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"Your spirit belongs to the chest +15 control skills and anti-chest +2 because you successfully resist the light and mental impact in the mysterious realm."

Listening to the sound constantly sounded, zhaojie’s heart sank
Fortunately, he got the right answer when answering the third question, otherwise even if he got the key to Qingshui Xueyuan, I’m afraid that Mrs. Avery would also try to fight the secret room with hidden treasures, and she always longed for strength, so that Mrs. Avery would immediately decline from the three-legged party and participate in the struggle of the Kyle brothers again, so that the team would have to join the battlefield again and everyone would shout and gesture to deal with the attacks from both sides. Once things got to this point, I’m afraid that the final evaluation score of her party would not even reach the point.
The rest of the people were also rewarded. After glancing at each other, no one bothered zhaojie, who stood at the door, but walked into the arched door one by one and got the glittering key.
"What’s the problem, sister?" After the little girl came out, she asked beside zhaojie.
Zhaojie looked up and saw that several people were looking at themselves with a face of arms and smiled, "Nothing. It’s really hard for everyone this time. Let’s go home."
When zhaojie’s team returned to the room where Mrs. Avery was hidden halfway up the mountain, the Yamagoya had been burned to ashes.
When the war ghost saw it, he immediately roared and rushed to quickly throw the charred wood that was still smoking slowly, and several other people immediately rushed to find Mrs. Avery.
Zhaojie quietly looked at the snow in situ, and his footprints were as heavy as water.
"Didn’t find avery? What about us and our treasures? " War ghost a face of black ash back to zhaojie nu way
Former zhaojie has told several people that the treasures in Qingshui Xueyuan should be based on some skills and props suitable for travelers. After the ducks fly, the war ghosts are particularly angry
"Footprints are based on the appearance in the snow and the footprints of a person who is either extremely light in weight or has a strong intellectual man fit kung fu," Leona said.
Jeremy went on to say, "There is a line of footprints, and the other party should have a sending skill. After entering the room, she snatched Mrs. Avery and lit the room, she sent it away directly in the room."
The little girl is also frowning. "It should be the silver man. Remember when we were about to kill the white ninja, there was a violent rush? That’s how the monster appears and disappears. "
Jeremy praised Yuan Yifan and nodded and concluded, "They should have a remote detection ability, otherwise it is impossible to know that we are away from things. At the same time, they have a terrible delivery skill, which is easy to say if they come to escape, but I am afraid if they come to attack …"
Zhaojie slowly closed his eyes and stood silent.
War ghost snow washed his face strange way "what silver man to rob Mrs Avery? Does he know that Mrs. Avery is the third party who can lay the main line? Or does he also know about Qingshui Xueyuan? "
Several people glances are looking to zhaojie.
It was a long time before Zhao Jie opened his eyes and sighed, "He wants to lead us into the battlefield."
"If I didn’t guess wrong, this man should have a relationship with Prometheus. He should be the’ mommy’ person. He will not hesitate to expose Bill’s hidden strength to test me before the main line. He should have an undercover in Kyle City, and he must have known that we robbed Mrs. Avery. He must have expected that we could get something new from Mrs. Avery at the same time … but he should not know that what we got from Mrs. Avery is the main line."
"Because the main line is that the passers-by are killing each other, whether it is the feeder or the main line, we should not be punished too severely if we are still in the cloth, but if we don’t join the battlefield, we will definitely be labeled as passive slacking. The main line income will be greatly reduced, and the strength method will be strengthened. After fighting with the ninja in black and white, our details have been cleared by mo. When the time comes, we will have to ambush him on the road out of the city. We can’t escape from his clutches. He has taken Avery away. In this way, if we want to improve our strength, we must rescue Mrs. Avery, which is equivalent to taking five lives to face Bill’s hundreds of thousands of troops, or not to rescue Mrs. Avery and join the battlefield directly, and then he can justify killing us in the battlefield. This move is really week. "
"Is this king egg forcing us to join Kyle’s camp and fight him to death?" War ghost nu way
"Please," said Jeremy, covering his forehead, "would you please use your head? We are now joining the Kyle camp. Even if he doesn’t pursue our rescue of Avery, we may be sent to make cannon fodder for other travelers compared with their contributions and expectations to the Kyle camp. Will we not die then? And it is extremely depressed to death.
The third volume I have sold my soul to ghosts and gods Chapter 21 Secret infiltration
Chapter 21 Secret Infiltration
Chaos rises in an instant
When zhaojie and Jeremy knocked on the door, the whole town was already in a killing.
A large number of zombies surrounded civilians crazily, beating and biting the town. The snow on the ground was melted by the crazy heat of zombies and the high temperature of blood, which made the ground more muddy, and this hand-to-hand combat of human corpses was carried out on the ground mixed with mud and blood.
When a few zombies were biting a corpse, they accidentally saw two neatly dressed women in this dirty and bloody town (? ) descended barking immediately.
Zhaojie disdain glanced at it and then turned slowly away as if the five zombies were a group of moths who wanted to fight the fire.
Zombies became more violent when they saw zhaojie’s attitude. They threw their bloody and minced tongues at zhaojie’s back.
A knife light flashed as if the flowers were full of ne, and the cool wind blew across the zombies’ bodies. Jeremy turned into a ghosting image behind zhaojie and followed him into the hotel.
The crazy zombies in the back are even crazier when they see this scene, but their anger can stop there, because when they lean forward again, their heads have already tumbled to the ground.
When zhaojie walked into the room, the three war ghosts were already waiting for him.
Zhaojie sat cross-legged at the round table on the floor and scanned it for a week. He said, "Although the fighting between the two brothers is good for us, Bill is so anxious and provocative that I really didn’t expect that there seems to be that’ silver’ shadow behind this."
Jeremy was also sitting next to him and heard his words and asked, "Do you mean that’ silver’ has something in Bill’s hand that can change Bill’s mind?"
"Yes," zhaojie nodded. "Two days ago, we fought in Kyle Castle, which was quite fierce. Bill couldn’t have failed to get the information. Although there are many zombies in his hands, the elite seldom know that zombies are strong compared with ordinary people because they have infected chests, but they are stronger and more agile for the same zombies. The number of opponents has already changed the game. My previous encounter in Mocheng, Gasco, made me believe that Bill has a way to control zombies, so when he needs to give him a period of adaptation, he believes that he will certainly be able to build a general formation to charge or cover these zombies. But now he is so busy lighting
The war ghost said lazily, "Maybe he doesn’t think Kyle cares about this town?"
Little Lori said, "It’s impossible for both Kyle and Bill to know the importance of this town. It’s not only Kyle’s supply logistics, but also his most loyal team."
Zhaojie nodded. "The battle will start soon and the battle site must be in this town."
"What?" This question is a little girl.
Zhaojie patiently replied, "Because Bill didn’t dare to be too aggressive, he charged directly at Kyle Castle, because one or more monsters were unknown, so Bill would cause a siege attack on Kyle and force him to fight a decisive battle."
"Without water and food, even if there are zombies in Kyle’s castle, they will definitely attack because of metabolic consumption …" Jeremy asked with a pair of dark eyes. "But this town is so important to Kyle, why doesn’t he just go to the mountains?"
Zhaojie laughed. "This small town base has been destroyed by zombies. Do you think the dead are still beneficial? How could Kyle have inspired a group of dead people to rush up the mountain and fight with his brother? "
"What do you think we should do now?" Zen Ghost said, "If you really do as you say, Bill’s army must have moved silver and his hands may have come to this town."

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