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Every day, when the voice falls, I hear a few screams, and everyone takes a look at those big men. One is not beaten black and blue, but the boy in white is calmly in the middle.

A few big fellow helped barely get up, and one of them was still handsome and tunnel "I’ll let you go once today, and if you dare to resist again, you’ll never be spared". Then I untied my waist purse and threw it to Ningji and went on "This is a mental loss"
Ning Ji threw the purse to the store conveniently, and then learned that at first, the big fellow squeezed his fist and squeezed his fist. Several big men cried a tingle and "whew" and disappeared.
"Thank you so much, little brother," the shopkeeper thanked him.
The proprietress of the decoration shop is also happy to say, "It’s really a great time. This time, we must let Kojiro, the wasabi clan, thank you well."
After such a thing, Ningji and Kazuo finally understand what Jiro said, and he will win this victory. It seems that the Kazuo clan is not generally hateful.
The sacrificial ceremony of the Lvmu Shrine in Fantu will be held at sunrise the next day, and it is already quite lively to leave Mustard Port in the early hours of the night before the ceremony, whether it is to support the capitalists of Hehe family or the poor and middle peasants of Wasabi family, almost all the villagers from Mustard Port have arrived. In addition, the two families have the honor to invite the name of Tea Country this year, which shows the importance of this sacrificial ceremony.
The highlight of the ceremony was that the race route of the two families was from the mustard port, and it was allowed to take a boat to the Lvmu Shrine in Fantu to get the Dragon and Tiger Jade, and then run to the Bombay Society to cut corners to stop others or play other tricks, including hiring ninjas.
At 5 o’clock in the morning, the loudspeaker of the shrine sounded, "All right, everyone, now the horse race in Fantu Lumu is about to start, and the Mori Nai from the Wasabi family and the Fukusuke from Hehe family are ready to go!"
The shrine gate slowly hits a red sun, as if carrying a heavy burden, rising slowly from the sea level and flowing in the opposite direction, bringing vitality to a new day.
With the loudspeaker, Mori Nai’s sore hand and Fu Fu from Hehe clan all ran out, and then three people, such as Ningji, followed them, but to their great shock, Mori Nai’s sore hand actually ran in the opposite direction. Just when Mori Nai’s sore hand was with Nini three people, and Hehe clan hired ninjas to act, Kwai told him that three genera were closely followed by Mori Nai’s sore hand, and he himself followed his employer and needed to protect the object.
"Hey little! The sea is over there. Where are you going? " Talking is everyday.
Sen is painful to move on and disdains to tunnel "I’m not going back."
Silence Bai also made a rare speech at this moment. "His decision is correct. Look at Tianyun."
They looked at Tianyun every day and didn’t see any clues. They were waiting to ask Ning Ji, "It’s true that the wind direction is opposite today. If you take a boat along the wind direction, you will get twice the result with half the effort."
After hearing Ning Ji say this, I suddenly realized it every day.
Watching Mori running in the opposite direction, the Wasabi people are full of disappointment.
"That guy really escaped …"
"If you think about it before, he should also be able to think of this today …"
"It was a mistake to let him take part in the competition …"
"Bastard!" Jiro listened to their gossip and scolded, "He’s not like that. I believe he must have his own personal thoughts."
"Jiro’s situation is like cleaning up!" At this time, the leader of Hehe clan and He Lang came over and said, "Today is such a formal day, but you are playing this trick. Now that the elders and Daming Temple are here, you have to make a reasonable explanation."
Jiro said, "The game is still just now, please see the end."
"Hum …" He Lang sneered. "Since you talk like this, I will win for you and if you lose, I will make your family disappear."
"but! I am also a man! " Jiro said, "If we lose, we’ll talk to you. On the contrary, if we win, you and the royal family must quit the mustard port."
"Ha, ha, ha, that’s funny. It’s impossible for you to win." The Hehe people laughed impudently after hearing Jiro say this.
"It’s simply boasting …"
Chapter 1 Excalibur 4
One night five years ago, Sen Nai’s painful hand was confused by Kwai in Konoha, stole the Thunder Excalibur and the scroll of phase tolerance, and prepared Kwai to flee to Yuren Village together. However, in the middle of the escape, the painful hand was caught by his brother Ibixi, who led the dark side. As a result, Ibixi did not succeed in bringing the painful hand back to Konoha, but both of them fell into the trap of Rain Tolerance.
After being caught by Yu Ren, Yi Bi-xi and Yu Ren pressed out the secret of Lei Shen Jian. Yu Ren brutally pressed them. When the painful hand showed cowardice in the face of death threats, Yi Bi-xi had to fight for the secret of Konoha to create a chaos and save the painful hand in the chaos.
After that battle, he was lucky enough to escape, and his brother was dead, so he attributed it all to his own nature. If he hadn’t given up the tenth question timidly, he wouldn’t have been confused. If he didn’t easily believe in Kwai Drum, he wouldn’t have stolen Excalibur. If he hadn’t stolen the village treasure of Muye Town, his brother wouldn’t have come after him. Then he won’t fall into the trap of rain tolerance, and he won’t die … There are a number of "if not" in his heart, but in the end, in addition to blaming himself for suffering from poverty, the shadow left in his heart has been erased by law. Since then, Sen Nai’s hand has stopped trusting people easily.
