Jun 23, 2024
There is indeed a small forest and an inaccessible place to the west of Zuma Temple, but where is that small stone?

Lin Tianxiao and Liu Heng five people stared at the small stones on the ground, and the whole people were blindfolded. Where are the small stones?
Nai Lin Tian Xie and Liu Heng five people tried one by one, and rushed from the rightmost small stone to try dozens in a row!
"Hey? The small library is gone! "
At this point a knight player indecision way
Sure enough, Liu Heng lost one hand.
"What the hell is going on?" Liu Heng asked.
"He is such a …"
Well, the talking knight also rushed, and the man disappeared before he even finished speaking.
Lin Tianxiae and Liu Heng looked at each other and shouted "This is it!"
Two people rushed in tandem, and immediately the scenery in front of them changed.
Return engagement, this game is like this. Many unexpected things will happen. For example, Lin Tianxiao learned from the mysterious old man that the coordinates of the Tianmen in the daytime were good. For example, the Buddha hit the Dragon Island Gate and Lin Tianxiao entered the Dragon Island. Wang Youliang also found this place while strolling with Bi Yuer.
However, Wang Youliang and Bi Yuer met a difficult problem when they came here, so he told Lin Tianxiao directly about it and asked him to solve it. Anyway, he also wanted to tell him.
"Big brother, you are coming!" Wang Youliang is here to see Lin Tianxie and Liu Heng come in and say immediately before.
"What’s the matter?" Lin tianxiae asked
So Wang Youliang told Lin Tian the story. It turned out that after he came here, he saw wild horses everywhere in the plain, and his heart immediately got excited. You know, Bi Yuer is a knight’s profession, but if you have horses, Bi Yuer’s strength will rise a lot.
But just as they were trying to catch wild horses, a’ man’ suddenly appeared, saying that he was too reluctant. How can I put it? This man is half man but half horse, which is Sagittarius in plain English.
"Where is that centaur or centaur?" Lin tianxiae asked
At this time, I burst into the ears of Lin Tianxiae and others. "Bastard dares to call my name to death!"
Lin Tianxiao was frightened and saw a halfling centaur appear in front of him, but he didn’t hold a bow and arrow as Wang Youliang said, because he was holding a harness!
"You … are men?"
"Bastard, I am an adult centaur. You should change my name without authorization to punish you!" Ma’s National People’s Congress yelled at Lin Tianxiao directly with a harness in his hand.
Strange to say, I don’t know what happened, but Lin Tianxiao just didn’t escape and was directly caught by the horse pole.
Followed by Lin Tianxie, the rope in his collar suddenly followed by Lin Tianxie was half.
Liu Heng, Wang Youliang and others stared in horror at Lin Tianxiae, who was struggling for a long time. Suddenly, Liu Heng shouted, "Leave Xiaotian alone and go back to the city!"
Unscrupulous. Unscrupulous. Not yet suffocated. Lin Tian’s evil heart is cold. This is the brother. This is the brother who used to block the knife.
But for a moment, Liu Heng and others were dumbfounded. Here, the roots of the scrolls back to the city should not be random scrolls.
"No scroll, no scroll, no scroll!" Wang Youliang roared and saw six figures rushing in five directions. At this time, Lin Tianxiao had his soul floating in his body and stared at the six people being chased.
It serves you right. Who told you not to be brothers?
"Kill them also to kill …"
Lin Tianxiao’s words came to an end when he was resurrected. It took a minute to appear in the resurrection corridor. Liu Heng and others also appeared in succession. Lin Tianxiao laughed after seeing it.
"This is the field of betraying friends!" Lin Tian evil roar a way
Liu Heng took a white look at Lin Tianxiae and scolded, "You know what a fart. If we don’t run, we will all die. Although we are all dead now, do you know what level boss that centaur is?"
Lin Tianxiao stared at Liu Heng with a puzzled look. Don’t say that he really didn’t see how many levels of boss the centaur was, and so on. Liu Heng said it was a boss rather than a monster!
Staring at Liu Heng Liu Heng with wide eyes, Lin Tianxiae said, "999-level God-level boss!"
"Take a leave of absence!" Lin tianxiae blurted out
"unfortunately it’s true!" Liu Hengyu said
Lin Tianxiao kept silent. He thought that Liu Heng’s decision at that time was right. This is indeed a leader who should be aware of it.
After the resurrection, Lin Tianxiao went straight to the Pig Cave, and the original level dropped by one level. He wanted to make up for it. In the Yema Plain, things were in the resurrection corridor. One of the situations that will happen is that the game company does not want the knight to have a mount so early.
After three days, Lin Tianxiao finally reached the level of 11. Now there are too many people. There are players everywhere. Lin Tianxiao can’t always kill people. If not, he will not live in the future!
"Call it a day!" Lin day evil kill the last wild boar in hand way
"The Emperor’s Guild will launch an siege war against Sabac in ten hours."

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