Jun 26, 2024
Attack 51

Defense 51
Level 2 is required.
Need a career
Horn ring (whiteboard)
Physical attack 11
Level 2 is required.
Need professional soldiers, knights
It’s not bad. There are three horn rings in this big bracelet, and the fourth brother just gave it to Wang Youliang’s department and left a big bracelet belt for himself.
Return engagement, a game player, can wear four rings, two bracelets, two earrings, a helmet, underwear and a necklace. The weapon has an extra shield for soldiers and knights.
With these pieces of equipment, Wang Youliang’s attacks are obviously high, especially limited attacks. Every attack is at least 100 points of blood. If there is a crit, it will soon break thousands, which makes Wang Youliang have a great feeling, but it is a good match with his id.
Lin Tianxiao’s side is constantly looking for the tomb of the skeleton emperor, but Chen Peng’s side has found three entrances, but he has not entered, but is waiting for more players to come to Lin Tianxiao’s soul to attack the fire operator. He saw the power of that operator, and to be honest, he really dare not fight hard.
Now, the number of players on the first floor of Skull Cave is gradually decreasing, and all the strange parts of Skull are eliminated by players. At the same time, they are also shown in the ears of Lin Tianxiao and Wang Youliang on the third floor.
"Congratulations to the player, five words have floated in the sky, and the team has eliminated all monsters on the first floor of Skull Cave. The completion level has reached five stars. Due to the perfect completion of the first stage, the special reward experience+50,000 hope +2 gold coins +2!"
Huh? Lin Tianxiao and Wang Youliang looked at each other. They didn’t expect this to be staged, and after completing a stage, they would get rewards at this stage, and the rewards were so rich.
"It seems that we really want to thank Chen Peng. Without him, we would have finished the first stage. I’m afraid we wouldn’t have finished it in such a short time and the reward wouldn’t be so high." Wang Youliang laughed because this time the reward made him directly rise two levels.
Even Lin Tian-xie has 50,000 experiences, and the remaining experience is more than 60%, which is a little exciting.
If Chen Peng knew that he had helped Lin Tianxie and Wang Youliang, what kind of expression would it be?
Chapter 23 Disaster East Lead ()
Lin Tianxiao and Wang Youliang have turned more than half of the three floors of the Skull Cave, but they still haven’t found the tomb of the Skull Emperor. The player on the second floor of the Skull Cave finally broke through 20,000. It can be said that the second floor of the Skull Cave has been occupied by players, and the monster was found to be eliminated in a hubbub just like the novice village.
"Congratulations to the player, five words have floated in the sky, and the team has eliminated all monsters on the second floor of Skull Cave. The completion level has reached five stars. Due to the perfect completion of the second stage special reward experience+10,000 hope +4 gold coins +4!"
Two upgraded lights rose from the evil body of Lin Tian, and the blink of an eye kung fu level rose by two levels, reaching level 32. Yu Youliang also jumped into the top ten rankings and ranked first, with the current level of 27.
It was at the beginning that Lin Tianxiao met the player on the third floor of Skull Cave. At this time, he was surprised that he was going to catch up with the first place, but the first person suddenly became level 3. After an hour, the registration changed and immediately became level 32. It was simply upgrading by rocket, and he couldn’t catch up with his flattery!
"Who the hell is this man? What level has risen so fast! " Our day staring at the ranking murmured
"Huh?" When did this person come out? At this time, our day also saw Wang Youliang’s id limit arrogance.
"This person is no longer in the ranking list, so he suddenly rose several levels?"
It’s as if I thought of something. I looked at the number one person and then at the arrogance. I immediately came for nothing to find the mysterious person who ranked first. It is very likely that it will be revealed.
"Hey, I didn’t expect to meet you again!"
Just when he was concentrating on things, the words fell into his ears. Looking back, it was actually the first time that he met that player and there was another person beside him.
Wait, this guy’s id is …
Limiting arrogance, so he is the number one person? Our day immediately stare at Lin Tianxie as if to see through something.
Lin Tian evil heart a sudden andao won’t let him guess, right? See him and be afraid to be guessed before you leave quickly.
That’s right. When Lin Tianxiae saw Xiongtian the next time, he already knew that he was the second in the ranking, because return engagement wouldn’t have the same name, even if it was similar.
Note: for example, it is not recognized that others think of Xiongtian 1 or Xiongtian 2.