Elder Jiro of the tea country wasabi family gave him a tall and brilliant image when his hand was sore and he was cold and hungry, so Jiro was the only one who was worthy of being trusted by Mori. From the moment he was sore, he decided to win the game even if he was desperate to repay Elder Jiro’s kindness.
The pain hand ran all the way in the opposite direction, followed by Ning Ji, Tian Tian and Bai. However, unconsciously, they had fallen into the illusion of the rain-tolerant trio. After returning to the original place for the second time, even Sen Nai, the worst hand, realized this problem
"white eyes!" Ningji light drink a supercilious look 36 degrees azimuth insight immediately Zhang Ma found hidden in the dark rain endure trio then Ningji said, "45 degrees at 1 o’clock …"
I have been cooperating with Ning Ji for a long time and immediately react every day to see her take out a scroll and suddenly open it to drink a "dragon stroke!" As soon as the voice fell, dozens of attacking ninjas flew out of the scroll, pointing at the 45-degree position at 1 o’clock.
Hear "ah!" A few screams enveloped the dreamland and immediately dissipated. I was surprised at the strength of several people. Yu Sen was a sore hand and didn’t say anything. But at this moment, the sore hand actually found that his feet could not move. Look again, it turned out that his feet were frozen by a layer of ice.
1 [6] k novel network exclusive text starting without permission shall not be transferred to extract more latest and fastest chapters, please visit w w w! Bai faint tunnel "you can’t go any further. This is a double illusion." He said that he would quickly finish printing and drink a "solution!" Great changes have taken place in the surrounding scene. To put it bluntly, a few feet in front of Sen Nai’s painful hand is a towering cliff. If he moves a few more steps, he will be smashed to pieces.
After the crisis was lifted, the four men ran all the way, and soon they finally came to the seaside, where fishermen had already prepared boats for them.
When they were about to arrive at the other shore, the four men suddenly felt the hull shake and Ningji frowned and drank a "supercilious look!" Then he said, "It’s a ghost. Those guys are in the water."
Ning Ji’s voice fell into the water and suddenly flew out of three rainbows.
"So that’s it!" The first Yu Ren said, "No wonder Yu Shi and the three of them failed. It turns out that Konoha Ri is here …" After a meal, Yu Ren continued, "But we are close to the enemy in this sea. What are you going to do?"
"Every day, you protect these guys and give them to me and White to deal with" Ning Ji decisive tunnel.
Every day, without being melodramatic, I immediately took out shuriken and jumped to the painful hand to be the escort posture. Ning Ji and Bai Yingyu endured the rain, and the three people did not directly contact Ning Ji, but jumped to the boat they had already prepared.
See a rain bear quickly print and drink "bear the oil rain!" Immediately, there was an oil rain on their heads in Ningji, and at this time, the archers who had already ambushed the ship were also dispatched to see several rockets coming towards Ningji’s ship.
"Not good!" Ningji andao Ningji, although there is a protective body to save the world, can’t protect the whole hull from being poured by oil and rain, and the hull will burn as soon as it meets the rocket.
Bai decisively tunnel "jump into the water!"
After four people jumped into the water, they attacked Yu Ren, who also jumped into the water. In the water, the strength of Yu Ren’s body was strengthened, and Ning Ji and Bai still had the resistance. Bai then made a decisive decision to let Ning Ji bring the painful hand to the surface every day. Ning Ji came to understand and took shelter from the rain and endured the attack to bring the painful hand to the surface every day.
Just as the three men rushed out of the water, the white voice came from the bottom of the water, "Ice Dun Ice Age!" The three of them immediately felt a chill, and in their surprised eyes, the sea water quickly froze and expanded outward, and suddenly the whole sea surface turned into a big ice mirror.
"This is … and so on …" Rao is rather boastful and extraordinary. When he saw Bai’s operation, he was still very surprised. His hands hurt and he was surprised every day, not to mention that he almost fell off the bar.
Don’t say that it’s impossible to survive the rain on the surface of the water. I hope to see Bai Cai slowly rising from the ice. When I saw the surprise, Sanbai explained, "This is my blood following the limit. Don’t be too surprised. Ning Cijun and Sasuke are both right?"
"hmm!" Ningji mused and then whispered, "Although it’s the same blood boundary, we are not as deified as you. I’m afraid my eyes and sharingan are all in such a powerful way …"
After another wave of unrest, Kwai and his escort Fu Fu also arrived at Kwai and greeted several people without saying anything.
"It’s also worthy of being a konoha," Kwai said arrogantly. "But I have the sword and rain of Raytheon. So what will you do?" Said to see kwai threw the umbrella back into the sky, but it’s strange that the umbrella didn’t fall off in the air. It was this guy who took it and saw him slowly take out a handle from the glove bag and gently press the handle button. A port of the handle suddenly sprayed a golden yellow Lei Guang and maintained it as a sword.
"Thunder Excalibur!" Bai, Ning Ji and Tian Tian exclaimed, "My hand hurts." For this man who holds the thunder Excalibur, he hates and fears that his heart is extremely complicated at this time.
