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He guessed that Ye Qing should continue to attack Point A this round, and he was still desperate to get all his troops to Point A. In fact, he guessed right, but he didn’t know if he guessed the right head and the wrong ending.

Although there are three machine gunners defending the trail, Sun Nianpeng still doesn’t have a bottom leaf tilt in his heart. It’s just a headshot machine. It’s hard to stop three people like this. If three machine gunners are killed by Ye Ye again this round, they really can’t stop their opponents.
Chapter 62 Fuck Fried Days
Ye Qing and Pearl Krabs rushed directly after they lost the flash bomb. As a result, they saw that the other three gunners were very far away. Obviously, they were not affected by the flash bomb. Ye Qing and Pearl Krabs hurriedly showed their posture. The three gunners had already shot first.
The strength of the three machine gunners in the Han Palace is slightly stronger than that of Pearl Krabs, but it is slightly weaker by Ye Qing. Together, the overall strength is almost the same as that of Ye Qing and Pearl Krabs. They were killed by Ye Qing alone in the next round of firepower, because they didn’t expect Ye Qing to flash out and the distance between the two sides was relatively close, which was taken advantage of by Ye Qing’s gun.
Now that the distance between the two sides is relatively far, Ye Ye is not so easy to kill the three of them. In the middle of some shots, Pearl Krabs failed to resist the fire attack of the other machine gunner and was consumed to death. The other party’s plan is to kill Pearl Krabs first and then deal with the big boss Ye Ye.
On Avenue A, Zhao Xiayang and Dong Laoer both rushed very hard. Thomas was behind the screen. The Han Palace was responsible for defending Avenue A. There was a machine gunner and Sun Nianpeng, but Sun Nianpeng’s sniper rifle method had strong support from his teammates, which caused Zhao Xiayang and Dong Laoer to temporarily stop their steps after the sniper rifle sounded and hide on both sides.
There is no bunker on Avenue A, and two people can disperse a little, so that the other sniper can easily lock their figure. The other gunner is also sharp and good at hiding himself, so that Thomas has never had a good chance to be killed.
Zhao Xiayang and Dong Laoer know very well in their hearts that they must attack the platform as soon as possible, otherwise Ye Qing’s situation will be very dangerous. Although they are confident in Ye Qing’s strength, as Ye Qing himself said, it is impossible to destroy the team often, especially after the other side has suffered a big loss, it will definitely be highly vigilant and the defense will be more targeted.
The two men tried their best to rush to the platform and fire at the other machine gunner. Thomas deterred the other machine gunner, but Sun Nianpeng’s sniper rifle method was so good that every time they flashed out, they were afraid that they would be hit.
When Zhao Xiayang and Dong Laoer rushed to the platform, Sun Nianpeng finally killed Zhao Xiayang in a flash, and Dong Laoer took the opportunity to rush to the platform and leaned over the path. A machine gunner had retreated to the rear right wall and temporarily relieved himself. By the way, he changed a magazine.
After Dong Laoer rushed to the platform, he started shooting at close range on Avenue A with the other machine gunners. When the two machine gunners saw Ye’s retreat, they freed up their hands to deal with Dong Laoer first. Dong Laoer was killed by a fire.
Thomas finally seized an opportunity to kill the platform gunner, one on each side, but there were three people left in the Han Palace, two people in the I club and a sniper who was still far away on Avenue A to help Ye Qing.
Ye Qing just wanted to rush out again when the other party directly threw two grenades to frighten him to jump directly to the stairs of the trail. Fortunately, he reacted quickly enough. These two grenades blew up more than ten points of his blood, and his back broke out in a cold sweat. If he had been slow for a second just now, he would have gone to see the devil.
Once he was killed, Thomas also surrendered to Kiko. It is almost impossible for a sniper to make a comeback. After all, he is not like Jiang Yuhan and 7.
The two machine gunners on the defensive trail lost two grenades, but they didn’t receive the expected effect in the past. At the same time, they were somewhat disappointed. At the same time, they were more vigilant in staring at the stairway of the trail to prevent the leaf from suddenly rushing to the leaf. Now they are thinking about countermeasures. If they rush again, the other side may not be able to kill both machine gunners smoothly, and the sniper of the other side may also aim at the path at this time. Thomas is in an awkward position and dare not rush forward.
He thought for a moment and then asked, "Who’s carrying 4 this round?"
As soon as his voice fell, Thomas whispered, "Me!"
Ye Qing suddenly said with great joy, "Great, I’m still Pearl Krabs with a 4, which means that I didn’t hear the 4 drop sound. Your horse will return to the base from Avenue A and then take the B bridge to the B point. It’s faster!"
