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"Has the angel been killed?" ChuFei asked according to his estimate LanRe invited the angel should be killed shadow wing magic fendi forget it for so long if you can’t kill the angel is really a heavy loss!

"Well, that’s why I’m worried that when hell invaded the human world, angels were indeed killed at that time. From that time until now, this is the first time that angels were killed by demons. What in hell suddenly gave up for so many years and suddenly became active? This is really incredible!" Beatrice frowned and said, "It’s worthy to be a descendant of the royal family who always thinks about something big."
"This will be beneficial to human beings. If the hell is ready to ignite the war again, then heaven will have to support human beings. After all, the strength of hell demons in the human world will be limited because of the laws of the two realms, but it will be more convenient than heaven. In the face of this situation, heaven will definitely move, for example, like the Sakaram church, which will give believers strength again, so that the number of people who change jobs will increase. The most important thing is that even if the war is resumed, the whole world will not ignite the war in an instant. The balance of the three realms is not so easy to break, so we sometimes have
"Chu Fei doesn’t know if I’m under the illusion that you don’t seem surprised at all, but a little surprised?" Beatrice was puzzled and asked, "How could this kind of thing not be shocked?" It happened that Chufei acted as if she were saying something ordinary, but it seemed that she could hide her emotions. Is it joy?
"Ha ha, have you seen it? It’s really a surprise, but I can’t tell you now." Chufei smiled faintly. In fact, he just laughed and twitched in the building. He suddenly jumped from the horse to the twenty-seventh and twenty-sixth grades, and his experience was actually full. Even if he broke through the bottleneck, he could reach the thirty grade. This joy was not concealed.
PS, someone asked what to take the water mill trap. You won’t forget that the protagonist has free eyes! Secondly, according to the blizzard jump ticket system, Diablo III will take two years at least, but after watching the video released before Diablo III, I am fascinated by witch doctor skills.
Part III Chapter 10 Bottleneck and Preparation
No wonder so many people have passed the Dharma. It seems that you can feel it, but you can’t explain it. This kind of situation is like hearing that a yogi meets evil influence and you can break through. Chu Fei thought that the so-called breakthrough should actually be similar to an epiphany.
At the moment when the evil Lord died, the brilliant golden light fell from the sky and raised his level to 29 in one breath. In fact, this experience has already reached the level 30 requirement, but it has not been promoted to level 30 due to the bottleneck. However, this is already a great day. For the bottleneck of level 30, Chufei vaguely touched a little bit, and it will take some time to explore.
This is urgent. Now Chufei’s mood is in a state of riots and general instability. It’s not so easy to eliminate this sudden surprise by meditation. Chufei estimated that it takes two days to calm down, which means that you can’t break through the bottleneck of level 30 in these two days. Since you can’t do business in these two days, you can’t wave.
Alas, Chu Fei now understands the feelings of those little guys who are showing off everywhere. This combination has dealt a heavy blow to Lan Ruosi. More importantly, he has gained so much experience as soon as he got back. A distance of 30 is just a bottleneck. It’s not a good feeling that this huge record can be kept in his heart alone.
This kind of feeling is like a night trip when wealth does not return home, but he finally suppressed his desire in his heart. It is good for him to know it alone. The two sides can’t expose each other to this point temporarily, but he is still ready to leave Lugaoin as soon as possible. After all, Lugaoin is responsible for Lugaoin’s going to Kurast for a short time, so there is no need to worry about making friends with him again.
Duriel, do you want to let it go? Now there is a big clean-up activity outside. I’m afraid it’s hard to find Tara Xia’s tomb at this time. For the time being, let it go and wait for level 30 before cleaning up that ya. I hope that guy will give himself some good equipment when the time comes. Chufei yawned while thinking about the side building, because he was too excited last night. He didn’t sleep well and gave up mental exercise halfway. Now his spirit is not very good.
"Master, do you like red wine or milk with your table? Today’s breakfast is steak and sausage with tomato sauce. In addition, Lord Bliss brought some fish sauce yesterday. We specially baked double-layer buns to eat. "See that Chu flew downstairs and asked before hurriedly."
