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"Sister, get something to eat. I’m hungry!"

Lights Ye Lingfeng smiled at non-success son who pouted and stretched out his hand and threw two frozen steamed buns.
Is Su Mei intimate early to prepare delicious see Ye Lingfeng in non-success son side touched the wall and walked over to send food.
Before Ling Ye Fengkou Su Mei said, "The old sword god sent it!"
Ling Ye maple nodded and praised the moment when Su Mei turned. Ling Ye maple slammed on Su Meibo’s neck. Su Mei’s charming body trembled and collapsed in Ye Lingfeng’s arms.
There non-success son one leng but suddenly Shen Yao appeared from behind and also ended up like Su Mei.
However, the monk Muyu walked over consciously and said, "Don’t bother to take the initiative to go by myself." He said that he was lying on the ground! It’s really like that!
"Let’s go!"
Shen Yao looked up and glanced at the sky full of stars, and the nine-day swan went behind him with a white suit, which was really something extraordinary.
"Si Miao!"
Ling Ye maple called out a beautiful snake from nowhere. On weekdays, this beautiful snake is a monster beast, and she doesn’t like being with people. Even Ye Lingfeng told her to stay with Su Mei. This beautiful snake still doesn’t know where to go, but something happens sometimes.
"lead the way!"
Silk Miao nodded his head and turned his body around. This Ye Lingfeng Shen Yao disappeared into the barracks.
"I really went!"
Camp Li Wuqiu is unbelievable. Looking at the old sword god, if Ye Lingfeng and Shen Yao can hide from others, this one can hide from others!
The old sword god nodded and tightened his tight fox fur. That’s what it means!
Lan Chenxi struggled to get out of bed but was held down by Ye Lingyu!
"Let them go! Men can’t stop doing things! "
Chenxi wanted to say something, but the words were still unsaid. He also knew that Ye Lingfeng and Shen Yao wanted to do something, and no one could stop them.
"Don’t worry?"
Meng Cen looked up at Ye Lingyu and asked a puzzling question. Ye Lingyu smiled like a flower with a clear face. The cold light in the beautiful eyes was condensed. "If I were you, I might do more. I won’t stop it!"
A word makes several people in the tent look at the same side, which is really unreasonable for the siblings.
"Do seniors want to go and see me?"
Li Wuqiu thought twice or considered the tone to discuss with the fox fur and the old sword god. Who knows that he hasn’t finished yet? The old sword god waved his hand. "Let him solve the old man’s problems by himself. I can’t care who wants to go to the old man’s house by himself anyway!"
Li Wuqiu was speechless. It doesn’t matter how many people go to his side if the old sword god doesn’t make moves. Although there are not many people in the celestial world, if Qin is involved, it won’t happen again more than ten years ago. Li Wuqiu dare not gamble!
Suddenly, sitting in a chair, Cen Huan said, "The general’s reputation has been cracked in many battles, and he turned back to Heliang, and Wan Li’s old friend has long been lost."
Li Wuqiu one leng immediately heard Ye Lingyu interface way "Xiao drizzly west wind cold full dress like snow"
With a slight sigh, Li Wuqiu remembered and said, "A bird knows how much it hates to cry before a strong man laments."
"Ha ha!" With a hearty laugh, the old sword god got up and said, "I still like that sentence, who is drunk with me?"
At that time, the tent was filled with the same atmosphere!
Is it easy to find some superior white tigers and elephants in the vast northern Liangshan Mountain? Fortunately, it is clear that there is a beautiful snake named Si Miao, a descendant of the ancient dragon, threatening the mountain. It is easy for Ye Lingfeng to find a place to flow frost and a superior of the moon city.
"It’s here!"
Asked Shen Yao with some doubts. After all, there is a vast forest ahead, and there is no life breath or interpersonal activities.
"It should be true that there is an unusual smell here in a hundred miles around here. You know, sometimes animals feel more sensitive than people!" Silk Simon didn’t answer this kind of thing for sure or give it to Ye Lingfeng for judgment!
