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They were shocked again.

Dream seven emotions said, "Please ask Brother Cucumber to point out the maze."
Mad Dog Long Dao "The ancestors of Huaxia people have always recognized that China has Long Mai, which is indeed the case from the perspective of Feng Shui."
In this respect, the princess’s feelings are relatively weak. "I have always heard of Feng Shui. Is this learning or deception?"
Mad dog dragon has to explain, "This is true knowledge. Let me give you an example. A big tree is cut off at the middle and then you can know which year it has more rain, which year it has more sunshine and which year it has suffered disasters. Similarly, the landscape is caused by years of movement of the earth’s crust. You can also judge its past and future according to its shape and trend."
This metaphor is very vivid. The princess sighed, "It turns out that there is really Long Mai."
Mad Dog Long Dao "Long Mai is indeed a symbol of national destiny and national future. Long Mai is predicting the future weather and destiny of China, but the location of Long Mai in different dynasties is different. It represents the rise and fall of that dynasty at that time. The eternal brother said that Long Mai was in the three northeastern provinces, which was the Qing Dynasty when Long Mai soldiers entered from the three northeastern provinces. Later, when the Qing Dynasty perished, the three northeastern provinces also entered the enemy."
Yong Bang was suddenly overwhelmed. "Is it all in Long Mai at that time?"
Mad Dog Dragon nodded. "The Great Wall was broken in Long Mai during the Spring and Autumn Period, the Warring States Period and the Qin Dynasty, which ended."
Wang Lian said, "What is Long Mai in the Qinling Mountains?"
Mad Dog Longdao: "The Qinling Mountains have always been very simple before the earth’s resources are exhausted. If the Qinling Mountains disappear, the climate of China will change unpredictably, which can turn China into a paradise, but it can also turn it into a hell for people."
Wang Lian said, "I remember correctly that history of China and War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression lasted for years and finally won the final victory."
The black wolf’s eyes lit up. "That is to say, Long Mai of Huaxia nationality has not been destroyed during this period?"
Yong Bang said, "I’m sorry I didn’t read much. I know it’s the Anti-Japanese War, but I don’t remember China’s picture at that time."
Mad dog dragon hates SAO Hehe. Why don’t you come to this vice? But at least he remembers something. "I know that during the whole Anti-Japanese War, the Japanese army attacked from the three northeastern provinces and almost swallowed most of the China noodles, and those places where Long Mai is located were occupied."
Dream seven emotions "but this time Long Mai has not been occupied because it affects the fate of the whole country of China."
Mad dog dragon mused, "I remember that there seem to be several places that have not been invaded by Xinjiang, Tibet and Yunnan."
Master Kang smiled, "The position we are in now must be one of these places."
Dream seven emotions sigh "I really admire Brother Cucumber"
The black wolf said, "So what are the famous mountains and rivers here?"
Master Kang laughed and said, "You’ll know if you linger on."
This is indeed a reason, and everyone quickly took action and walked up the mountain.
The mountain is a winding road, which is the most steep and bizarre road that everyone has ever seen. It bends dozens of turns in an almost S-shaped shape on a mountain ridge and is built in the most dangerous position.
Halfway through, they found that there was a cave in the ravine with a sign that read "General Command of Yunnan-Myanmar Highway Construction of the National Government".
Mad dog dragon dazed haven’t come to talk hole has walked out of a man dressed as an engineer "comrades, excuse me, are you Nanyang machinist returned to China? Huh? This is British … "
This question directly turned this group of people into idiots, and Mad Dog Dragon was a little embarrassed. "We are from China!"
This is really not a good answer, but the engineer warmly shook hands with him. "Welcome, welcome to the Yunnan-Myanmar Highway to report for duty. Our motherland needs patriotic overseas Chinese like you. Our nation will not perish. The imp will be driven out of China sooner or later."
As soon as the engineer spoke, he rose to the national height. Although it sounds awkward, there is always an inspiring feeling.
So Mad Dog Dragon and his party became patriotic overseas Chinese and walked into the cave.
