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"What about them!"

Girls are always like this. It’s easy to get confused. The situation is influenced by the environment and feelings!
"They! Ask for more happiness! "
Yu Yan’s eyes are slightly cold. Nangong Fang has seen that thing. He should have guessed some! It’s a good thing I left a hand, otherwise I’m afraid I’m doomed today! The biggest difference between the celestial world and Zhongzhou lies in the difference in strength. It is well known that the spiritual force in Zhongzhou is thin, and many powerful techniques have been sealed up. No matter how good things are, they are also wastes. But in other words, the people of Shenyue City are not good at fighting in the place where the spiritual force is thin. Is there a spiritual weapon and a symbol to protect themselves from the Terran in Zhongzhou? You have already decided to eradicate dissidents like this, right? Do you mean it or respect the Lord?
"The Lord will not do this!"
After listening to Yu Yan, even if Qiu Di immediately refuted it, it seems that she firmly believes in the Lord!
"Not!" Sneer at a sudden shot at the rock, the seven seven forty-nine runes fell on Qiu Di’s body together, and the golden light suddenly appeared, and Qiu Di was sealed up! In the end, she didn’t expect that a friend who fought side by side with a slight affection would suddenly make a move after just saving her.
"What are you doing!"
Looking at Yu Yan getting closer and closer, Qiu Di found that it seemed as if she didn’t know this person, as if he were a stranger.
"What do you know! Didn’t Nangong ask you to get close to me to explore the loss of virginity of the virgin and me? You might as well see the answer yourself! "
"You know!" Suddenly, Yu Yan exposed his secret, and Qiu Di’s face became ugly in an instant.
Early in the morning, Nangong Fang suspected that the virgin had been taken away by a mysterious man and Yu Yan had a few inquiries, but Qiu Di couldn’t ask the reason. It seems that these two people have inexplicable secrets, but because of the order that Qiu Di is still close to Yu Yan, she wants to explore this matter. Because she believes that Yu Yan is a koo, she wants to personally prove the truth of this matter and prove that Yu Yan is innocent. But this time, she panicked!
"You! Still too young, "Yu Yan said, and walked into the front of Qiu Di. No one was pale because of various negative emotions, and gently stroked Qiu Di’s face. It felt good! If she absorbs her own skill, she will be able to break through another layer! Still, the significance of these masters is much stronger than that of the ten Taoist Ding Lu. I don’t know how many times it is a pity that the women in Yin Shuang Pavilion are all beautiful, but they can’t eat the goods. But if you absorb Qiu Di’s skill, you should have a chance! Thinking about the snap of autumn, the clothes on the chest are torn, and the close-fitting clothes are exposed to the cold wind, which is far from being exposed to the cold of the opposite sex men.
"Don’t!" At this moment, Qiu Di has understood the development of things, saying that nothing is begging for mercy but the palest ability!
"Don’t ha ha, waiting for you will be dying. You’d better finish it! It’s no wonder that the Nangong is bent on breaking through the bottleneck of the double cultivation of Yin and Yang in heaven and earth. It’s a pity that he won’t absorb too many complicated forces, but it’s just a trail. This method can’t break through the bottleneck after all. It’s really necessary to thank you for leaving me this beauty. "
Said Yu Yan, as if crazy, close to Qiu Di’s chest, with white towering teeth biting in the face, without pity, without pity, and constantly tearing Qiu Di’s clothes, Qiu Di was stripped naked in a short time.
"So it’s really you!" At this moment, the Mid-Autumn Festival is desperate, but calm down and calm down!
"That’s right. I was the only one who knew that everyone who was with the little Lord was dead when he kept secrets from the Lord. I came back to life. He always knew that thing, but he didn’t know that skill. I also saw it. Only when I beat him to break the virgin body did he suspect that I wanted to kill me, but it’s a pity that he was too stupid to be my opponent!" Triumphantly, Yu Yan told the past as if he had calculated that Nangong Fang was a very proud thing, but he didn’t notice that Qiu Di was bound and his body slowly trembled.
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"Don’t wait lightly. I’m afraid of pain!"