Chapter 11 Thunder Excalibur 5
"The Lord finally appeared!" Bai didn’t have a fear of the thunder Excalibur, but he still said faintly, "Every day in Ningji, you go first with a painful hand to recapture the thunder Excalibur. This is what five generations of adults specially told me. You just need to help the painful hand finish the game." After a meal, Bai continued, "This game seems to have no rules. If necessary, you can also take extreme measure or kill the other players."
"understand!" Ning times and every day should way
Rebellious Kwai sees Ningji and the three of them are ready to run away. Naturally, he won’t let them succeed. Seeing Kwai quickly print and pick up, he will drink a "forbearance, like rain and dew!" Instantly, I saw that the umbrella he had left in the forest spun quickly and shot thousands at Ningji and them.
"Return to heaven!" After listening to Ning Ji’s drinking and spinning for a while, all the thousands were bounced around, and every day it was not a piece of cake for her to attack the concealed weapon master. However, in order to protect her sore hand, her shoulder was still shot twice every day, which made the thousand masters naturally unscathed.
"Your opponent is me!" See the white quick print "Ice Dun Yan Blows Snow!"

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"No … no!" Xie Hengyan replied quickly, "I didn’t run!"

Little green shouted, "Tell a lie!"
"During the day, the kitchen suddenly lost two ribs," Pingke also said. "Did you steal them?"
"No … I didn’t steal" Xie Hengyan said guiltily. "I was too hungry, so I threw it in the pot and cooked it."
"What about the pot?" Pingke said coldly, "What, even the pot is gone?"
Where’s the pot? Xie Hengyan took pots and bowls directly from the kitchen and didn’t think about it at that time. She was looking forward to making some delicious food for India-I didn’t expect to face such a crop when I turned around.
"I said the wife of shop-owner this little his hands and feet are not clean …" Flat to keep his face back to the little green especially indignant tunnel "monster is a monster, after all, if you expect him to have even a moment of gratitude for you like ordinary people? He has no feelings at all and will ask you for it! Wife of shop-owner we might as well put him … "
"That’s enough!" Small green Yang interrupted Ping Kee and then pulled up Xie Hengyan’s arm and said, "Ping Kee went out to see the store. Xiao Xie, you … you come with me. I have something to say to you."
Xie Hengyan haven’t react by little green so pull pull two people together turned into the bedroom when WuNian is sleeping beside the head of a bed into a mountain of clothes and toys are little green hand for her Xie Hengyan all looked up at the little greenway "little green elder sister I …"
"Xiao Xie," Little Green said earnestly, staring at him every word. "Can you tell me the truth for once?"
Xie Hengyan said, "What truth?"
"What have you been doing outside these days?" Little green looks serious and doesn’t look like he is joking. "You are often not at home, and sometimes you sneak out in the middle of the night to get some bandages, including kitchen utensils and food."
Xie Hengyan don’t carve one’s face is difficult to tunnel "I …"
"I’m not saying that I won’t let you do this-whoever you send something to is your freedom." Little Green paused and then continued. "But I’ve been trying to let go of Xiao Xie since we burned the falcon in yiguang. Sometimes even when it’s dark and I’m asleep, it’s quiet and quiet. I always feel those strange birds hovering overhead … This is not a good sign, Xiao Xie. I’m sure you know it."
"Little green elder sister, you worry too much. There is no strange bird. After the falcon died, no one came to trace it." Xie Hengyan saw that she was so busy and comforted. "You are not afraid of anything with me. No one can hurt you."
Little Green said, "Why don’t you understand after all this talk-Xiao Xie, I’m worried that something will happen to you!"
Xie Hengyan’s throat was choked by what she said, but she seemed speechless. She froze for a long time, but she was right after all.
"Xiao Xie is really … so stupid!" Xiaolv repeated two "stupid" words in a row. Although she scolded her eyes, she was covered with tears. She trembled and said, "What? I said and did everything, but you didn’t seem to understand … Did I say it white enough or did you deliberately play the fool for me?"
"What’s playing dumb?" Xie Hengyan saw that she was about to cry, and she was a little anxious. "I didn’t play dumb!"
"… forget it"
Little green said with a wave and a short sigh, "You …"
Xie Hengyan "…?"
"Why don’t you go to work and leave me alone?" Little Green waved away his eyelids and said with some frustration and loss. "It’s too uncomfortable, Xiao Xie. What could be like this?"
Xie Hengyan quickly approached some novels pulling her arm and said, "Are you angry?"
Little green shook her head and said, "Go on with your business without you. I want to be alone."
What did Xie Heng Yanyuan want to say? Look at Little Green’s resolute attitude. He was also inconvenient to disturb before, so he stood in the same place for a while and then turned around and slipped out the door with a hand full of bottles, cans and clean bandages. After a while, he immediately disappeared.
Now it will leave little green sitting in the bedroom and feeling miserable for a long time, only to return to absolute being and strike the table with great anger and say, "He just walked away … won’t this big fool stay to coax me?" !”
