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Is the Taiji Tiger Team really an iron plate team with no weaknesses? That would be a problem.

Lu Zhan’s heart is white. Although Taiji Tiger Department is the strongest king, on the strength, professional teams like Huoyun Team are higher than Taiji Tiger Team. After all, the comprehensive quality of professional teams lies in
But this time, his players are different. Except for ad, other positions in the RG team are slightly better than Huoyun. Only four teammates can protect him to play Akali harvesting rhythm, but now he doesn’t have those professional teammates. Every line is weaker than the other team.
Can rely on their own, in addition to personal technical level, he must find out the tactical flaws of the other side.
At noon, it was decided that if they all made it through, they would meet Tai Chi Tiger in the final, which means that they can watch another Tai Chi Tiger race tomorrow.
But it’s the same two games. Can he really observe it?
"Maybe I should ask him." Lu Zhan glanced at the game and Lin Zhengzheng thought in his heart.
Chapter 161 The strongest king difference
The fourth game was played by He Hongxiang’s team. Although it was very hard to play for three games, it still won.
In this way, there are actually two teams of Jinling University in the top four of Jinling Cup, which doesn’t make people look askance. Other schools may see fewer games, but there are more students in Jinling University.
But now Lu Zhan has no mind but thinks about these little things. He is still replaying the Tai Chi Tiger team game in his mind. He wants to analyze his opponent’s weaknesses from it, but there is too little information to achieve little result.
On the way to dinner, the two teams walked together. Both teams were four men and one woman, and they went to the canteen together, especially the two girls were so outstanding that it was a landscape.
However, the atmosphere in the win team is a bit dull. Although it has reached the semi-finals, the strength of the Taiji Tiger team is like a stone weighing on their hearts, which makes all the players worry about their final battle.
Lu Zhan wanted to say something, but Lin Zhengzheng spoke first.
"Lu Zhan" he asked, "Are you sure about Tai Chi Tiger?"
"Not yet. Maybe it’s not very opportunistic in front of real strength!" Lu Zhan tentatively said
"No," Lin Zhengzheng shook his head and said, "You can’t compete with them in terms of strength, but it’s not impossible because our school is close to Taiji Tiger Team School. In fact, when I was on our school team, I often played against Taiji Tiger Team, and I was very clear about their strength. Now they show that they are based on their true strength. But if I guess correctly, do you still hide your strength?"
"Er, it’s true that there are more hidden strengths." Lu Zhan was embarrassed and touched his nose. Lu Zhan didn’t hide that the other party had been eliminated, but he was more concerned that Lin Zhengzheng had participated in the school team and his strength against Tai Chi Tiger should be very strong. The contradiction between them and Tai Chi Tiger Team must have come from here.
"Sure enough, it’s not a loss to lose to you …" Lin Zhengzheng shook his head quietly next to them. Some of them didn’t have Lin Zhengzheng’s eyes and they had a chance to win on their side. They didn’t know the truth until they heard what Lu Zhan said.
Lin Zhengzheng said, "On the surface of Taiji Tiger Team, the team composed of the five strongest kings is really bluffing, but the level of the strongest king is also very different."
"oh? But isn’t the strongest king a segment? " Aside from Su Yueran, she wondered how big the gap could be between the five people who are the strongest king in her eyes.
"Of course, there is a difference. Take Taiji Tiger as an example. Their single robbery is the strongest king in Korea. Korea has a weapon, which means that he is already the strongest five people in Korea. His level is actually very high." Lin Zhengzheng explained.
Lu Zhan nodded, and his level is not high, and he will not be accepted by the apprentice in the world’s first middle school.
"They have played the strongest king in Guoxin District 3, ranking first, but after all, it is not as good as believing in the third district. Putting him in the letter may be able to play around 30, although it is also very strong, but it is far less powerful than them." Lin Zhengzheng went on to say
Shan Anzhe is said to be selected by the national lpl team ZG team and will soon become a professional player. If he has no ability, he will not be taken a fancy to by the professional team. After all, the national team rarely invites foreign players.
"Compared with the other three, it is not so prominent. Playing wild is the strongest king’s aid in the letter 12 area and ad is the letter 7 area. If you put it in the letter 1, it is likely that it will be a diamond, but it will not hit the strongest king. Of course, they are still stronger than four or five diamonds."
Lin Zhengzheng explained that several people in the win team understood that the strongest king in different areas really has a big gap.
"All reactionaries are paper tigers!" Su Yueran waved powder boxing for him concluded
"Hey, hey, these are all side dishes. Let you see the real style of the first single in this competition!" Xiaoshengqiang followed suit and said
"oh? Who is the first order? " Su Yueran pretended not to know what it meant.
Wait for two people to finish.
Bloom suddenly asked, "By the way, what does a paper tiger mean? Is it an origami? "
Nine people looked at each other and laughed together. This mater’s ability is really unusual. It took him so long to react. I guess he has been thinking about it …
Besides, how can we tell him that this is a famous sentence said by one of our leaders?
It’s nice to see the players become relaxed. Even diamonds are better than their apparent strength. Lin Zhengzheng said that these are actually cheering for his players.
The performance of taiji tiger team really put a lot of pressure on them, but after Lin Zhengzheng’s analysis, everyone was much easier
Lin Zhengzheng added, "I still have some experience in playing Tai Chi Tiger Team. The most important thing is not to let them develop singles and singles, so it is much easier to play these two points."
"Er, it’s so easy for a Korean to be the first in a country to want to limit it?" Bloom rolled his eyes and this time he reacted.
"That’s what your captain has to consider!" Lin Zhengzheng smiled and said to Lu Zhan
"Don’t look at me, I’m not the captain." Lu Zhan also laughed at his thinking about Lin Zhengzheng’s words in his mind.
"Oh, that’s right. The captain is not necessarily the commander."
The canteen is here. It’s Saturday. Students don’t eat much by the order, but most of them come back from watching the game in the gym.
When Lu Zhan visited the past, there were a few acquaintances, He Hongxiang Ling Tian Team and An Zhe Tai Chi Tiger Team, who were sitting in the corner respectively. Both teams were buried in eating without words and the atmosphere was dignified.
And the hosts Xiaoxue and Xiaoyu are also eating, and the rain and snow team who fought with them in the afternoon actually didn’t go with them.
"Hello!" Light snow far gave them a greeting.
Lu Zhan several people nodded and motioned for them to find a less conspicuous position for ten people to sit at the table. Because Lu Zhan said that he would treat them, he asked Lin Zhengzheng to wait while he got up and went shopping.

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