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When Jin Nuanyu said goodbye and prepared for Dr. Li to get up and leave, Li Yueling suddenly said that Miss Jin would stay.

After a strange look at Li Yueling, Jin Nuanyu said, this man didn’t act like a pervert like other men after meeting Miss Li, but it’s not that he wants to date himself, is it? So he’s waiting to touch a rebuff.
Well, I want to ask Miss Yijin if she bought this ginseng for hiding or medicine.
I didn’t expect Li Yueling to ask such a question. Jin Nuanyu was slightly disappointed. Did he have no attraction for this man who seemed to shine in his eyes? But the idea was a flash. Jin Nuanyu immediately calmly replied, I’m sorry, Mr. Li. But you can teach Xiao Bobo that he will give you the answer. Goodbye.
After seeing Jin Nuanyu leave, Li Yueling returned to the excitement of millions of petty bourgeoisie. Xiao Houyuan couldn’t help but ask Yue Ling, did you ask people to go to Wang Gan?
In fact, Li Yueling couldn’t tell why he would ask such a question, but he was embarrassed to scratch his head. Xiao Bobo, you also saw such a beautiful big beauty. Can you say a few more words? Hey hey, then Li Yueling deliberately cut in and said, Xiao Bobo, how can you find such a big buyer as Jinyutuan? Listen to what that big beauty called you just now, as if you are quite familiar with it.
Xiao Houyuan laughed. A few years ago, I treated Grandpa Nuanyu, that is, Jin Tiequn, the chairman of Jinyutuan. Besides, not long ago, the Kim family wanted to buy my wild ginseng. On that day, you said that they reported a high price of 380,000 yuan.
Here Li Yueling nods that Xiao Bobo, you should know that it is a good place for Kim to buy ginseng, right?
It seems that it’s really not enough to satisfy your curiosity. Xiao Houyuan sighed and said, it’s also a good man like Master Kim who has a rare and strange disease. I don’t know more about the details of what you bought for Master Kim.
Dad, what are you talking about? Xiao ran with a face of excitement in the wind.
Nothing is worth your happiness. Li Yueling smiled at Xiao with a bad face.
After pulling up an armchair, Xiao proudly told you with the wind. Just now, that beautiful woman looked back at me and smiled at me. Maybe it meant something to me.
Li Yueling suddenly fainted when he heard the news. It seems that the former beauty also smiled at me like this. Also, your father and the gray-haired doctor Li talked with such a smile. Is this called fraternity?
What can you do if you make me vain? Xiao followed the wind and left the pie mouth. Then he said that the richest man is going to be happy today. It’s time to add up. After saying that, he pulled up Li Yueling and told Xiao Houyuan that I wouldn’t come back for dinner tonight and ripped him off.
Chapter VI happy ever after I
When Li Yueling successfully withdrew 200,000 cash from China Bank, Xiao immediately dragged Li Yueling into a private club on South China Road with the wind.
From the appearance, it is dark red, the exterior wall is ugly, and the old-fashioned design can enter the room, but Li Yueling can’t help but be surprised. Just now, I saw it outside. It’s a world of difference. Because Li Yueling is always engaged in real estate sales, he also has a good eye for the advantages and disadvantages of decoration design. When I saw the super-luxury decoration design in this private club, Li Yueling pulled Xiao Fengfeng and asked if you often come to this place.
Which ah, today is the first time Xiao Fengfeng replied while looking at the decoration of the meeting hall.
Then where did you get the membership card? Although Li Yueling has never held such a high-end private meeting in the future, he can still know something from the exposure of the media and newspapers. A place like this is definitely a place where money is sold and money is sold. Xiao Feng’s economic strength is absolutely impossible.
This card was given to my dad by the boss of a group company, but as you know, my dad couldn’t have come to a place like this even if he was killed, so it’s cheaper for you and me. But I had a hard time secretly turning it over last night. Xiao Fengfeng shook the gold-plated and silver-plated membership card in his hand.
Li Yueling nai shook his head and said, When did you become so bad when you were young?
At this time, a beautiful girl approached the two men, bowed and said in a sweet voice, gentlemen, please ask if it is your first time to come to happy ever after.
How do you know Xiao blurted out with the wind
The girl smiled and said, sir, your membership card is an A-level VIP card that has not been cleared yet, and the two handsome guys look very unfamiliar, so I boldly speculated that one
Not the kui is a high-end student who is not only good-looking but also very home. Since this is the trouble for you to come to our guide, Li Yueling winked at Xiao with the wind and smiled at the girl. This is also the principle of Li Yueling’s always being a person. Can you miss the opportunity to enjoy a money?
This should be my two workers. Come with me to complete the card formalities, and then I will slowly introduce them to the two girls. The girl smiled and led Li Yueling Xiao to the northwest corner of the hall with the wind.
