Jul 8, 2024
"I will"

"Well," zhaojie turned to squat down beside Niya and gently rubbed her hair. "Niya, didn’t you say you wanted Atlantis to return to land? Now is that time to meet your ability. "
"What should I do?" Nia obviously some at a loss.
Zhaojie said softly, "Sing your mermaid song, and then your heart calls on your own friends to help you lift Atlantis to the surface."
"Well," Niya nodded, took a deep breath and closed her eyes. The soul sang the song that she had sung several times.
Beautiful ocean
I praise your greatness.
But I hate your feelings.
You have darken those who long for light.
You make those who long for flowers coral.
To satisfy one’s delusion
Once a beautiful land
Be sung by everyone
Dream like sunshine
Flowers are at my feet
The breeze blew on the cheek.
I look forward to it with the most sincere hope
Looking forward to the most beautiful fairy tale
Dream of Wang you
Kiss my blonde hair when you come.
But girls’ fairy tales will be interpreted in dreams
Flood arrival
Submerged flowers
I send cards.
Since then, the breeze has stopped blowing.
The sun no longer shines.
Girl’s canthus
Also full of tears.
Her melodious and bright songs can almost penetrate people’s bodies and reach people’s hearts. In this song, all emotions are washed and purified to calm people’s hearts.
Outside the protective cover, ripples spread out to the depths of the seabed, and then waves of whale-like barking were fed back to everyone’s ears, immersed in music. People suddenly opened their eyes and saw a deep-sea behemoth that was taller than the mountain and tightly surrounded the protective cover. These monsters were not tyrannical in their eyes, but as calm as everyone else.
Looking at this huge monster outside, Hong murmured, "Boss, I admire you like a raging river."
Niya stopped singing. She turned to zhaojie. After receiving the latter’s encouraging eyes, she put a pair of small hands on her chest and whispered, "My friends, can I ask you to help me send Atlantis back to land?"
Her voice was so soft that zhaojie could barely hear it even by her side, but the group of sea animals separated by a protective cover immediately dispersed as soon as she finished speaking. In a short time, the city was shaking like an earthquake, and from here, we can see that there were dozens of behemoths in another Atlantis city in the distance, digging into a hard steel frame in the deep soil and slowly lifting it up.
At this time, there was a sound in everyone’s ear.

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