Xie Heng Yan Gang rushed all the way from the town to the foot of the mountain. At that time, it was completely dark, and the gravel path of Fuzheshan was particularly rugged. A pair of newly-built iron legs stepped on those stones and crunched along the way. You could hear it clearly in the Woods.
India poured early in the morning to find the movement and immediately emerged from behind the hidden tree. At that time, a lantern in his hand slowly walked to the end of the path and took over the arms for Xie Hengyan. At the end of the day, those sundries came out and took the hand to hold the walking silly puppet and exert a little force on him. His fingers were clasped.
Chapter 4 Li Hai Frost Death
In the middle of the night, there was nothing but a half-extinguished lantern, which lit up Li Haishuang’s pale but lotus-stained face with a faint light, and it was torn and thin.
-in fact, it’s hard to imagine how close to inhuman treatment she had suffered in the dungeon of the government before.
Xie Heng Yan Fu carefully examined it for a while and found that most of Li Haishuang’s wounds were caused by sharp objects such as sticks and chains, and the traces of long-term beatings were abnormal. That is to say, she was tortured by the government for nearly a year in the dungeon.
"How can you be out of breath?" Xie Hengyan squatted next to the stone steps and touched Li Hai’s frost. "It looked fine yesterday … I can’t speak much."
"Good what? Very good hemostatic dressing is appropriate, her physical condition, sooner or later will give up the ghost … It is difficult to save back. "
He knows best what environment he stayed in the dungeon before Yinzhu. I’m afraid ordinary people can’t survive for ten and a half days, let alone a whole year.
"No, it’s life-threatening." Xie Hengyan stepped in the previous step, holding Li Haishuang’s arm, and then poured it on India. "Come and help, I’ll try dressing for her …"
Words don’t say that finish suddenly from the stone steps to a pair of cold hands suddenly buckle Xie Hengyan wrist pa a ringing sound-India thank two people back at the same time only to see that the original lying on the ground eyes closed Li Haishuang now open a pair of serious bloodshot eyes, eyes steep and fierce hideous motionless staring at a certain direction lips slightly wriggling show is trying to speak something.
"Wow …"
Xie Hengyan gave her such a fright that she almost fell back and sat down to the ground. At this moment, Li Haishuang clung to his wrist and throat and trembled weakly, making a sound like sand in his mouth, and everything seemed vague.
Xie Hengyan leaned close to listen for a long time before she could barely hear the fragmented words she squeezed out, almost calling for "compensation", "compensation for me" and "where is compensation for me" …
She compensated her for her compensation, which was to rescue her from the romantic scene of forced laughter. Her whole life was pinned on her generation, and she met such a person who was displaced for the rest of her life. Almost all of her compensation was inseparable.
"Ah … compensation …"
Li Haishuang clung to Xie Hengyan’s hand. Xie Hengyan felt that her strength was suddenly terrible, and her five fingers seemed to be embedded in sharp thorns, which once made people’s arms burn and hurt.
"He … he promised me that he promised me" Li Haishuang’s sharp and thin voice trembled violently with self-control. Suddenly, she propped up the stone steps next to her and sat up, but she still twisted Xie Hengyan’s wrist. "He said that Ah Fu will never die. Ah Fu will never die. It is necessary to achieve the ultimate goal of all of us … and we don’t have to hide and suffer like this again."
"’he’? ….. Which one do you mean? " Xie hengyan frowned way
-the original Li Haishuang mouth chanting to remove the seal compensation should be other don’t want to in this dying when she was obsessed with not dissipate unexpectedly can someone else.
"He said, he said … he was a child of his own, and everything was a necessity." Li Haishuang murmured, "He did all those things to make … his child be able to live alone, but what about me? I’m not so eager to look forward to … O compensation he can live in this world. "
"You … you make it clear who he is?" Xie Hengyan wrung his eyebrows and asked, "Who has to have a child?"
Li Haishuang took a sip of her lips, and her pale face was no longer full of blood. Xie Hengyan tried to ask something, but Li Haishuang shook his head at Xie Hengyan and closed his eyes from side to side.
"hey!" Xie Hengyan said anxiously, "Don’t say half the words. Are you tired?"
He tried to shout many times again, but Li Haishuang never opened his eyes again to wait for India to pour out his hand to explore her, and he could not feel any signs of life.
"I’m out of breath," Yin said, "… is dead."
Xie Hengyan "?"
"Dead" Yin Zhu saw that he didn’t believe it and repeated that "it can’t be wrong to be really dead"
Xie Hengyan froze in place and suddenly felt as if his heart had collapsed in a corner, sinking bit by bit.
Human life is far more fragile than he imagined, and it will be destroyed at the slightest touch, and it will disappear forever.
After Li Haishuang closed his eyes for a long time, Xie Hengyan was all wait for a while until he finally came to his senses. He buried his side face in his warm chest and heard the exceptionally strong heartbeat pounding on each other’s eardrums …
I didn’t see Li Haishuang for the last time when I stumbled to get the medicine pot. When he stumbled across the threshold and returned to his and Li Haishuang’s house, I saw that it was still the half lamp that was going to be put out. The light of the cage was shining, and Xie Hengyan was leaning against each other. Li Haishuang was lying quietly on the stone steps.