This private club in happy ever after has four types of membership from high to low, namely, S-class, A-class, B-class, C-class and C-class members, who need to join the club for 500,000 yuan. B-class members on the first floor and the second floor need to join the club for 1 million yuan. A-class members on the first floor and the third floor don’t need money alone, but they need a rich man with a net worth of 50 million yuan to join the club for 2 million yuan. The requirement for the top S-class members on the first floor and the fourth floor is simple.
When Miss Taiwan told Xiao that the A-level membership card in his hand had been cleared, Li Yueling directly reported a bank account and transferred 2 million to the card. Because all the money was in Li Yueling’s card, Xiao Fengfeng insisted on hanging the card in Li Yueling’s name. Of course, Li Yueling had to fill in a detailed personal information. After listening to the explanation given by the young lady just now, Li Yueling didn’t want to be ugly here, but it was even worse when Li Yueling spent all his money on it. After all, it didn’t hurt at home.
After completing the transfer formalities, the girl next to Li Yueling was introduced to set up bars, Chinese and Western restaurants, KV private rooms and other entertainment facilities on the first floor, while the second floor was modeled after the mirage of Las Vegas’s most famous casino hotel. There was no limit on the size of the bets, and there were 66 VIP private rooms on the third floor. Of course, the private rooms were full of various features, including the meaning. The fourth floor was an auction house, and various auctions were held from time to time. There were many precious arts and rare cultural relics, and even national treasures animals had to be auctioned. The girl was not poor at the fifth floor.
Five old heads were drawn from the briefcase and given to the girl as a teenager. After she sent them away, Li Yueling Xiao walked into the Chinese restaurant in the southeast corner of the lobby on the first floor with the wind.
After sitting down, Xiao Feng said with a face of apology, Yueling, I didn’t know that this place would kill you so much.
Li Yueling interrupted him and said, "What is this? Money is a king’s egg. It’s worth spending even if you spend 5 million today. Let’s order something to eat. Let’s have a good time after eating."
Xiao Fangfeng is also a person who sees Li Yueling’s indifference and doesn’t say anything more disappointing. He ordered a dozen dishes and a bottle of Maotai, and two people swept away the delicacies before the table until the taste was not enough. It is estimated that the two will continue.
Li Yueling called the restaurant student and gave him the membership card to check out. When the student sent the card back, Li Yueling gave him another two hundred dollars, and then Xiao went to the restaurant with the wind.
Next, how do you say that Xiao takes Li Yueling’s shoulder with the wind in alcohol? Xiao’s cheek with the wind is now a little flushed. On the other hand, Li Yueling has no symptoms of discomfort after drinking, as if he had just drunk half a bottle of cold white. Even Li Yueling wondered that although his capacity for liquor was really good, he didn’t reach the point where half a bottle of white wine was fart. Is it because he practiced the foundation of heaven?
That also asked Li Yueling pointed to the nearby sightseeing elevator, satiated with food and then it was gambling. We are all men, so we can’t ask the men to go without gambling.
Take the ladder to the second floor. Li Yueling Xiao was startled by the scale of the casino in front of him. More than 100 square meters were strewn at random, resulting in 30 gambling tables. All kinds of gambling tools have only been seen in the movie plot, and there are hundreds of panda machines around. Bunny dresses up and shuttles among people from time to time to meet the needs of some guests. Of course, small is indispensable.
Chapter VII happy ever after II
It’s an incredible thing to set up such a large-scale casino in the international metropolis, which is the key care of the country. At present, that’s what Li Yueling Xiao thinks with the wind
Gambling seems to be a bad habit of human beings. Men, women and children are seldom, just like a child under the age of ten, they often say a word. I bet that although this gambling is not the other, it is also a manifestation of human gambling nature subconsciously.
At this time, Li Yueling has swiped the card for five hundred thousand chips and distributed them to Xiao Fengfeng. After half, the two men went to find the direction.
Li Yueling chose a craps table, because it is the easiest way to gamble directly, and Li Yueling can decide whether to win or lose with one hand.
There are more people around this table than other tables. Li Yueling managed to find a son and squeezed in. That’s why there are so many gamblers at this table. I didn’t expect Lotus Officer to be a woman and the kind of person who makes men unconsciously shine with beautiful women and add beautiful women to Lotus Officer’s eyes. Of course, Li Yueling also followed the general’s eyes to the beautiful lotus officer’s nearly bare chest and stared at it hard.
The beauty lotus official seems to have been very used to the men’s eyes with alternative meanings, and they have no intention of buying and leaving.
Li Yueling made a few bets, but it didn’t seem to be very lucky. Before long, half of his chips were left in his hand. He hesitated. When he was a child, he was pushed behind him. Looking back, he was a fat guy who hit himself. Li Yueling didn’t care much, but when he saw Li Yueling looking at himself, he turned out to be arrogant. If he didn’t have money to gamble, he would flash away. Don’t occupy the toilet.

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