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The word "wisdom" flashed in Pang Xia’s eyes, and the golden ball bloomed.

At that time, the golden light was full!
Chapter 946 Interrogation
The golden light from the golden ball of the word "wisdom" dispelled the charm of all people again.
PangXia cold hum a player shot a smaller than hair some red flame into the nine-tailed fox body.
This flame penetrated into the body of the nine-tailed fox, which made the nine-tailed fox immediately feel five burning feelings.
She wants to motivate the power of the data level to get rid of that red flame.
However, the red flame is derived from the red data power of the blood sea emperor.
And the nine-tailed fox was locked by the white chain in Pang Xia’s hand, and Bogen moved his own strength.
Therefore, despite the efforts of the nine-tailed fox, it is the root method to make an effective resistance.
"Damn it, damn it, please leave me alone. I want you to do something and leave me alone!"
The nine-tailed fox’s pale face has obviously reached its limit.
And she is beautiful and charming, even if she doesn’t have the ability to charm, it is enough to make people feel pity.
However, for Pang Xia, the nine-tailed fox is meaningless even if it is beautiful.
However, when Pang Xia heard the words of the nine-tailed fox and thought about it, he stretched out his hand and took back the red flame of the nine-tailed fox.
That a little red flame flows in Pang Xia’s hand, sending out a faint light.
The nine-tailed fox turned pale when he looked at the flame in Pang Xia’s hand.
Squatting down, Pang Xia looked at the nine-tailed fox and said, "Tell me when you will join the doves!"
Took a deep breath, and the nine-tailed fox took one look at the flame in Pangxia’s hand again.
Then he said slowly, "I haven’t been here long, maybe less than a month."
Recently, someone has been chasing us, and our level has instructed us to hide.
In the future, I planned to hide in this world NPC, but I stumbled across several doves looking for new members.
So I was fascinated by them and let them bring me in, so that I could hide myself and spy on the news. "
"So have you received any orders recently or have you reported anything to them?"
Hearing this, the nine-tailed fox’s eyes flashed slightly and then shook his head and said, "No,no."
After all, I came here too short to do anything else. "
The nine-tailed fox’s voice just fell and the word "wisdom" suddenly shook the head of Pang Xia.
The vibration amplitude of this "wisdom" golden ball is very small, which can’t be felt by outsiders except the owner Pang Xia.
And feel the word "wisdom" after the golden ball vibration PangXia face immediately condensed.
He looked at the nine-tailed fox and sneered, "Nine-tailed fox, I think you should tell the truth if you want to live."
But you seem to have some other ideas. I think you should answer that question again. "
Hearing Pang Xia’s words, the nine-tailed fox was in a panic and immediately denied that he had lied.
However, when she saw Pang Xia’s cold eyes, Pang Xia’s palm expanded the red flame.
The body trembled slightly and then she pursed her lips and said, "I-I didn’t think of it just now."
I was instructed by Lord Qiong Qi to report a false news to Zhang Sanfeng and Su Rongrong.
Want to want to want to now the two of them have been tricked into being surrounded by Qiong Qi’s adult. "
When I heard this, Pang Xia’s eyes were wide open, and he grabbed the white chain with a jerk.
Suddenly the white chain suddenly contracted and almost broke the neck of the nine-tailed fox.
Face suppress latosolic red nine-tailed fox body movement directly into a size and white Kyubi no Youko fox.
Restored to its original shape, the nine-tailed fox kept moaning on the ground as if begging for mercy.
And she even said, "this adult, I know where they are."
Lord Qiong Qi has laid a boundary. Without my Lord, you would have found them. "
This sentence saved Pang Xia, a nine-tailed fox, and the white chain was loosened slightly.
The nine-tailed fox took a grateful look at Pang Xia and then said again, "They went to Changbai Mountain."
If you want to go there, you can find the differences. It didn’t take long for Zhang Sanfeng and Su Rongrong to go.
Want adults when you arrive, want to come with adult great power must be able to save them both. "
Pang Xia listened to the words of the nine-tailed fox. He knew very well that the nine-tailed fox was playing with his mind again.
This mind’s eye is not to say that what the nine-tailed fox said to Pang Xia was wrong.
Every word said by the nine-tailed fox has the word "wisdom", and the golden ball surveillance can distinguish between true and false.
Pang Xia knows very well that everything the nine-tailed fox said to him is true.
However, the nine-tailed fox intends to let Pang Xia find Qiong Qi and them.
And then directly killed by Qiong Qi and them. This is an open plan and Pang Xia has to go to the appointment.
If you face others, the plan will succeed.
But she didn’t know that the person she was facing was a strong man who had defeated Qiong Qi and them.
And the recent strength increase is not afraid of Qiong Qi.
Therefore, although Pang Xia saw the plan of the nine-tailed fox at a glance, he would not be significant.
Of course, this does not mean that Pang Xia will let the nine-tailed fox go.
A low drink behind PangXia suddenly broken.
Then a middle-aged man came out of the void, and naturally it was nine phoenixes in human form.
Nine-tailed fox looked at the virtual walk out from behind PangXia nine chicken a face of respect behind PangXia without saying a word.
She was shocked. It was like seeing the sun rising in the west.
The hand of Jiufeng Eternal Emperor is second only to that of Four Fierce Beasts.
But the nine-tailed fox, which has a very high status, can only look up in the front.
However, it is this level that is behind Pang Xia like a servant.
It is suspected that this is a great shock to the nine-tailed fox.
This is more unbelievable to the nine-tailed fox than the wolf telling the news that Jiufeng was killed by Pang Xia.

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