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Understand the armor through Guo Xiaosi, and also know how to armor. After the shock, Guo Xiaosi Bai wants this armor, he must first refine it, just like refining the sapphire sword.

When Guo Xiaosi hurried to sit on the real fire of Samadhi, the armor was tempered by the real fire, and at the same time, his mark was put into the armor. When Guo Xiaosi finished refining, the armor was immediately attached to Guo Xiaosi without waiting for Guo Xiaosi to move it, and then it was hidden.
When Guo Xiaosi knew the name of this armor, he immediately knew the name of the armor. At the same time, Guo Xiaosi also knew the efficacy of the armor. Guo Xiaosi was not surprised by this. These were all over.
Explosive armour Guo Xiaosi once again looked in the palace and found nothing when preparing to leave this time. Guo Xiaosi didn’t know that thousands of cultivation immortals had gathered outside the peach blossom forest.
The speed of cultivating immortals and finding treasure really quickly reached the depths of osawa in Taiyue, and at the same time, they also found this unique valley. When these immortals rushed on their way, they were afraid that people would step forward.
When they arrived at the Peach Blossom Valley, they could have seen two people practicing Liumei Liujian. One of them asked Xiuxian what you two were doing here and didn’t enter the Peach Blossom Forest.
Liu Mei Liu Jian was interrupted and looked at the dense cultivation of immortals in front of him. When Bai was not angry, he quickly said, "My fellow travelers are here for treasure hunting. I found that the aura here is very strong and I sat here practicing and paused. Liu Jianlu was embarrassed and said," It’s a pity that we can’t see through the mystery of this forest and dare not break into it.
Well, after hearing what Liu Jian said, all the immortals have looked at this peach blossom forest one after another. It is really different here. Generally, there is some profound law in the peach blossom forest.
When all the immortals saw Liu Mei Liu Jian, it was just a matter of time. When both of them were right, they put the people aside and silently studied the array so as to get into the array first and make themselves the first person to eat crabs.
Others don’t believe that this peach blossom forest is fierce, so there are more than one or two people, but more than a dozen.
Other people who are not sure are also happy to see these people try their way to see if they can cross here and see how bad this array is.
Before waiting for a moment, the forest came to scream, and everyone gave up their contempt and silently observed the law here. Since people are here, it is certain that the law inside is not a general small law. It must be based on the peach blossom forest in this valley. If you don’t know the law at all, you will die if you go in.
For a moment, many people in the same village got together to discuss the law in the peach blossom forest according to the sects.
Liu Mei Liu Jian saw that the two men looked at each other and quietly waited for Guo Xiaosi to come.
Guo Xiaosi walked in armor for a long time, only to find that he had never been attacked by law and never got caught up in it. Guo Xiaosi came to a conclusion. I’m afraid the law here still recognizes people or stipulates that people recognize people. Simply put, it means recognizing things. Guo Xiaosi gets explosive armor. I’m afraid it’s this thing. I’m afraid it’s difficult to get in and it’s easy to make specific regulations.
Guo Xiaosi’s previous guess is correct. The array here is aimed at those who don’t explode, and those who don’t explode will enjoy the array feast, which can also be regarded as the Lord.
Just as we were about to leave the Peach Blossom Forest, Guo Xiaosi found that people had poured into the Peach Blossom Forest and stayed out of trouble. Guo Xiaosi flew to prepare for the trip to Guo Xiaosi. In fact, the biggest worry was that these people intercepted themselves and wanted to snatch the treasures of their own laws. Guo Xiaosi knew all about these hypocritical cultivation, but they were all wolves in sheep’s clothing.
Because of the explosive armor, Guo Xiaosi easily came to Peach Blossom Forest to summon Wu Peng to meet him, and then fled to Peach Blossom Forest in the opposite direction. Guo Xiaosi didn’t want to go back. Although Liu Mei Liu Jian was waiting for him there, he also knew that Liu Jian actually wanted to wait and see if he wanted to see what he had got.
Since so many people cultivate immortality and pour into this peach blossom forest, Guo Xiaosi doesn’t want to stay too much. Let them admit that they have died in it, even if they can make up an excuse when they meet.
Guo Xiaosi wants to have a rest in Pingfeng City and then go to Thailand and osawa to see Guo Xiaosi. He feels that there must be more treasures waiting for himself or waiting for his inkstone. Guo Xiaosi didn’t give up on these treasures and didn’t want to think about why so many treasures were sealed and could rely on inkstone.
For these Guo Xiaosi don’t want to know too much, just need to get good things. For Guo Xiaosi now, it is the best mentality to block the water and flood the soil.
Stay in Peach Blossom Forest Liu Mei Liu Jian doesn’t know that Guo Xiaosi intends to Liu Mei still praying for Guo Xiaosi to come safely. Liu Jian is thinking about whether Guo Xiaosi has broken the array or not, and whether it will be killed.
And from Wu Peng’s back to Guo Xiaosi’s encounter with the mysterious and mysterious things, there is a passage in his mind from wearing explosive armor to walking in the peach blossom forest.
