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Chapter four hundred and nine Inexplicable attack

Because of this difference in fame, Guo Xiaosi went to crowded places to try to find the demon gate. In a blink of an eye, Guo Xiaosi found the demon gate. It made Guo Xiaosi wonder that the number of people in front of the demon gate seemed to be more than that of other sects, including Zhang Gate and Sanqingmen Gate. The number of these sects was not as large as the number of applicants in front of the demon gate.
For this reason, Zhang didn’t say anything, and Guo Xiaosi didn’t ask when Guo Xiaosi grabbed a cultivate immortality in a hurry and threw a few stones before this cultivate immortality dew’s impatient expression. The eldest brother and younger brother wanted to ask why this demon gate signed up so much.
This man, who was dragged by Guo Xiaosi to cultivate immortality, wanted to get angry, but when he saw Guo Xiaosi waiting for Lingshi’s attitude to change instantly, he said, Hehe, this brother wants to come either to cultivate a madman in three steps or to just come to the spiritual world to cultivate immortality without waiting for Guo Xiaosi to reply. Although we say that there are many famous sects in the spiritual world, the biggest name of this demon gate is that there are many masters in this demon gate, and secondly, this demon gate will be generous to give some cultivation techniques to those who just entered the door to cultivate immortality. You should know these cultivation techniques, but there are some. Can let cultivate immortality master the transformation ability achievement method, of course, you can transform and prepare for the cultivation achievement method. Guo Xiaosi continued, Hehe, it’s this sign-up to cultivate immortality, which is also a powerful demon door. Well, little brother, you wait in line slowly, so I’ll sign up first. After that, this cultivate immortality rushed into the crowd and wandered around for a few minutes and disappeared.
When Guo Xiaosi listened to the immortal’s words, his heart was full of excitement and shock. He didn’t expect such a thing. He didn’t expect to be hated by himself in the human world, and he was so sought after in the spiritual world. At the same time, Guo Xiaosi didn’t expect that transformation could be practiced, but he didn’t know that Guo Xiaosi wanted to enter the demon gate and get the cultivation method after transformation.
The test method of entering the demon gate is very simple, or there is no threshold for you to repair. You can enter the demon gate if you are not too low. Of course, after entering the demon gate, you have to meet the standard at a specific time, otherwise you will be repelled. Guo Xiaosi will easily enter the demon gate. If you want to get the transformation, you have to return to the demon gate, and the introductory meeting will be held for a total of three days. It will take two days to return to the demon gate. Guo Xiaosi will patiently live in Lushan Yaomen.
Waiting for the night to fall with excitement, Guo Xiaosi stepped in front of the hut, and Guo Xiaosi could not hide his excitement. He never expected that he could encounter such incredible things in the spiritual world, and Guo Xiaosi was also wondering when he changed.
Whether it’s time to practice drunken rainbow sword or to suck the breath of Shuanglong inkstone or other times, Guo Xiaosi silently guesses what it is, but no matter when or what method Guo Xiaosi wants now, it’s the cultivation method after transformation. Guo Xiaosi feels that this cultivation method after transformation may be his own cultivation way.
Hehe, is this the turning of the tide? Guo Xiaosi mumbles, and his eyes are full of blurred vision
Master pitfalls suddenly Kyubi no Youko fox awake immersed in a vision fantasy, Guo Xiaosi has not waited for Guo Xiaosi to react before he saw that he had grabbed his neck and said to Guo Xiaosi hazily, hey hey, tell you to stay away from the spirit beast, otherwise I can’t guarantee that I will always hold your neck like this.
From Guo Xiaosi’s hearing of Kyubi no Youko Fox’s warning until he was caught, it was a second, and sometimes the other party came to him when he relied on it for a second. This strength made Guo Xiaosi’s heart even more horrified. Who is he? What does he want to do? Is it hunting paranoia? At the same time, Guo Xiaosi also said to his own spirits and beasts, don’t come here. Guo Xiaosi had to give orders mainly to let him catch himself and not misunderstand himself. At the same time, Guo Xiaosi secretly regretted how he always encountered countless masters when he came to the spiritual world, but he was always caught by others inadvertently and then his life was controlled by others.
Who are you? What do you want to do? It’s a magical place here. You can’t escape if I call you. Guo Xiaosi doesn’t want to give his life to others. He can intimidate and tempt others to catch him. He wants to know what the other person’s purpose is.
Hey, hey, grab Guo Xiaosi people, hey, smile and say to Guo Xiaosi, I’m gambling. Why don’t we take a gamble? Hey, hey, let’s see if you die first or if I get caught talking first. At the same time, it took a little effort to grab Guo Xiaosi people’s hands. Guo Xiaosi immediately felt a chill in his neck and back.
Guo Xiaosi didn’t expect this person to be so difficult. The other party couldn’t help asking who you really are. Even if you want me to die, you want me to die willingly.
Hey, hey, it doesn’t matter who I am. I’m not interested in killing you. I’ll catch Guo Xiaosi people with a sneer, but I’ll let Guo Xiaosi know that the other party is catching their own eyes. You have to tell me where Yaomendi lives and I’ll let you go.
Is this man looking for a demon door? The thought flashed through his mind. Guo Xiaosi pointed to a direction and said, OK, I’ll tell you what you want to say. That’s where they live. In fact, Guo Xiaosi doesn’t know where the demon door brother lives, but Guo Xiaosi clearly knows that he is unclear or doesn’t know what to say. If he wants to come here, he won’t give himself an explanation and directly kill himself. Therefore, he will improvise when the time comes.
