary, he has been playing some tricks to dispel the worries and fears accumulated by everyone, and he will also cook food for everyone on time. Although his food is flattering, he can barely watch the people eat their own food every time. Poison Magic Lotus’s face also shows a smug expression.
Cold thorn has also appeared here frequently in the past two days. Every time it appears, it will make out with poison magic lotus, and then it will soon leave as if she has something unfinished.
During these three days, people are no longer sitting quietly as before, but gradually talking about the days. Although they are still guarded in each other’s hearts, they are not as heavy as before
At the moment, Ahong is sitting beside Yuan Yifan, a little anxious and asks, "Is there any clue?"
Seeing Yuan Yifan’s strange eyes, Ahong hurriedly waved his hand and said, "I’m not trying to prove that I’m not a ghost. I’m trying to ask if you are roughly sure which one is a ghost?"
"What are you doing in such a hurry?" In the past three days, Yuan Yifan doesn’t seem to be too flustered. Every day, she looks much better and looks less and less anxious. It seems that the hell gate will open at the arrival of a blood moon … that is, a year later.
"How can I not panic? Didn’t you notice that the east sky is getting a little red? Blood moon, blood moon, blood moon is about to rise. What shall we do? "
"What should I do?" Yuan Yifan showed a calm smile.
"Of course, how to stop the hell from opening? Are you a ghost? Why are you so unhurried? " Ahong waved his arm to express his anxiety.
Yuan Yifan showed a sweet smile. "Don’t worry, Brother Hong. If I guess it’s right, there should be no need to worry about it, and didn’t poison lotus also say it?" He hopes that the hell gate will open later. For example, today is the first day when the blood moon rises, and the hell gate will not open. "
"Is it …?" O macro wonder nao nao head "you just said if you guess right? Then what did you guess? "
Yuan Yifan smiled mysteriously, "The Buddha said" Don’t say ".
"Depressed. Do you want to worry me to death? Then you can always tell me if you have found a ghost? "
Yuan Yifan gently nodded. "If I guess right, I know who the Taoist ghost is, but it needs one last thing to prove."
"Certificate? Prove what? " Ahong nao nao tou
"Dear ~" Ice cold thorn suddenly appeared and threw herself in the arms of poison magic lotus. "Our puppy is so slow ~ it doesn’t even have a neighbor to solve, or we’ll kill it and raise it again."
Poison magic lotus is neatly trimmed. Finger gently patted Bing Han’s ass and comforted, "Don’t be busy, wife. It’s also a good thing to slow it down. Otherwise, it’s possible for us to lead out the hidden rat."

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