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Cai Lao and Cai Yiming felt that the flowers at the moment suddenly jumped out of Ruxiao Nan’s side and a big black dog shook its tongue and rushed to the forest.

"Xuan Yu!" Qing mo Yan drank with it.
Xuanyuma rushed into the forest with five dead men.
Cai Lao Cai Yiming was surprised that when they came to their senses, Xuanyu had already carried the killed wild boar back.
RuXiaoNan excited to jump from the carriage.
Green ink Yan moved faster than her and directly fished her up.
RuXiaoNan two calves in half waving "what are you doing let me go!"
"Don’t move" Green Ink Yan whispered in her ear, "I’ll let Xuanyu send you what you want, and don’t let Cai Lao and them know about it."
RuXiaoNan this just quiet.
Xuanyu and others threw wild boar to the ground.
Cai Lao and others are coming to look at the huge wild boar and sigh.
"What about the four herbalists?" Cai Yiming asked
"Escaped" Xuanyu Daoqing Moyan told him to kill wild boar, but he didn’t let them save people, so he didn’t pay attention to the whereabouts of the four herb gatherers.
On that day, everyone had a delicious roast boar, and even stupid dogs were given a big piece to eat.
Green ink Yan later quietly brought the wild boar teeth to RuXiaoNan.
Two days later, the team finally came to Shifang Town.
However, as soon as they entered the town, they were surrounded by a group of people. Someone pointed at their carriage and shouted, "That’s them! That’s them!"
Chapter 132 Tigers don’t smell dogs barking. Good men forgive me.
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The carriage of Qing Mo Yan and others just entered Shifang Town and was surrounded by a group of people.
"That’s them!" A strange man pointed to their carriage. "They took our prey in the forest!"
Cai Lao Cai Yiming showed his head to explain a few words.
But green ink yan their carriage did not even stop directly from those people drove into the stone square town.
"Green male?" Cai Yiming anxiously called.
"Let’s go to find the inn first," said Qing Mo Yan lightly, and then put the car curtain and didn’t care about the residents who were pointing around and walked first.
Cai Lao nai explained to the man for a long time, and when they came to the inn, Qing Mo Yan and they had already settled down.
Ru Xiaonan changed his body and dressed as a man, just like a little man with ink hair tied behind his head and a hair band.
Blue ink yan also changed clothes easy to move led RuXiaoNan out of the inn.
"Green male, where are you going?" Cai Yiming puzzled way
"Out of town around" green ink yan light way "want to find a guide"
They were all talking, and the strange man who was clamoring that Qing Mo Yan had robbed their prey appeared again. "It’s that they robbed us in the forest and finally caught wild boar. They should be careful when they see them in the forest with their big family."
As the man shouted and watched, more and more people gathered.
Cai Lao would face with his son. "Didn’t I explain it to you? We were passing by to see you being chased by wild boars and running for your lives before we helped …"
The man grabbed his neck. "You’re talking nonsense. The four of us worked hard in the forest for two days and two nights before we caught you and robbed you!"
Cai Yiming looked at the green ink and smiled bitterly. "Did you see the green male? Didn’t let you help the result or … "
"Hey, what’s your name?" Green ink yan didn’t mouth he followed RuXiaoNan is CuiShengSheng pointed to the importune strange man.
"You … are you asking me?" The man was a little surprised, too. His side shouted and shouted for a long time, and there was not even any reaction here.
"My name is Shi Datian."
RuXiaoNan burst out laughing like a bell ringing in the audience’s heart.
"That’s an interesting name. Let’s take him as a guide." RuXiaoNan raised her face and said to QingMo Yan.
Sincere tone, even Cai’s father froze.
Is this kid out of his mind? This guy is spreading rumors that you robbed their prey, and you want to hire him as a guide.
Blue ink yan eyes flashing flash point nodded "good".
On the contrary, it is Shi Datian’s turn to be uneasy.
"Are you kidding me? I said you robbed us …"
"I know, I know, if you have something to say now, just come out of town with us. We want to look around. We’ll just pay how much commission you need to be a guide." Xuanyu interrupted impatiently
Looking at XuanYu purse in his hand, Shi Datian swallowed saliva.
But I can’t guess what these people really want to do.
It is normal for him to make such a noise like Cai Lao and his father to react.
But seeing this, the man is not annoyed or angry, and he is taking this child … it’s just a girl. How can he take the child out to such a dangerous forest?
"Are you going or not?" Xuanyu stared at Shi Datian’s immobility. "If you don’t go, we’ll find someone else."
"Go, go, I’ll go." Shi Datian even stuttered. He couldn’t believe it was true.
Residents of Shifang Town who are watching around are talking about it.
What the hell is going on here?
Just now, I was arguing that these people robbed Shi Datian, and their prey suddenly became a guide.
I don’t know who in the crowd hummed, "Do you believe what Shi Datian said?"
"… by the way, he also said that Qingshui Village people robbed their prey."
"It’s not another time that the new town drug dealer picked up his medicine basket …"
There is more and more talk around, and the forehead is sweating.
"Hey, don’t talk nonsense."
Just now, they glared at each other at the blue ink Yan, and the residents would ridicule Shi Datian.
"Can we believe a liar like you? Go and be a guide to others, even if you want to take them to the wild boar’s nest."
"This gentleman sees that you are new here and we are kind enough to wake up. Don’t trust this man. His mouth is smoother than oil, so be careful to be cheated by him." Someone kindly advised Qing Mo Yan.
Qing Mo Yan smiled faintly. "We might as well just walk around and not go too far."
Shi Datian became angry from embarrassment and shouted and scolded to catch up with the surrounding residents.
Cai Lao and Cai Yiming are there, and their hearts feel indescribably complicated.
A dispute was thus resolved.
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"So exaggerated! ?” Maple shouted.