Hey, hey, your answer is very simple. It’s a pity that I have doubts about what you said. Holding Guo Xiaosi’s neck, people didn’t show up at last, which made Guo Xiaosi very depressed and secretly vowed that he would speed up his practice. At the same time, he should be alert and careful not to be caught like a chicken again. While the enemy was talking, his hand gradually forced Guo Xiaosi’s heart to scream that the other side was going to kill himself.
Xiaobai kills Kyubi no Youko fox Wupeng, and you attack together without waiting for the other side to strengthen again. Guo Xiaosi suddenly gives orders to Xiaobai, who is entrenched in his arm, and at the same time gives orders to attack Wupeng, a small Kyubi no Youko fox. Because all this is communicated in his mind, the unknown enemy doesn’t know Guo Xiaosi’s plan.
Because Xiaobai has been entrenched in Guo Xiaosi’s arm, the enemy didn’t notice that Xiaobai was relatively tall. When Guo Xiaosi gave the order, Xiaobai moved rapidly in Guo Xiaosi’s sleeve and rushed to the enemy holding Guo Xiaosi’s neck. Kyubi no Youko Fox Wupeng also attacked at the same time.
Ah, I’ve been controlling the enemy in Guo Xiaosi for a while, screaming and controlling Guo Xiaosi’s hand, and immediately let go. Guo Xiaosi looked for the opportunity to escape from the enemy immediately. Xiaobai bit the enemy’s arm directly, which led to the enemy’s letting go, or Guo Xiaosi Genfa escaped.
Before the enemy could react, Kyubi no Youko Fox Wupeng attacked, but the fierce attack also made the enemy not evade.
When Guo Xiaosi was out of the enemy’s control, he didn’t see the other person’s face until he saw that the man was glaring, his face was full of anger, and his age was only about thirty. Unfortunately, this young age is the most unreliable for cultivating immortality.
Good treacherous smelly little see this man cold hum a hand fierce now a sword to resist Kyubi no Youko fox WuPeng attack is constantly close to Guo Xiaosi to see its appearance also want to Guo Xiaosi beheaded.
Guo Xiaosi root can’t see through the strength of the other side, and the other side’s joint attack in Kyubi no Youko, Fox Wupeng, has kept a tie, so it is the best choice for Guo Xiaosi root to turn around and escape.
Kill! Help! In the hurry-scurry escape, Guo Xiaosi drew a sapphire sword and launched a firm but gentle attack towards the pursuit. At the same time, he kept shouting. Guo Xiaosi denied that he could resist this person’s attack and had to shout. Although it was embarrassing to shout like this, his life was more important than his life.
Hum after I didn’t expect Guo Xiaosi to be so graceful and shout, but he was even more angry. The sword in his hand also prompted a series of firm but gentle waves, and at the same time he took up a series of thunder and attacked Guo Xiaosi.
When Guo Xiaosi shouted, he was practicing immortality in the gathering place, and many people ran to Guo Xiaosi in the direction. Unfortunately, they ran halfway and met the enemy and had to get into battle. This demon gate suddenly fell into chaos in the gathering place, shouting and killing fights rang out, which made Guo Xiaosi wonder how many people attacked the gathering place tonight. What the hell is going on?
Guo Xiaosi counterattacked while avoiding the pursuit attack. Unfortunately, the strength gap determines the fighting gap between the two men. If it weren’t for Kyubi no Youko Fox Wupeng’s war, I’m afraid Guo Xiaosi would have been pursued for hundreds of pieces.
See after always greatly attack oneself Guo Xiaosi heart move to think of once got purple silkworm gloves, hurriedly take purple silkworm gloves from the ring quietly put in your hand to prepare for the other attack.
Just as the other side was waving a long sword and chopping at Guo Xiaosi, Guo Xiaosi suddenly did not retreat but advanced, and grabbed the long sword in the shocking eyes.
Chapter four hundred and ten The demon gate was attacked
Chapter four hundred and ten The demon gate was attacked
I didn’t know that Guo Xiaosi put on purple silkworm gloves and found that his sword was caught by Guo Xiaosi, who was in the state of repairing his heart. My heart was full of horror
Masters are most afraid of being distracted in wartime.
During the period of hunting horror, Kyubi no Youko Fox Root didn’t give a chance to hunt down, and suddenly launched an attack at the right time. Wu Peng even swallowed Yuan Shen when he was about to run from his body.
For an instant, I felt that the foreground of my eyes was like a black one, and then I lost consciousness, and when I first arrived at the scene outside, I fell into darkness again.
And Guo Xiaosi was still holding the sword tightly in the middle of the chase, panting and staring at the body after the chase, wiping his forehead with cold sweat. Guo Xiaosi put the other sword in the ring and immediately took out the fire spell to burn the body after the chase.
Guo Xiaosi doesn’t want others to know that he has killed a master, otherwise he can go to all the trouble, not to mention killing his companions. Just asking yourself about the demon door can’t hide it. After all, there is very little cultivation here and there is no cultivation around him. It is suspected that the target can be set in himself and become the object of surveillance by others. Guo Xiaosi doesn’t want to get such treatment. Eliminating the body is the best way.

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