Bloody purple eyes emerge. Ye Lingfeng sees a completely different scene through purple eyes. There is a thick layer of fog in the Woods. In the fog, a huge and luxurious carriage is located in the middle, and the cart is actually a khaki sea dumpling. Around it, you can vaguely see three local-level experts nearby. All of them are unique to the moon city, with white clothes printed on the moon.
"It’s here!" Ye Lingfeng motioned for two people to step back with themselves.
"What should I do?" Shen Yao is carrying his left hand behind him and stroking the nine-day swan. This handle is very appetizing to himself.
"Look at the flow frost is waiting for me to find her trouble? Let’s wait until dawn and act! "
Ye Lingfeng said three people whoosh disappeared in the Woods.
Narrowing your eyes and carefully looking at the situation in the dense, you must fight yourself first, or there will be this layer of fog to stop Shen Yao and Si Miao, but there are no more pictures flashing in your mind.
Ye Lingfeng took the lead in breaking through the fog, and then the oncoming three local masters besieged themselves to make Ivylinna Lee avoid a blow, and then the inside law was launched to trap himself, and then Shen Yao and Si Miao were arrested together with themselves. It should be like this! A few breaths Ye Lingfeng’s mind flashed dozens of situations. Attacking the frost from different angles will be like a reaction, such as defense. It seems that the frost has taken up all the time and place. This is not good!
When it came out, it was already dark, and there was not much time left. Ye Lingfeng could hide things in Lianghe City for a while. Once those things were exposed, it would be extremely difficult for Ye Lingfeng to take Lianghe.
The time is urgent!
You can’t rush Ye Lingfeng to take a deep breath and try to calm yourself down! Killers can’t be impatient and have a long wait to get a chance to kill!
This is a long time ago, a woman told Ye Lingfeng that she was a beautiful woman and also a killer, including Ye Lingfeng, who believed that there was no difference between a killer and a thief. You stole something and I stole my life.
That girl’s name should be Qingqing! After all, a killer says that there are few real women in his name, especially beautiful women.
At that time, it was in the state of Chu. Qingqing’s goal was to assassinate a general in the state of Chu. Because the general raped her in a certain war, she waited for seven years to get revenge.
Ye Lingfeng met her only because Ye Lingfeng bumped into Qingqing when she was stealing from the general’s house. Ye Lingfeng chose the best escape location, which happened to be Qingqing’s choice of the best sniper location.
In the first sentence, Qingqing said that Ye Lingfeng had great talent as a killer.
In the end, Qingqing killed the general and killed Ye Lingfeng in one fell swoop after failing for three times. She tried to help her, but Qingqing said that it was her own business and would never leave it to others. If Ye Lingfeng dared to do it, he would face a killer forever.
From the second time, the general has taken strict precautions, whether he dumped his retinue or went on an appointment alone, and he deliberately sold several flaws all the way from Yancheng to the border of Chu, but he didn’t let Qingqing be fooled.
Ye Lingfeng advised Qingqing to give up and come back later, but what Qingqing needs most is patience. I can always find opportunities to kill him, but he can’t always buy flaws to seduce me.
Qing Qing’s words made Ling Ye Feng feel deeply. Isn’t it the same for him to steal? Taking the unexpected by surprise is patience.
In the end, Qingqing seized the opportunity. The general was in a hurry to pick up the imperial edict. Qingqing seized the opportunity, not the way, but came back from the gate and was about to return to the barracks. At the moment when the general just stepped out of the gate, the sun set and the sun shone harsh on the general’s eyes. It was unexpected, like for example, lurked in the dark wall dome, and a striking blow gently fell, which succeeded in crushing the general’s back. He retreated with the general’s body-guard bending his bow and taking an arrow and Qingqing smiling like a swallow!
"Maybe this is just a fall short!"
Ye Lingfeng saw from a distance that the knife was heavy, but the general was not dead. He was in a coma. Maybe it was fate?
However, something strange happened. Ye Lingfeng didn’t find Qingqing outside the city. Isn’t she still unwilling to give up and want to assassinate again?
Ling Ye Feng, who stayed in the previous place, suddenly found a note left by Qingqing.
This is the first time Ye Lingfeng has seen Qingqing’s notes. They are very delicate and gentle, which is very different from the oppressive female assassin in the impression.

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