"Steak naturally goes with red wine, but before that, I want to drink a glass of juice." Chufei thought about it and said, Monroe naturally handed me a glass of juice next to her. It’s really nice to sit at the table and the maid naturally served delicious food. She can also take a look at the newspaper for those who have changed jobs, but today the enjoyment is not complete. Price is sitting on the other side and reading the newspaper.
"Beatrice, I remember when we first met, you seemed to tell me that you were familiar with a master of making magic props. At that time, that magic prop in your hand was entrusted to him for transformation, right?" Chufei gulped down the juice, although it was early in the morning, but the temperature in the desert was quite high. After all, the sun had already risen, and it was very refreshing to drink a glass of cold juice, although the job-changers were not afraid of cold and hot weather.
"Yes, Master Zhuognan, he and my grandfather are very good friends. They should be hundreds of years old. Although he is not a job-changer, he is an ancient magic bearer, which can make some job-changers unable to display their magic. But now there is no one. After all, that kind of magic bearer is much higher than that of job-changers, and the speed of cultivation is too slow. Qualified young people will naturally choose to become job-changers, and it is impossible for unqualified people to learn his magic." Bliss replied "Because he is too old, he has now devoted his interest to making magic props.
"So I see." Chufei nodded the name of Zhuogenan. He also heard that there were two kinds of magic in this land before the change of job appeared. It was Herason who founded the summoning magic. The summoning master could control most helldemons to fight by himself. The other was that Zhuogenan rested on ancient magic. Unlike the current mage, he made magic more than elemental magic. It’s a pity that Herason was finally summoned by the devil, and the magic was lost. Although Drognan inherited it, he is now facing a crisis, so it’s really interesting that he devoted his energy to the development of magic props and tried to retain his ability.
"Why do you suddenly ask about this?" Beatrice asked strangely.
"Looking for that master is naturally something that will tell you what you are going to do today if you succeed?" Chufei smeared fish sauce on bread, and those magic trap devices removed from Sakaram Palace need to be repaired, and he has a good idea.
"I’m going to participate in the Assassin’s Association Action, which is mainly responsible for eliminating some difficult elite monsters. At this time, there is nothing more effective than the assassin’s tiger strike and the flying dragon in the sky. It will take two or three days for you to go. Will you not participate in the Necromancer’s Association Action?" Beatrice was depressed and complained, but several instructors of the Assassin’s Association had reached a death order for her to attend.
"You are also stupid, but you can use territory as an excuse, so there is no need to get together with other job-changers to take part in this kind of physical action. Besides, I estimate that this so-called monster riot will not last long, and the situation will be very subtle. I really look forward to heaven’s reaction." Chu Fei’s strange laugh at the two monster riots can now completely explain that nature is the shadow wing demon Fendilugao, who is in charge of hell’s power. This will not last long. This time, he killed the angel paradise, and the actions of the job-changers will definitely not be affected too much.
In fact, this is a good thing. Low-level job-changers can go through their own promotion day as usual, but other people naturally have job-changers’ associations, senior job-changers and heaven to worry about it. An angel who died in heaven will naturally not be calm, and the shadow wing magic Fendi will not directly attack the low-level job-changers. Once he touches the job-changers, I’m afraid he will immediately join hands with heaven to show crazy revenge against the forces of hell. It’s not that he didn’t know that it was terrible when human beings were driven crazy. It was not too much to dare to
"The president also said so, but I am usually taken care of by the president and many of them. This time, it is natural to contribute to this kind of thing, and recently my strength has increased a lot, which is just to show off. Hehe, thanks to your medicine, my attribute has increased a lot, and the manipulation of war patterns has become more comfortable." Bliss smiled and her eyes narrowed. Nothing is more pleasant than gaining strength, especially her physical quality is quite good, and the effect of Chufei medicine is naturally good. In this short period, her attribute has increased quite dramatically.
"It’s all right for you to work hard for two days, but in another week or ten days at most, we will go to Kurast. You should be mentally prepared." Chufei said in a normal tone.