This is a hole-proof, but the department is arranged like a big room. All kinds of workers are busy inside, and there are big maps and slogans on the walls.
"One inch of rivers and mountains, one inch of blood, 100,000 young people and 100,000 troops!"
Wang Lian path "I wrote this couplet before I met my great-grandfather. He said it was a symbol of the times. I don’t know what it is. I always feel very excited when I see this couplet. I have an impulse to think about pk."
The princess gave him a white look. "Are you so sentimental as a big man?"
Wang Lian shrugged his shoulders to be continued.
Chapter four hundred and twelve Yunnan-Burma Highway
After the brief introduction of the engineer and the detailed explanation of Mad Dog Dragon, everyone was shocked and white except Kang Ye.
The Yunnan-Myanmar Highway was built from Yunnan Province in China to Yangon Highway in Myanmar. It was born in the bonfire in War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. It is a highway built by the flesh and blood of people of all ethnic groups in western Yunnan. Compared with the former Great Wall of Wan Li, it may not be as magnificent as the Great Wall or as magnificent as the Great Wall.
But in China, in the world, in a dynasty, in the history of a country, a nation and an era, there is no highway so closely linked, and no highway can stay in people’s memory for a long time like the Yunnan-Myanmar Highway.
History broke out in War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression in 1937. With the fall of Hong Kong, more than half of China fell into the hands of Japanese troops. With the attack of Japanese troops, all the diplomatic departments of Vietnam and Myanmar China were cut off-except the Yunnan-Myanmar Highway.
This is the only channel for China to connect with the international community, and it is also the only channel for the world to transport materials to the rear areas of various armies in China. Once it is cut off, the whole of China may slowly die.
Everyone finally came to this road for nothing to the future fate of China. This is Long Mai in this era.
It’s simple for the headquarters to tell us to advance to the front line and build roads!
"Why don’t you fix it during the day and act later?" Yong Bang said that he did not understand.
The engineer smiled and explained, "You’d better not walk outside because Japanese planes are bombing during the day."
This time, even Kang Ye stared at the wall map thoughtfully. This road is more than 14 kilometers long. It is almost terrible to carry out nearly two mayors from China to Myanmar, but these are secondary. From the map, the biggest problem of this road in China is that the mountains and rivers are too steep. It is almost impossible to build such a road in that distant war era.
Is the Japanese army still worried that such a road will be built? Every day, fighter planes are bombed?
"Where is the highway now?" Master Kang finally asked about the point.
The engineer explained, "Now it has been built to the Nujiang River, but there are not many left for us. In front of the Nujiang River, there is also an army from Chongqing government to resist the Japanese attack and build a brigade. Yes, there are also two troops from Britain and the United States to assist the army in the war. Isn’t this comrade British? Are you here to support the Burma Road? "
Speaking of which, Mad Dog Dragon and others don’t have to leave for Nujiang River, because everyone has an intuition that the place where the troops exchanged fire on team day is probably the location of Xi ‘an dagger.
But walking along the road, everyone was still shocked by what they saw along the way.
On this highway, it is almost impossible to see that transport cars are transported by manpower and are almost old people, children and women.
Two old men shouldered a lever and carried huge stones in pairs to form a long queue and rushed forward desperately, while the women and children behind them pushed a huge stone mill with a height of two meters and followed the team to climb the mountain.
This stone mill is a cylinder, but Kang Ye is not white. "What are they pushing this thing for?"
Mad dog dragon said faintly, "This is a simple roller?"
"Can this rubbish press the road?" Kang ye couldn’t help laughing.
Mad dog dragon stared at him. "There was a great shortage of materials in those days. This is already the best roller."
Master Kang couldn’t laugh because he saw that many women and children were naked. "Don’t they even have a decent dress?"
The mad dog dragon looked ahead and sank, "This road was built in such a bad situation. At that time, the ancestors thought that national death was much more important than eating and drinking water."
Master Kang looked at the long line. "How many people are there?"
"20 thousand people!" Mad dog dragon replied faintly

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