How powerful it is to join Ranger Li? Maple Toes knows that if they help, they should be able to solve the world-class problems if they don’t destroy them.
"Yes, I’ve heard of this. I didn’t expect that it was you who gave it to me for the first time, but I woke you up. Don’t mess with you … leave a bad impression on the ranger who came to help, but you’d better not bother yourself. Do you know what I mean?" Keith said after returning Li Ling to Feng
"Understand the meaning is to try to save the country and the people, right? I’ll try my best," said Feng after putting Li Ling back into his backpack.
See maple pack up after Li Ling Keith sat back to his seat with a sigh and his face grew dark.
"What’s the matter, Reverend Case?" Feng asked.
"I can’t figure out why a Chinese character wants Qing to do such a thing himself. What is his purpose?" Keith said with a frown
"It’s really God knows that he showed strength. I think it’s no problem for him to directly push the city of Mitte. Maybe it’s a psychopath looking for a place to vent? But we can’t understand these things for the time being. Let’s talk about compensating me first? " Fengcha topic way
"I knew you must have asked for it. It was really well done this time," Keith nodded.
"Then let me get this straight. I want pastor Keith to help me find some officers who can command. It would be better if I could bring a regiment of soldiers," said Feng, rubbing his hands.
"You really dare to give you a full legion? Why do you want to rebel? " Keith drink a way
"How dare I? I’m going to the civilians to do good deeds. Do you remember the businessman who will say I’m sick? The chamber of commerce where he works and the chambers of commerce in several other cities are going to unite to wipe out those aliens in the famine plain. This is definitely a good thing for the people?" Feng replied.
"oh? Destroy those aliens? That’s a good thing, but it’s also a private army anyway, but it’s a felony to be found, "Case said."
"So I’m not just looking for pastor Keith. You must have a way, right? And I don’t lend money for nothing, "said Feng, picking his eyebrows.
"Ho ho, I remember … you still owe me 2 gold coins? If you don’t pay me back first when you have money, will you still show off in front of me? " Keith squinting said
After hearing Keith’s words, Feng was busy motioning with his hand and said, "How can it be? It must be the businessman who paid for it, but when this matter is completed, I will definitely pay back 2 gold coins immediately."
"Ok, I’ll help you do something. Come to me at noon." Keith nodded.
"ha! I knew you couldn’t do it without pastor Keith. Thank you. "Maple clapped her hands and shouted.
"That’s nothing. You go first. I have to check some information." Keith said when he got up.
"Well, I’ll go first." Maple waved and ran out of the room. He estimated that Keith wanted to check those human heroes again.
After leaving the case room, Feng found that the friend bar lit up and looked at it and found that it was sad but not hurt.
"You want hematite. We’ve dug it. How much do you need?"
After seeing the news, Feng’s eyebrows are happy and he is short of money, which solves the problem.
"Give as much as possible." This kind of high-grade ore will definitely be given to the blacksmith in the guild, but I can’t say it.
"OK, then I’ll send it to you later. Besides, I have a discovery to share with you recently." I said without hurting.
"oh? Say "maple curious way
"One time before, I was always concerned about whether the punishment for players died was paid to dispel weakness, so I investigated it. Now, after feedback from many members, I have determined that there is still a punishment for players after death, that is, being close to you, NPC’s goodwill towards you … it should not be said that it will become strange to you. Can you understand what I mean? It just fades away." Sorrow is not hurt.
"Are you sure! ?” Maple exclaimed, this is the most horrible punishment for him.
"Base can be sure that this game always reveals a feeling of cherishing one’s own life and not fooling around. There is no game consciousness at all. The idea of taking one’s life to pile up anyway, the game just dies and dies, and whoever is unlucky" said sadly but not hurt.
"Let players cherish their own lives, which I also vaguely feel. I think this is to let players play this game with more heart and brain. After all, the human brain will run at a high speed when they are afraid of death," Feng replied
"Well, that’s right, I think so, too. Another thing is that NPC will not treat us as undead players but as human beings, but this is actually the same as the previous online games. If you die a hundred times and knock off a BOSSNPC, you will also say that you are a hero with strong strength and saved the world instead of being resurrected so many times before hitting real waste."
"Poof … this metaphor is almost clear. Thank you for this information is very important to me." Maple said sincerely.
"Information exchange, then I’ll send you the ore now." After that, I hung up my private chat to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and sixty Drunkard
After hanging up the private chat, Feng patted Griffin at the door and said, "You go home first and I’ll take care of the things myself."
"I promise I will listen to the order next time. Please don’t let me go back," Griffin said eagerly.
When Feng heard this, he laughed, "I didn’t mean to dump you, but what happened was true. You didn’t help me, but you can remember that you said this sentence. You must listen to my orders every time."
"I promise! Then I’ll go back first, "Griffin said.
"Well, I’ll see you again in a couple of days." Feng waved to him and said.
After Griffin left, Feng took out a note for him yesterday, and Yvette found a place to go to Keith’s side. The rest is to bring a sharp knife.
After walking along the note route for five minutes, Feng found the place, a cabin by the moat of Mitte City.
After making sure that I didn’t find the wrong place, Feng went and knocked on the door.
Even after knocking four or five times, Feng found that there was no answer to the door. She was wondering if the door suddenly "slammed" when people were not at home.
"Who?" Rushed out of the room an ordinary-looking man shouted
Maple couldn’t help thinking of what Yvette Ritter said when she gave him the note.
"Okay, I’ll find you a nice guy."
Let’s take a look at this man who is full of alcohol and has a violent face. Feng wants to spray a sentence, which is not easy!
However, even though it looked awkward, Feng crustily skin of head and handed the note given by Yvette to the drunkard and said, "Hello, I am introduced by Yvette."
"Well, Yves Ritter! ?” After the drunkard said that he had a hiccup, he took the note in Feng’s hand and squinted at it. After laughing a few times, he shouted, "Don’t you want me to help this sparerib because it owes me money? Look down on me! ?”
Poof ….. After hearing the drunkard’s words, Feng simply looked stupid and forced to owe money. ? It’s absolutely a pit when Lenovo Yvette Ritter gives herself four! Give me back what moved me yesterday!
After a crazy roar in maple heart, the drunk suddenly put his face in front of maple and said, "Well! ? Are you the kid who needs my help? "
Look at that posture, it’s obvious that maple has to answer "yes" and it’s torn to pieces in minutes!
"It’s not that teacher Yvette Ritter didn’t write clearly. I’m going to pay a high price to hire you to help." Feng sorted out the wording in an instant
"Oh ~ I told you the high price, didn’t I? That sparerib is also a rare good thing to do. Come on, come on, come on, let’s talk about it." The drunk grabbed Feng and dragged him to his hut.
After being dragged into the hut, Feng first observed for a while and found that this room was full of wine and drank a bottle, which was very consistent with the drunkard’s temperament.

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"It’s a great game to summon two attack powers and two fusion monsters from your hands in just one round!" Tian Hecheng next to him cheered. "Now there is no monster in his field, which means that if you attack directly, you can kill him in one round! Ah, you’re welcome to clean him up! "