At the same time, Guo Xiaosi knows some simple information from this passage, but from these simple information, Guo Xiaosi knows that many others don’t know anecdotes.
Chapter three hundred and sixty Return to Peach Blossom Valley
Chapter three hundred and sixty Return to Peach Blossom Valley
Just as Guo Xiaosi took Wupeng to make a detour and returned to Pingfeng City to rest, his head suddenly felt inexplicable and severe pain. Before Guo Xiaosi could resist, he plunged from Wupeng to the ground
Master Wu Peng saw this and hurried to Guo Xiaosi’s side, anxiously looking at Guo Xiaosi, who had been hiding in Guo Xiaosi’s arms, and Xiaobai kept calling Guo Xiaosi. They couldn’t figure out what happened to Guo Xiaosi.
Then Guo Xiaosi took a red light and sat cross-legged. It seems that Wu Peng Xiaobai is not clear about what happened in Guo Xiaosi. Seeing this situation, Guo Xiaosi has no consciousness at the moment and must be protected.
Wu Peng Xiao Bai’s IQ is limited to them. When they are nearby, even the animals and spirits work together to dig a cave in the nearby mountains, and then carefully move Guo Xiaosi into the cave. Then Wu Peng Xiao Bai will watch Guo Xiaosi’s red light silently beside Guo Xiaosi.
What is this place? Why am I here? At this time, Guo Xiaosi found himself in the dark, wondering and looking around, and Guo Xiaosi wondered how he got here.
This is your spiritual perception, that is, you know the sea. Suddenly, a sound echoed in this darkness. Guo Xiaosi tried to distinguish the position of the sound, but he couldn’t catch it. It seemed to be based on the present.
Lingjue knows the sea. Who are you? Why am I here? Guo Xiaosi is afraid of playing drums when he hears this sound. He doesn’t know what’s going on. How did he suddenly come here and know the sea? Guo Xiaosi Bai is to cultivate immortality and practice gv 10, which is also the field of Lingjue, that is, his head.
Ssangyong inkstone heir, this is my attachment to the knowledge of the explosive armor. The sound rings again and seems to answer Guo Xiaosi’s voice. It seems to continue to tell me that I am a nine-day virtual fairy. When the magic emperor launched the fairy war, people became purgatory, and Qi Xin, the immortal family, finally sealed the magic emperor.
Guo Xiaosi heard the word gnosis and knew that it was just a legacy left by others. There was no gnosis to protect the words.
When Guo Xiaosi stopped interrupting and listened quietly, I couldn’t stay in the fairy house for a long time, so I left Shuanglong inkstone to help you subdue the demon and get rid of the demon. At the same time, the guarantor was peaceful. At the same time, the magic emperor was strong and could seal him, so he couldn’t finish killing the magic emperor. When the seal day is broken, it will start a war again to provoke the fairy war, while Shuanglong inkstone left you to go to the magic emperor’s seal from time to time to get what I left for you. At the same time, I must not let the magic emperor break the array after the seal.
At the same time, you should keep in mind that the love of heaven and the love of the dragon may increase your power, but it will change some of your features, but you should remember not to fall into the magic road, remember humanity and remember.
By the time Guo Xiaosi heard these words, the sound had gradually disappeared, and then Guo Xiaosi felt that he was full of suction around him and had retreated from the sea of knowledge before he could respond.
When Guo Xiaosi opened his eyes, he found himself in a cave. Wu Peng Xiaobai was quietly guarding him.
Master, when you wake up, you see Guo Xiaosi’s eyes open, Wu Peng and Xiaobai hurriedly ask whether they are loyal to Guo Xiaosi because they are not human.

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Jun 2, 2024
I said you want to break her ribs, don’t you? I’ll combine your five fingers into one first

His body trembled for a long time before he calmed down.
I was about to get up, and he suddenly held my neck and put his hand into my mouth with grass all over his head.
Then I felt something hit me hard in the lower abdomen-maybe it was his knee-and I was beaten back. I knelt on the grass and sweated uncontrollably on my forehead.
Han Cheng gets up slowly at night. Mr. Jiang, you should bully me. This shouldn’t happen.
He bandaged his injured palm with a handkerchief, and his voice was calm. No one should be bullied by nature, and others will be punished. Here, others owe me a lot. I’ll pay first.
He walked slowly towards me.
It can be seen that he is weak, but he walks firmly.
I really want to get myself up. I put my hands on my stomach and supported the ground. I tried my best to get myself up and be hugged behind my back. Shengmei’s head came out of my armpit. She put my arm on her neck and stood me up trembling.
Her hair was messed up and hung freely around her neck and cheeks.
She looked at Han Cheng calmly and said, Han Cheng will be with him later, and we will be together. You can find strength from your pain, and Mr. Fish can let me protect him.
She is so weak and supports me, and she is almost unstable in the face of 1.9 meters tall and extremely strong. Han Chengyue actually said such a thing.
My abdomen is no longer painful. Push her slowly. You go and I’ll solve this king’s egg.
I was about to punch him in the temple when I came behind me. A large group of factory security guards surrounded us.
