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But the gluttonous body has developed a huge gravity field around it.

When the crystal-short ice cone enters the gravity field, it is accelerated and pulled to the ground by the huge gravity.
This directly made the ice cone fall faster and faster, and finally turned into a glittering and translucent afterimage.
From the back spine of the glutton, he passed through his body and shot into the ground, leaving a small round hole.
I can’t believe it. Looking at the small round hole in my body, it seems that I can’t believe that I will lose so easily.
The body is constantly changing from disintegration and condensation. The blow just now has completely destroyed the source of gluttony.
That is to say, gluttony has no way to wait for death at this time.
"Hey, hey, hey, hey, I didn’t expect that I would be defeated so thoroughly."
At this point, the gravitational field around the gluttonous body has disappeared.
He raised his head and looked at the monty handsome floating in the half. "You don’t know the monty handsome …
You’ll never know what you’ve done. The Eternal Emperor will make you regret killing me! "
His voice fell, his face was ferocious, and then he smashed it together with his yellow data.
Scattered bits and pieces of data soon vanished into thin air.
See this whole monty handsome eyes flashing black streamer really determine the gluttonous has been killed just relieved.
Slowly falling to the ground, the monty handsome recovered from the water vapor humanoid.
But just as he was recovering himself, Monty Shuai suddenly spit out a big mouthful of blood and burst into pieces in many places.
The original black data symbols are scattered in the virtual space.
The source power of the deep blue emperor can really give the commander-in-chief the ultimate ability to control the water.
But that doesn’t mean that you can really master this ability by killing monty handsome.
The commander-in-chief has the ability to control liquid water from the end to the end.
The manipulation of solid water and gaseous water only involves the ability to display and cannot be completely mastered.
Just now, in the face of gluttony, I tried my best to manipulate solid water and gaseous water at the same time.
So that his body has also been greatly injured, especially from the blue data, which is particularly serious.
Plus, the gluttonous battle was somewhat affected by the yellow data wave.
This makes the whole monty handsome force to suppress the injury after killing the gluttonous and completely broke out.
With a wry smile shook his head over monty handsome some nai muttered to himself, "it really is.
If I didn’t force things, I would forget it. Once I wanted to master them at a deeper level, I was immediately attacked by myself.
It seems that it is necessary to let the blue data return to its real owner, otherwise it will be eaten by itself even if it is not killed. "
After the speech, Monty Shuai took a deep breath and slightly recovered his injury and walked towards the center of the battlefield.
He could feel that Pang Xia was still in the center of the battlefield.
However, that Pang Xia data keeps colliding with each other, and the power of strange data is too amazing.
The handsome Monty thinks it is more important to go to Pang Xia than the other three fierce beasts.
Dragging a heavy body to punish Monty Shuai, walking in the forest, recovering his combat power and rushing to the center of the battlefield.
And at this time is located in the south of the fighting is increasingly fierce.
Two strong men, both more than two meters tall, waved their fists and punched each other.
Every punch and every foot can stir up a ripple, which makes the weeds and fallen leaves spread around.
The two men are naturally the XuanJin Dragon and the Four Fierce Beasts, ranking second in Qiong Qi!
Chapter 16 Long Hudou!
The ripples spread to make the weeds and fallen leaves on the ground opposite the two fists spread around.
XuanJin dragon Qiong Qi two people back to look at each other’s eyes are dignified.
At this time, Qiong Qi looked at Xuanjin Longkou and said, "Xuanjin Shenlong, you are the youngest heir of Zulong Emperor.
The Zulong Emperor has always been a world war, and even during the Great War, he never left himself to create the world.
In that case, you have to get involved in the eternal emperor’s affairs again. Isn’t that trouble for the Zulong emperor? "
Listen to Qiong Qi XuanJin Shenlong hey hey smiled and said, "I don’t think the eternal emperor is pleasing to the eye for this reason?
I just want to help people here against you eternal emperors.
If possible, I’d rather punch the eternal emperor and show him what I can do! "
Qiong Qi’s face was full of anger when he heard this, and there was a virtual image behind him that kept condensing and made a roaring gesture.
Xuanjin Shenlong immediately showed excitement when he saw angry Qiong Qi’s face.
He looked at Qiong Qi hey hey say with smile "angry? Anger is good, otherwise it’s boring to fight.
Just let me have a good look at how powerful you really are in Qiong Qi, and don’t let me down! "
After saying this, Xuanjin Dragon stepped forward and landed on the ground with one foot, stepping out a very deep footprint.
At the same time, one-handed fist, a fine frontal straight fist, went to Qiong Qi alongside of.seem.
But at this moment, a pair of black wings stretched out from behind Qiong Qi and protected him inside.
Xuanjin Shenlong fist fell on the black wings and stirred up ripples, but there was no nai Qiong Qi.
Eyes narrowed slightly XuanJin dragon fist again ready to give Qiong Qi a stronger.
But just as XuanJin Shenlong’s fist waved, it was about to blow on Qiong Qi’s wings.
A tiger roared through its wings, and then its wings expanded rapidly and waved directly to both sides.
Directly make XuanJin dragon was the two wings fan flew out.

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