"… seems too simple …" The game was a little confused and muttered, and then pointed to the field. "Griffin, the winged magic beast, directly attacked the Griffin and killed the player! !” Griffin can’t tell whether it’s birdsong or a lion’s roar, but Tianyuan didn’t show alarm but calmly laughed. "It seems that you are still too young to play! I’ll fold a game and launch a trap card’ Wheel of Destiny’! !”
In Tianyuan field, the card was folded suddenly, and at the same time, Griffin suddenly stopped in the middle of the two-person field, and a huge three-color roulette wheel appeared at its foot, spinning rapidly.
"Once the wheel of fortune is started, it will depend on what will turn out, but since I started the trap, those fates will naturally be more beneficial to me than the game, and you can probably pray that God will take care of you a little!" Then Tianyuan suddenly reached out and pointed to the wheel of destiny. "Stop the wheel of destiny and let the game see his destiny!" The tricolor turntable stopped with a harsh sound, just in the yellow position.
"Oh, good, good, you are lucky." Tianyuan pointed to Griffin, who stopped at the wheel of fate. "When it turns to yellow, the battle phase will be forced to end. Your attack will naturally work. Hurry up and let your monster go back. It’s always scary to float there."
"Ah, I came back …" Seeing Griffin hanging his head and returning to his own game, he was stunned and sealed the last card in his hand. "I sealed a card and the round is over."
"It’s my turn to draw a card again." Tianyuan drew a card from the deck and put the newly drawn card together with another hand card in the exclusion area. "It’s really young people who just don’t know how to win and watch the game well. This is the real integration! I’m going to use the’ fusion gate’ effect of your venue magic to summon the fusion monster VII from the fusion deck with the exception of II upside-down man (attack 12, defense 12) and V demon (attack 15, defense 15) to show the upside-down demon (attack 27, defense 27) attack! !” In Tianyuan’s head, a white bandage hung upside down in the blood-red fog. A bat-like demon giggled while staring at the game with blood-red eyes. The bright red tongue stuck out of its mouth for more than half a foot.
"Attack power has 27 points? !” Malik and Gou Liang exclaimed at the same time. I didn’t expect the other party to be a senior monster stronger than the game monster at first hand. It seems that the two winged monsters in the game field will lose one this round.
"I’m upside down demon to attack winged magic beast Chimera upside down killing! !” Tianyuan made the demon hanging upside down laugh and shake the bandage and hang it to the playground. Then he grabbed the bandage with his toes and made a "gung" cry. His paws went straight to the playground. Chimera caught Chimera and was hit by the demon’s paw. The game was torn apart, and his heart was cramped and his body twitched. His health dropped rapidly from 6 to 34.
"Ah, the duel king also lost. It seems that he is not familiar with each other. It’s really difficult to deal with the deck that is almost composed of limited cards." Gothenai sighed. "Puta is really cunning. I didn’t expect him to find such a deck in Wu Teng Tianyuan …"
"Do you understand the game? This is the real integration. I’ll cover two cards and the round is over."
At the same time Tianyuan announced the end of the round, the game almost reached out and drew a card from his deck. "It’s my turn to draw a card. I will change the garrison representation of Griffin, a winged magic beast, and then summon the demon swordsmen (attack 14, defense 12) to indicate the end of the round."
"Want to carry the past defense? You can’t be so negative. Game! It’s my turn to draw a card! " Tianyuan severely reprimanded the game and reached out and pulled out a card from the deck. "I launched a magic’ trial’ and there was an attack in the other place, indicating that the monster department became a garrison, indicating that all the garrison means that the monster department was destroyed!"
Gui Ping exclaimed, "Too bad the monsters in the playground are all on the defensive …!" After saying his word, Griffin, the winged magic beast, and the swordsman turned into pieces and were sent to the cemetery. The frontcourt of the game once again became a state of one thing, and Tianyuan did not care about his uncle’s feelings, but stopped and quickly launched an attack.
"Now I’m hanging the devil to directly attack the player and kill him upside down! !”
"Fold the card and launch the fast attack magic’ retreat command’ to turn the upside-down demon into a defensive representation!" With the quick turn of the game cover, the demon has been saved and retracted. The bandage on Tianyuan’s head curled up with a cold smile, which made everyone who saw this scene shudder.
"Alas, I almost got it in the end." Tianyuan Nai spread his hand. "Then I will cover a card and end the round."
"I draw cards in turn!" At the moment, the game has just drawn a card, which can be said to be one. All health points are 6 points lower than Tianyuan’s. The whole person is in an extremely unfavorable situation, and now there are hopes for drawing a card.
"I started the magic’ strong desire pot’ and then drew two cards from the deck." The game started the "strong desire pot" and drew two cards from the deck and sent them to the exclusion area. "Uncle, now let you see if I can successfully win by fusion! I will call the super-care swordsman and dark paladin (attack 29 and defense 24) from the fusion card group except the dark care master (attack 25 and defense 21) and the dragon slayer (attack 26 and defense 23) to attack! !”
"Oh, finally there is a monster that can hold the table …" Tianyuan smiled strangely. "Then you can just kill it."
"Damn him, I don’t know what the card is in the backcourt …" The game stared at Tianyuan backcourt, and the sweat slowly flowed from his forehead. After a long silence, he finally slowly spit out "… My round is over."
"Ha ha is over? In this way, you lose that only chance to win the game! It’s my turn to draw a card! " Tianyuan laughed hysterically and then reached out and pulled out a card. The horse casually played a folding card. "Playing the folding card to launch magic’ strong desire to light’ and then draw a card from the deck. Haha game, you are really indecisive!"
"Well, it was a mistake …" Looking at Tianyuan with a sarcastic smile, he pulled out another card game from the card set, closed his eyes tightly, and the opportunity to attack was wasted. At this moment, he was really heartbroken to death.
"So now it’s my turn to counterattack! Launch the inverted demon special effect. This card can change the meaning of the field once per turn. A monster’s offensive and defensive means that I want to turn the dark paladin into a defensive means and then the inverted demon attacks it! " The devil’s animal call hangs slowly on the bandage and shakes up. The dark paladin convulses and crouches slowly in the playground. At the same time, the devil jumps from the bandage and swings his claws to smash the dark paladin into pieces on the spot. The game is also convulsed, clutching his chest and kneeling on the ground.
"Oh, this time it’s not good!" City surprised stare big eyes "how did this happen? Isn’t the game supposed to be strong? "
"Wu Teng Tianyuan is really a troublesome opponent." Goth stretched out his hand from the neckline and pulled Amon jade towards duel field. "If you go like this again, I’m afraid the game won’t last long. If it doesn’t work, I’ll fall behind and not personally intervene in this duel …"
"Wait a guy over there!" Just now, I have been squatting on one side to take care of Jisha Haima, and suddenly I stopped in front of Gert. "If you do this, the game will make him hate you, because … the real fighter doesn’t need to violate his dignity except his friends!"
"Well said, hippocampus!" Malik should also come out. "We will try our best to make him confident to survive this crisis!"! But we will never intervene in this duel because it belongs to the game itself! "
"That’s right!" "That’s it!" Later, people in the city and Guiping also agreed that Dalian Puta was extremely powerful, and he turned his eyes from duel field to the crowd. Although he didn’t look back, his face also showed a confident smile.
"Thank you for supporting me so much. I will not lose!"
"You guys are really …" Goth put away the jade ball with a wry smile and retreated to one side, but secretly these people cheered for friendship.
You should be proud of having such a group of good friends.
A list of DIY card tables
Wu Teng Tianyuan [holds the Millennium Heart] (Tarouca Group)
Emperor IV (Warrior, Four-Star, Light Attribute, Attack 14, Defense 14) Effect Monster When the side of this card is in the field and the player successfully summons "Queen III", he can specially summon a "VI Lover" from the deck to attack and place it in the field.
Queen III (warrior, four-star, light attribute, attack 13, defense 13) is usually a monster with love and majesty to govern the heavenly king.

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Jun 9, 2024
Guo Xiaosi is contemplating that he has reached the cave, and Johnson should also hear their dialogue. Supposedly, he will come at once and then pick up the two demons in the Dan period. Unfortunately, this dialogue is over, but Johnson still has no signs of blood, and he still can’t feel the master in the trail. Is this old monster playing with himself, Guo Xiaosi, and dying? If Johnson leaves before this blood, then he will be in danger. Even if he has a few magic weapons, it will be useless.