"what! Kurast, why are you going to Kurast? " Beatrice was taken aback. She just ate an imported piece of beef and almost choked. Then she drank several mouthfuls of juice before she was able to catch her breath. She looked at Chufei with a surprised face.
"Yes, yesterday, I got the news that Duriel was killed twice, and it will be nearly two months before his resurrection. I’m not interested in continuing to look for the ancient tomb of Tara Xia. Those monsters are of low value to us now, especially the level of Hermoulong needs to be upgraded as soon as possible. We can go to Kurast to fight monsters, so that we can not only get a lot of experience value and equipment, but also get a higher level." Chufei naturally said.
"With your aura, those monsters in Kurast can fight for it, but I’m really not prepared. It’s always a breakthrough of level 30 or killing Duriel to change jobs before you can go to Kurast. Did you apply for it?" Beatrice thought for a while, although she was a little surprised, but ChuFei strength, she also knew that if the upgrade of blame was no less than that of those who changed jobs at level 30, it was indeed a good way to upgrade quickly.
"It’s not difficult to estimate that the application has been submitted. There must be many people who will secretly help us. Look at it." Chufei sneered at two people who went to the job-changers’ association to apply, only to find out how many things were mixed in it. That guy Lan Ruosi had already prepared his hand. It happened that many people looked at his hand, but it was not so easy for ikiss, who was in charge of the territory, to benefit from the robber’s head!
The third chapter 19 Consult ZhuoGe south
Zhuogenan is also a veteran of this city-the place where he lives is naturally taken special care of because the old man is very lonely. There is a large area around his house, which is similar to the mage tower. In fact, the mage and alchemist are not separated before the job change.
This guy Drognan was also an important person when he played the game. At that time, the game introduced him as a wizard. It sounds great, but it’s a pity that Chu Fei now values his super ability to improve and create magic props. The old guy is very withdrawn. It can be said that the whole Lugaoin has never seen him except for the occasional visit of several Montana employees of the Association of Job Changers.
"Master Zhuogenan, I’m a necromancer. Chufei has something to ask you." Chufei shouted at the two rock puppets guarding the door. This kind of magic puppet, which is similar to clay golem, is obviously very powerful and seems to have flowed from ancient times, which made him more confident in Zhuogenan.
"I’m in a bad mood today. I don’t want to see any necromancer. Let’s go." The old dry and cold voice came out through the stone in front of me. Ya really is a lonely old thing and refused without hesitation. Ya is still in a bad mood. This sound shows that he is eating. It really makes people angry.
"Master Drognan, I’m the guardian knight of Bilaise. I’m here to visit you today!" Chufei continued to laugh after a little meal, and even this layer should be said.
"I like that little girl Bilise, even if she gets married and has a baby, I won’t see anything. Go!" Old guy sound again to let ChuFei forehead veins stood out immediately suddenly and violently up two this ya should be so good!
"It’s a pity that I have a magic trap before the invasion of hell. Since you don’t want to see me, forget it.: Start.:" Chufei sighed coldly, but the first half of the sentence was very vague and then turned to leave.
"Xiao what you just said! Hey, you guy! " Drognan obviously heard the clues, and he immediately manipulated the rock puppet to chase Chufei, but Chufei kept bypassing the rock puppet, and even summoned the mad wolf to get ready to ride the mad wolf away.
"Well, I admit that I was rude, no matter if you come in." Zhuoge Nanyin was full of failure. He manipulated the rock puppet to hit the gate and made a gesture of asking for it. It seems that his judgment was correct. Blythe said that he was very enthusiastic about studying the magic props, Lugoin’s guarding the city, and he participated in the design of all the magic instruments. He just revealed a little bit, which made him unbearable.
The rock puppet hit the gate. Chu Fei has long since forgotten the idea of respecting the old man’s house and rode the mad wolf directly to the inside. This large manor has also planted many magical plants. Zhuogenan may also be proficient in alchemy. Maybe he can get some alchemy methods from him to see.