Thomas was ordered to immediately put away his gun and fly back. He switched to a dagger. As soon as the pace became brisk, he returned to the base. He rushed towards the B bridge without stopping. Sun Nianpeng saw that Ye Qing didn’t rush again and turned his gun to take a look at Avenue A. He found that there was no one on Avenue A. The sniper of the other side finished nothing.
He thought about it a little and realized that something was wrong. Now there are three of them left at point A and no one at point B. If one of the other party goes to point B at this time, it will be clear.
Ye Qing has been silent since he retreated from the alley. It is very likely that he has gone to point B. Sun Nianpeng suddenly panicked and quickly shouted to his two teammates, "Hurry back to point B. They may go to point B!"
One of the two machine gunners on the defensive trail is ak machine gunner aplo. He wants to compete with Ye Qing, but he completely gave up this idea when he saw Ye Qing’s ghostly posture just now. He felt that he was not Ye Qing’s opponent at all.
He and another machine gunner are chasing after the alley corridor. Like Sun Nianpeng, Ye Qing has gone to point B and rushed very fast. At the corner behind the stairs, they are almost scared out of their wits.
The two of them met Ye Qing directly, and Ye Qing was waiting for them around the corner. Almost all of them stood at the muzzle of Ye Qing’s gun, and Ye Qing’s face shot the gun decisively with a smile. aplo was swept to death before he could react.
Another machine gunner fired a few shots consciously, but was still shrouded in the rain of bullets by Ye Qing, and was immediately beaten into a sieve. As a result, the two men died and jumped directly from the window to the middle door and then went straight out of the middle door. He was waiting for the sniper to arrive here.
Sun Nianpeng was shocked when he saw the news of death. Two machine gunners were killed by Ye Qing alone. This guy was too sharp, wasn’t he? He killed the machine gunner who was killed by him on the trail before Jia Jia, and he killed three machine gunners himself.
"Mom so awesome day ak machine gunner how can in this team? And what have you never heard of such a machine gunner name before? " Sun Nianpeng was very annoyed. He looked at the other ak machine gunner id in the record list. This id is too strange for him, but now it is like a nightmare.
No one answered his words. Ye Qing is very strange to people in the Han Palace. I have never heard of such a person, and no one knows when he debuted. If he had already debuted, he would have become famous.
They have never heard of this team in Club I before. Perhaps this team and this ak machine gunner have just debuted. Although they are not famous yet, they will become famous sooner or later with such a sharp ak machine gunner.
Sun Nianpeng felt a sense of strength all over his body. Before his team made brilliant achievements, up-and-coming stars emerged constantly. The competition in the professional circle was really fierce. Now his teammates have hung up on each other. At this time, the other person must have gone to point B. He had to leave point A and go to point B to make a last-minute effort.
Thomas has entered the B package, and the whole person is squatting on the ground. After all, Sun Nianpeng still has some consciousness. He did not choose to walk in the dog hole or jump from the platform to the defender base. Although these two roads are the shortest way to B, they are full of dangers.
He jumped out of the alley window and ran directly to the B bridge. He didn’t pay any attention to the situation outside the middle door, so that he didn’t see Ye Qing just outside the door, nor did he pay attention to what was behind him, nor did he know that Sun Nianpeng had gone around him to point B.
Thomas just packed Sun Nianpeng and entered the warehouse, but Thomas had already flashed into the bunker and was waiting for the news of Ye Qing. He didn’t know that Sun Nianpeng had already bypassed Ye Qing and Ye Qing was still waiting outside the middle door for a long time. He was also a little alert. It is reasonable to say that the other party should come to point B as soon as possible to stop their bags, but now the bags are all ready, and the last person of the other party has not yet appeared!
"Tom, pay attention to the warehouse. I’ll come to point B to help you defend!" Ye Qing shouted and then rushed to the middle of the road. Looking at the platform from the defender base, he found that there was no one on this road. He felt that the other party must have passed by the alley and probably reached the warehouse by this time.
When Thomas woke up, he immediately flashed out to the mirror and took a look at a warehouse, but Sun Nianpeng kept aiming at the package point. As soon as Thomas saw the mirror, he heard a gunshot. Of course, it was not him. He was knocked down before he could react.
Ye Qing immediately rushed to the door B after seeing the death message, but he didn’t rush directly to the point B. Because Sun Nianpeng will definitely enter the point B if he wants to unpack, and then he will pass through the door B and wait for the opponent here. There is no need to rush in and fight with each other recklessly.
Chapter 63 Sneak attack was killed.
Four tones are still ringing "Didi". After Sun Nianpeng killed Thomas, he rushed out of the warehouse. He was very vigilant and deliberately sideways glanced at a door when he passed through Gate B, and he just saw Ye Qing.