"Brother, can you show your name!" Our days directly stopped Lin Tianxiao who wanted to leave.
Lin Tianxiao followed with a smile, "Brother, what is this?"
"Nothing, just want to see if you are that person!"
"I know!"
Nai shook his head, and Lin Tianxie directly sent out a friend application. Seeing the name dominating the day, he laughed because there was lv32 displayed behind the name.
Our day accepted the application with a smile, but he didn’t think it was Lin Tianxie who actually sent out a team application again. He glanced at Lin Tianxie’s day and chose to join.
See Lin Tianxiao with a wretched smile and then patted our shoulders and walked ahead. Suddenly, a chill rose as if we were overcast.
At this time, Wang Youliang smiled and said, "Good brothers add a friend first in life and death!"
Hearing Wang Youliang’s words, Xiongtian was more sure that he might have been a thief, and immediately agreed to Wang Youliang’s friend’s application and asked, "What’s the matter?"
"Didn’t you hear the system before? Take a good look! " Wang Youliang finished with the pace of Lin Tianxiao.
Our day glanced at Lin Tianxiao’s name and thought for a moment, immediately thinking of the former broadcast.
"Oh, my God, why am I so weak? Is this a false start?"
"Brother, if you have nothing to do, just have fun!"
With Xiong Tian, the leveling madman joined Lin Tianxiao’s team to travel faster, and let them not think that the experience after the team was not slow but fast.
Cut down the skeleton in front of you, general, and dominate heaven. "Nima has finally reached level 29, and it will be very easy to chase you. Who knows that you are sitting on a rocket, but people are more popular than dead people." Dominating heaven has already known the upgrade method of Lin Tianxiao, and even said that the world is unfair and unpopular, but there is no complaint when you learn that it is dominant this time.
Chen Peng side finally entered the third floor with the large forces, and soon Chen Peng came to the front position. When a skeleton monster was killed for half a day, the third floor monster department of the skull hole was eliminated, but there was no evil shadow of Lin Tian.
"Look, everyone, there seems to be a mausoleum there!"
At this time, a player called Chen Peng’s attention. Chen Peng looked intently and saw that a path with three people walking side by side appeared in front. At the end of the path, there was a huge mausoleum.
"Kill in five words should be in it!" Chen Peng shouted that many players immediately marched towards the mausoleum, and Chen Peng also stepped on this path in the crowd.
It is said that Lin Tianxie came to an end and finally saw this goal. Without saying anything, he stepped directly to the mouth of the mausoleum. Wang Youliang took the lead in entering the mausoleum, followed by Lin Tianxie, and also added a cure to Wang Youliang.
It’s not attacked by monsters like Lin Tianxiao and they want to. It’s not dark here because the wall is inlaid with many night beads.
This is a typical emperor’s mausoleum, which is very huge, but Lin Tianxiao’s place is just a passage, but twenty people can walk side by side.
"How strange!"
Dominant Tian Tucao said that Lin Tianxiae nodded and agreed. It is really strange here without guards, but it is very quiet. "It will be very quiet before the storm."
It is very strange that the three people carefully went deep into this passage for a full kilometer. Only then did they see a gate at the end. Three people kept beating drums in front of the gate, especially Lin Tianxiao felt a sense of fear.
"Attention, everyone, there is a little uneasiness in my heart!" Lin Tianxiao woke up and gave all three people a cure. This just patted Wang Youliang on the shoulder.
Wang Youliang knowingly plunged into the door, followed by our day, and Lin Tianxie came last.
This time it was not as simple as the second time. As soon as Lin Tianxiao entered, he saw that Wang Youliang and Xiong Tian were besieged by more than ten skeleton generals. Lin Tianxiao immediately summoned the skeleton brother to join the battle.
Soon, more than a dozen skeleton generals were eliminated, and three people packed up an explosion and moved on, killing and advancing deeply for more than two thousand meters before they came to an end.
"Have you two noticed that we seem to be walking towards the ground!" At this time, Xiong Tian frowned and said, "Although what we are walking is not very obvious, I can feel that we are at least ten meters deep now."
"No, it’s only ten meters after walking so far? Are you hitting on us? " Wang Youliang asked with a skeptical look.
Lin Tianxiao stopped Wang Youliang at this time and said lightly, "Yes, Xiong said that we are deeply involved." After Lin Tianxiao looked at Xiong Tian.

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