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"Well, I don’t know which position I am most suitable for." Before Zhaihao said anything, Lin Feng hesitated and didn’t know how to communicate with Zhaihao.

My idol is now the real leader.
There is always a sense of distance and oppression. In fact, even if you do nothing, you just sit in front of come and look at come.
A DOA puzzle brings pressure to Lin Feng, and it’s all because of Alexandra.
"When I first played DOA, I didn’t know what position to play. The friend who led me to get started made me feel that he was so good at any position, as if he could be superb at any position, and it was difficult for me to play as well as him no matter what position I played." Zhai Hao’s sister went back and forth in Zhai Hao’s hand as Zhai Hao confided, just like Zhai Hao’s memory kept going round and round in her memory, as if she had just come into contact with DOA again.
At that time, Zhai Hao was also a newcomer who had just come into contact with DOA. Like most newcomers, Zhai Hao didn’t know what he should do, what he could do and what he could do best.
"At last, I assisted." Zhai Hao told a fact that shocked Lin Fengbi.
God’s hand Zhai Hao’s DOA is almost unbeaten. God’s hand is actually a small auxiliary position? One of that most obscure auxiliary position in the team.
"Did that friend ask you to play?" Come to think that Zhai Hao, such a genius, must have been misled by others to assist such a seemingly inconspicuous position when he was a wave.
Zhai Hao is like walking in the sun forever with a golden key in his hand, and he can win casually. How can Gao Shuai Fu help such a position that looks like a brick and a hole to be a DPS spare tire when the waves are coming?
"No, it’s my decision." Zhai Hao put sister Lu into his sports pocket.
"It’s like I like to wear sports, even in competitions, and I always wear sports in my team coat. It’s like people call me God’s Hand, but I know I’m Zhai Hao and captain EH, so much needs to be done, so much needs to be done."
"I follow my heart to do DOA is a game, but the play is like life. Life is like a play. DOA is also a performance for the audience, for fans, for themselves. What other people think about the plot or for the players to play it themselves?" Zhai Hao said a few words and left the meeting room and drove away.
Come a person meeting room door feels as if I understood Zhaihao’s words and didn’t understand them.
(PS Onion doesn’t seem to see the red ticket rising ~ You bad guys watch me dance around for the red ticket)
Chapter one hundred and twenty Idiot (for collection)
In the evening, two men, one woman and a group of foodies crowded in front of a stuttering stall on the side of the road.
"Tut tut ~J is always fluttering a kind of tofu flavor in my heart." Ling Xiao swallowed a bunch of delicious food and ate the stinky tofu of Lao Wang.
M a mouthful of table paper cups churned and pricked coke.
I miss the time when everyone just went to college with my side.
At that time, Lin Feng was still playing WAR3 with grunts and grunts. When he met the roll call, he had to ask Ling Xiao to help him point to the freshmen.
At that time, skipping a class to watch the live broadcast of EH team in G League had to worry about whether it would be invited by the counselor to cheer. After three years, the innocent teenager had already changed from a timid truant freshman to a semester, and he never saw the class teacher and animals except failing classes.
Lin Feng J’s big life is nearing the end.
Today, Lin Feng and Lao Pei came back to J University to say goodbye to Ling Xiao.
There are not many people who know Lin Feng well in J University. Ling Xiao has always had another good friend with Lin Feng besides Yunfeng.
It is really rare for a good gay friend to walk hand in hand.
In those days, I got along so well with Lin Feng. Isn’t Yunfeng a thug graduate student in the municipal obstetrics and gynecology department now? Forever and ever, the sea is light and the rocks are rotten. That’s not a man’s love
Men’s feelings often can’t be said, and it seems hypocritical to say it.
The wine is hot and the head is white, and the song is bleak and dusk.
Many times, a knowing look, a glass of light water wine, a greeting that has not been masked for a long time, or perhaps a string of stinky tofu with a different taste.
Lin Feng and Ling Xiao are like this. Their feelings are dull and their skirts are as light as water. Lin Feng and Ling Xiao should be chaotic as coke.
It is unlikely that there will be a gay scene with Lao Pei present, but in the end, coke will turn into beer or fight in the dark
Ling Xiao has always been unable to drink the base and pour it after one drink.
But when I learned that Lin Feng was doing well in EH and had played in the G League, which is known as the most commercialized and successful competition.
Lingxiao or pull come together to drink a case of beer.
Usually, I’ll pour a glass. Ling Xiao will be drunk with Lin Feng tonight.
How can Lao Pei persuade Ling Xiao to just hold the beer in his hand?
Come on, a case of beer can’t be put down.
Advise no LaoPei finally just let come to drink.
I secretly agreed with my boss not to let Ling Xiao ask for more beer.
"Boss, this stinky tofu is good, but the wine is a little less ~"
"I want to drink for the first time in J University for so many years. Why are you so depressed?"
Lao Wang stinky tofu boss is Lao Wang, of course.
Businessmen are clever and smooth, but it is hard to see an oily apron and a vicissitudes of life in Lao Wang’s body. The most famous Lao Wang in J-size eating street is a middle-aged man.
Although the craftsmanship can’t be famous today, the family life is already worrying.
Ling Xiao seems to talk a lot today.

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