Jun 22, 2024
Just as people were going to burst into a noise.

N Normal University’s thousands of dollars advanced audio has produced a stronger sound indication.
Shadow demon A died, and the last one landed behind a tower, and then he was stunned by the vengeful soul and transposed directly to the shadow demon.
Because the first hand A Shadow Demon is the revenge soul, although it has been attacked by the Guards Tower, the Shadow Demon directly takes away the residual blood with double rune Yu Wei.
Unsoppedable! People can stop it!
OP group destroyed!
In the guards, a tower shadow demon is close to the residual blood, but it kills the OP body with fear.
With the tower of the near guard road being broken, the five ghosts took the lead in playing the first climax of the game.
Fight the shadow demon in a bloody battle
Let all the audience present boil like a pot of hot oil dipped in water in the rolling air billow again.
When you get up and scream, DOAER, no matter men, women and children, if you can understand DOA, the audience will feel that their chest is full of hot air at this moment.
Don’t spit, don’t shout, don’t be unhappy!
Roar ~ winding yee looked at the roaring animals around him and the position next to him with a face of excitement. My brother suddenly found that DOA brought him the same passion and youth as they did.
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Chapter 34 It’s quite near the semi-finals
Excited to excited, Zhai Hao didn’t stand up and applaud like the audience around him. First, his identity was too sensitive. Second, the intercity league tournament was such a game. Although there were some highlights, it was still far from completely arousing Zhai Hao’s passion.
However, Zhai Hao didn’t think that he was different from the people around him, and he was noticed by several scouts present. With the unique temperament of Zhai Hao, there were still some people who guessed Zhai Hao’s identity, but when he thought of J Jiang City and said that Zhang Zhaihao was going to Europe, he didn’t think about it.
Although there are some differences between Zhai Hao and Luo Qi’s performance and the audience around them, they are not heterogeneous compared with the audience in N Normal School.
After all, after the development of sports for so many years, especially after the emergence of Zhang Zhaihao and Papaya in recent years, the ornamental and entertaining nature of sports has really attracted many otaku and spare-time girls to watch DOA, which is fast-paced and unique in sports, and has a stable position in various competitions and has long occupied prime time in live broadcast columns such as GVPLU.
There are still many neutral DOAER driving to watch the game in the gymnasium of N Normal University. In addition to some fans in the audience who are close to the competition area, many viewers who see the wonderful places clap their hands to encourage or simply smile and continue watching.
Even sitting in the VIP table closest to the stadium is as calm as Zhai Hao.
Everyone is still pretending to be a young man with a new girlfriend, so they don’t care much.
In the game, the Five Ghosts team directly raised their later water people to be fatter by virtue of the excellent play of the shadow demons.
The experience of five people in a row and the head plus a natural disaster and a tower make the Five Ghost Team firmly grasp the trend of the situation.
Sacrificing the tactics of killing and wandering, the five ghosts team LION plus VS and the shadow ghost wandering combination played the OP team very passively.
Every time, the revenge soul of Lin Feng and the equipment jumping knife shadow demon directly fight out of the Woods and beat the OP team in waves.
If the brick is still in the OP, the hero base will be taken away by the instant jump out of the shadow demon.
Yunfeng although small mistakes constantly betrayed his nervousness, but Nai Yunfeng’s hit rate against a dead target was still very scary. By the middle of the period, the OP team had a huge head advantage in the Five Ghost Team, and the equipment was behind the Five Ghost Team.
In the end, I didn’t go to the Five Ghosts’ team to get the OP team highland for half an hour.
After a symbolic resistance, it was too ugly to avoid being beaten by the five ghosts team. The captain of the OP team played GG.
The first field competition of the Five Ghosts Team made you not optimistic about the Five Ghosts Team. The audience broke their glasses all over the floor.
Especially if GuoGuo watched the OP team play GG, it was a language.
Wondering if the OP team went to the Cloud Palace last night and was caught by the patrol when it was about to be HAPPY, otherwise, today it would be like frost and eggplant.
Fortunately, the truth was not heard by the OP team members.

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