You can get my life with your two brothers. Haha, it’s a big joke, and you’re not afraid to fall off your Chu family’s double demon title. Guo Xiaosi burst out laughing. He is also procrastinating at present, so let the two Chuwenwei brothers kill him at this moment, so it’s really a slap in the face.
What? Chu Wenwei doesn’t believe his ears. We two experts in the Dan-knot period can’t even put our heads together. Your rotation period is small. Hehehe. You are making rapid progress and are close to the Dan-knot period. But I’m afraid you don’t know how big the gap is between the Dan-knot period and the Dan-knot period.
Second don’t have to talk to him long-winded Jin Guangsuo took him is silent ChuWenyi suddenly cold hum a..
Guo Xiaosi was anxious when he suddenly heard the bloody Johnson say in his ear, "Fly three feet further and lead them there. I’m talking to you in secret. They can’t hear you."
Guo Xiaosi, a lifesaver, didn’t say much about this sentence, because Chu Wenwei had offered a magic weapon over there, a golden lock the size of a glittering house was floating in the middle, and the longer it was, the bigger the trend was. Chu Wenwei shouted at it.
The golden lock whizzed toward Guo Xiaosi’s head and pressed to Guo Xiaosi, but it would have driven Ling Cuiyu to fly forward rapidly and sacrificed the magic turtle shell. All four illusions were shot backward at the same time, which made it difficult for Chu brothers to tell which one was the truth.
But Chu Wenyi sneered at a captive flying and posted that golden lock, which seemed to be intuitive and generally pressed against Guo Xiaosi. At the same time, the two devils also chased after each other to prepare to take Guo Xiaosi at a stroke.
Chasing for more than three feet, I saw that the huge golden lock was about to be pressed against Guo Xiaosi, and the faces of Chu Wenwei’s brothers were also proud. After they put this magic golden lock into use, they could become huge, but they would not kill each other for a while and catch their opponents alive.
At the moment, the purpose of the two Chu brothers is to capture Guo Xiaosi alive and then refine him into a puppet art that his mother has been waiting for for a long time. It is said that the puppet art is still their master, the bridled Johnson, and it was not until a month ago that Chu Wenyi turned it over and immediately got the treasure. However, this puppet art is said that some materials can be used to refine the puppet beast, the puppet bird as an attack object, and of course, in the end, people will also be refined into a puppet secret art. However, it takes a lot of money to refine the puppet in China, but the two brothers are attracted by the power of the puppet people, and they
When the golden lock was about to fall to Guo Xiaosi, suddenly a big hand was stretched out, which turned out to be a big hand. When it was caught by this big hand, it immediately dissipated the golden light and turned back to the first small golden lock. What surprised Guo Xiaosi, a brother of Chu family, was that the big hand was half an arm but now a finger was as thick as a big tree.
It’s Fang Yaoren who dares to take away your magic weapon. Chu Wenwei was surprised and angry and couldn’t help but huff and ask
But the words sound just fell around the two of them, but suddenly there were a few such big hands waving at them mercilessly. Two huge hands coming from opposite directions seemed to make the two men into patties.
Bad in this little trick, the second child, go. Chu Wenyi knows that it’s not good, and then he thinks of Guo Xiaosi’s unhurried when he leads them over. He immediately thinks of his brother, I’m afraid he’s been hit by this little thief’s law. It’s obviously a sign that he can only show his huge palm in some kind of law. It’s a question of how his brother’s urging law can seize their magic weapon. Chu Wenyi also doesn’t want to think much about it. At this moment, it’s the best to escape from this law first.
Chu Wenwei also wanted to entangle and scold some dirty words, but suddenly he heard a shout. The two little dolls of Chu’s family are also worthy of being called Uncle Sir Zhong in front of the old man.
Chu Wenwei is very familiar with this sound, but he can’t remember where he heard it at the moment, while Chu Wenyi is a forward-looking man with trembling lips.
Chu Wenyi’s face changed greatly with the familiar sound of the ring. Chu Wenwei also closed his previous chattering face and looked extremely frightened. When he came to Guo Xiaosi, he looked at the expressions of the two devils in Chu’s house. The reason for this suddenly changed. Johnson’s hatred seems to be not as deep as usual. Probably, when they were in the life-and-death situation, it was like fire and water to beat and scold each other’s brothers. As the saying goes, beating dogs depends on the owner’s face. They punish each other’s brothers, but they are unwilling to give it to the right side. Since people advised them not to share the same
I’m afraid the two brothers of Chu family were punished by Johnson, who turned to blood. At the moment, they were scared to death at the sound of his voice. It seems that the two brothers can’t escape death today.
You two young people remember the old-fashioned sound, hehe, good, good, and the bloody Johnson laughed. At the same time, he appeared negligently, and there was no flying machine not far behind the Chu brothers, but the individual was flying in the middle and showed no signs of decline.
This is practicing the imperial flight in the realm of gasification God. Guo Xiaosi is confused. In this realm of refining refined gas, cultivating immortality is all about controlling aircraft flight, but I heard that cultivating immortality in a higher realm can actually fly in the air without the help of aircraft. At this moment, it is like flying in the air.
When Chuwenyi heard Johnson say this, he settled himself a little. Although he was strict with his fellow disciples in those days, it was only because he was quarrelling with his master, Johnson with bridled eyebrows. At this moment, he has entered the realm of practicing gasification, but he will not be difficult with his fellow students. Worse still, he was a demon Sect middleman, and there was no reason to help that Changhuai Sect.
Shi Shuyin’s nephews remember clearly that they gave Shi Shu a blessing. The two brothers, Chu Wenyi and Chu Wenwei, quickly kowtowed and got up. It was disgusting to talk about these words.
I don’t think it’s strange that I heard so many compliments when I was in Magic Sect, but I sneered and laughed more than squeal, which made Guo Xiaosi feel creepy. I laughed and roared, "What’s the achievement method? Your master, the bridled Johnson, almost killed the old man’s life. It took me ten years to get the old man’s achievement method back from the cardiac period to the Dan period. It took you two to repay your master’s great hatred today."
Chu Wenyi’s face changed and he kowtowed and pounded garlic in panic. Teacher Shu Jian Shi Shu Jian Shi Shu Jian Shi, this thing really shouldn’t be done. My nephews also think that the master is too cruel. Please don’t take it out on my brother and spare my brother’s life. My brother is grateful to Uncle Shu and dare not violate it at all.
Chu Wenwei hit his head twice, but he proudly said that Uncle Shi was angry with our brother because of Master. We dare not complain about Uncle Shi, but if Uncle Shi wants to help Chang Huai Zong to punish our brother Uncle Shi, it is absolutely wrong.
Oh, tell me, I shouldn’t help him kill you, Johnson asked with a sneer.
Chu Wenwei ignored Chu Wenyi’s expression of eyes and went on to say, "Martial Uncle, I am a master. This is because our brothers know that Master has done this to Martial Uncle, and it really shouldn’t be our brother’s doing this. But Martial Uncle’s personal relationship is also a magic Sect. To help the master of Changhuai Sect kill us, we shouldn’t blame our martial uncle, but we should destroy this Changhuai Sect."
Humming blood, Johnson snorted. Do I have to be taught by your brother? You know he is a disciple of Changhuai Sect, but you don’t know that his eyes are already my cousin. I tell you that you have deliberately hurt my brother these days, and I have long wanted to find fault. Now it is good that you have found my abode of fairies and immortals. If I let you go back alive and be known by your old ghost master, wouldn’t you look down on me even more?
It’s also true that Johnson changed blood. He just gave Guo Xiaosi a tribute and can also be a master of Guo Xiaosi. Although Guo Xiaosi didn’t kowtow to recognize the teacher, Johnson changed blood and blocked the mouths of the Chu brothers at the moment, but it was still very good.
Let’s talk about a ghost broadsword in hand. It is the most common weapon among the people in the Magic Sect, but this ghost broadsword is different from the ordinary brother’s ghost broadsword. This is a middle-ranking instrument that reaches the position of protecting the left and right. Their weapons are all refined into magic weapons. A sword is by no means an ordinary ghost broadsword.
Chuwenyi’s face was gray and he kept kowtowing, but Chuwenwei was angry. As soon as he stood up, he also took a ghost-headed broadsword from his back pocket and shouted at the bloody monster. "We respect you as a martial uncle and refuse to be your enemy. You old man didn’t even think of kinship and insisted on killing us, but we couldn’t do nothing to kill the boss. Let’s fight with this old man."
Guo Xiaosi saw that they were at loggerheads and simply retreated to one side and let them fight for themselves and be a spectator.
Chu Wenyi still didn’t let go of their meaning when he saw the blood-turning Johnson. As Chu Wenwei got up, he stopped talking and took out the ghost broadsword. Chu Wenwei changed these two ghost broadswords into hundreds of small ghost broadswords, and then after a cry, the hundreds of ghost knives attacked at the blood-turning Johnson.
His two brothers’ ghost swords are also magic weapons, so it is not a complete victory to strike together.
I can’t chew the blood. Johnson sneers at the ghost broadsword in one hand, but it changes. Nine skulls come to form a circle. In front of Johnson, he keeps spinning and moving around the circle. A cold wind suddenly rises, followed by a faint black fog.
Chapter two hundred and seventy Unwilling to learn from master
Chu brothers, the hundreds of small ghost knives split sharply, so dense that they are like locusts all over the sky. I don’t know how many times more powerful it is than Guo Xiaosi’s wind blade flag. If it is not the top defense magic weapon, it is unlikely to resist the Chu brothers’ strength in the Dan period. This move alone makes Guo Xiaosi’s heart cool. Although his magic turtle shell can turn into four illusions, it is also a good thing that this secret ghost knife has fallen.
Here, however, Johnson turned his ghost knife into nine skulls to form a circle and spread light black fog around the circle, which didn’t look like a defensive circle, but I didn’t know that Johnson would fight like this. Guo Xiaosi couldn’t help worrying.