It looks like a leader rushed in. Why don’t you want to get mixed up? Is it old Yi? It’s Miss Li, Mr. Han. How did you become like this? This is the factory leader who has been waiting for you in the conference room. Why are you here?
Han Cheng smiled at night and accidentally fell. There was no place to help me with my wound.
A lot of local leaders said that Xiao Si would take Mr. Han to the clinic quickly. He saw that I had lost my way again. What are you doing here when you are not in the city?
I also know him. He was here when some friends of the former city procuratorate were drinking. We all had several teas and traveled together later, so we were friends.
Wang Gui, I forgot that you were working in a petrochemical plant, or I would have called you first. I greeted him warmly. He is a Shaoren. When addressing his brother, I usually add the word Gunniu. Because I can’t remember his name, I added this word directly after his surname.
Fish le mei, why didn’t you run to a place like this in the municipal party Committee? He asked me with a puzzled face.
I smiled. I’ve already left. Now I’m living with Miss Li. Wang Gui, come here this time. You can’t talk much. Let’s have tea together in a couple of days.
After greeting, he led us to the conference room.
They negotiated in the conference room that I knew nothing, and I could sit there and stare, but I saw Wang Gui with a certain weight.
I have known him for so long that I never thought that such a self-protective and angry person would become unrecognizable in a formal occasion.
Wang Gui’s glowing voice was sonorous for more than an hour, and he didn’t even say a dirty word. It was very formal and serious, and occasionally he spoke a few words of Korean, which added to the elegant, dignified and tall image. His performance in the casino formed a huge contrast.
The longer you talk about it, the more spiritual Wang Gui becomes. He looks like a young generation and a new rich man. This kind of sex is rare. No wonder he climbs so fast.
I thought to myself, it seems really necessary to drag him to play, maybe it can help Shengmei.
Thinking that the two sides burst into laughter and shook hands with each other seems to have reached a certain consensus. Wang Gui said with a smile that differences will always happen, but everyone is close together. If both sides are sincere enough, such a thing will be achieved. It is urgent to evaluate whether to release the negotiations when Miss Li and Mr. Han are in a hurry. It should be a chance to achieve a breakthrough.
Han Chengwan shook hands and said with a smile that he hoped that a negotiation would be the last time to expect the two sides to succeed together.
I’m too lazy to listen to their nonsense to watch Shengmei.
After Wang Gui quietly made an appointment to have fun together another day, I left the meeting with Shengmei.
After the negotiation, Shengmei didn’t go to the company and took me home directly. I faced the unknown.
She sat on the sofa knees and put her hands together on her legs. Two thumbs supported her. She tilted her head slightly and stared at me.
She looks smaller with her shoulders bent slightly towards the middle.
The room is so quiet that it makes me feel like two statues.
At this time, I need to feel that I am sorry and I am wrong. I shouldn’t hit people and talk to you.

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May 27, 2024
Middle-aged women don’t believe in this magic weapon. It’s not an ordinary magic weapon. Even a low-order magic weapon needs hundreds of medium-order spiritual stones to cultivate immortality. They can’t afford to accumulate so many spiritual stones all their lives. Guo Xiaosi doesn’t look like a rich man when he is young, so he wants to buy a magic weapon at a draught, but it makes people feel that this person seems to be making trouble or simply doesn’t come in to buy and sell things.

It’s in the magic weapon shop, but before I take you there, you must show me if you are enough. Otherwise, middle-aged women will doubt you for nothing, but they don’t want to lose a customer. Therefore, if you don’t have the purchasing power, you can’t bring a leisure spectator into it. When there are many waves, it’s terrible luck not to buy one at the end.
What’s this way of doing business? When Guo Xiaosi was in Chunyangmen, he used to run some business in Laifu Inn. He knew that if he wanted to do business well, he had to treat customers like immortals. He would never see if customers could afford the room before staying. It’s no wonder that the business of this Xiao refining shop is so bad that he didn’t see a customer outside himself. Maybe the place name of this shop is not good because he didn’t know it.
Hum, if you don’t talk about it, I really like the magic weapon, but I will buy it from you. Where is the real desire to sell the magic weapon? Guo Xiaosi hummed that he felt more and more like Bai Tianya, which is probably not good news, but he couldn’t help it.
However, this statement sounds like a complete lie to the middle-aged woman. She will look at Guo Xiaosi’s shabby dress, Guo Xiaosi. This is because she doesn’t want to show off, so she wears an ordinary dress and puts it in the crowd. However, it is an ordinary extremely middle-aged woman who sees Guo Xiaosi’s dress and insists that he is making trouble. He is a poor man who has feasted his eyes and wandered into his own shop. For such people, middle-aged women can see a lot every year, so in turn, she glared at Guo Xiaosi. If you can really afford it, you should come to my small shop. I’m afraid that the magic weapon is
Where is the Treasure Tower? Guo Xiaosi wondered, Do people still push customers to other shops? Besides, after visiting for so long, I haven’t found any shop called Treasure Tower, so the name is not too exaggerated.
Walk along this road not far and you will see the Treasure Tower, but I can tell you that when you get to the Treasure Tower, don’t be too poor to be embarrassed to roll here. That would be a shame. The middle-aged woman’s mouth is really vicious and she looks down on Guo Xiaosi.