Tamen hit an old man dressed strangely and appeared in front of Chufei. In the desert, most people are wearing robes that can breathe and block sunlight and dust. Although the old man is also a robe, he is obviously leather and turned out to be blood red. There is something like a vest that is gray and leaning on a staff. His eyes are sharp. It seems that * * has entered an inhibitory stage.
"Hello, Master Drognan, it’s rude to meet you for the first time, but do you want to talk to me here?" In the face of Zhuogenan’s eyes, Chufei smiled indifferently, jumped into the mad wolf and sealed it up.
"Very good spiritual practice. Everything in this world has been in line with reality and power since the appearance of the job-changer. Many people have neglected some very important aspects. It can be said that you, a necromancer, can temper your spirit to this point. These three words are amazing." Drognan walked inside with a staff, but his words were polite to Chufei.
"mankind is still struggling. It is the only way for mankind to find savings at present, isn’t it?" ChuFei chuckled and followed ZhuoGenNa into the mage tower door automatically closed.
"You are right. Although Herason, the most powerful mage at that time, can summon demons and imprison higher demons, after all, because of the powerful mage, there are several talents to resist the whole hell. Now, although the number of job-changers is not as strong as at that time, it is much more powerful." Zhuogena sighed with emotion and led Chu Fei into a very spacious laboratory.
"Master Drognam, I came to see you today because I accidentally discovered some magic traps left by Sakaram Church in those years. Because I suddenly encountered something and didn’t bring it to the perfect place, I came to see if it could be repaired." After Chu Fei entered the laboratory, he immediately took a bunch of things out of the box, including some flashlights destroyed by the snowstorm and some disc-shaped artillery that he personally dismantled.
These magic traps are still so powerful after such a long time. Chu Fei naturally won’t let them continue to be dusty. He dismantled some of them and put them in a suitcase to bring them out. The purpose is to find an expert in this field to repair these magic traps, and at the same time, he wants to learn such means as repair and transformation. The life of a job-changing person is long enough for him to learn a science.
"Oh, it was the magic trap left by the Sakaram Church in those days. The Sakaram faith covered a continent and the magic masters of the two churches were numerous. I have heard of these magic traps in those years, but I have never seen them with my own eyes." Zhuogenan’s figure at this moment is not as flexible as that of the old man. It is surprising to see that he squatted on the ground and jumped around. Everything was carefully looked at before he was satisfied and sat in a chair next to him for a rest with a sigh.
"I gave all these things to the master, but I hope the master will teach me what qualifications I have in this field, and I will also study the magic circle and teach myself." Chu Fei was excited to know that these things were very important in the old magician’s heart, so he said his own conditions. "Especially this dish-shaped gun can float on the magic pillar and then automatically spin and bombard the firebombs. The speed is fast. Even the mage’s nine-headed sea snake has some problems. I wonder if the master can first talk about how to repair this magic trap and find out how to make it."
"Dish-shaped artillery, your name is also appropriate. I know what you mean. This dish-shaped artillery is different from flash spiral. You can carry it with you if you want to find out the mystery of suspension. Are you thinking about it?" Zhuogenan is a master ChuFei in this respect, so he naturally understood what was going on.
"Well, the power of this dish-shaped artillery is very good, so I hope to find a way to make it as soon as possible." Chu Fei admitted that this dish-shaped artillery floats on the magic pillar like a flying saucer, and once it is triggered, it will keep spinning. At the same time, it will spray a fireball the size of a fist, and the firing speed is very amazing. After Chu Fei summoned the steel stone demon, he thought that if such one was installed in the steel stone demon head, it would become a steel artillery stone demon, which was one step away from the tank.
"Well, let’s start to study this dish-shaped artillery now, but do you have time with me? Once you start, you may not rest for three days and three nights." Zhuogenan, an old man, threw his robe aside directly, and obviously his enthusiasm for research has been ignited.
"No problem, I have nothing to do these two days, so I’ll study well with the master, but let me inform a family first." Seeing that the old man is full of blood, where will Chufei shrink back and study in front of this master is a rare opportunity, especially if I learn the method, there are still many magic traps waiting for me in the underground palace. Those treasures can be slowly taken out in the future, and now it’s better to learn the technology first.

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