Jul 5, 2024
The man in front of him is going to do it with himself because of a pot of wine.

Can you believe this?
The answer is yes.
An Xiaoya took one look at Xiao Wan and had a good talk. Hu Dwarves found that the two men were quite predestined friends.
So she decided to give this to Xiaowan.
"Well, since you’re going to follow my words, it’s good to wait until level 2 enters my mercenary group. I don’t have any mandatory requirements here. You can do whatever you want."
"Besides, now do you want to go back to the city or upgrade with us?"
Gong Liang immediately said that he would return to the city.
"If there is no wine, I guess the horse will die. Now I need to hurry back to the city to collect a batch of wine!"
This is a big event for yourself, and you can’t take it lightly.
"Well, that’s it. If there’s anything, just ask dad directly."
"Hello, my name is Daddy. If you have anything to ask me after I’m not at home."
Dad said that he had lost a friend’s application to Gong Liang.
Gong Liang agreed and looked at An Xiaoya. "How can I get out of this maze of goddess?"
Hear GongLiang call AnXiaoYa which still can’t know this guy decided to join them is because in the BBS know yourself.
I knew how this guy who can’t afford to get up early could sell himself casually!
"You go to the plug-in store and make a map auxiliary plug-in in my plug-in, and then I will dock a map here for you and you can go out by yourself."
An xiaoya’s command
Gong Liang snorted and snapped, and then received the map of An Xiaoya docking.
"Well, then we’ll contact again later!"
An Xiaoya waved goodbye to Dahu Dwarves.
"Goodbye, dear little friend!" Xiaowan also bid farewell to his new friends.
"Good-bye, everyone. Come and experience when I buy wine and supplies!"
An Xiaoya has a new understanding of this guy’s thick skin.
"Come on, people are gone, let’s continue to brush the blame," said An Xiaoya. "When he comes, let him join the group on his own."
It’s not that they reject him, but that there is just one more person!
This can blame them!
It’s generally dark for an afternoon, and the level of An Xiaoya has reached 14 and 10%
"I can upgrade this evening! It’s incredible! "
An Xiaoya came to expect that he wanted to upgrade for at least 20 days.
As a result, the monster here is double the experience and divine skill, and she feels that she can shorten this time to seven days.
That’s awesome!
"All right, all right, everyone is dismissed. I will rush to the fifteenth level tonight and then try to see if I can get the second floor!"
AnXiaoYa smiling feel a little heart.
Everyone is very happy to nod.
At 10: 30 in the evening, An Xiaoya leaps a light beam. She has been upgraded!
"Come on, I’ll try."
An Xiaoya takes everyone to explore the entrance of the auxiliary light door.
"Er … this is a single vice"
Anxiaoya turned to look at everyone.
Yin Ming first reacted, "Has the grade been reached?"
AnXiaoYa nodded "yes! Fifteen is enough. This is a single deputy. You should blame me first and try it! "
After the captain was transferred to the dad, An Xiaoya entered the vice.
We found a place not too far away and waited for news from An Xiaoya.
In this map memory, there is nothing to explore by yourself.
But this is not a problem for a man who used to be a French god.
As soon as I entered the deputy An Xiaoya, I felt that I was shining at the moment and then-I was almost blinded!
Close your eyes quickly and then open them slowly so that you can’t stand being stimulated.
Looking at a glistening white light in front of you, An Xiaoya feels worse than a ghost tower!
This is two extremes.
The ghost tower is barely visible in the dark, but here it is harsh, and the light is not flashing blind people all the time.
An Xiaoya toured around and found that even the nature and ghost tower here are just the opposite.
Looks like a temple structure
Looking at this without a trace of human habitation, the Temple Anxiaoya walked to the gate.
Not far from pushing the door is a mass of black fog.
Anxiaoya frowning, she probably knew what was going on here.
These so-called "limited vice" should actually suppress the monsters in the tower.
But these "vice" are more or less invaded by darkness, and the ghost tower can’t be completely suppressed, so the ghost tower will be alive.
What the player needs to do in these pairs is precisely to eliminate the darkness invaded by these lights.
What did Bai want to do? AnXiaoya looked at a few dark clouds not far away, and the holy punishment was directly eliminated.

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