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If the eternal emperor occupies the position of Pangu the Great and becomes the new ten statues.

Then I can have a chance to become a great emperor by taking advantage of the former position of the eternal emperor! "
Thought of here monty campus heart suddenly hot up.
Although the great emperor also fell from the throne when he fell.
But be careful not to fall from the throne.
Then if you want to be in the great position for one day, you can live forever with the rules!
This is very important for the birth of a world where the eternal emperor created everyone to pursue eternal goals.
The temptation of eternal life is absolutely right.
After a physical activity, the body gradually shrinks and reshapes.
He turned his head and looked at the surrounding environment, reaching out and preparing to make his own arrangement.
However, at this time, Monty’s face suddenly changed.
He suddenly transported the magic gas to respond, but as soon as it was transported, it immediately lost control.
Thick and huge belong to the mythical realm, and the magic gas of the strong is raging in its body.
Then a series of magic lines extend from the skin of monty.
These magic lines look like a sword, and they sting your eyes.
Obviously, these magic lines and the changes now are naturally related to the evil emperor who was absorbed into the body by Monty.
And monty clearly understood this, and he immediately urged the eternal emperor to respond!
As eternal as yellow crystal, the source of the great emperor emerged from the top of monty’s head.
Suddenly, thick majesty emanated from the yellow crystal and put it into monty’s body.
Exquisite to the extreme, gravity control drives away the evil spirit of monty’s rebellion and hides the evil emperor of Yuan Dynasty.
However, to monty’s surprise, the source of the eternal emperor is strong.
However, the root method is used to drive away the evil emperor of the heavenly demons.
That’s because the evil emperor of the Yuan Dynasty immediately decomposed his body and strength when he was swallowed up by the monty pestle.
So that those forces are quickly absorbed by monty and integrated into its original force.
And the evil emperor of Yuan Magic was secretly coming to the monty’s court or the monty’s body to know the sea.
On that day, the magic coffin will be in human form again, when the strength of the main body of the magic coffin drops to the lowest point.
Yuan demon evil emperor immediately responded to monty’s fight for all the body!
Because of the brand of Yuan demon and evil emperor, the power is integrated into it, and the body of Monty is also poor in power control
Plus this monty body is also the body of the Yuan Demon Evil Emperor in his previous life.
For all kinds of reasons, monty was actually fighting for the body and was gradually suppressed by the evil emperor Yuan.
"Damn it, you put it together. In that case, I’ll throw caution to the wind. This body won’t let you get what you want!"
The voice fell on the top of monty’s head, and the yellow crystal floated instantly and fell towards monty’s head.
Although it has a short height, the law of gravity contained in the yellow crystal is very powerful when it is started slightly.
Like a meteorite falling from the sky, the yellow crystal went straight to Monty’s head.
If monty looks crazy at the yellow crystal that is about to fall on his head.
But at this moment, Monty’s expression suddenly became calm, and the whole person seemed to be half changed.
Then monty’s body instantly falls back, but the yellow crystal has been flying with monty’s foot.
Seeing this monty’s palm rubbing into a knife, the palm of a knife was cut out horizontally and directly cut in the yellow crystal.
I heard a roar, and the yellow crystal was smashed by a knife and flew away in the distance.
At the same time, Monty suddenly turned the knife palm upside down and inserted it directly into his chest.
As if there was no pain, Monty slowly pulled out his palm and dragged out a large stream of black data from his body.
Then monty suddenly waved his hand and threw the black data out and fell to the ground.
See that black data falling on the ground constantly surging.
At the same time, it was hacked out by Monty’s backhand, and the yellow crystal flew back automatically and put into black data.
In the flashing yellow light, the black data quickly formed a strong man.
Look at that man. He’s about 60% to 70% similar to Monty.
At this time, Monty’s body changed rapidly from about three meters in height to less than two meters in normal height.
And its appearance also perfected the appearance of the evil emperor of Yuan Dynasty.
However, in the long black hair floating behind the head, there are two curved corners growing from the left and right frontal angles.
Obviously, at this time, Monty’s body has been reoccupied by the evil emperor Yuan.
Soul and body are one, and once again, they have become the monty who dominated heaven and earth!
It’s better than adding the power of the Yuan demon evil emperor. At this time, he is definitely stronger than that!
After a physical activity, the former Yuan Demon Evil Emperor now has a smile on his face.
Although reincarnated and cultivated to the mythical realm again.
But in monty’s view, this monty who has been polished for ten thousand years is the most suitable body.
It is not because of strength that he will do this, but because of this body, he is the best match.
Matching the body can all hope that the soul of the heavenly fiend will become one again.
This is also one of the reasons why the former demon emperor can occupy the body so quickly when he throws himself into the body!
The black data group dragged by monty from the body is naturally the source data.
And the most unique thing that Monty does is to force the power to stay almost successful.
Now, the remaining 20% of the forces have no chance to win in the face of today’s new monty roots.
At this time, in addition to the unwilling expression, there is still a strong desire to die!
See him reach out and make the yellow crystal emerge.
Then he suddenly waved and slapped the yellow crystal on his forehead!
Chapter 199 Eternal Emperor arrival!
It’s moving fast, at least monty will have to stop it in the future.

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