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So Mu Yi went on to say, "The goal is like a lamp in the dark, it guides you in the direction. You can always find Li Guanghui by staring at this lamp. However, if you see several lamps in the dark, you will also have a chance to find Li Guang, but it will take you many times more time than looking for a lamp."

Liang Pingwen secretly nodded. In fact, he also had such an experience and summary, and secretly sighed and said with a lazy sigh, "Yes ~ Too many people will be confused. This is just like looking for a wife. If you like several people at the same time, you will compare them back and forth among several people, and you will be hesitant. The result may be that you won’t get the last one."
MuYi smell speech facial expression suddenly became some wonderful, looked up and laughed and leaned back on the sofa with a smile, but quickly recovered calm and looked at Liang Ping seriously and said, "Since you are all white about these reasons, then you should be very clear about what kind of world the prosperous mainland is."
"The law of the jungle gives birth to the weak," Liang Ping said concisely.
Mu Yi went on to say, "You must have experienced a lot after more than half a year’s experience. When your strength is weak, you will protect people. Everything you want to protect will leave you one by one, and all your life plans will be disturbed by some outside forces. Do you have a free life?" Mu Yi asked and looked at Liang Ping.
This statement directly poked Liang Ping’s heart, and he almost cried, but after those unusual events, his restraint ability was also beyond ordinary people. He tried to calm down and frowned and said, "But so what is life? In the world, we all have the means to control our own destiny."
"Hum, that’s an excuse for the weak to escape from themselves!" Muyi look very cold in vain some sharp stare at Liang Ping.
Chapter 363 Jian Zun Mu Yi
Liang Ping fell silent for a while.
Then Mu Yi told Liang Ping a lot, just like a mentor, Liang Ping guided the right direction.
Liang Ping listened attentively to every word and analyzed it in detail, which was probably just about the goal and meaning of life.
In a place like the prosperous mainland, the only correct goal of a spiritual martial arts practitioner is to make himself stronger, and everything else will harm him to find himself and be pushed around by others.
Now Liang Ping doesn’t know that it’s a good way to upgrade himself to spiritual martial arts and practice the magic seal of the lion in front of him.
Liang Ping was tempted by the magic seal of the lion, but he still hesitated in his heart.
Mu Yi saw it in his eyes and laughed. "In fact, everyone has their own trajectory in life, but fate is ultimately in their own hands. If you give up on yourself, maybe fate may be passed on to another person."
"Can you pass it on to another person?" Liang Ping couldn’t believe it.
However, Mu Yi said with great certainty that "love is the dragon god, which you already know very well, and he is also the seventh descendant of the dragon god. He is also qualified to get the power of dragon seal to rob fate for thousands of years and eventually become a member of the good gods."
"So that’s it."
Liang Ping nodded secretly. Although he already knew that the ultimate destination of a doomed person is the good god world, people’s lives can be long when they reach the good god world.
Who doesn’t want eternal life?
Liang Ping naturally hopes to get eternal life, but is that really his fate and destination? Although he has been in the prosperous mainland for more than half a year, he still doesn’t believe in the truth of all this.
It was incredible when and where it appeared.
At the same time, I suspected that news images appeared in my mind when I was in Bimeng Inn in Jiuyou. Dr. Wang Huirong turned into a member of Shengshi Online Games Company in order to save everyone who had strayed into Shengshi Tuan.
Thinking of these Liang Ping’s thoughts has become a bit messy again.
Mu Yi noticed some abnormalities slightly from Liang Ping’s expression and added, "In fact, if you do what I say, you will always get a happy ending."
Liang Ping didn’t deny every word of Mu Yi. Instead, Mu Yi’s words made Liang Ping have some shame besides an epiphany. The epiphany is that he finally really is the world in front of him. Shame is that he used to have only those pride and small thoughts, but actually it will bring trouble to everyone around him.
Seeing that Liang Ping was silent, Mu Yi continued, "Liang Ping, you can imagine that the whole incident is directed at you. All the people who have a little connection with you will be involved in it. It is very intuitive that you will be able to protect these people only if you become stronger. These people have nothing to do with you. They are close to you and help you. Do you want to see all those who have helped you die in front of you?"