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Jun 6, 2024
Just give up his heart. If he has increased the price, Fu Chen really won’t talk to me. Isn’t this really pushing the family to the point of perdition?

Yi Lee struggled in his mind.
The safety of the small family is a big deal. Besides, we will show them the plan for the Fu family immediately, and the Fu family will be finished.
Endure a moment’s humiliation, and if you can’t bear it, you will make great plans.
After some struggle, in the end, he still put the interests of the family first, and he dared not let go because Yi Lee could not afford to lose.
Don’t look at Fu Chen’s surface. He doesn’t care about anything. I don’t know that Fu Chen thought for a moment in Yi Lee as if he had spent a day. If Yi Lee raised the price, then Fu Chen could fight.
Because Fu Chen can’t put his brothers and sisters in the abyss of robbery.
Seeing that Yi Lee didn’t increase the price, he breathed a sigh of relief and knew that the overall situation had been decided by the Li family. Then everyone would scold the Li family for bullying and I, Fu Jiaze, acted as a heroic hero.
Fu Chen so calculating the heart finally comfortable point five million less breath.
That’s five million. Is it really worth it?
At this time, if someone increases the price after Fu Chen picks up Yi Lee, it means that the Fu family can not pass. Besides, the price of 5 million is not affordable for ordinary people.
No other forces in Zhongyuan City dare to shake the Fu family face to face.
Fu Chen is contemplating how to spend the money with his grandfather Fu Haotian at this time. If it is a bad thing, it will definitely make grandpa unhappy.
Feifei was shocked to see Fu Chen Yi Lee. After a while, Fu Chen motioned for her to return to absolute being. It seems that Fu Chen bought Qingqing at this price. She was surprised because this price was the lowest in her estimation.
Blame it on Yi Lee, the f * * king, who is too ignorant to generally want family forces to forcibly buy him. He deserves a heart, and he has a little affection for Fu Chen, but it’s just a little bit.
Sandy jade hand picked up a small hammer and even asked three people whether the price increase was still finally hammered.
Five million bought the stunning beauty Wu Qingqing for her first night. This is not in Sheng Baotang’s calculation. They estimated that the price of Wu Qingqing should be six million. This time, even Feifei regarded Fu Chen with special respect.
The timing is clever, but is it lucky to buy Qingqing at such a low price, or has he already calculated all this?
Feifei shook her head. It must be that this guy is lucky. I don’t believe him, but he can find the right time like this.
Fu Chen breathed a sigh of relief. If he hadn’t quickly put the price on the table and added the shrimp bit by bit, it might take two million taels to get it then.
It was Fu Chen who first shocked the crowd and let those hecklings know that from the moment we waited for my price, this battle was not for you, but for our four family wars.
It would be a disgrace to come in beyond one’s capacity.
Those people dare not intervene in the battle of the four big families even with money, because compared with these super big families, they are small ants, and it is really easy to trample them to death.
But even Fu Chen can save 4 million and 2 million, but the huge auction of 5 million will make him have a headache for a while.
How to treat grandpa?
At this moment, the gate of Chengbaotang suddenly drove away two people. After seeing it, Fu Chen immediately secretly shouted that this time my life was over. Oh, my God.
Ps brothers, let’s vote. Fang has been working hard on the code word. I updated nearly 5 thousand words at noon today. I need to burn my passion
Chapter 45 The treacherous and insidious little fellow is sent to the third place
Chapter 45 The treacherous and insidious little fellow is sent to the third place
Although Fu Chen spent 5 million to redeem Wu Qingqing’s life happiness, he didn’t feel too happy.
After all, there is no other idea in his heart. Of course, thousands of people present will not recognize that he is depressed and spend 5 million taels of silver to buy such a pure and unique girl. He can’t help but come with a smile in his heart.
Anyway, there are still some other ideas in Fu Chen’s mind. It’s easy to get the moon first. Maybe after Wu Qingqing, she can really become my woman
Thought of here, he decided to let Wu Qingqing stay with him as a maid and replace the damn Xiao You with such luxury as Fu Chen.
He felt much better when he thought of this. Anyway, it is also a kind of enjoyment to be a beautiful girl around him.
But I’m afraid a few people can do it in Zhongyuan City, and Fu Chen is one of them.
Fu Chen was lying on the railing on the second floor, looking at the auction table. Wu Qingqing was thinking of crashing the door of Shengbaotang to his master when the money went.
Fu Chen number such as thousands of eyes turned to look.
In the center of the gate, the gorgeous charm of women makes it beautiful and extremely beautiful, and it is not lost to Wu Qingqing at the auction table.
This woman is Xiao You, the last person Fu Chen wants to see.

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Jun 1, 2024
The four guardians of demons and shadows respect the heads of the people in the room.

