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Middle-aged women don’t believe in this magic weapon. It’s not an ordinary magic weapon. Even a low-order magic weapon needs hundreds of medium-order spiritual stones to cultivate immortality. They can’t afford to accumulate so many spiritual stones all their lives. Guo Xiaosi doesn’t look like a rich man when he is young, so he wants to buy a magic weapon at a draught, but it makes people feel that this person seems to be making trouble or simply doesn’t come in to buy and sell things.

It’s in the magic weapon shop, but before I take you there, you must show me if you are enough. Otherwise, middle-aged women will doubt you for nothing, but they don’t want to lose a customer. Therefore, if you don’t have the purchasing power, you can’t bring a leisure spectator into it. When there are many waves, it’s terrible luck not to buy one at the end.
What’s this way of doing business? When Guo Xiaosi was in Chunyangmen, he used to run some business in Laifu Inn. He knew that if he wanted to do business well, he had to treat customers like immortals. He would never see if customers could afford the room before staying. It’s no wonder that the business of this Xiao refining shop is so bad that he didn’t see a customer outside himself. Maybe the place name of this shop is not good because he didn’t know it.
Hum, if you don’t talk about it, I really like the magic weapon, but I will buy it from you. Where is the real desire to sell the magic weapon? Guo Xiaosi hummed that he felt more and more like Bai Tianya, which is probably not good news, but he couldn’t help it.
However, this statement sounds like a complete lie to the middle-aged woman. She will look at Guo Xiaosi’s shabby dress, Guo Xiaosi. This is because she doesn’t want to show off, so she wears an ordinary dress and puts it in the crowd. However, it is an ordinary extremely middle-aged woman who sees Guo Xiaosi’s dress and insists that he is making trouble. He is a poor man who has feasted his eyes and wandered into his own shop. For such people, middle-aged women can see a lot every year, so in turn, she glared at Guo Xiaosi. If you can really afford it, you should come to my small shop. I’m afraid that the magic weapon is
Where is the Treasure Tower? Guo Xiaosi wondered, Do people still push customers to other shops? Besides, after visiting for so long, I haven’t found any shop called Treasure Tower, so the name is not too exaggerated.
Walk along this road not far and you will see the Treasure Tower, but I can tell you that when you get to the Treasure Tower, don’t be too poor to be embarrassed to roll here. That would be a shame. The middle-aged woman’s mouth is really vicious and she looks down on Guo Xiaosi.
Guo Xiaosi’s anger is rising, but I think she cares about the situation. It’s even better to cultivate immortality in the border of Qidan. It’s better to endure it for a while. Just go to Baibao Building according to her words. Maybe the place really needs something, but it can’t see anything decent in this Xiao family refining shop.
Guo Xiaosi is going to lift her legs and leave, but the middle-aged woman snorted with disdain and wanted to buy a magic weapon. Don’t even think about it here.
What? Guo Xiaosi stopped. You sell magic weapons here
Of course, I sell magic weapons here, but you can’t easily show them to people. You have to show me that you don’t have the ability to buy them first, otherwise you won’t even think about it. Besides, I advise you not to go to Baibao Building. The middle-aged woman leaning against a counter seems to be showing off all kinds of amorous feelings.
I still don’t want to lose a customer. Guo Xiaosi laughed in his heart, but I still want to see this Xiao family. There is no decent magic weapon. There is really no need to make another trip. I couldn’t help laughing at the thought of this and advised me not to go to Baibao Building. Is it better for you here?
No, I’m better here. The middle-aged woman laughed. Where dare we go with the treasure house in our shop? I advised you not to go because you were afraid of being bombarded. The man in the treasure house won’t let you in if you dress up like this.
What is this? Can’t you go into the treasure house in this ordinary dress? Guo Xiaosi is indignant
The Treasure Tower is called the Treasure Tower. There is nothing in it, so ordinary instruments can’t get into their door. They don’t sell it there at a high price, so don’t say that they know that you are a poor man. You don’t want to have fun with them when you go to the Treasure Tower. Do you say they can let you in? You still honestly show me how much money you really have. If you have money, you can probably buy some magic weapons from me. The middle-aged woman also earnestly persuaded me.
Guo Xiaosi sneer at a way that you mean that things in your shop are compared with Baibao Building.
I can’t say that the polar things treasure tower is, but I have two good magic weapons here. Hehe, although there are many magic weapons in the treasure tower, there are also many buyers who compete with you. Where are your rivals? If you can show me a hundred pieces of middle-class lingshi, I will take you to the back store to see the treasure magic weapon. The middle-aged woman straightened up and said that her hands were spread out and her face was Gherardini.
Since you can also see the magic weapon here, if you don’t look at it first and then you don’t like it, then if you don’t buy it, you will think that this middle-aged woman will not be as arrogant as the girl you just saw. It seems that she belongs to a young girl of that age and doesn’t belong to a stout woman in her 40 s and 50 s
Ok, Guo Xiaosi, take a look at the leather bag. Although I don’t have a hundred-order lingshi here, there are several things whose value should be in the hundred-order lingshi.
What is the value of a hundred-order lingshi? When a middle-aged woman suddenly becomes interested, some things are more cost-effective than lingshi, because the price of these things can be speculated. Like an auction in Baibao Building, whoever has the highest price will sell it. When the time comes, a few bidders will be able to trap those who are eager to cultivate this thing. It is no problem to sell a thousand lingshi. Six months ago, Baibao Building sold a thousand-order lingshi array instruments worth 3,400 at an auction, and it is no wonder that Baibao Building earned nearly twice as much money.
Guo Xiaosi also didn’t answer her. She poured a gas-gathering Dan from the leather bag and put it aside at the counter.
The middle-aged woman quickly leaned in and just wanted to pick up Qi-gathering Dan. Guo Xiaosi raised her hand and stopped her. Don’t you still don’t take it. Otherwise, you hide this hand and bite me. You can’t ask me to search you. I’ll take it according to your words, and you have to touch it according to my words.
When the middle-aged woman heard this, Jiaochen said, Oh, you want to take advantage of me at a young age. Just don’t take it. Why are you so nervous? When did my Xiao shop bully guests here for so many years? When it comes to this, the boss can’t finish talking. This is gathering qi Dan.
Guo Xiaosi has no idea about the market price of Ju Qi Dan, but as soon as he saw this middle-aged woman’s expression, he knew that Ju Qi Dan must be expensive, and maybe it would be worth a thousand Lingshi and a Ju Qi Dan for a low-order magic weapon.
How about this is the real value of the goods? You should also know that you can let me go in and have a look. Guo Xiaosi and Ju Qi Dan laughed quite a bit.
Wait, that middle-aged woman is waving her hand, so she can’t let you in
Chapter one hundred and sixteen Buying and selling game
What, Guo Xiaosi is surprised? Isn’t the value of a poly-qi Dan enough? In a sense, this poly-qi Dan is even higher than that of finding an elixir. Once in the Qing Dynasty, an elixir was sold to 70 pieces of high-order lingshi or 700 pieces of medium-order lingshi. At this moment, middle-aged women only need a hundred-order lingshi, and a poly-qi Dan should be worth the price.
Juqi Dan is not an ordinary thing. I have to find someone to verify it. I don’t know much about Dan medicine. I have to find someone to look at it. Otherwise, I was cheated by you. The middle-aged woman said with wide eyes
This is also true in Guo Xiaosi. Nod, then come quickly and someone who can tell the truth from the false.

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