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The originator of the shushan sword school, Changmei Road, is red and loose.

Speak your mind
Listen, Li Yueling’s heart is in the human world, and the sword Sect of Shushan has a great feud. Today, it’s a coincidence that it has soared into the sky, and the fairy star was also the originator of the sword Sect of Shushan. Doesn’t that mean that the long eyebrow should be in this celestial fairy star? That’s really some trouble
Reading this, Li Yueling has turned from curiosity to probing, trying to ask at will that Taoist with long eyebrows should also be here today.
Akamatsu shook his head and said, "Long eyebrows have been built into a pick-gold wonderland to go to the third fairy star as early as a hundred years ago."
This person is really great. He not only won a big position in the Jade Emperor, but also created the Shushan Sword School again. His disciples in the world are also numerous. Most of today’s long eyebrows are cultivated in the third fairy star, and his disciples are ordered by him to create the Shushan Sword School again here.
Now it has become the second largest faction of our Cang Di Xian Xing.
There are many benefits for his disciples. Daniel lee Ling lamented that if he immediately thought of himself, he would not be able to fight with the Sword Sect of Shushan if he pulled many of his disciples from Yuan Zong to Cangdi Xianxing.
But before that, it is necessary to achieve the prerequisite of creating a clan in the purple mansion, that is, to cultivate a pick wonderland. However, it won’t take too long for you to have a limited amount of soul beads to help. Before that, you should be cautious and never be known by the disciples of Cangdi Xianxing and Shushan that you have a feud with the sword.
It is time to inquire about Li Yueling and already know that it was immediately touted as a red pine building.
Akamatsu’s impression of Li Yueling is almost perfect. Before he left, he was kind. Look, you haven’t cultivated Xianjia yet. Now you can go to Xiandu to buy some refined materials first. You have to cultivate your own Xianjia first. This Xianjia is the face of a fairy in the world. Of course, this also includes the three immortals that Li Yueling got when he first entered the purple mansion. Therefore, it is inferred that Li Yueling will make great achievements in the world in time. Even if it is just around the corner, Akamatsu can be regarded as his guide. Anyway, it can also be beneficial by the way.
Li Yueling once again thanked him for floating, and walked towards the gate of Xiandu. But when he reached the door, he remembered that he had forgotten to ask whether red pine was a purchase method. Is it possible that this purple mansion can also pass money? Oh, my God, it has already achieved Jin Xian’s achievements, and how can it not get rid of such a vulgar thing?
But if you think about it, you will find out if you go to the city.
What’s more, I’m not in a hurry. The most important thing today is to ask after going to town before I can return to the world. That red pine is also a fairy after all. I have just risen to the purple mansion. If I ask him directly before I can return to the world, it’s always wrong. It’s safer to find an ordinary fairy to ask after entering the city. Li Yueling was stopped by two shining guards just now.
Fairy order number plate is not allowed to enter the city, isn’t it that you are asked to go to Chongxian Building to get the fairy order? The tone of the Golden Guards is obviously disdainful.
Li Yueling, who was blocked, realized that his own side had given the three ID cards of that place into the cold-winning ring and immediately took them in front of two golden guards. This is not Siebel goods that can let me go to town. Speaking, Li Yueling also conveniently hung the fairy number plate on his right chest.
Seeing that Li Yueling turned out to be the third fairy made the two golden guards who would be kicked by Akamatsu before joking have a great sales.
They are all the lowest guards of the Emperor’s hand, and their strength is the same as that of those individuals, Jin Xian, and their status is even worse than that of Jin Xian, who is not yet in the daily life, so they can play tricks on those newly-born immortals who are newly promoted and have very poor strength. This time, both of them are gone.
That’s really a tribute to you. You must be able to achieve the goal of three immortals when you first enter the purple mansion. Fortunately, you are lucky to welcome Daxian into the city.
Darling, it seems that this fairy number plate is really better than anything else in this purple mansion. So quickly, the attitude came to a 100-degree turn. Li Yueling didn’t have time to be blind and time-consuming with these two golden guards. He should quickly enter the pale emperor Xiandu.
It’s a big city, but the fairy’s handwriting is different
Entering the city, Li Yueling looks left and right. There are many towers and towers in the city, which are more resplendent than each other. I don’t know if they are made of stone and iron, but the faint light reveals a fairy family atmosphere.
There are also many male fairies in the city, all of whom are handsome and handsome, and each fairy is more beautiful and moving than the last one.
Li Yueling also received a lot of strange eyes along the way. All the immortals in the city are dressed in fairy armour, but he is such an exception that is remarkable.
However, it is not very polite for others to look back after seeing Li Yueling’s skirt, which symbolizes the three-strength fairy order.
Li Yueling is also aware that it seems that it is not wrong for her to be told before Akamatsu. The weight of this fairy armor in the purple mansion is just like the expensive clothes in the human world, which represents a person’s status. In fact, the more outstanding the fairy armor is, the more she walks with her eyes facing the sky.
No matter how much, let’s find a pleasing fairy to inquire about returning to the human world first
With this in mind, Li Yueling looked around and found a suitable candidate. Soon, his eyes were fixed on a person wearing a blue fairy armor, Jin Xianshen, not far away.
That’s him. Look, that’s a divination advocate, and the fairy rank is one order lower than himself. Li Yueling hangs a lazy smile at the corner of his mouth and goes away.
Chapter two hundred and forty-nine Cangdi Xiandu II
The guy who was selected by Li Yueling as the consulting object was a fairy with a three-inch beard in the middle of the year, and suddenly Li Yueling was stopped by a brisk walk. It was always a little uncomfortable, but when his eyes swept Li Yueling’s skirt and made the number plate of the three immortals, he dared not send it.
The immortal stopped the little fairy in a cold way and didn’t know the way.

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