Cold man rings, your horses go back to the Ghost Gate, and everyone is stationed around the Ghost Valley. Either one goal is the Ghost Gate.
Four people look a little stiff.
Being stared at by Duan Fei is equivalent to stepping into Yin with one foot.
Why are you afraid of asking questions and switching to feminine women?
The four dharma protectors immediately knelt down and swore allegiance to the ghost gate.
People who have been in the house slowly turned around and suddenly became fragrant.
Glancing at them, she said lazily, where is Lin Moying? Did you find it?
We rushed back to the door when the door owner rushed to the door owner’s signal, but Duan Yishen robbed us. I don’t know where he got the news, but he found the secret passage, but he didn’t find anyone either.
What sweet son cold mi eyes generate a vicious look how is it possible that I threw her into the tunnel? She fled without a reason and then roared, damn it, it’s all because this pair of yin body doesn’t live up to expectations, or she wouldn’t be so lucky
See the door Lord angry charm, that is, calm down before the door Lord calms down. If he changes his posture, he will definitely notice that woman, which is obviously much more difficult to deal with than him.
Hearing his words, Xianger gradually smiled, twisted a wisp of hair, toyed with her face, and showed her daughter’s shyness. Yes, I’m lonely now and I don’t understand martial arts. Xianger haha, I’m not sure that you will be mine sooner or later, and I will get you.
Kuai asked who the key door owner was who might have saved Lin Moying. After all, he knew that there were very few people in the tunnel unless he slowly looked up and exposed that ferocious face, which really built this tunnel.
At the thought of this possibility, Xianger can’t help but cheer up her eyes. You three should immediately go back to the valley to protect the ghosts. You must find Lin Moying when you go to investigate this matter.
Yes, sir. Chapter 14
Xianger slowly walked back to the inn with a basket on her arm.
When Frost saw it, he rushed to meet the past and asked Xianger why it took so long. Besides, it’s dangerous for you to go alone when you’re physically injured.
Hehe, Sister Frost, I’m fine. I’m going to prepare dinner for the young master. Xianger looks pale and walks slowly. Looking at her and going to the kitchen, Frost Nai shakes her head. Ah, it’s all bitter.
It’s getting dark and fragrant. I made a few small dishes and put them in the tray. I smiled and walked to Duan Feifang.
Push the door, young master
Room for one person
She paused carefully, walked in the door and put the food on the table. When she saw it at noon, she still stood there without moving her eyebrows.
Suddenly, the air around her fluctuated strangely, and her eyes suddenly turned back. Duan Fei suddenly looked at her like a lake mirror behind her.
Master Hu, you scared the hell out of Xianger. Xianger patted his chest. Even if he had to punish Xianger, it wouldn’t be like this.
Duan Fei walked over to the table with half closed eyes, glanced at the table and sat down slowly.
Xianger’s eyes are bright and she puts chopsticks before she rushes. All these are made by Xianger’s own kitchen.
Duan Fei silently picked up chopsticks, picked up a bamboo shoot and sent it to his mouth to chew gracefully.
Xianger’s heart is wide and her mouth is wide. Try to ask the young master the taste.
Well, he did, but that was enough to make Xianger very excited. You know, he has never responded to other women except Xiaoxiao.
Then the young master will eat more.
Obsessed eyes are always locked in his elegance and extraordinary side. Yan Tianda can fix himself into an opponent. He can be worthy of Xianger’s man and him.
Duan Fei, this man, she wants to settle.
Soon, he put chopsticks and fragrant son back to his mind and poured a cup of tea and handed it to the young master to moisten his throat.
Look up at her and take a sip.
Xianger will be elated and wait on the side. When he gets up, he will follow him. Xianger massages his parents every day at home. Do you want to try it, young master?
Duan Fei has no words, but Xiang Er knows that this means that he acquiesces in her diligent walk over and puts her little hand on his shoulder with moderate strength.
Gradually, her hand slipped more and more until she came to his thin but strong chest, where she stroked her eyes back and forth vaguely and the luster became more and more ambiguous. A voice in her heart kept shouting that she wanted this man to levy him at all costs.
Suddenly Duan Fei grabbed her hand and pushed her viciously to avoid falling to the ground.
After biting her lip and seeing the indifference in his eyes, she didn’t know where a fire came from, which made her lose her mind and asked why she refused me.
Duan Fei’s red lips seem to lift. You can’t replace her.
A word pricked her heart, which made her always proud. She wanted a higher state of mind. She stared at her cheek and smiled unfathomably, where she began to undress.
In the end, she didn’t want to tear off her chest wrap, so she could not replace her in front of him, and I could do the same.
Duan Fei slowly raised his eyes and his eyes rested on her, but he was strangely calm without seeing the slightest desire for color
Xianger walked towards him with a charming smile, so I couldn’t compete with Miss.
He fixed his eyes on her, and Xianger became more assured of her heart. In the end, Duan Fei was a man. How could a man refuse to face this temptation?
She charmed her eyes and stretched out her white and soft arms at him. Just when she was about to touch him, she was slightly swaying. In the blink of an eye, the person buckled her pulse door in front of her, and her eyes were as clear as skates.
Xianger was frightened to death and struggled to withdraw her hand, young master. What are you doing? You’re hurting me.
Duan Fei has pushed her into the corner with a little effort, and her hand is still holding her gaze and sweeping her naked body. Where did you get the knife wound?

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May 31, 2024
The wind blows and the rain falls like a wounded child sobbing.

