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"Little things come next. Where are you going?" Pure white hand waving

"Well … the ancient city to the ancient city" Yang Ye took one look.
"If we don’t go anywhere, we won’t go. Sorry about the promise."
"What is this thing said the modest! That line I walked first. "
When he left, he added a good friend to each other and said goodbye to the East Floating Island. Yang Ye didn’t send it directly, but it was a little late at the original line. He was a little hungry.
Hu Xing several people are still busy in the game. Yang Ye didn’t ask them to find a small stall and have a casual meal.
Back line!
The scenery of Dongfu Island is still so charming, but Yang Ye didn’t have time to see it and choose a good target to send!
Shape flicker disappeared in the array.
A few seconds after Yang Ye disappeared, another figure appeared here. Take a closer look. Red-eyed blx! She has been waiting here for a long time, but she wants to sneak up on Nai before the promise war slips away. The other side has also formed a team with a number of followers as high as seven, so she can’t win Nai. She can continue to wait quietly, but the opportunity has never come.
However, blx has patience, which is not a promise. He promised to go to the ancient city next! The ancient city is also a good place to kill people. blx’s heart and body are exhausted and swept away, and he is sent to the ancient city with Yang Ye’s footsteps.
When I come to the ancient city again, nothing has changed. The only change is that there are more and more players.
An Meng is a farmer-type np. It is not difficult to find him, and it is not difficult for Yang Ye. Ordinary players can usually find this An Meng by asking other np in the ancient city-the dialogue with np will change.
But for Yang Ye, these are all things in the waves.
Yang Ye, the shallow indicator of the dotted line of the miner’s hat, ran along the miner’s hat to Anmeng.
Out of the ancient city to the south of the ancient city, it was said that the farther north the monster level is, the higher it reaches the edge of Liuzhou, and the monster level is as high as level 1, which is higher than that of Liuzhou, and the monster level at the junction of human beings will be reduced by 1~1.
In the south of the ancient city, this is a level 2 strange area. There are active level 2 players. Yang Ye came here with wings. Zhang Li Lina suddenly attracted a lot of attention. Novice players are all this. Which powerful level 2 players have cast a team invitation and invited them while shouting excitedly-
"Hey, handsome boy, come to our team. Level 2 violence output team is short of M! I’ll take a trip to Shenzhou! "
"Brother take us? Four younger sisters are chatting and worrying about one less man and several younger sisters are single ~ "
"The elder brothers level 2 bronze sword double attack bonus base attack up to 9! More importantly, bring blood-sucking awesome! Urgent money to sell! "
There is no way to stop the ear scratching, but the team invitation can still be directly set to refuse. After directly selecting "Reject all team invitations", you will never receive a team invitation again, and it will be much quieter.
Going towards Anmeng, after crossing a small river and several hills, I finally arrived outside a farmhouse. At this time, many players outside the agricultural cooperative came here at level 2 to do simple things such as cleaning up pests, weeding and watering. Yang Ye relied on his own high strength to add directly into it.
Nong fu an Meng
Blood volume? /?
It is said that a farmer who is good at innovation has finally planted a strange hemp after his painstaking research, which can wrap up his strength. Anmeng is very powerful and he is also selfish. He said that he would not give this hemp to a person, even if he paid more! What a stubborn old man.
Although it says that Armon won’t give the materials to people, Yang Ye still wants to try-
"Uncle Armon?"
AnMeng raised his sleepy eyes and glanced at Yang Ye. "What’s up?" He does this to all players.
"You hemp …"
"Can’t give it to you, don’t be paranoid." Anmeng rudely interrupted Yang Ye and refused directly.
Yang Ye Nai just grinds his mouth again for a few minutes, but he hears the unified instructions-
[Tong Anmeng refused to ask you for the magic hemp, but you wanted it so badly that you thought of a way-stealing it]
[Tong found a suitable place to go into the hemp field of Anmeng and steal some hemp, then send the backpack extension to Anmeng to see. Maybe he agrees to hemp you! But remember, don’t be found stealing hemp by Anmeng, or you will face months in prison! 】
We have to ask people to do bad things.
It’s quite dangerous to do this bad thing. It’s not too difficult to get out of prison for months in the game, but Yang Ye is not worried about it.
Yang Ye is too lazy to say anything more directly along AnMeng hemp around to find it.
He was numbly stopped by a high fence. The fence is unbreakable, otherwise he will be caught directly and must find …
Got it!
Yang Ye walked towards the discovery target with a bright eye to be continued.
Chapter 143 I found you.
An Meng Ma Di Fence encircles Ma Di completely, and you can’t get in unless you find some tricky ways.
And that’s in front of us—
[Leave a hole for some reason]
This is a hole. The fence was left with a small hole by an animal or some mysterious creature. It just happened that a person climbed in. Although it didn’t fit in with Yang Yefeng, it can be like this now.
Bend over and lie prone.
Yang Ye did it despite some humiliation.
Drilling near the hemp field is full of hemp that can be harvested. These plants are probably out of season, but now it is not the mature period of hemp.
[You secretly came to Anmeng hemp. Hurry up and collect mature hemp. Pay attention to that you will be discovered by hounds and Anmeng! Need to harvest hemp /5]
System and gives the Yang Ye word busy up.
Select a hemp, and then the hemp surface will pop up with options to accept and abandon. Yang Ye selects "accept".
【 Tong is harvesting hemp … 】
With the extension of the reading bar, the hemp harvest is gradually completed

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