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However, the wind blade is very interesting. With the increase of magic, the wind blade becomes faster and sharper, but it is a pity that it has increased its damage by three times after ten times more than the original magic required by the wind blade.

"Hey, how do you lie down again! The real Titan warrior can’t fall down even if he is black and blue like me. "
This is the first time that three titans discovered Nolon two days ago. The titan named Leo has come to chat with him from time to time to relieve boredom since he discovered that Nolon was also training, but it may be because of the illegal nature. The soldiers are naturally opposed to each other. They often bicker. He just defeated an lv25 earth element Lord today and won the adult qualification. He is resting next to Nolon. After finishing the Titan’s bar mitzvah, Leo can get a surname and be regarded as an adult Titan.
During the war with the earth element Lord, he got a solid punch and broke two ribs, but broke the other side’s heart, where the earth element core was located, and won.
"Come on, I’m a Titan mage, barely a magic warrior, not a warrior. I can release magic even when I’m lying down in battle, and you have to help me resist harm honestly in front of me, so that the warrior is nobody!"
The same is true in actual combat. A rare magic warrior in mage’s skin is much more expensive than soldiers all over the street.
But Leo smiled strangely. "Well, this is Nolon. You said I would help you resist harm in front of you, but you can’t go back on your word?"
Hmm? Did Leo finally admit that soldiers are meat shields?
Chapter 22 Regression
Nolon looked puzzled at Leo, but at this time he actually looked back and pretended not to see Nolon (we are very different in height). "What a beautiful day today!"
Hehe, deliberately changing the subject by such a clumsy means?
"Oh, it’s a beautiful day today. It’s so good that I’m lying here asleep. I just seemed to say something in my sleep. I hope I can overhear someone and not think too much!"
Sure enough, Nolon is going to refuse acute Leo according to his meaning. "No, I just said you would take me to Lafia University!"
Although Leo knew that he had made a slip of the tongue and quickly covered his mouth, Nolon understood that he was wondering when he was asked. Gordon came out of the earth with an opal brought by Nolo before dinner.
"Well, Nolon, when you return this to you, it’s almost the same as when you get in and out of here. I’ll send you back to mainland Lafia now."
Is it? Today is indeed the third day, and Gordon has eaten almost all the food and water. According to the statement that Ellie needs three days, Nolon should really go back.
"Good Uncle Gordon" learned from Vera that Ellie liked Nolon and Gordon specifically asked him to call him that.
"Well, well, then …" Gordon nodded and waved his hand, and summoned a puppet dragon from the Falun Gong, who was about to enter the Falun Gong, and Leo, the kingdom of Gordon, quickly interrupted them.
"Wait, Gordon’s adult Nolon just promised me to be his guardian!"
"oh? Well, no, you haven’t held a bar mitzvah yet. According to the regulations, underage people can’t be guardians, even if Nuolong promised you, "Gordon said seriously." But you’re awake. Nuolong is not strong now. He should be equipped with a demigod-level guard. That’s it. I’ll give you my earthmaking element demigod puppet for your self-defense. "
Gordon reached into the void again and took out a round crystal the size of a yellow fist in a short time. "I have injected divine power into it for about one time, which can make it last for half an hour. It can be used for three times in total. If the divine power in it is finished, let Ellie recharge it. If it is recharged, it will not attract the attention of the Lafia continental law and shorten the detention time of Ellie in mainland Lafia."
The earth element demigod puppet lv25 (3/3) is activated, and the crystal will be transformed into an earth element demigod who will fight for half an hour. The earth element demigod is built by Gordon, the main god of Titan.
Go, my baby! )
Gordon threw this crystal to Nuolong Nuolong and put it in the temple. He looked at the frowning Leo again. "Well, I can give you a chance to fight with three lv25 earth lords and win now. I can make an exception and let you be the guardian of Nuolong to accompany him to mainland Lafia."
Leno has some hope that his face will turn green in an instant. He shouted, "Gordon’s adult, how is that possible! Lv25 Earth Elementals come to rival demigods. Even among our Titan adults, there are few two-thirds who can’t beat three Earth Elementals. I just beat one and I’m almost half dead. How can we beat three? "
"But also want to ChengNuoLong defender? I’ve decided not to hunt hostile demigods at your bar mitzvah. You just need to defeat three earth lords. If you can’t beat them one day, you won’t be allowed to be an adult! Now don’t roll for me to train! "
In Gordon’s roar, Leo panicked, picked up his spear and shield and strode to the distance. After that, he couldn’t tell that he had broken a few ribs. Nolon observed a moment of silence for a second and then showed a schadenfreude smile.
"Bunny pups really don’t make people worry," Gordon shook his head and said to Nolon. "You don’t look at Leo’s picture. In fact, he deliberately has a good talent. If he is careful, he may not be slightly injured and kill the earth lords. He only saved time and effort to change injuries before he became what he is now. He is still very hopeful that he will jump out of the good seedlings like this and practice hard!"
"What is Uncle Gordon’s guardian?" Nolon doesn’t understand what guardians do.
"You don’t know?" Gordon smiled angrily. "I was almost cheated by Leo!"
It seems that Leo is in trouble. Anyway, it’s not my business. Hehehe.
"The guardian is to protect the god’s relatives who are not strong like you, and specially send them to protect other demigods. It is guaranteed that the last breath left will be sent to Titan’s sacred area. After the god’s relatives become lv25, they will return to their own sacred world. However, if you have Ellie around, the guardian is called a demigod puppet, just in case. When it is over, I will send you home."
Nolon walked into the circle with opal, and suddenly a white light flashed. He couldn’t help but close his eyes, and then Ellie’s joyful voice appeared in Nolon’s ear. "Nolon, you are finally back!"
Looking at a big smile, he clapped his hands around Nolon and begged for a hug. He smiled brightly and tugged at Ellie’s little face with his hands. "Ellie, have you forgotten something to tell me?"
In Nolon, there were all kinds of tricks to pull and knead Ellie, and she couldn’t even say a complete sentence until she ravaged her little face and Nolon let her go.
"Aha, saved!" Ellie covered her little face that had just been persecuted and ran away, looking at Nolon like a rabbit that didn’t even dare to move when she found the wolf.
The wolf, Pei Nuolong, thought that Ellie was so cute that she was about to explode, but he held back the idea of continuing to bully her and walked up to her and looked down at her.
Ellie was able to look Nolon in the eye with lovely and charming eyes, but a few minutes later, her little face, which had just recovered, turned red again. She bowed her head and wrote the novel "Is it the first time that people have forgotten this circle for a while and will send Nolon to Uncle Gordon for advancement?"
Look at Ellie’s soft voice with her head down. If she hadn’t connected with Nolon through her mind, she knew that she was going to take this opportunity to play a trick on him and almost believed it.
"children who make mistakes will be punished!" Nolon picked up Ellie, sat on a stool in the alchemy room, pressed her on her leg, and slapped her across her black Gothic Lori skirt at the waist that could not be described as elastic.
Ellie may have realized that it was her own fault (in fact, we didn’t really take it seriously), but she got two.
Pat Nolon gently for two slaps and let the punished Ellie get up, but she is still lying on Nolon’s leg. Nolon is coquetry to pick her up again, but when she picks her up, it turns out that Ellie is blushing and her eyes are turning in circles.

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