The purple eye pupil of the night passes through pity, but it is quickly captured, because he is absolutely cold and curved and does not need pity from others.
Be a prime minister
It was his cold curved lips that evoked a cruel smile, but he knew what would happen today. She shouldn’t have let him go. Today is the time for him to pay the price.
Back to the palace
Leng Ling threw words at several people and she said
Four teenagers at night followed the people who went to Lengfu, and they were sent back by Lengwan.
It’s raining harder and harder, and it’s dripping on the ground.
Rain drops from glazed cornices along the eaves.
Imperial room Long Xianxiang is filled with.
Xuanyuan looked up at the window at night and stared at the death of the wet nurse outside. But he also knew that he was afraid of bending. Now he must be very sad. He really wanted to rush to the palace and stay by her side. But during the day, his princess lived in the temple of the Queen Mother. The Queen Mother worried that his palace would be shocked when she returned to the palace. Although he could ignore the Queen Mother’s obstruction, he knew more about his identity. If the general office was afraid that it would make others take more measures to disturb the funeral of the wet nurse.
Empress Huang has returned to the palace.
Xu Mao came in holding the dust and reported that he was nearly fifty years old, but he was still hale and hearty in the first black eunuch robe.
Bend back Xuanyuan night suddenly raised his head to where?
I’ve reached the cold corner, stepped into the imperial room, and wore a filial piety towel, and she became more and more conspicuous.
Xu Mao retreated to one side and shook his head. He hesitated because the empress was so dressed up that it was too inappropriate. What’s more, it was bound to arouse public criticism that she should go to Dai Xiao, a domestic servant.
Bend Xuanyuan one leng at night, then stride across to her, stare at her with deep eyes and ask anxiously, are you okay?
Cold bend a sip lip looked up and looked at him straight.
Emperor, I want something from you.
What Xuanyuan night doesn’t understand the hatred at the bottom of the curved eyes, which is shocking, but she will agree to what she wants.
I want Lin to inherit my life.
Chapter seventy-seven Between people
I want Lin to inherit my life.
As soon as the cold and curved words fell, Xuanyuan suddenly froze at night. This forest inherited from the elders of the two dynasties. It is not easy to suddenly move him down. What is more important is how to kill him because of bending.
I want an answer, yes or no, with a wave of my robe sleeve, I said coldly, although Bai Lin inherited his position in the court, it is still easy to take his life. What will bring trouble to the court is not a problem. He wants to unify her, but he can do it now. What is the inheritance of a forest?
Empress, think twice. That prime minister’s adult is a veteran student of the two dynasties. You can’t touch him. Xu Mao can’t help but sweat when he listens to the cold words. This is not a small matter except the prime minister’s order of a country. How can an empress go her own way regardless of the country?
Bend can I ask the reason? Xuanyuan night looked up and looked at the whole body and smelled of cold crime, she asked
Answered the destitution’s cold bent lip
Xu Mao couldn’t help shivering when the cold words fell. Does he know the position of the nurse in the queen’s mind? Is it that the nurse died as Prime Minister Lin?
Some Xuanyuan night nodded, and finally she insisted on taking Lin’s life.
The good bend is the nurse’s revenge. Of course, he can’t stop Geng Nalin from inheriting it. He shouldn’t want to kill the nurse, right? The nurse is suffering for others.
Well, cold, curved, black eyes flashed a light, and Lin inherited you and waited.
The emperor must not wow Xu Mao knelt down and looked solemn. The prime minister is a veteran of the two dynasties. He must not move. He will shake the foundation of the imperial court like that. Will the emperor not be white
The presumptuous slave Xuanyuan glared angrily at Xu Maomo at night, and the pupil flashed with violent light. Do I need you to tell me what to do?
I don’t dare to kowtow to Xu Mao in fear. I hope the emperor can take into account that Jiangshan Ji doesn’t care about Jiangshan because he loves the queen, so that the queen will be called a femme fatale
I didn’t say I wanted the emperor to send someone to arrest Lin Inherit.
Looking at Xu Mao coldly, she slammed her head and said simply that she wanted to know for herself that she could vent her heart and hate ink, and her eyes narrowed slightly to reveal the dangerous and cruel light.
Bend, then you mean that Xuanyuan night confuses her to ask Lin to inherit her life. Don’t you hope that he will abolish Lin’s official position and take off his head nurse for revenge?
Xu Mao also raised his head and his forehead was faintly visible, and his eyes were full of confusion. What does it mean to make the emperor so queen?
The wind blows cold and curved, and the hair flies lightly. She sips her lips and looks at the rain outside the window, word for word.
I’ll take his life myself.
Curved Xuanyuan feels bad at night. He doesn’t want blood on his curved hands. She hates him. She wants her to get rid of Lin’s inheritance, so it’s not hard to carry a bad king’s name.
Empress Xu Mao was also dumb. I didn’t expect the queen to do it herself. Mammy, are you still here? Do you have the heart to see such a queen?
Don’t worry, cold bending interrupts two people’s conversation, and my eyes are cold, so I won’t let people find out it’s me.
All right, I’m leaving. I’ll go back to the palace after the nanny thing is solved
White drag long skirt flying words fell lithe and graceful figure disappeared outside the door.
Didn’t the emperor stop the queen? Xu Mao couldn’t help but ask, is it just for the queen to do that? Will it make trouble?

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May 30, 2024
Meng Fei laughed and didn’t dare the ancient witch country’s body-refining skills to be unique in all worlds. How can I live up to my capture of the flying die if I don’t go to see it well?

In the next two days, Meng Fei Bai Longma’s blood and ghost members have a good flight control method
On this day, the flying die started and came to a vast desert.
It’s hot, and the dust on the ground rolls, but at first glance, it makes people feel a lot wider.
In some oases, the blue waves are vast and the breezes are sparkling. Xu Lai has a moist taste, which is indeed a rare beauty for people sailing in the desert.
A special flying die of the ancient witch country knocked on the door and sailed in the dusty desert without any trouble.
Sailing all the way to noon, flying away, we have sailed into the vast desert. Looking around, there are undulating sand dunes. At a glance, thousands of miles are magnificent, and a few unknown huge birds are singing and flying, and we can no longer see the margin.
Xuanyuan quietly embarked on a voyage to the ancient witch country ten days ago.
For this voyage, Meng Fei also specially selected a dozen talented teenagers from the Blue Dream Astral World to let them control the flying die, and all the way was guided by Yi Qingwu as a guide to the ancient witch country.
At about noon, Feidie entered the Green Sea sandbar.
Green sea sandbar is one of the four major sand seas in the world of thousands of stars. If you want to return to Terran or turn to the ancient witch country, Meng Fei must pass through this green sea sandbar.
The edge of the desert is connected with hundreds of ethnic groups on the edge by several huge shahes.
However, because its area is too vast and densely covered with many oases, people used to call it the green sea sandbar, not to mention the Zhongsha nationality entrenched in it.
It takes about half a year to reach the territory of the ancient witch country by relying on this flying die to cross this desert. Of course, it takes about one or two months to start the acceleration device.
As soon as I entered the Green Sea Shazhou, Meng Fei and Bai Longma were particularly novel about sailing in the sand sea, and I have been enjoying the vastness and magnificence of the sand sea on the skylight deck.
But no matter how beautiful the scenery is, I’m always tired of watching it for a long time.
On the fourth day, Meng Fei went back to the cabin alone to meditate.
There are dangers in the world of thousands of stars, and we must seize every moment to try our best to improve our own strength.
After meditating for dozens of weeks, it was night arrival when we walked through the hatch.
It’s a nice day, and Feidie didn’t encounter any storms all the way.
At this time, a light breeze and a bright silver moon hung in the half, and the temperature dropped. Many unknown sand beasts suddenly jumped on the sand surface.
The birds in the sky are chirping and singing, and the white wings are like flashing across the dark night. The night wind is warm, moist and comfortable.
Seeing Meng Feilai practicing flying on the distant deck, a teenager immediately came over and reported what happened during the day.
Because the people who fly the plane are all captured, the guides of the ancient witch countries are also big prisoners, Yi Qingwu must guard against it or not. After Meng Fei closes, all the realms are bloody. This master is responsible for the assistance of ten blue dreams and astral teenagers.
This is the tenth day of sailing, and the prisoners in the ancient witch country are very obedient to Yi Qingwu, and it is like letting go of the former lady’s frame and honestly directing the flying die to advance. She leads the route smoothly.
In the evening, the teenagers of Meng Fei Blue Dream Star World enjoyed an open-air barbecue dinner on the deck.
It’s a day in a blink of an eye.
The next morning, the weather was still sunny, and the ups and downs of the sand sea in Wan Liyun were refreshing and there were no signs of wind.
The named Xuanyuan Feidie finally started the power transmission system to speed up sailing in the sand sea.
Meng Fei kept himself in the secret cabin at night except during the day when he instructed the Blue Dream and the Astral Youth to practice martial arts.
Another day has passed.
The Xuanyuan, which was propelled by the power transmission system, sailed a few million kilometers in the vast sand sea.
It’s still a quiet day. The prisoners of war in the ancient witch country are very obedient and have no intention of resisting. They also seem to be eager to return to their own territory and work very hard to control the flying die.
Xuanyuan hasn’t been in trouble since the beginning.
When night falls, silver moon shines on the heavens and the earth, and a piece of silver frost glistens like pieces of broken silver spread on the sand sea.
Meng Fei is looking at the distance from the flying deck, thinking about how to fight in the ancient witch country, and plans to get his hands on the one-step alchemy.
However, at this moment, a few thousand meters away, more than a dozen huge black shadows appeared in the sand sea, and the blue light beams scattered in the pupils watched and disappeared in the vast sand sea.
Sand beast
World of Warcraft
Demon Chapter nine hundred and forty-four Abnormal
Meng Fei felt a slight movement in his heart, and his sixth sense made him feel the strange atmosphere hidden in the calm sand. These days, the voyage has been very smooth, but it is too smooth, but it is difficult to detect the agitation. What will happen to this voyage?
Those strange sand creatures were never seen again last night.
At dawn, Meng Fei returned to the capsule from the deck and entered meditation, striving to further increase his strength and increase some certainty when entering the ancient witch country.
It is absolutely inappropriate for him to show up in the ancient witch country if he wants to get the most magical body-building skills in the ancient witch country and can dance lightly from Iraq, because all the ethnic groups believe in non-Chinese heresy.
Meng Fei’s strength wants to be hard in the ancient witch country, but it can’t be hard. Since it doesn’t work, it can be soft
Six hours later,
In the state of retreat, Meng Fei is going to the deck to get some air. Who knows that the front foot just walked into the cabin and heard an alarm outside. The prisoners in the ancient witch country screamed and screamed, and then a flying die suddenly shook violently as if it had hit a monster.
Meng Fei facial expression, a shape, a flash, and everyone is on the deck now.
The sand beast is an abyss sand beast. Damn it, we met a terrible abyss sand beast deck. A naked and lean prisoner of the ancient witch country screamed in panic, and his face was pale and he tried to escape into the hatch.
Just after a few steps, a huge soft scarlet tentacle with a diameter of more than one meter rolled him up and rolled him towards the sand sea.