To death, Liang Ping once again thought of many people, and the first person who thought of it turned out to be a mushroom male.
At the moment, Mushroom looked pale and looked at Liang Ping with a sad expression, which made Liang Ping feel even heavier.
Liang Ping was skeptical about the official identity of Mushroom, so he asked eagerly, "Mu Yi, do you know the official identity of Mushroom? Is she really from Luoshengmeng?"
"Luo Shengmeng?" MuYi looked at Liang Pingdao with a face of consternation. "Liang Pingdao, do you really don’t know or not? Mushroom Gong died three thousand years ago. When she died, all three souls and seven spirits scattered the roots, and there could be no chance of resurrection."
Liang Pingwen frowned and said, "Do you mean that the root I saw is not a mushroom?"
"The man you saw named Hong-mei Xia was just a whore and a woman. She was bought by Yang Junjie to get close to you in the ultimate hell." Mu Yi said lightly.
Liang Ping couldn’t help but feel a pain in his heart. "So everything I saw Xia Hongmei was an illusion!"
"Well, you can say that," MuYi certainly replied.
Liang Ping did not believe that "when I met Xia Hongmei in the romantic street of the ultimate hell"
"At that time, Yang Junjie reached the ultimate hell before you. You should know that" Mu Yi interrupted Liang Ping’s words, "so you should also know that prostitutes and women love money and pleasure."
Liang Ping still didn’t quite believe in the vicissitudes of life and shook his head and said, "No, I still believe that when you return to the mushroom public identity, her points are so simple. I saw from her eyes that ordinary people can’t lie without clear bright eyes."
Mu Yi also frowned and said in a low voice, "Liang Ping, you are nothing. The world’s best performers are prostitutes and women. If they are not good at camouflage, they can cheat men out of money. What do you say!"
Liang Ping has an epiphany, but he is still obsessed with it. "At that time, I saw the bar boss in the bar of the ultimate hell romantic street show me all that Xia Hongmei used to do."
Mu Yi said, "Liang Ping, Liang Ping, I really don’t know what to say about you. You are also from sin heaven. Aren’t there many movie stars in sin heaven? What you see on the ultimate hell screen is just that Xia Hongmei has taken some film clips in this world."
"Amount?" Liang Pingwen heard a burst of memories. "It seems that you can’t really rule out this possibility when you say that, but how can there be a picture of Lingzhou mainland when taking pictures?"
Mu Yi sighed again and continued, "Alas, film and television pictures can also be tampered with. Similar pictures may be changed in mainland China, and everything is different."
"Well," Liang Ping finally believed it. Later, he experienced everything with Mushroom Gong, and he could really feel that Mushroom Gong really liked him.
Muyi went on to say a lot.
But Liang Ping’s heart has continued to listen. Even if she is a lowly prostitute and a female Liang Ping, I’m afraid I won’t forget her.
"Lies can’t fool people, and I firmly believe this." Liang Ping ignored what Mu Yi said and suddenly said such a sentence.
MuYi face sank in vain, "so you seem to love hong-mei xia?"
"I don’t know" Liang Ping’s mood is complicated.
However, Mu Yi said firmly, "To tell you the truth, Hong-mei Xia was indeed from Lingzhou in her previous life, and she and Shen still have some."
"Shendu?" Liang Ping asked in surprise, "How could she talk to Shen Du?"
"Thousands of years ago, the people who robbed the mainland of Lingzhou for thousands of years were Shen Du, and at that time, Shen Du was troubled by evil spirits. What he saw was also true or false. He also went to Jiuyou and experienced many extraordinary things in Jiuyou, among which Xia Hongmei was the most unforgettable person." Mu Yi said patiently.
Liang Ping also took a keen interest in this and asked, "Who is the most unforgettable person? In addition to hong-mei xia past lives who else "
"One is me and Mu Ye’s mother Feilu, and another hateful woman is Xia Hongmei’s past buildings." The buildings Muyi sound with faint anger.
Liang Ping also felt that these feelings became dignified and my heart was full of doubts.

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