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Flow frost as if eating a glimpse asked.

"What do you say?"
Glance cocked his head and asked.
Chapter 10, Not Choice
I can’t remember who said that the greater a person’s ability, the greater his responsibility, not that you chose the world, but that the world chose you.
In too many nai, I am confused and can’t tell the way forward. I am tired and want to rest, but I still have to walk.
Choose your own path, even if you are kneeling, you must walk through it, even if you are sad all the way.
"I know you will help me!" Very sad at the sight of frost, and the atmosphere of the whole room became dignified. Frost is like this, and her every move can lead to changes in the surrounding atmosphere. This is the unique temperament of the most powerful princess in Zheng State.
"It’s the last time. I don’t think I’ll see you again after this time!" Glance gently took off the mask and put it on the table. "I have found out some things in those days, and then I want revenge. I think I really have no ability or time to help you."
"I know you’ve met her!" Liu Frost quietly picked the neck necklace. It was a purple agate gem. The enchanting purple light set off Liu Frost, which was even more beautiful and moving. Liu Frost handed the agate gem to the glimpse. Her hand actually trembled a little.
"Keep it! Even if I gave you a wedding present before, I didn’t pick up the agate gem. That was when I gave it to Liushuang in the warm spring season three years ago.
"You need this," Liu Shuang said stubbornly.
Of course, I know that I need this powerful man, and the secret is hidden here. Frost also knows this secret.
The demon race and Terran fight for hegemony. The demon emperor of Zhongzhou and the Terran Three Heroes fought a decisive battle in the mysterious realm of Kunlun Mountain in the ancient mountains. After the demon emperor was killed, his body was scattered. This is one of the four fierce beasts, and the demon emperor can be resurrected when they gather together.
This is a secret that few people know, but a glimpse of it is just like when he told Shen Yao.
When Ye Lingyu wanted to kill the glimpse, it was also because of this secret. Everyone who knew this secret had participated in the battle of the Terran Three Masters and the demon emperor. At the beginning, the Three Masters closed the secret forever, almost killing all the strong people in that era. However, the ancestors of Ye Jia realized this conspiracy early in the morning, and Ye Jia’s unique ability to seal this secret to the middle of the blood line made his family extinct. Because of this glimpse, he believed that his sister would not hurt himself, but Ye Lingyu wanted to kill himself. Then there is a possibility.
When competing for exquisite jade, I glanced at myself and asked my own questions, but Ling Ye Yu didn’t answer. However, I was more convinced that someone was controlling my sister. Obviously, it was Ye Lingyu who didn’t glance at it and couldn’t guess what the other chip was.
But the more so, the stronger the desire to solve the mystery.
The agate gem of Frost Hand is a quarter of this secret, which contains four fierce beasts. Qiong Qi knows that the secret person knows that the four fierce beasts can resurrect the demon emperor, but the glimpse and Ye Lingyu know that the secret of the four fierce beasts gathering to resurrect the demon queen is about to be revealed.
At the beginning, the Terran tried its best to kill the demon emperor because the demon emperor was the only one who stepped into the realm of going against the gods after the war of sealing the gods. However, due to the restrictions of the demon clan, he had to evolve his body again to make the spirit and body synchronize and truly step into the realm of going against the gods, and the last step was to die and be born later.
It is precisely because of this that the Terran Sanjie had the opportunity to kill him and take the secret of the fate of the strong, but they underestimated the spirit of the fate of the strong. When the four fierce beasts were divided, they discovered that the original demon emperor was not something they could deal with.
Everyone is selfish, and after the most powerful enemy is solved, it has caused a new struggle for the division of interests. This time, very few people know that the historical truth has been buried forever. The only thing that can vaguely see the traces of history is that the four fierce beasts have been sealed one by one for thousands of years, but no one can gather them.
"You should know that this thing is doomed to be my enemy in my hands," Liu Shuang said slowly, looking at the glimpse.
"Hum is no longer in your hands, so we are not enemies?" A glimpse of disdain left the pie mouth "your dream is to unify Zhongzhou, and the final theory is that the strong are the fastest shortcuts. Even if you give this to me today, you will get it back sooner or later, so I might as well be generous."
"Some things must be said so directly? Very sad! " There is a faint sadness in the tone of frost flow.
"Some words are even sadder if you don’t say them." A glimpse calmly holds the frosty hand and holds the agate gem tightly.
"Forget it, let’s get down to business. Is my second brother learning from the three elders of Shenyu?" It’s the little girl’s attitude that flows with frost, but now she has become the princess Zheng Guoer with one person and ten thousand people.
"I don’t know". Nai shook his head. Because the name of the ghost castle is so bad, it seems that the elder martial sister just lifted the table of Emperor Zheng not long ago. It’s strange that the ghost castle knows such a thing.
"hey!" Liu Shuang sighed, "In fact, if the ghost castle is willing to compromise with the royal family, the power of the ghost castle will be 100 times stronger than it is now."
"If you don’t persuade me, our ghost castle has its own rules, just as if you have your own insistence that we will not compromise whatever we do."
"Forget it!" Frost is not much to say. She knows that Xiao Yiren, the owner of the Ghost Castle, is a monster in the Ghost Castle. Although there are the least people in the three holy places, the comprehensive strength of the Ghost Castle is the strongest. Many times, the quality gap is not compensated by quantity.
The results of the glimpse and Ye Lingyu are frosty. I also know that although the final glimpse was lost, the two strongest masters of the younger generation, Jiange, were defeated. If Ye Lingyu can kill the glimpse, it is probably the best result! It’s lucky to have a genius like Ye Lingyu and Shen Yao, but there are seven people in Ghost Castle who are the clearest people except Xiao Yiren. Maybe they don’t have such a pervert, but all seven of them are animal-level figures, which is a definition for them because they are so animals.
"I hope you can stop my second brother from going to Shenqu," Liu Shuang said, playing with the agate gem in his hand.
"You mean let me kill the three elders of God? Have you ever thought about the consequences? It seems a bit risky to see that there is a complicated conspiracy behind things, even though we don’t know much about politics, when a poorly handled God’s domain will be caught together with Qin’s war with Zheng.
"If you can’t fight Qin, it’s not so easy to break the three-legged situation without this courage, and I didn’t ask you to kill the three elders of Shenyu alone. I mean, my second brother will die, too."
A word made the glance frown.

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