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May 28, 2024
The originator of the shushan sword school, Changmei Road, is red and loose.

Speak your mind
Listen, Li Yueling’s heart is in the human world, and the sword Sect of Shushan has a great feud. Today, it’s a coincidence that it has soared into the sky, and the fairy star was also the originator of the sword Sect of Shushan. Doesn’t that mean that the long eyebrow should be in this celestial fairy star? That’s really some trouble
Reading this, Li Yueling has turned from curiosity to probing, trying to ask at will that Taoist with long eyebrows should also be here today.
Akamatsu shook his head and said, "Long eyebrows have been built into a pick-gold wonderland to go to the third fairy star as early as a hundred years ago."
This person is really great. He not only won a big position in the Jade Emperor, but also created the Shushan Sword School again. His disciples in the world are also numerous. Most of today’s long eyebrows are cultivated in the third fairy star, and his disciples are ordered by him to create the Shushan Sword School again here.
Now it has become the second largest faction of our Cang Di Xian Xing.
There are many benefits for his disciples. Daniel lee Ling lamented that if he immediately thought of himself, he would not be able to fight with the Sword Sect of Shushan if he pulled many of his disciples from Yuan Zong to Cangdi Xianxing.
But before that, it is necessary to achieve the prerequisite of creating a clan in the purple mansion, that is, to cultivate a pick wonderland. However, it won’t take too long for you to have a limited amount of soul beads to help. Before that, you should be cautious and never be known by the disciples of Cangdi Xianxing and Shushan that you have a feud with the sword.
It is time to inquire about Li Yueling and already know that it was immediately touted as a red pine building.
Akamatsu’s impression of Li Yueling is almost perfect. Before he left, he was kind. Look, you haven’t cultivated Xianjia yet. Now you can go to Xiandu to buy some refined materials first. You have to cultivate your own Xianjia first. This Xianjia is the face of a fairy in the world. Of course, this also includes the three immortals that Li Yueling got when he first entered the purple mansion. Therefore, it is inferred that Li Yueling will make great achievements in the world in time. Even if it is just around the corner, Akamatsu can be regarded as his guide. Anyway, it can also be beneficial by the way.
Li Yueling once again thanked him for floating, and walked towards the gate of Xiandu. But when he reached the door, he remembered that he had forgotten to ask whether red pine was a purchase method. Is it possible that this purple mansion can also pass money? Oh, my God, it has already achieved Jin Xian’s achievements, and how can it not get rid of such a vulgar thing?
But if you think about it, you will find out if you go to the city.
What’s more, I’m not in a hurry. The most important thing today is to ask after going to town before I can return to the world. That red pine is also a fairy after all. I have just risen to the purple mansion. If I ask him directly before I can return to the world, it’s always wrong. It’s safer to find an ordinary fairy to ask after entering the city. Li Yueling was stopped by two shining guards just now.
Fairy order number plate is not allowed to enter the city, isn’t it that you are asked to go to Chongxian Building to get the fairy order? The tone of the Golden Guards is obviously disdainful.
Li Yueling, who was blocked, realized that his own side had given the three ID cards of that place into the cold-winning ring and immediately took them in front of two golden guards. This is not Siebel goods that can let me go to town. Speaking, Li Yueling also conveniently hung the fairy number plate on his right chest.
Seeing that Li Yueling turned out to be the third fairy made the two golden guards who would be kicked by Akamatsu before joking have a great sales.
They are all the lowest guards of the Emperor’s hand, and their strength is the same as that of those individuals, Jin Xian, and their status is even worse than that of Jin Xian, who is not yet in the daily life, so they can play tricks on those newly-born immortals who are newly promoted and have very poor strength. This time, both of them are gone.
That’s really a tribute to you. You must be able to achieve the goal of three immortals when you first enter the purple mansion. Fortunately, you are lucky to welcome Daxian into the city.
Darling, it seems that this fairy number plate is really better than anything else in this purple mansion. So quickly, the attitude came to a 100-degree turn. Li Yueling didn’t have time to be blind and time-consuming with these two golden guards. He should quickly enter the pale emperor Xiandu.
It’s a big city, but the fairy’s handwriting is different
Entering the city, Li Yueling looks left and right. There are many towers and towers in the city, which are more resplendent than each other. I don’t know if they are made of stone and iron, but the faint light reveals a fairy family atmosphere.
There are also many male fairies in the city, all of whom are handsome and handsome, and each fairy is more beautiful and moving than the last one.
Li Yueling also received a lot of strange eyes along the way. All the immortals in the city are dressed in fairy armour, but he is such an exception that is remarkable.
However, it is not very polite for others to look back after seeing Li Yueling’s skirt, which symbolizes the three-strength fairy order.
Li Yueling is also aware that it seems that it is not wrong for her to be told before Akamatsu. The weight of this fairy armor in the purple mansion is just like the expensive clothes in the human world, which represents a person’s status. In fact, the more outstanding the fairy armor is, the more she walks with her eyes facing the sky.
No matter how much, let’s find a pleasing fairy to inquire about returning to the human world first
With this in mind, Li Yueling looked around and found a suitable candidate. Soon, his eyes were fixed on a person wearing a blue fairy armor, Jin Xianshen, not far away.
That’s him. Look, that’s a divination advocate, and the fairy rank is one order lower than himself. Li Yueling hangs a lazy smile at the corner of his mouth and goes away.
Chapter two hundred and forty-nine Cangdi Xiandu II
The guy who was selected by Li Yueling as the consulting object was a fairy with a three-inch beard in the middle of the year, and suddenly Li Yueling was stopped by a brisk walk. It was always a little uncomfortable, but when his eyes swept Li Yueling’s skirt and made the number plate of the three immortals, he dared not send it.
The immortal stopped the little fairy in a cold way and didn’t know the way.

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