Guo Xiaosi’s anger is rising, but I think she cares about the situation. It’s even better to cultivate immortality in the border of Qidan. It’s better to endure it for a while. Just go to Baibao Building according to her words. Maybe the place really needs something, but it can’t see anything decent in this Xiao family refining shop.
Guo Xiaosi is going to lift her legs and leave, but the middle-aged woman snorted with disdain and wanted to buy a magic weapon. Don’t even think about it here.
What? Guo Xiaosi stopped. You sell magic weapons here
Of course, I sell magic weapons here, but you can’t easily show them to people. You have to show me that you don’t have the ability to buy them first, otherwise you won’t even think about it. Besides, I advise you not to go to Baibao Building. The middle-aged woman leaning against a counter seems to be showing off all kinds of amorous feelings.
I still don’t want to lose a customer. Guo Xiaosi laughed in his heart, but I still want to see this Xiao family. There is no decent magic weapon. There is really no need to make another trip. I couldn’t help laughing at the thought of this and advised me not to go to Baibao Building. Is it better for you here?
No, I’m better here. The middle-aged woman laughed. Where dare we go with the treasure house in our shop? I advised you not to go because you were afraid of being bombarded. The man in the treasure house won’t let you in if you dress up like this.
What is this? Can’t you go into the treasure house in this ordinary dress? Guo Xiaosi is indignant
The Treasure Tower is called the Treasure Tower. There is nothing in it, so ordinary instruments can’t get into their door. They don’t sell it there at a high price, so don’t say that they know that you are a poor man. You don’t want to have fun with them when you go to the Treasure Tower. Do you say they can let you in? You still honestly show me how much money you really have. If you have money, you can probably buy some magic weapons from me. The middle-aged woman also earnestly persuaded me.
Guo Xiaosi sneer at a way that you mean that things in your shop are compared with Baibao Building.
I can’t say that the polar things treasure tower is, but I have two good magic weapons here. Hehe, although there are many magic weapons in the treasure tower, there are also many buyers who compete with you. Where are your rivals? If you can show me a hundred pieces of middle-class lingshi, I will take you to the back store to see the treasure magic weapon. The middle-aged woman straightened up and said that her hands were spread out and her face was Gherardini.
Since you can also see the magic weapon here, if you don’t look at it first and then you don’t like it, then if you don’t buy it, you will think that this middle-aged woman will not be as arrogant as the girl you just saw. It seems that she belongs to a young girl of that age and doesn’t belong to a stout woman in her 40 s and 50 s
Ok, Guo Xiaosi, take a look at the leather bag. Although I don’t have a hundred-order lingshi here, there are several things whose value should be in the hundred-order lingshi.
What is the value of a hundred-order lingshi? When a middle-aged woman suddenly becomes interested, some things are more cost-effective than lingshi, because the price of these things can be speculated. Like an auction in Baibao Building, whoever has the highest price will sell it. When the time comes, a few bidders will be able to trap those who are eager to cultivate this thing. It is no problem to sell a thousand lingshi. Six months ago, Baibao Building sold a thousand-order lingshi array instruments worth 3,400 at an auction, and it is no wonder that Baibao Building earned nearly twice as much money.
Guo Xiaosi also didn’t answer her. She poured a gas-gathering Dan from the leather bag and put it aside at the counter.
The middle-aged woman quickly leaned in and just wanted to pick up Qi-gathering Dan. Guo Xiaosi raised her hand and stopped her. Don’t you still don’t take it. Otherwise, you hide this hand and bite me. You can’t ask me to search you. I’ll take it according to your words, and you have to touch it according to my words.
When the middle-aged woman heard this, Jiaochen said, Oh, you want to take advantage of me at a young age. Just don’t take it. Why are you so nervous? When did my Xiao shop bully guests here for so many years? When it comes to this, the boss can’t finish talking. This is gathering qi Dan.
Guo Xiaosi has no idea about the market price of Ju Qi Dan, but as soon as he saw this middle-aged woman’s expression, he knew that Ju Qi Dan must be expensive, and maybe it would be worth a thousand Lingshi and a Ju Qi Dan for a low-order magic weapon.
How about this is the real value of the goods? You should also know that you can let me go in and have a look. Guo Xiaosi and Ju Qi Dan laughed quite a bit.
Wait, that middle-aged woman is waving her hand, so she can’t let you in
Chapter one hundred and sixteen Buying and selling game
What, Guo Xiaosi is surprised? Isn’t the value of a poly-qi Dan enough? In a sense, this poly-qi Dan is even higher than that of finding an elixir. Once in the Qing Dynasty, an elixir was sold to 70 pieces of high-order lingshi or 700 pieces of medium-order lingshi. At this moment, middle-aged women only need a hundred-order lingshi, and a poly-qi Dan should be worth the price.
Juqi Dan is not an ordinary thing. I have to find someone to verify it. I don’t know much about Dan medicine. I have to find someone to look at it. Otherwise, I was cheated by you. The middle-aged woman said with wide eyes
This is also true in Guo Xiaosi. Nod, then come quickly and someone who can tell the truth from the false.

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