It’s like life, Qiu Di pleaded, soft and beautiful.
"Hehe, I will!" Yu Yan said that the undressing has already been furious and busy, and the final preparations have been made.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-six, counterattack and counterattack
"Do you know what I’ve been around the little Lord for so many years and he hasn’t touched me?"
Just as Yan wanted to do something, he was like Qiu Di’s body. When he closed his eyes, Qiu Di suddenly spoke.
"What?" Urgent color Yu Yan didn’t hear the rhetorical question clearly, but Qiu Di has acted to tell him the answer. As Qiu Di gently opened his mouth, a purple smoke inexplicably spit out from her mouth, which could be blocked by the Iwate. The purple smoke touched the Iwate arm and suddenly became a purple snake wrapped around the Iwate arm.
"Not good!" In rock dark call a bad pull push a few golden light at first, but arm purple snake winding and instantaneous in rock feel my body out of control.
"I mean, what do you know? I’ve been with the little Lord for so many years and he hasn’t touched me?" Like two people, Qiu Di was torn by Yu Yan’s torn clothes and barely covered the important parts of his body.
"Do you know the answer now?"
The role is instantly exchanged. Yu Yan can’t help but want to course the psychic force to regain control of the body, but the body doesn’t feel the slightest psychic force like it doesn’t belong to him.
"You know what? I grew up soaked in poison, and I am a highly toxic poison. Your poisoning name is ecstasy, which is a rare aphrodisiac poison. It can instantly make men’s ability 100 times higher. Of course, I said in what way, but it will also consume poisoning power, such as Jingyuan. I think you should know what this means after so many years of specialized research and double cultivation! You have two choices now: you can burn yourself with desire and die of exhaustion, or you can vent your desire until you die! However, "said Qiu Di, with great interest, squatting in front of the rock to deliberately show his chest white twin peaks.
At the moment, Yu Yan seems to be a lion dominated by desire, but he can see but can’t touch it in a cage, which makes him feel strange and itchy. He wants to vent his stomach heat, but he can’t move.
He naturally understands what this is. The double cultivation method is despised by the world because it supplements the skill by absorbing one side’s essence. How careful you are? Doing too much of this kind of thing is always harmful to your health and consuming more essence. If you really like Qiu Di, you will probably die. It’s ugly!
"But I can give you anything you want!" I heard Qiu Di say two words, but Yu Yan knew that she was really planted this time. It turned out to be in that stupid little girl’s hand. Don’t feel so upset, but people have to bow their heads in the eaves. At this time, Yu Yan can’t care about it.
"Ha ha, you are smart. I want to know what happened to the girl who was chosen as a saint!"
Qiu Di smiled and said that exposing more naked skin would be pleasant to death if it were normal in the rock, but now Qiu Di’s beautiful skin seems to be a death warrant poison, which makes the body toxin send to the rock more quickly and feels that he is going to die!
"She is still alive and I have hidden her!" Almost want to also don’t want to Yu Yan said!
"Oh, yeah?" Qiu Di smiled, but her flowery face glistened with two drops of tears. "If you don’t tell the truth, I don’t mind leaving you here. You should be ashamed of your present situation. If there is a woman, you may save your life. Otherwise!"
"I’m telling the truth. She was hidden by me and put in a place where I know. You should detoxify me quickly or else."
Before Yu Yan finished, Qiu Di held out his hand and a loud slap fell on his face.
"in that case, stay here by yourself!" With that, Qiu Di turned to go.
"Don’t, don’t, don’t, I’m begging you." Yu Yan struggled to hold Qiu Di’s legs and cried greedily, but she was suddenly kicked by Qiu Di.
"Get out of here, you beast!"
Qiu Di’s disgust kicked the rock in front of people like a ball of garbage, and there was still a little bit of the superior demeanor of the younger generation in Shenyue City. After that, he was a beast and a complete beast!
"You know what? The most wrong thing I have done in my life is to be friends with you. I believe you but hurt my best friend! "
Qiu Di pulled out his sword and put it beside Yu Yan and said, "You commit suicide! Go to that world and confess to Ran Yue! Go and kneel at her feet and repent of your sins! "

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