Ye Qing is well prepared. The speed of ak gun is naturally much faster than that of sniper rifle. Besides, the sniper has to mirror first, otherwise the accuracy will be greatly reduced. When the ak gun rings, Sun Nianpeng mirrors almost at the same time, but the ak gun shoots a bullet into his forehead and takes his body back.
Seeing that success was just around the corner, Sun Nianpeng fell short at this time because of Ye Qing’s shot to the head. Of course, Sun Nianpeng was very unwilling, but the ak machine gunner of the other side was as high as killing the red eye, and the head-shooting rate was so high that it was difficult for a top god like K to hit such an amazing head-shooting rate in the game. However, Sun Nianpeng knew that this state of the other side could not always happen, and it was probably a coincidence that it was very rare to play this state today.
Han Palace can admit that it’s unlucky, but when Ye Qing was braver than Shen Yong, they encountered this game. The winning side of Han Palace was already very small. Sun Nianpeng felt that there was something to be done, and the other ak machine gunner could be controlled. No matter what defense line was arranged, it would be broken by the other side.
The former I club had to attack point B. Sun Nianpeng did have a way to limit the other side, but after the other side suffered a loss, he never played point B. He kept staring at point A, which made him very headache and had to concentrate his troops on the platform every time.
Ye Qing didn’t think that point B was a city at this time. If they went to fight point B, they could easily take his red eye tube and rush to point A. If they went to fight a city, he was not used to it because there was no one to kill. If he didn’t continue to kill people, he could keep this state forever.
He made the tactics the same as the old routine. Zhao Xiayang and the three of them attacked Avenue A. He and Pearl Krabs attacked the trail. This method was tried and tested, and almost never failed. He was too lazy to think about new tactics. Anyway, even if the other side was on guard, he could break through the other side’s defense line with strong strength and finally bring Point A.
Because there is no need to think about tactics and command the players to kill in the spirit of Ye Qing, the efficiency is very amazing. This time, after Sun Nianpeng finished, there was no defensive trail. He thought of a way to send two machine gunners to touch in the middle door and then sneak attack on the trail, which is probably much more effective than frontal defense. At the same time, he will leave three people at the entrance of Avenue A to prepare to stop the people on Avenue A, first to suppress the people on Avenue A and then to deal with Ye Qing and Pearl Krabs on the trail.
Club I has played point A for so many times in a row, and Sun Nianpeng is also very clear about Ye Qing’s tactics. He knows that the other two best machine gunners will definitely take the path to attack and will never change. He feels that Ye Qing’s command is a bit single-minded and has never thought of other tactics. A typical trick is to eat all over the world.
It happened that Sun Nianpeng didn’t have a bright spot for Ye Qing’s tactics, and he knew this tactic clearly before each round, but all the arrangements were ineffective. An ak machine gun warrant lost all his tactics, and three machine gunners couldn’t stop him from attacking this man.
In this game, everyone was stunned by Ye Qing’s performance. Han Palace is also a well-known team with some fans, but today Han Palace was beaten into this shape by an unknown team. The ak gunner of Club I played so well in today’s game that almost one person controlled the whole game.
"I think this game is a bit dangerous in Han Palace, and I may lose it!" An audience express their opinions.
"It’s not possible to lose. In my opinion, it’s bound to lose the other side. The ak machine gunner is too sharp and has a strong ability to shoot his head in a row. It’s the first time I’ve seen such a fierce professional player. Before that, I thought that ak gun was not easy to hit and its power was not great. Now I’m finally white. It depends on who has a gun!"
"That makes sense! But it was only today that I learned that ak was so sharp that it was so cool to blow his head off! It seems that I have to practice an ak well! " People watching the game are talking about it. The performance of Ye Qing has completely broken them. They all feel the charm of ak. Many people have decided to go back and practice ak after watching the game.
Ye Qing and Pearl Krabs once again lost two flash bombs on the small road. This time, Pearl Krabs was not in a hurry to rush forward because she was killed by the other person in the previous few times and completely became Ye Qing’s foil, which made her very unhappy.
She is not willing to play soy sauce in this way. She also wants to show some performance. This round, she will be cautious. She will rush behind Ye Qing and Yuzryha will lean to attract a lot of firepower. Then she will kill again to pick up the cheap. Maybe she can kill two or three people.
Ye Qing rushed quickly after losing the flash, only to find that there was no one in the alley. He felt a little dumbfounded. Looking back, Pearl Krabs had not rushed yet. He couldn’t help but tunnel, "What are you doing in there?"
Pearl Krabs saw that Ye Qing rushed away without a gun, and the other gun didn’t come, and Ye Qing could be distracted to talk to her. She suddenly realized that nobody was really worried about it for nothing. Just as she was preparing to rush toward the surface, suddenly there was a sound behind her. She looked back and saw that there were two enemy machine gunners at the entrance of the path corridor!

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